Why Does Finland Have the Best Education System

In the world, there are a lot of beautiful cities, unbelievable spots, and unforgettable experiences of roaming. If we talk about the best destinations and the best nature scenarios along with a particular journey, Finland is perfect! Apart from that, Finland has a free and supreme education system in the world.

Human civilization prioritizes proper education for their children, and the country government should consider the fact. However, the question is, people are thinking, Why does Finland have the best education system in the world? It is because the government of Finland, providing free education for all the people. Further, the education system is providing primary, high school, and degree education, including a doctorate.

Moreover, after the COVID pandemic, the schooling culture is restarted by using all the necessary precautions. At this time, students are learning from a safe distance by implementing COVID guidelines.

Why is Finland considered the best education system?

For their better tomorrow, students are giving their time and getting primary and foundational education. Here, kids are starting their academic journey from the age of seven to the age of sixteen to seventeen. In the same manner, learning is compulsory for 9 years, and after that, a student can find his/her career-wise path. Further, professional degrees, university, and college education are provided free of cost. Providing free and high-end education makes Finland’s education the best.

Why is Finland ranked in education?

The third-party international studies have proved that Finland’s education system is one of the finest educational systems. Furthermore, the teaching faculties are highly educated and give attention to every student. Personalized help is possible for every single student for the first nine years. In early childhood, it provides play and social interaction with logical social development. Besides this, they consider and pay attention to the language & numerical skills with a joy of learning. Above all reasons show that why is Finland’s education is so good!

Why does Finland have the Best Education System

What makes a good education system

In the earlier stage, the dominant concept is teaching in-depth, and the best education in the world follows the same. Further, tutors make sure that the students are clearing their basics first for the forward education. Moreover, organizations ship, big impact expectation, on-going developments are the best purposes that make a good education system. Finland follows all these ideas to make its education system best and ideal for its students.

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Best reasons why Finland education is best!

The above para, is providing the information that indicates Why Finland has the best education system? Similarly, Finland possesses the following reasons that make it a different, ideal, and completely best amongst the world’s other education systems.

  • Providing Best Teachers

The best educational system comes up with supremely talented teachers and professors. Effective frequency, applicability, and good quality of the professional teachers are impactful for any schooling organization, and Finland provides the same. Teachers help students to develop their minds from the early stage and perform well in front of others. At the same time, teachers encourage the children to come forward and speak and show their talent. Hence, Finland is benefitted in the case of the best teachers.

  • Co-operation not Competition

Co-operation from the student’s parental side is beneficial for both students as well as the teachers. If the parents are cooperative, it becomes easier for the teacher to teach and guide properly. On the other hand, competition is the main issue of today’s generation, and it should be limited to the specified limit. However, people are not aware of this thing and compete with each other without any reason. Finland controls all these issues as much as possible and creates the scope of co-operation, not the competition.

  • Best Test Sessions

Finland has no commanded or normalized test sessions and, there are no categories, comparisons, or rankings provided for the students. The students have to pass the examination or a subject test to do a mastery hereabout. However, while ending middle school, a voluntary test is prepared for the students, which is comparable to American High Schools.

Why does Finland have the Best Education System
  • Extra-Curricular Activities Related Studies

Extra-Curricular activities start from the 1st standard and continue till the completion of education. In addition to learning in a student’s life, curricular activities also play a significant role in bringing out their skills. It helps students to present their talent in front of other people and build their confidence level.

  • Less Home Work

Everywhere in the world, parents force their teens to complete their homework. But in Finland, due to less homework, there are fewer chances of this. The teachers of Finland think that there are many more things for children to do despite homework. Also, students and teachers are spending the most time in school. Concluding all these factors, they provide less homework to their students.

  • Providing Professional Degrees

There are two systems of higher studies in Finland first, Universities, and second, Universities of Applied Science (UAS). Universities are providing the Bachelors and Masters along with Doctoral level. On the other hand, UAS provides compelling practical aim Bachelors and Masters degrees to the students. Beneficially, both the divisions are providing numerous degree courses in English as well.

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Finland Education System Pros & Cons

Every smallest particle comes with some benefits and drawbacks. And Finland’s education system also has a few of them.

Pros –

  • In 2019, the economist grand #1 on the educating future index.
  • Finland stands on #03 of countries education ranking.
  • Finland holds a position of best, highest, and developed quality education.
  • In the list of top ten educated countries, Finland stands on #08.
  • Every student of Finland speaks at least three languages.

Cons –

  • Finland has a late start time according to a few people.
  • Less homework is one of the most foremost drawbacks according to the people.
  • There is a scarcity of test sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Are Finland’s Schools are successful?

Finland is providing one of the best education systems around the world. Schooling is also a major part of it. Equality is the most followed factor in the school education system of Finland, and the schools are individually funded. Further, the teachers also take care to bring out the talent of the student. These reasons make Finland’s schooling successful.

  • When does school start in Finland?    

Finland’s schooling starts on 09th, August & autumn break is assumed, between Oct. 14th-18th. Further, they provide a Christmas break from 21st December to 06th January. And winter breaks are between 17th – 21st February.  Summer vacations are from 06th June to 07th August. However, after the COVID pandemic, schools are starting with the necessary precautions.

  • How many hours a day do Finland students go to school?   

Generally, the school opens from 8:00 in the morning and takes five hours or less than that a day. Similarly, Finland’s school provides 25 lessons a week to the students each of 45 minutes. Despite this, they get a break of around 15 minutes. 1st & 2nd standard students go 4 hours a day and get the 75 minutes recess.


Every small country has its benefits from the education system. People choose the best education system for their children and try to provide it in a better way. The education success rate is helpful for parents to suck up to a good educational country. So, Finland is the country that takes care of every essential factor related to education and provides the best of everything. This article covers all the crucial points that make Finland’s education the best.

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