Waterfalls in Helen, GA


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    Helen ga, located in the heart of the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains is also known as the ‘German Town in the Mountains’.

    Helen is popular due to its lush green landscapes, stunning beauty and waterfalls near Helen, ga. 

    Waterfalls in Helen are the best destination for people seeking some quality time in nature with family and friends.

    The soothing sounds of cascading water rushing through the cliffs and the stunning surrounding views will let you feel lost in the mesmerising beauty of the German town in ga. 

    An interesting thing for nature lovers and adventurous people is that they can enjoy the waterfall hikes near Helen Ga.

    The hiking trails are surrounded by ecosystems, wildlife and greenery alongside the captivating waterfalls. 

    Helen is home to many outstanding waterfalls giving you an excellent chance to explore the natural beauty and immerse yourself in the scenic falls in Helen ga. 

    Moreover, you can visit waterfalls in Helen any time of the year but, the best time is spring, summer and after rain when the water flow is high.  

    Waterfalls in Helen have much more to offer to the visitors and people of all ages.


    We will discuss the waterfalls near Helen, hiking trails, parking facilities, directions, pet friendliness and everything you must need to know about your next trip to the fascinating waterfalls of Helen. Let’s start the journey!

    Things You Should Pack for Your Journey

    So, if you are planning your next tour of the stunning waterfalls of Helen, you must remember to bring the following things for a comfortable and enjoyable trip. 

    • Always bring clothes suitable according to the weather conditions of the waterfall.
    • As we know, the waterfalls also offer hiking trails and other recreational activities, so you must bring your hiking shoes, water bottle, and some snacks for hiking. 
    • If you are photogenic, remember to bring your camera to catch the beauty of scenic waterfalls. 
    • If you are interested in swimming in the swim holes of the Waterfalls, remember to bring your swimwear and towel. 
    • Always bring the First aid kit for any emergency situation and other personal things like toiletries, sunscreen, pest repellent or necessary identification documents. 

    8 Best Waterfalls in Helen, GA

    Waterfalls in Helen,gaEntrance FeeDistanceFrom HelenTrail length Trail DifficultyPet friendlyChildren friendly ParkingSwimming
    Anna Ruby Falls$5.005 miles0.9 milesEasyNo YesYesNo
    Raven Cliff Falls$5.005 miles0.5 milesModerateDifficultYesYesYesNo
    Dukes Creek Falls$3.006 miles2 milesModerate difficultYes YesYesYes 
    High Shoal & Blue Hole FallsFree12 miles2.5 milesModerate difficultYesYesYes (limited)Yes
    Desoto Falls$5.0015 miles2-3 milesEast to moderateYesYesYesNo
    Hemlock FallsFree20 miles2 miles Easy to moderateYesYesYesYes
    Minnehaha FallsFree24 miles 0.4 milesEasy YesYesYes (limited)No
    Angel Falls &  Panther Falls$5.0015 miles1.7 milesEasyYesYesYesYes

    1. Anna Ruby Falls – Top Tourist Spot

    Anna Ruby Falls is located in the heart of Chattahoochee National Forest at a distance of 5 miles from Helen.


    These falls are named after Anna Ruby Nicholas, the daughter of a wealthy businessman who donated the land to the US forests service, so the area was named Anna Ruby. 

    Anna Ruby Falls is an amazing tourist destination surrounded by lush green landscapes, double spectacular waterfalls and diverse wildlife. 

    You can reach Anna Ruby Falls by a paved half-mile trail from the visitor centre.

    The twin falls at Anna Ruby are formed by the convergence of the two creeks named Curtis Creek and York Creek from where water cascades below 150 feet, Hence giving a breathtaking view.  

    You can enjoy photography, hiking and many other outdoor activities at Anna Ruby Falls.

    The hiking trail is about 0.9 miles out and back and is an easy and children-friendly hike to enjoy the scenic beauty of the falls. 

    You cannot bring your pets to Anna ruby falls and also swimming is not allowed due to safety concerns.

