Why is Land so Cheap In Arkansas?

Why is Land so Cheap In Arkansas

Arkansas has a much lower cost of living compared to the rest of the country. From utilities and groceries to transportation and housing, everything is so affordable in Arkansas, making this state an ideal place to call home. 

Figuring out the land price in this southern US state? Here is everything you need to know about the cheap land for sale in Arkansas. Keep scrolling the page and find whether purchasing land here is worth it or not. 

Why is Land so Cheap In Arkansas

Is buying land in Arkansas a Good Investment?

Yes, absolutely. Since housing is extremely affordable in Arkansas, buying land in this state is definitely a good investment to make.  Some of the potential benefits include long-term appreciation, certain tax advantages, and new revenue streams.

You will be glad to know that Arkansas beats two of its neighboring states, Alabama and Mississippi, in terms of the best land investment opportunity. A survey claims that Arkansas land has the lowest price point per acre out of the 48 states, making it a worthy investment. 

Owing to the lower cost of living and cheapest land in Arkansas, this beautiful southern state is an ideal place for retirees to settle in. 

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Is land Expensive in Arkansas?

No, not at all!! You can get some of the best land investment values in Arkansas compared to the rest of the country. The average price of undeveloped land for sale in this state is about $289,201. 

Wondering Why is a land so cheap in Arkansas? There are many reasons for the same, including less demand, low wages, and wide availability. The state has thousands of listings for undeveloped land for sale. 

A recent survey suggests that approximately 200,000 acres of underdeveloped land are available in Arkansas, which is roughly valued at $1 billion. Houses in Arkansas are around 50% cheaper than the national average as the median home cost in this state is $145,300. 

How Much Does an Acre of Land Cost in Arkansas?

Before searching for relocating to arkansas, it is recommended to find out the per-acre land cost in the state and move accordingly. The land for sale in Arkansas is valued at $6,739 per acre, which is the 18th lowest in the nation. In 2020, the average per-acre price for cropland in the state is $2,790. 

Acre of Land Cost in Arkansas

The major reason for the cheap land per acre in Arkansas is its slow growth and low salaries. It is not the wealthiest state in the country. One of the most interesting facts about inflation in Arkansas is that it is under 1% per year. Owing to this, the land prices are not going up significantly within the state per year. 

What to Know about Buying Land in Arkansas?

So now that you are aware of why is land so cheap in Arkansas, it’s time to determine some essential factors that you should be mindful of before making an investment. 

  • Budget

Before you look for cheap land for sale, you first need to understand what your total budget is. Since Arkansas offers several affordable options, it is easy to get tempted or distracted. To make sure it doesn’t happen, calculate your total budget and make a purchase accordingly. 

  • Learn about the best use of property

It is vital to figure out how you want to use your land before making any commitment as it will help you make the right choice. Whether you want to make one of the best restaurants in Arkansas or use it as a residential property, determine the best use of land and then invest in the sane. 

  • The total time it will take to get a return on investment

When it comes to Arkansas, you cannot keep bare land and sell it at a higher price after some time, as the land value in this state gets appraised slowly with time. Hence, it is essential to know how much time it will take your property takes to earn returns. 

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How do I Buy a House in Arkansas?

Buying a house in Arkansas is exciting, but the process can take some time. Also, it is advised to check the most dangerous cities in Arkansas and choose the best and safest place to settle. 

House in Arkansas

The step-by-step guide to buying a house in Arkansas is mentioned below. Follow the process and make an easy purchase. 

  • Get ready with the down payment, which can be less than 20% of the purchase price. However, you have multiple options to lower this amount, such as opting for conventional loans or government-backed loans.
  • Find whether you are eligible for getting a mortgage. Most lenders in Arkansas require your debt-to-income ratio to be less than 36%, including your future mortgage. 
  • Select the right location with appropriate amenities.
  • Locate an experienced real estate agent who can help you search for your dream house
  • Once you find your desired home, make an offer. 
  • Do not forget inspections and appraisals to evaluate the home’s condition and value. 
  • Take a final walkthrough of the property before closing on your new home. 

For What Purpose Should you Buy land in Arkansas?

Remember that if want to flip land, Arkansas might not be the best state for you to consider as land prices here do not gain much value with time. Hence, it is vital to evaluate the purpose to find the cheapest land in Arkansas so your investment can earn you some profit. 

Purchasing land in Arkansas is beneficial only if you are using it for a residential purpose or have some creative idea through which you can earn money. 

The people who are interested in buying land in this state should use it for recreational purposes. This state is home to several outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes, hence attracting tourists from far and wide. 

Land in Arkansas can be used for raising livestock; however, make sure that your animals get regular monitoring and medical care. 


That’s it!! We hope you have now understood why is land so cheap in Arkansas. Although the property is quite affordable in this US state, you should avoid distractions and pay attention to the multiple factors to make a worthy investment. 

Any person who has plans to sell a purchased land within ten years or so with the objective of making money should stay away from Arkansas as this state might not be ideal for such a condition. 

So, what keeps you waiting? Evaluate the cost of living in Arkansas, find the cheapest land, and make an informed decision. 

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