Alabama Motorcycle License

Alabama Motorcycle License

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    Hey there, do you enjoy driving motorcycles? Do motorcycles bring out the adrenaline rush in you?

    If you are an avid bike lover and want to visit the state of Alabama in the future, this article is just curated for you.

    Motorcycles are the most exciting, adventurous, and dangerous mode of transportation. To drive a motorcycle on the streets of Alabama and acquire an Alabama motorcycle license, one must follow a set of rules and regulations. Read on to learn more about these rules and the state of Alabama in general.

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    Alabama Motorcycle License

    Do You Need A Motorcycle License In Alabama?

    Yes, of course. The requirement of a special license on top of a driving license has become effective in recent times for operating motorcycles in Alabama. The special license is nothing but a class m license.

    Everyone must be aware that the requirements of obtaining a motorcycle license vary from that of usual vehicles. The tests, requirements, and forms vary from state to state. Alabama motorcycle license online will serve as a perfect guide for anyone wanting to acquire a motorcycle license. One should be aware of the requisite tests and paperwork to avoid last-minute surprises or delays. 

    How To Get A Motorcycle License In Alabama?

    The process to obtain a motorcycle license is very simple in Alabama. Read on to learn more about the process to get a class m or motorcycle license in Alabama.

    The first requirement is to satisfy the age criteria. One must be above 14 years of age for a restricted class m license or above 16 years for a non-restricted class m license.

    Applicants need to pass a basic motorcycle knowledge test by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

    The completion of a motorcycle safety course offered by the Alabama Motorcycle Safety Program is mandatory for all applicants.

    Once all the above criteria or conditions are satisfied, one will be entitled to receive a motorcycle license in Alabama. Before you move to Alabama, you must have all the information and details about your motorcycle license you here’s the everything you must know it.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Alabama ID Cards

    The Alabama Department of Public Safety is a subdivision of the state Law Enforcement Agency that offers identification cards for people not willing to get a driver’s license. These cards are used for identification and do not offer driving privileges. The application for an ID card is similar to the application for a driving license.


    The application process requires a person to visit the local driver’s examination office. A list of documents is to be submitted in the beginning. These documents include a US passport, US birth certificate, primary document to verify date of birth, naturalization certificate, and citizenship certificate.

    Submit social security card and pay $36.25 for a non-driver ID card.

    For immigrants and foreign nationals, a resident alien card,  immigration certificate, and foreign passport are required.

    What You Need to Know About Riding a Motorcycle in Alabama

    To ride a motorcycle in Alabama, one must be familiar with the rules and regulations of the state. One must be above 14 years of age to get a class m driving license and a resident of Alabama. Those applying for an Alabama motorcycle licenses at 14 are only allowed to drive low-speed and motor-driven vehicles. 

    The rules include getting a learner’s permit, age restrictions, written or road tests, registration, and motorcycle safety rules.

    Read on to learn more about these rules and regulations in detail. Given below are these rules in elaboration.

    Getting an Alabama Learner’s Permit

    The Alabama Department of Public Safety issues learner’s licenses to teens to give an early impetus to their driving skills. They are only allowed to drive certain kinds of vehicles with restrictions. 

    Certain eligibility criteria need to be satisfied to obtain a learner’s permit in Alabama.

    The age restriction is 15 years or above to get a permit. There is an exam of the DMV manual after the age satisfaction criteria.

    The issued license has a ‘Y’ inscribed on the license making it mandatory for an individual above 21 years of age to accompany the permit owner. A learner’s permit is valid for four years.

    Documents required to obtain a learner’s permit are a birth certificate, social security card, and proof of education. A testing fee of $5 and license fees of $36.35 are applicable to obtain the permit.

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    1. Age Restrictions

    There are age restrictions in place for the application for licenses in Alabama. There is a clear distinction between motor-driven bicycles and class m bicycles. Applicants above 16 years of age are eligible for a class m license and those with 14 years are eligible for motor-driven licenses.

    Age restricytion

    So, one must be at least 14 years of age to obtain a driving license in Alabama.

    How old do you have to be to drive a motorcycle in Alabama?

    There are two classes of motorcycles motor-driven or class m motorcycles in Alabama. To drive a motorcycle in Alabama, one must be 14 years old.

    What size of a motorcycle can a 14-year-old drive-in Alabama?

    14-year-olds in Alabama are permitted to drive only low-speed and motor-driven vehicles. They are issued with B restricted motorbike driving license, and the motorcycle’s weight must not exceed 200 pounds.

