Best Places To Live In Sacramento

Best Places To Live In Sacramento

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    Are you considering moving to Sacramento and Looking for Best Places to Live? The capital city of California definitely has so many attractions for young professionals and singles, in particular, all thanks to its vast job market, affordable housing options, and a vast range of recreational activities.

    In this blog post, we will be taking a look at the 15 best places to live in Sacramento. Let’s go!

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    15 Best Places To Live In Sacramento

    • Downtown Sacramento
    • East Sacramento
    • Land Park
    • Natomas Park
    • North Oak Park
    • Davis
    • Folsom 
    • El Dorado Hills
    • Carmichael
    • Rancho Cordova 
    • Rocklin
    • Elk Grove 
    • Roseville
    • Newcastle
    • Vineyard

    1. Downtown Sacramento

    Are you someone who loves a city with active nightlife or do you just want somewhere close to your workplace? In either way, you are sure to find what you want in Downtown Sacramento! The area has a plethora of shops, entertainment centers, restaurants, lounges, and bars, in addition to 47 acres of metropolitan park space for your enjoyment.

    Downtown Sacramento
    Downtown Sacramento

    The community, which is indubitably one of the best places to live in Sacramento, has an average home purchase price of $290,399 and average monthly rent of $875. For such an urban area, the crime rate is relatively low. Downtown Sacramento is safer than over 60% of neighborhoods in Sacramento. So what more do you ask for?

    2. East Sacramento

    Whether you’re relocating to Sacramento in search of great career opportunities, a place to get higher education, or just somewhere fun you can live in, East Sacramento is the place for you! As a student moving to East Sacramento, you can enroll at Sacramento State University.

    East Sacramento
    East Sacramento

    Also, job seekers can find several opportunities within East Sacramento or even within the 10-minutes journey into Downtown Sacramento. Young professionals and singles are bound to fall in love with this amazing Sacramento neighborhood for its alluring natural views, amazing colonial homes, and vast dining scene.

    The average purchase price for a home in East Sacramento is $442,200 and the average monthly rent is $1,150. What’s more? East Sacramento has a much lower crime rate than other Sacramento neighborhoods. It’s safer than over 86% of Sacramento’s suburbs!

    3. Land Park Sacramento

    Welcome to Land Park – undoubtedly one of the best neighborhoods to move into in Sacramento. It is most remarkable for its abundant green space and nearness to Downtown Sac. You will definitely enjoy the many entertainment and dining options in Land Park when you move to Sactown.

    Land Park Sacramento
    Land Park Sacramento

    Looking at the housing in Land Park, you’d find that it has Tudor-style homes, quaint cottages, and many single-family real estates for individuals who want to invest in long-term abodes, as well as apartments and condos for inhabitants looking for a more inexpensive alternative.

    The average purchase price for homes in Land Park is $455,900, while the average monthly rent is $1,260. Land Park is relatively safer than over 55% of neighborhoods in Sacramento. 

    4. Natomas Park Sacramento

    This is yet another of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento. Natomas Park boasts beautiful homes, great walkability, and impressively low crime rates. As a resident, you can choose to spend your days at one of the many parks in the neighborhood and relax in the evenings at any of the local bars and restaurants in Natomas Park.

    Natomas Park Sacramento
    Natomas Park Sacramento

    Young professionals will also find housing to be relatively affordable in Natomas Park with an average purchase price of $285,950 and an average monthly rent of $1,160. The neighborhood is also safer than over 80% of neighborhoods in Sacramento. Less we forget, Natomas Park is also home to the fast-growing tech startup – Zennify

    5. North Oak Park Sacramento

    One thing is for sure when you move to North Oak Park: you’ll never be at loss for things you can do. North Oak Park is an up-and-coming neighborhood in Sacramento and it is full of laid-back bars, unique restaurants, and cozy cafes, as well as a plethora of pocket-friendly housing alternatives with traditional ranch-style homes, hip bungalows, condos, and apartments.

