Waterfalls in Idaho


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    Besides the breathtaking natural scenery, magnificent landscapes, and excellent hiking trails, Idaho is home to mesmerising waterfalls all over the state. 

    Idaho’s waterfalls are abandoned with scenic beauty. So, anybody looking for a serene environment, tranquillity and relaxation, Idaho’s waterfalls are the best place to rejoice. 

    From various waterfalls in Idaho, we have selected the best waterfalls of Idaho to visit in your next trip. The top 8 Waterfalls in Idaho are listed below: 

    1. Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls 
    2. Perrine Coulee Falls, Twin Falls 
    3. Devils Washbowl 
    4. Niagara Springs, Thousand Springs State Park 
    5. Ritter Island,  Thousand Springs State Park 
    6. Cauldron Linn
    7. Pillar Falls 
    8. Auger Falls

    Idaho waterfalls are a must see in Idaho. You can also find amazing waterfalls near Boise, the capital of Idaho.

    While touring in Idaho, you will also find some of the jaw dropping waterfalls in Northern Idaho. 

    Shoshone Falls are ranked the most beautiful and the biggest Waterfalls in Idaho. Even they surpass Niagara Springs, the second most beautiful place to witness the natural beauty of Idaho. 

    So, just pack up your bags and Let’s start our journey to the waterfalls in Idaho. This article will guide you about the details of Idaho waterfalls and why they are a must see destinations in Idaho. 

    8 Best Waterfalls in Idaho for Visitors

    Idaho waterfalls are not only about calmness and relaxation, you can also enjoy various recreational activities you love to do. Without dragging Let’s dig into the details. 

    1. Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls 

    Shoshone waterfalls are located on the Snake River in Southern Idaho and are referred to as the ‘Niagara of the West’.


    These spectacular waterfalls are 212 feet high and 900 feet wide, Thus giving a jaw dropping scenery. 

    The best time to visit Shoshone Falls is during summer and spring when the snow melts and water flow increases adding to the beauty of the place.

    Shoshone Falls are surrounded by the green rugged canyons and natural scenery offering various recreational activities for family and friends. 

    Shoshone Falls is an amazing place for photography, picnic, and to relax after a hectic routine. 

    How much does it cost to go to Shoshone waterfalls?

    It usually costs $5 for a car park and $20 for a tour bus in Shoshone Falls. 

    Is Shoshone Falls wider than Niagara Falls?

    No, Shoshone Falls is not wider than Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is combined with three other waterfalls which makes them the most wide waterfalls in Idaho. 

    Can you drive to Shoshone Falls?

    Yes, you can drive to Shoshone Falls. However, the entry fee to Shoshone Falls is $5 per car. 

    2. Perrine Coulee Falls, Twin Falls

    The 200 feet high waterfalls are also located in Twin Falls in Southern Idaho. Perrine Coulee Falls throughout the year. You can visit this stunning place whenever you want. 


    Moreover, the area is surrounded by lush green landscapes and vibrant wildflowers. You can also enjoy various outdoor activities in Perrine Coulee Falls. 

    You can reach Perrine Coulee Falls by two ways i.e. a magnificent view from above the Snake River Trail and  a view from the down Centennial Park.

    You can choose the less crowded way to reach your destination. Know the minimum wage in Idaho.

    Where is Perrine Coulee Falls Idaho?

    Perrine Coulee Falls are located in the Twin Falls, Central Idaho. 

    How long is the Twin Falls Canyon Trail?

    Twin Falls Canyon Trail is almost 12 miles in Idaho. 

    3. Devils Washbowl & Waterfall, Malad George

    Devils Washbowl is located in the Thousand Springs State Park inIdaho. To reach this incredible destination you have to follow the signs  of interstate 84  towards Malad George.


    As the name indicates, Devils Washbowl is a circular depression or  bowl shaped cavity in the ground surrounded by the rugged cliffs and scenic views of the green landscapes. 

    Malad River flows through the Canyons of the Devils Washbowl and waterfalls  give a scenic view to the visitors where you can also enjoy boating, kayaking for a closer look of the view. 