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    2. Written Test

    All applicants must pass the written test to obtain a driving license in Alabama, and study materials for the test can be sourced online. Also, the Alabama Motorcycle Operator Manual is free for all applicants.

    Written Test

    Applicants are advised to take at least one practice exam before the main test. Schedule the date and time in advance at the nearest Department Of Public Safety. The department also encourages the enrollment of applicants in foundation courses for road safety.

    Alabama motorcycle license test study guide helps with the preparation of written tests conducted by the DMV.

    How many questions are on the motorcycle permit test in Alabama?

    There are around 30 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on the motorcycle permit test. A minimum of 24 correct MCQs or 80 percent is required to pass the permit test in Alabama. 

    3. Road Test

    Before one gets a driving license, an on-cycle skills test needs to be conducted. The Department of Public Safety schedules these exams, and documents like birth certificates, social security cards, and secondary identification cards need to be submitted.

    Road Test

    Applicants below 15 years of age are requested to show school or college enrollment certificates.

    The road test is the most difficult of the entire Alabama motorcycle license test as practical cycle skills are tested. The road test tests practical skills like handling the bike and balancing maneuvers.

    Hand signals, traffic awareness symbols, and driving on an inclined surface are other activities included in road tests.

    Do you have to take a road test for a motorcycle test in Alabama?

    Yes, a road test is mandatory for a motorcycle test in Alabama. The road test tests the practical skills and maneuverability of a vehicle. 

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    4. Registration

    One has to register the bike in the state of Alabama. Licensing is done in the same way as for usual vehicles. Registration and paperwork are mandatory for titular application. Taxation on vehicles is applied as per standard protocols.


    The application process has to be completed in the same state. An application fee of $15 is only charged.

    On completion of registration of the vehicle in Alabama, the vehicle is all set to use. Registration is an essential prerequisite to securing an Alabama motorcycle license.

    You have to show additional documents as proof of identification for registration of vehicles in Alabama.

    What do I need to register a motorcycle in Alabama?

    For registration of motorcycles in Alabama, one needs documents like original title or signed registration documents, bills of old or new registration, and proof of motorcycle insurance. $15 is charged as a registration fee.

    5. Motorcycle Laws and Safety Requirements in Alabama

    Alabama has innumerable motorcycle laws and safety requirements that have to be followed effectively by the residents. The state follows universal helmet law like 19 other states in the union. Helmets are mandatory to ensure protection from accidents and reduce mortality.

    Motorcycle Laws

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    What does a motorcycle need to be street legal in Alabama?

    Motorcycles with mirrors are allowed to be driven on the streets. The bike must be above 15 inches, and the use of modifying headlights is permitted. In this way, motorcycles need to be street legal in Alabama.

    Can you drive a motorcycle without a license in Alabama?

    Class m driving license is required for people above 16 years of age and motor-driven licenses for people at 14 years of age. So, licenses have become mandatory in Alabama in recent times. Earlier, anyone above 16 years of age was eligible to operate a motorcycle with or without a license.

    Are helmets required on motorcycles in Alabama?

    The state of Alabama has a universal helmet law. Anyone operating a motorcycle must have a helmet or protective gear on at all times.

    Alabama motorcycle license FAQS

    How to get a  Commercial Drivers License in Alabama?

    The process to get a commercial driver’s license in Alabama is stringent and follows a strict protocol as the license follows a higher level of knowledge, safety, and conduct. Submission of a medical certificate to the state authorities is mandatory for the commercial driver’s application to go through.

    How To Renew Your Alabama Drivers License Quickly?

    DMV renews licenses quickly by accepting current Alabama’s driving license, proof of residency, and proof of identification. Renewal charges of $20 are applied. The ALEA website offers online services.

    Can you get your motorcycle license online, Alabama?

    One can apply for a motorcycle license online at $36.25. One needs to pass road tests and written tests to get a license. Alabama motorcycle license online is an easy process to get through all the applications in Alabama.


    Alabama has its own set of regulations and rules regarding driving licenses and traffic awareness activities. Alabama motorcycle license is easy to acquire, renew and apply for online. Ensure to explore the official site of DMV and the Department of Public Safety to stay in touch with updated rules. The ALEA website offers online services for renewal and application licenses.

    Along with licensing policies, Alabama offers various traffic awareness programs to educate citizens about road safety. Though driving a motorcycle is very thrilling, it comes with its own set of difficulties, risks, and challenges. Thus, the state of Alabama does a commendable job in maintaining road safety and traffic rules in the region.

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