    North Oak Park Sacramento
    North Oak Park Sacramento

    Additional to these amenities, the community also provides swift freeway access, allowing young professionals to easily commute anywhere in the city for exploration or for work. North Oak Park has an average home purchase price of $231,720 and average monthly rent of $900. 

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    6. Davis Sacramento

    Davis has often been listed as one of the top neighborhoods to live in not only in Sacramento but in the whole of California. Best known for being a college town, it houses one of the largest campuses in the University of California.

    Davis Sacramento
    Davis Sacramento

    This adds greatly to the reputation of the city as the second most educated city in America and one of the most diverse communities in the region with residents from different parts of the world. The popularity of biking is one of the major highlights of this Sacramento suburb.

    It is a bicycle-friendly community with a large network of bicycle lanes, bike paths, etc. The city offers a small-town feel and maintains a downtown scene with entertainment centers, art galleries, and museums. Davis has a population of about 67,600 and a median home price of $625,000. 

    7. Folsom Sacramento

    Do you need a wonderful retreat from city life? Then, Folsom, CA is the neighborhood for you, especially if you are a lover of the outdoors. There are a lot of fun activities you can do in Folsom such as boating, swimming going to the sandy beaches, and many more. Folsom is also home to Folsom Lake, an astonishing reservoir just 25 miles outside of Sacramento.

    Folsom Sacramento
    Folsom Sacramento

    There’s also the Folsom City Zoo, Folsom Aquatic Center, and the Folsom Kid’s Castle Park. The city has a population of 76,000 and a median home price of $555,000. 

    8. El Dorado Hills Sacramento

    Fun fact: Do you know that El Dorado Hills was initially developed for the families of aerospace workers? Today, the suburb has grown into a popular destination for people working in tech and healthcare, most notably Intel and Blue Shield.

    El Dorado Hills Sacramento
    El Dorado Hills Sacramento

    El Dorado Hills ranks as one of the best places to live in Sacramento for a beautiful blend of entertainment, outdoor recreation, dining options, as well as a fantastic housing selection. The suburb has a bubbling Town Center with fountains, a movie theater, and restaurants.

    As a resident of El Dorado Hills, you’ll be thrilled by the frequent town events like the Wine and Art Festival. At the north end of the city is Folsom Lake, so you get to go swimming, boating, and explore trails.

    Although the community has one of the highest prices of home among popular Sacramento suburbs, it is however balanced with one of the highest average household incomes. 

    9. Carmichael Sacramento

    Looking for the best suburb for retirees in Sacramento? Don’t look too far, Carmichael is the place to be. Along with the other neighboring Sacramento suburbs of Fair Oaks and Orangevale, Carmichael is known for its large number of residents above 65.

    Carmichael Sacramento
    Carmichael Sacramento

    In fact, one out of five people living in Carmichael is above 65 years old with several assisted living facilities in the suburb. In recent years, Carmichael has received adequate improvements from the county with a revitalized downtown that features new sidewalks along with the new Milagro Center and Fair Oaks Boulevard.

    The population of the suburb is 64,000 and you’d find homes in the area relatively more affordable than other suburbs with a median home price of $419,900. In all, Carmichael is a quiet neighborhood to live in Sacramento, especially for seniors. It has a low cost of living and all the necessary amenities you could ask for. 

    10. Rancho Cordova Sacramento

    When it comes to affordability in Sacramento, Rancho Cordova is one of the most affordable places in the region. Home prices in the area are well below the median price in the Sacramento region. This does not however mean that you’re sacrificing safety or quality living.

    Rancho Cordova Sacramento
    Rancho Cordova Sacramento

    In fact, Rancho Cordova is predicted to emerge as a flourishing market soon. Rancho Cordova is the ideal place to live for millennials and young families. Residents enjoy an amazing job-to-housing ratio, a challenge that faces several suburbs in Sacramento where commuting is long.

    New Rancho Cordova has become home to many tech companies, office buildings, and an industrial area. The suburb has a population of 70,600 and an average household income of $58,000. The median home price is set at $404,000. 

    11. Rocklin Sacramento

    With a high safety record and top-rated schools, Rocklin is one of the top Sacramento suburbs for families. The area is listed as one of the top 20 safest places in CA with a crime rate that is 45% lower than the average in California. What’s more?

