Water Parks in Tucson, Arizona

Water Parks in Tucson, Arizona

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    Wanna experience the tickling chime of splashing water, the vigor of colors, and tons of endless recreation? With a tumbling experience every time, water parks will get you the infinite thrills and sheer jubilation of letting go!

    Gather all your expectations while climbing to the top of the water slides, brace yourselves, and then whoosh! Roll down swiftly with water rolling down past you straight into the pool! What a thrilling experience!

    If you’re interested to have such an exhilarating experience, check out the best Water Parks in Tuscon AZ in the article below. 

    Is there a water park in Tucson AZ?

    There are 12 water parks in Tucson, AZ. 

    Which is the longest water slide in Tucson, AZ? 

    Aventura Pool has the longest water slide in Tucson, AZ with a slide length of 71.63 meters. 

    8 Best Water Parks in Tucson, Arizona

    Entering one of Tucson’s water parks is like walking into a rainbow, with all the bright colors, flowing water, and energetic vibes. We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 water parks in the Tucson Arizona metropolitan area. Find a comfortable spot from below if you’d like a more tranquil experience! 

    FeaturesWhitewater DrawFuntasticks Family Fun ParkBreakers water parkCactus SpringsClements PoolCatalina Park Splash PadArcher PoolSunnysidePool
    Opening SeasonYear-round Year-round Year-round Year-round Year-round 1 April – 31 October Year-round June to August, every year. 
    Pets PolicyLeashed pets are allowed. Leashed pets are allowed. Leashed pets are allowed. Leashed pets are allowed. Not allowed. Not allowed. Pets are allowed. Two pets under 22.68 kgs @$500 per pet. 
    ParkingFreeFreeFree$15.99, $20.99FreeFreeFreeFree
    GenderDiversified Diversified Diversified Diversified Diversified Diversified Diversified Diversified 
    Good For KidsYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
    Opening time24 hours10:00 am to 10:00 pm24 hoursSunday-Thursday-10 am to 10 pm Friday-Saturday- 10 am to 12 amWeekdays –  8 am to 8:30 pm Weekends – 11 am to 7 pm8.00 am to 7.00 pmWednesday to Sunday – 12:00 to 5:30 pmEveryday – 10 am to 7:45 pm

    1. Whitewater Draw

    Whitewater Draw is 20 minutes northeast of Bisbee, in the Sulphur Springs Valley, off of the U.S. The best time to visit is from late fall to early spring. In the summer, the temperature can reach the 90°C.

    Whitewater Draw

    In the middle of the Chihuahuan desert grassland, this water park is a haven for thousands of Sandhill Cranes every winter. For short stays, the parking lot-sized camping area with its few picnic tables, trash cans, and pit toilets is more than adequate.

    Visitors seeking an experience similar to that of the lakes near Phoenix, Arizona, are encouraged to visit Whitewater Draw at any time. 

    Direction: To reach Davis Road from AZ-80 going east toward Tombstone, get on the freeway and take a left. After about 2.5 miles, turn right onto Coffman Road to reach the entrance on the right.

    Cost: Free!

    2. Funtasticks Family Fun Park

    Funtasticks Family Fun Park is located in Tucson, Arizona 221 E Wetmore Rd, and is the largest indoor water park in Tucson. The park’s picnic area is shady and pleasant due to the tall mesquite and palm trees that line it.

    There are several colorful water slides and numerous enormous tipping buckets that dump one thousand gallons of water every 10 minutes at this multi-tiered amusement park attraction. The bubbler jets, water wheels, water curtains, and waterfalls are fun for the whole family.

    Direction: Drive via N Stone Ave for 4.1 km, it will take 6 minutes to reach 221 E Wetmore Rd.

    Cost: $10.49 plus tax/ 2 hours  

    What are the pool hours of Rancho, Sahuarita?

    The pool hours of Rancho, Sahuarita is

    • Weekdays – 5:00 am to 8:30 pm
    • Weekends – 7:00 am to 8:30 pm

    3. Breakers Water Park

    When summer temperatures reach 40°C, residents usually seek a place with waterslides in Tucson to cool off. One of Arizona’s largest water parks in the past was Breakers Water Park, located in Marana not far from Tucson.

    Breakers Water Park

    It has the largest wave pools in the country and is home to Breakers Bay, the largest wave pool in Southern Arizona, and the well-known Bonzai Pipeline. A typical day in Marana sees temperatures anywhere from 33°C.

    The park features a wave pool (3- to 4-foot waves) and twelve slides, the newest of which is called the Constrictor. 

    Direction: Drive north from Downtown Tucson and Ina Road for 10 minutes to where Tangerine Road meets I-10 and you’ll find Breakers Water Park.

    Cost: $15/ person

    Why did Breakers Water Park close?

    Breakers Water Park shut down because of the rise of the minimum wage age and bankruptcy of the park, despite getting many people to the park. 

    Did they tear down Breakers Water Park?

    Breakers water park tore down and permanently shut because of its bankruptcy in March 2018. 

    4. Cactus Springs

    ProParks Management of Orlando, the owners of Funtasticks Family Fun Park in Tucson, Arizona, have announced the addition of Cactus Springs, an interactive waterplay attraction. There are 4 bright slides, 3 of which are big enough for adults.

