When does it snow in Colorado?

When does it snow in Colorado

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    As we know, Weather in Colorado keeps on changing over the day and overall we can witness all four seasons throughout the year. The state gets many sunny days with partly cloudy skies than snow and fully cloudy ones. All because of the low humidity, high mountain ranges, and semi-arid climate.

    When does it snow in Colorado
    When does it snow in Colorado

    The summers are lenient and the winters are mildly cold. Winters in colorado usually start in early September. Then, when does it start snowing in Colorado? Usually, snowfall starts falling in late October and continues until April.

    Although snow doesn’t stay on the ground for a longer time you can see the mountains and the top of the trees. So, let’s raise the curtains and dive into the topic to know more about it. 

    Does Colorado get a lot of snow?

    Definitely, Colorado gets a lot of snow every winter, mostly in mountain regions. The average snowfall in Colorado is from 50 to 90 inches annually.

    When was the last snow in Colorado?

    Colorado officially recorded the last snowfall on 10th December 2021 of about 0.3 inches of snow. It was the highest recorded snowfall of the season.

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    Climate in Colorado

    The climate in Colorado is governed by five main factors: rocky mountains, far away from islands and large water bodies, mid-latitude, the influence of westerly winds, and varied topography.

    Climate in Colorado
    Climate in Colorado

    These results in producing cool temperatures, less precipitation, and sunny days, along with vast seasonal cycles, time-to-time weather changes, and intense local gradients year round.

    This allows residents and visitors to choose the best places to live in Colorado with mountain views to outstate and relish all the seasonal changes closely. 

    What type of climate is in Colorado?

    Colorado has a semi-arid climate throughout the year. The state experience is all four seasons and is totally influenced by the presence of mountain ranges and Rocky hills.

    What’s the weather like in Colorado year-round?

    Colorado has a dry, cold and refreshing climate due to the influence of high mountains, high latitude, and continental interior landscape.

    How cold is Colorado in the winter?

    Colorado faces mild winters with an average daily temperature of 40°F to 60°F, in some cases. 

    Freezing Days in Colorado

    Does it snow in Colorado in September? Well, the first initials of winter start during the month of September. Chilly temperatures and snowy days typically start to appear in late October and continue till the end of April. 

    So, you can expect warm days with freezy nights with temperatures averaging 40°F- 55°F during the daytime to below freezing at nighttime in the months of November.

    Freezing Days in Colorado
    Freezing Days in Colorado

    When you ask, Does it snow in colorado in December? However, December indicates the actual start of winter in Colorado. 

    Days become colder and dull, with less solar heat continuing to dwindle. But the mountain ranges and ski towns start collecting snow and see a flurry of visitors during this month.  

    What is the coldest month in Colorado?

    January is the coldest month in Colorado, getting an average high temperature of 39°F.

    What was the coldest day ever in Colorado?

    According to the national weather service and oceanic and atmospheric administration, the coldest day recorded in Colorado was -60°F in 1985. This day was known to be “Ice Day” in Colorado.

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    Extremely Clouds Days in Colorado

    Colorado weather remains partly cloudy all the time. Colorado skies become extremely cloudy during a rainy period that lasts for about 7.5 months – March to October. 

    Extremely Clouds Days in Colorado
    Extremely Clouds Days in Colorado

    Precipitation in Colorado occurs in the form of hail, rain, and snow of at least 0.5 inches. May gets the most rain in Colorado with an average rainfall of 2 inches. May-August is termed as the rafting season and mid-June gets the peak runoff every year. With a change in wind pattern, monsoon comes to an end by September. 

    How many cloudy days does Colorado have?

    Typically, Colorado has about 127 clear cloudy days. 

    Why is it always cloudy in Colorado?

    Colorado always has partly cloudy skies because of its mountainous terrain which causes cyclone-type circulations. This results in daytime clouds year-round. 

    Snowfall in Colorado

    Snowfall in Colorado comes with rainfall that gets accumulated every day over the entire monsoon period of the year. The snowy time lasts for 6 months starting from mid-October to mid-April with an average snowfall of 1 inch. However, December gets the most snow with an average snowfall of 2.5 inches. 

    Snowfall in Colorado
    Snowfall in Colorado

    Snow usually seems to have more moisture and is heavier during spring than winter. The mountains, mountain roads, and towns receive more snow and tend to stay for a long time without melting. The state witnesses at least 1-2 major snowstorms per season every year. This means stocking piles of snow for certain. days leads to the shutdown of roads, airports, and offices. 

    What part of Colorado has snow?

    The towns that mostly received snow in Colorado include Vail, Steamboat Springs, Crested Butte, Telluride, and Aspen.

    Does Colorado get much snow?

    Yes, Colorado gets a lot of snowfall in winter every year. 

    What months does it snow in Colorado?

    Colorado receives snow from late October till the end of April.

    Snow On The Ground in Colorado

    Often people misinterpret Colorado winters: there might be depths and depths of snow on the ground. But it’s untrue! There might be snow depths in ski towns (winter park or Breckenridge) and mountain regions but normal in cities.

    Snow On The Ground in Colorado
    Snow On The Ground in Colorado

    Not to forget that Colorado has a semi-arid climate and gets the sunniest days per year. This means snow melts down quickly in a day or two and doesn’t stay on the ground for so long. 

    Is there snow on the ground in Colorado Beach?

    Colorado’s beaches get 2-5 inches of snow on the ground every year. 

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    When Does it Snow in Colorado FAQs

    Is snow common in Colorado?

    Snowfall is common in Colorado and snow covers about 30% of the area in Colorado. 

    Does it snow in Colorado in October?

    Colorado starts to receive snowfall at the end of October.

    How many days does it snow in Colorado?

    On average, Colorado gets the most snow for 68 days. 


    Depending on how much you know about Colorado’s weather,  you can expect to be startled by the way it drastically changes over a day. Despite getting snowfall for 6 months, Colorado counts more sunny days per year. Isn’t that interesting? 

    Not only is the weather, the magnificent mountain peaks, vast wild grasslands, serene forests, lakes, and snowy lifestyle attract outsiders to become a part of colorful Colorado for a lifetime by fulfilling Colorado resident requirements. So, if you enjoy winter outer activities and sports, Colorado is an ideal destination for you.

    You will definitely love Colorado’s snowy season. And, if you are visiting Colorado for hiking trails and to explore more adventures, read our article, best time to visit colorado where you can know the best time to visit colorado for hiking. Also, don’t forget to transfer your driving license and register your vehicle after moving to the Colorado DMV within 3 months of your move.  

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