    Rocklin Sacramento
    Rocklin Sacramento

    The city has even been ranked as part of the top 7 places to live in the whole of California based on housing, quality of living, education, and career opportunities. The city offers so much to do for the entire family:

    like exploring the Quarry Park and Johnson-Springview Park, great restaurants, trying zip lines, paddle boating at the granite quarry pond, and rock climbing. There’s so much to look forward to if you move into Rocklin, California. 

    12. Elk Grove

    You will seemingly find it all in Elk Grove, from parks and great public schools to affordable housing and affluent neighborhoods. It has become a major destination for entrepreneurs, families, and young adults alike. With a 61% millennial homeownership rate, the city has recently been named the second in the country for millennial homebuyers.

    Elk Grove
    Elk Grove

    With a thriving population of 166,000, it is also one of the largest suburbs in Sacramento. While the median home price may seem on the higher end at $458,000, don’t let this fool you. There are a lot of starter housing options in the city, making it rank high as one of the most affordable places on the list.

    But you may want to keep in mind that houses in this populated city usually sell very fast! The city also boasts over 100 parks and the largest competitive pool in the region. 

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    Other Amazing Places To Live in Sacramento

    13. Roseville Sacramento

    Roseville is the neighboring community to Rocklin. Both suburbs are fondly called sisters. Roseville is a beautiful community that boasts stunning restaurants, great schools, and the Denio’s Flea Market which has been around for quite a long time now.

    Roseville Sacramento
    Roseville Sacramento

    The best part of living in this area is that you get to enjoy a wide range of fresh farm produce every single day! Roseville is indeed a great place for you to raise a family. 

    14. Newcastle Sacramento

    Welcome to Newcastle where over 83% of the residents are proud homeowners! With an average home price of $293,000, Newcastle sure has a lot of affordable homes. The suburb is also just a couple of minutes drive to the Auburn State Recreational Area (Auburn SRA) and the north and middle forks of the American Rivers.

    Newcastle Sacramento
    Newcastle Sacramento

    The Auburn SRA is a popular destination for horseback riding, mountain bikers, hikers, and several other activities. 

    15. Vineyard Sacramento

    Vineyard Sacramento
    Vineyard Sacramento

    The vineyard is one of the secret treasures of Sacramento. It has the most friendly neighbors, a low crime rate, and very excellent schools. 75% of its residents are homeowners. However, the only drawback with this community is the absence of public transportation. Other than that, Vineyard is an absolutely lovely place to live in Sacramento.

    Best Places To Live In Sacramento FAQs

    What are the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento?

    Overall, most of the neighborhoods in Sacramento are relatively safer than other parts of California. However, the safest areas in Sacramento are East Sacramento, Natomas Park, and Downtown Sacramento. These are the communities with the lowest come rates in the region. 

    What is the richest part of Sacramento?

    Sacramento has a lot of rich places like Land Park, Westlake, Boulevard Park, Valleyview Acres, Village 14, and River Park among some other affluent neighborhoods in the region. However, the richest part of Sacramento is Land Park. The cost of living in this neighborhood is 45% higher than the US average and 3% higher than the average in Sacramento.
    In addition, housing in Land Park is 113% higher than the US average.

    Is Sacramento a ghetto?

    Overall, Sacramento can not be called a ghetto. The capital city has a lot of beautiful neighborhoods and fun attractions. Nonetheless, the ghetto areas in Sacramento would include Meadowview, Arden Fair, Akali Flats, and Del Paso Heights.

    What is the coldest month in Sacramento?

    The coldest month in Sacramento is December. During this period, the median temperature overnight is about 37.7°F. 


    Sacramento is not the capital city of California for no reason. The city is full of abundant sceneries, amazing recreational venues, restaurants, bubbling streets, excellent schools, and a plethora of diverse job opportunities. Sacramento is the ideal place for young professionals and families who are looking for a quiet yet developed neighborhood. 

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    This was our brief guide on Best Places To Live In Sacramento!

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