    Also remember, Anna Ruby Falls are open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm and the last ticket is sold at 4.00 pm grab your ticket before getting late. 

    2. Raven Cliff Falls – Hiking & Adventure

    Raven cliff falls is one of the best hiking spots surrounded by the scenic falls, water rushing from cascading falls on the rock ledges, gives you a stunning relaxing view to rejoice. 

    The Raven Falls is located in the Chattahoochee National Forests at a 5 miles distance from Helen.

    You can reach these amazing falls by driving north on Highway 75/17 for 5 miles and reaching the Unicoi State Park and then to the trailhead of Raven Falls. 

    At an elevation gain of almost 500 feet, you can witness the Raven Falls and many other streams and falls located near the German town, ga. 

    Raven Falls is a family-friendly place where you can bring your children and only leashed dogs to enjoy these scenic falls.

    But, Swimming is not allowed at Raven Falls due to safety concerns. Raven Cliff Falls are open year-round, you can visit anytime you want. 

    3. Dukes Creek Falls –  Outdoor activities 

    Dukes Creek Falls are the popular picturesque waterfalls at a distance of 6 miles from Helen,ga. You need to hike a moderately difficult trail of  2 miles to reach Dukes Creek Falls. 


    Dukes Creek Falls is located in the Smithgall Woods State Park.

    You can get to Dukes Creek Falls by taking Highway 75/17 North for about 5 miles, drive until you reach Georgia 356 and drive 1 mile again to reach the Smithgall Woods State Park.

    Reaching the Park you can head to the hiking trail of the Dukes Creek Falls.  

    Dukes Creek Falls offer various outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy to the fullest.

    You can enjoy fishing, picnicking, photography, and wildlife with your family and friends. You can also take your leashed pets to Dukes Falls. 

    But, swimming is only allowed in a small swimming hole due to safety issues. Dukes Creek Falls is open from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm. You can check Springs in Georgia for swimming.

    4. High Shoals and Blue Hole Falls – Best for nature enthusiasts

    High Shoals and Blue Hole Falls are two spectacular waterfalls located in the Chattaahhotte National forests 12 miles from Helen,ga. 

    The hiking trail of High Shoals Falls is 2.5 miles and is moderately difficult. However, the hiking trail of Blue Hole Falls is 0.5 miles and is a moderately easy trail. 

    You can enjoy the scenic natural beauty of the falls and also can swim & wade in the swimming hole of the High Shoals and Blue hole falls.

    Other fun activities at High Falls include picnicking, bird-watching, and flora & fauna.  

    You can reach these falls from Indian Grave Gap road and continue your journey until you reach the parking of the High Shoals Falls.

    You can visit the High Shoal Falls in summer and spring. Learn when winter starts in Georgia

    Remember, the high Shoal Falls are open from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm. However, Blue Hole Falls are open 24/7. 

    5. Desoto Falls –  Serene beauty & tranquillity 

    Desoto Falls are the magnificent falls located in Cleveland 15 miles northeast of Helen, ga. Desoto Falls offer two outstanding falls named Upper Falls and Lower Falls.


    You will be mesmerised by the stunning beauty of these two Desoto Falls. 

    Desoto Falls are also located in the Chattahoochee National Forests and offer various outdoor activities Camping and hiking as well.

    Hiking distance is 2-3 miles. Hiking in the Upper Falls is long but pretty easy as compared to the Lower Falls.  

    Desoto Falls is a family-friendly place and gives a jaw-dropping view of the rushing water with soothing water sounds.

    You can dip your feet in the water or simply enjoy the calming ambience of the Desoto Falls. 

    You can reach Desoto Falls from Helen by starting from Highway 75/17. Move towards for 6 miles at Junction 129.

    Continue your journey at Highway 129 until you reach the Desoto Falls recreation area. Later head towards the trail leading you to the Desoto Falls. 

    Desoto Falls are open 24/7. But, quiet hours are from 10.00 pm to 6.00 am.  