    You can also drive easily through the 450 acre land of the Malad Gorge parkland. Malad George is a wonderful place for a day trip to enjoy hiking and the teal clear water of the Malad River in Devils Washbowl.  

    4. Niagara Springs, Thousand Springs State Park 

    Niagara Springs is another dominant unit located in the Thousand Springs state park in Idaho. 


    Niagara Spring is a natural waterfall with impressive views where water emerges from the ground and cascades down a series of rocky terraces creating a magnificent sight. 

    Niagara Springs are indeed the best picturesque landscapes providing the visitors to enjoy the walking trails and the cascading beauty of the waterfall. 

    Moreover, you can enjoy the other outdoor activities in the nearest Thousand Springs state park like picnicking, hiking, camping and the amazing views of the wildlife. Visit the cost of living in Idaho. 

    5. Ritter Island, Thousand Springs State Park 

    Ritter Island is a scenic island located in the middle of the Snake River. This Island is also a unit in  the Thousand Springs state park. 


    Minnie Miller Springs, the largest natural springs, are located in Ritter Island. Moreover, Ritter Island is popular due to its geological formations, cliffs, natural springs and stunning wildlife. 

    Besides the scenic views of the waterfall, Visitors can also enjoy the surrounding landscapes and picnicking on this great island.So, if you are thinking to move to Idaho, remember to visit Ritter Island as well. 

    Can you swim at Ritter Island?

    Yes, you can enjoy swimming in the natural springs of Ritter Island. 

    Why is Ritter Island important?

    Ritter Island is important due to its geological features, and the preservation of the wildlife habitat. Providing refugee and nesting grounds to various species of birds. And is recognised as the bird sanctuary. 

    6. Cauldron Linn

    The Snake river passes into a canyon of 40 feet wide which results in the spectacular Cauldron Linn Waterfall also named as Star Falls.


    Cauldron Waterfalls are also located within the Thousand Springs Park. 

    Cauldron Linn waterfall creates a jaw dropping scene when the water plunges over a series of rocks. 

    Cauldron Waterfall can be visited throughout the year. But, the water flow is high during the spring season.

    So, the visitors can witness the raw energy of the water rushing over the rocks giving stunning views. 

    7. Pillar Falls 

    Pillar Falls is located along  the Snake River at Twin Falls, which is also the best place to live in idaho.


    As the name indicates, Pillar Falls is formed by the columnar basalt formations rising from riverbeds creating pillars and rocky outcrops. 

    The mesmerising beauty of cascading waterfall and a contrast of the dark basalt pillars with water gives a scenic view and long lasting calming effect. 

    You can reach Pillar Falls by car or walking trails. Moreover, you can also enjoy fishing, paddleboarding, swimming, Kayaking and many other outdoor activities. 

    How long does it take to Kayak to Pillar Falls?

    It usually takes an hour to Kayak to the stunning Pillar Falls. 

    8. Auger Falls 

    A scenic waterfall on the Snake River characterised by a series of cascades and rocky channels where the river flows over basalt rock formation. Thus, giving an enchanting view to the visitors. 


    Auger Falls also offers mountain biking and amazing hiking trails. You can bring your mountain bike and enjoy the stunning views of the waterfall.

    Where is the Auger Water Falls Idaho?

    Auger Waterfalls can be found about a mile from the Snake River park.

    Waterfalls in Idaho FAQs

    How many waterfalls are there in Idaho?

    According to the US geological survey, there are 68 waterfalls in Idaho. 

    How many waterfalls are there in Southern Idaho?

    Southern Idaho has various waterfalls including the Shoshone Waterfalls, Niagara Springs, Auger Waterfalls and many others are found in southern Idaho. 


    Idaho is an excellent state with all the natural beauty, hiking trails, parks and gems. Besides these, Idaho is also rich in Waterfalls.

    The stunning waterfalls of Idaho give long-lasting memories and always leave the visitors with a wish to come again. 

    Waterfalls in Idaho are an amazing place for photographers, people looking for leisure, and family picnicking.

    We hope the above article helped you in deciding your next visit to the outstanding waterfalls of Idaho.