Weird Laws in Pennsylvania


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    Like all other states, you will also find some weird state laws in Pennsylvania. Some of the laws are just outdated and bizarre.

    If you are curious about the weird and unusual laws in Pennsylvania, we will let you know about the weird alcohol laws in Pennsylvania and other typical laws you must know about the state. 

    Moreover, the stupidest law in Pennsylvania is to catch a fish with bare hands. It really sounds like some of the dumbest things. You will also find it illegal to sing in the bathtub in Pennsylvania. 

    Exploring the state or moving to Pennsylvania, you will find more weird laws in Pennsylvania. Let’s dig into the details of the laws! 

    Statewide Weird Laws in Pennsylvania 


    Some of the weirdest laws that are applied statewide in Pennsylvania are given below: 

    1. In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to sell a child. However, according to state law, a person is guilty of a crime if involved in buying or selling an infant child. 
    1. Fortune telling is considered illegal in Pennsylvania. 
    1. It is illegal to catch a fish using dynamite or any other explosive in Pennsylvania. 
    1. Catching a fish by any body part is illegal except the mouth. This means you cannot use your feet, hand, or arms to catch a fish. But use your mouth to do so. Strange!
    1. Sleeping on the door of a refrigerator is illegal in Pennsylvania. 
    1. It is an illegal act for 16 women to live under the same roof in Pennsylvania. 
    1. A child’s bathroom must be about 200 feet from the bedroom. More than 200 feet of distance is illegal in Pennsylvania. 
    1. It is a law in Pennsylvania that all liquor stores can only be run by the state. 
    1. While showering, singing is prohibited in Pennsylvania, especially from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm. 
    1. It is illegal to shotgun during weddings in Pennsylvania. 

    City-Specific Weird Laws in Pennsylvania


    The city-specific laws that are applied only in some cities of the state are the following: 

    1. In Morrisville, women cannot wear makeup without a permit. 
    1. Eating peanuts while walking backward can cause you serious trouble in Ridley Park Pennsylvania. 
    1. You cannot bring your donkey or mule onto a trolley car with you in Pittsburgh, One of the best places to live in Pennsylvania.
    1. It is illegal to put pretzels in your bag in Philadelphia which is among the safest cities in Pennsylvania. 
    1. In Connellsville. It is illegal to wear pants below the waist. 

    What are Blue laws in Pennsylvania?

    Blue laws are the ‘Sunday laws’ in Pennsylvania. A few of them are given below: 

    1. Car selling or vehicle dealerships were prohibited on Sundays. But now, the ban has been lifted and you can make dealerships on Sundays as well. 
    1. Hunting was prohibited for many years under blue laws in Pennsylvania. But, in 2020 the ban has been lifted and allowed hunting on Sundays. 

    Weird laws in Pennsylvania FAQs

    Is Cannibalism legal in Pennsylvania?

     No, Cannibalism is not legal in Pennsylvania. 

    Can I sleep in my car in Pennsylvania?

    Yes, you can sleep in your car in Pennsylvania. 


    The weird laws in Pennsylvania are interesting and somehow sound funny but a few of them are outdated or not actively enforced in these modern times.

    But they serve as a reminder of Pennsylvania’s legal quirks and unique character.