    6. Hemlock Falls – Jaw-Dropping Cascades

    The stunning Hemlock Falls are located in the Moccasin Creek Park which is on Lake Burton in Clarksville, ga. 

    Hemlock Falls are at a distance of 20 miles from Helen, ga. You can reach Hemlock Falls from Helen by starting from 75/17 and heading towards the Highway 129 junction.

    Drive 12 miles until you reach the parking area for Hemlock Falls on the left side of the road following the sign boards to reach the Hemlock Falls.

    Hemlock Falls is always open and you can visit anytime you wish, day time is preferable. 

    The hiking trail of Hemlock Falls is 2 miles where you can enjoy the ecosystem, wildlife, and natural scenery.

    You can enjoy the picturesque cascading water surrounded by lush green landscapes and towering trees. 

    7. Minnehaha Falls – Scenic Beauty & Taller Falls 

    Minnehaha Falls are located in the Chattahoochee National Forest near the western end of  Lake Ruban in Tallulah Falls. 


    Minnehaha Falls gives a breathtaking view of 100 feet high cascading water rushing over the rocky cliffs in the lush green surroundings.

    The hiking distance at Minnehaha Falls is less than a mile and is family-friendly. 

    Minnehaha Falls are 24 miles from Helen,ga. You can reach Minnehaha Falls from Helen by taking the North 75/17 and after 1.5 miles turn GA-17 Alt/S Cleveland Highway.

    Continue for 2 miles and then follow the signs of Minnehaha Falls on the right side of the road to reach your destination. 

    You can enjoy other fun activities and also take your leashed dogs for outings. However, swimming is not allowed, as there is no swimming hole at Minnehaha Falls.

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    The operation hours are from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm at Minnehaha Falls. 

    8. Angel Falls & Panther Falls – Two scenic falls 

    Angel Falls and Panther  Creek Falls are two scenic falls located in Lake Ruban and at a 15 miles distance from Helen, Georgia.

    These mesmerising falls are one of the popular falls near Helen. 

    The hiking distance is 1.7 miles with scenic natural beauty and flora & fauna. You can reach Angel Falls from Helen by taking the 75/17 Highway North.

    Drive for 6 miles and reach the 129 junction Highway and after almost 9 miles you will reach the parking of the Angel & Panther Falls. Follow the sign indications to reach the falls. 

    You can enjoy swimming at both Angel and Panther Falls. Moreover, you can also do camping at these falls. 

    Angel Falls are kid-friendly and pet-friendly as well. But, you can bring your leashed pets only.

    Angel Falls are open year-round however,  panther falls are open to advanced and intermediate hikers only. 

    Waterfalls in Helen, GA FAQs

    Where is Georgia’s highest waterfall?

    Georgia’s highest waterfall is in Amicalola State Park. These Falls are named Amicalola Waterfalls at a stunning height of 729 feet. 

    How many waterfalls are in Helen, ga?

    There are 8 best waterfalls in Helen named as Anna ruby falls, Raven cliff falls, Dukes Creek Falls, High Shoals & Blue Hole Falls, Desoto Falls, Hemlock Falls, Minnehaha Falls, Angel & Panther creek falls. 

    What are the twin waterfalls in Helen,ga?

    Anna Ruby Falls, Angel & Panther Creek Falls, and Desoto Falls are the twin Falls in Helen, ga. 

    How long is the float in Helen,ga?

    It takes 2 – 2.5 hours to float in Helen,ga.


    Waterfalls in Helen, Georgia,  have something for everyone. If you are looking for a serene environment, hiking, or quality family time, Waterfalls near Helen,ga will never disappoint you. Know the safest areas in Savannah, GA.

    Anna Ruby Waterfalls to Angel Falls, Dukes Creek Falls and all the stunning falls mentioned in the above article, offer fun activities, picturesque landscapes and photography alongside the cascading waters. 

    A few of the falls offer swimming others do not allow due to the safety concerns. Moreover, you can also bring your leashed pets to visit the mesmerising falls of Helen.

    So, remember to add the waterfalls of Helen to your bucket list for your next destination!