    The park visitors can expect an average temperature of 37°C. The new attractions are water features that the whole family can enjoy, including bubbler jets, water wheels, water curtains, and waterfalls.

    Direction: Drive 4.1 kilometers via N Stone Ave to reach 221 E Wetmore Rd where to reach Cactus spring water park.

    Cost: $35.99/ person

    Is Cactus Springs open?

    Yes, Cactus Springs remain open for 12 hours daily from 10 am to 10 pm and extend till 12 am on Friday and Saturday. 

    What are cactus springs?

    Cactus Springs is a water play recreation attraction that has many levels of colorful water slides and gigantic tipping buckets. 

    5. Clements Pool

    Located close to Santa Rita High School, Clements Swimming Pool is a great water park near Tucson for kids to spend their summers.

    Clements Pool

    Clements Pool has a sand beach for swimmers to enter, a 25-yard course with 7 lanes, a diving area with a 1-meter board, a water slide that is 144 feet long, and a grassy area for lounging. Because of its heating system, the pool is accessible year-round.

    The beachfront location and the accompanying diving board add even more recreation opportunities. 

    Direction: Take a drive through the campus to get to the center and pool because the park is close to the Pima Community College East Campus.

    Cost: $3 for adults and $1 for kids below 17 age.

    How does a warm pool clement?

    Clement Pool gets heated after the heaters are on but usually heats up if the air temperature remains 100+. 

    How long is the Clements Hall pool?

    The Clements Hall Pool is 25m long, 17m wide, and 1m deep. 

    When does Clemente pool open?

    Clemente Pool remains open everyday year around from 8 am to 8:30 pm on weekdays and 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on weekends. 

    How to get to Clemente Pool? 

    The quickest and cheapest way to reach Clemente Pool is by Bus in just 4 hours at a rate of $51. 

    6. Catalina Park Splash Pad

    When the temperature rises, it’s fun to take the kids to the neighborhood splash pads. Catalina Park Splash Pad is located at 941 N. 4th Ave. in Tucson, Arizona 85705. There are four designated lap lanes, a diving board, and a deep end at this pool.

    There are a wide variety of summertime activities available, including swim lessons, water aerobics, and more. The water features at the splash pad are manually activated so that locals can use them whenever they like.

    This place is also conveniently located from Greer. If you’re looking for things to do near Greer AZ, swimming is a fun and relaxing option for the whole family at Catalina Park.

    Direction: Catalina Park is home to the Splash Pad. If you want to get to Catalina, you should take the bus to Rancho Vistoso/Pusch Mountain View and then a taxi.

    Cost: $1/children- $3/ adult 

    7. Archer Pool

    Both the Fred Archer Community Center and San Juan Park are within walking distance of Archer Pool. Visitors can swim in the main pool, which at its shallowest is only 4 feet deep at Archer Pool.

    Archer Pool

    The Archer Swimming Pool features a 1-meter diving board, water slide (33 feet long), shade structure, and a separate wading pool in addition to the 25-yard length and 25-meter width of the heated swimming pool 27- 28°C in the winter, up to 31°C in the summer. 

    Direction: Get up-to-the-minute directions to 1665 South La Cholla Boulevard, Tucson’s Archer Pool.

    Cost: $2/Adult

    When does Archer Park pool open?

    Archer Park Pool remains open from Wednesday to Sunday from 12 am to 5:30 pm. 

    8. Sunnyside Pool

    In Tucson, Arizona, 85706 in the United States, you can find Sunnyside Pool at 1725 E Bilby Rd. The summers in this park are hot, dry, and mostly clear in Sunnyside, while the winters are brief, bitterly cold, and partly cloudy.

    You can find sports fields, softball diamonds, tennis courts, a playground, and plenty of grassy areas for picnics among the many amenities. There are 1- and 3-meter diving boards in the 25-yard by 25-meter pool. Adult lap swimming, recreational swimming, and family swimming are also permitted here during the summer.

    Direction: Start by taking the bus to the area south of Sunnyside High School. In Tucson, the Bilby/ Stewart bus stop is the closest to Sunnyside Pool. It’s a quick 5-minute stroll.

    Cost: $1 per ticket 

    When does the Sunnyside Pool open?

    Sunnyside Pool remains open from 24 June to 13 October of every year. 

    How deep is the Sunnyside Pool?

    Sunnyside Pool is 4.11 meters deep and can occupy more than 2000 swimmers at a time. 

    Is the Sunnyside Pool free?

    Swimming at Sunnyside Pool is absolutely free of cost, however, they charge a fee for swimming instruction programs. 

    What time does the Sunnyside pool open?

    Sunnyside Pool remains open every day from 10 am to 7:45 pm. 

    Water Parks In Tucson FAQs

    Is there an indoor water park in Tucson AZ?

    Between Tucson vs Phoenix, Tucson has a massive Indoor water park called the Great Wolf Lodge that features tons of restaurants, indoor water slides, shops, and recreation for children. 

    How many parks are there in Tucson?

    There are more than 130 parks in Tucson, AZ operated by Pima County, Tucson. 

    What are the old water parks in Tucson?

    Breakers are the oldest water park in Tucson, AZ that was established in 1982. 

    Which hotels in Tucson are with water slides?

    The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa, El Conquistador, and JW Marriott Resort and Spa are the hotels that offer water slides in Tucson, AZ.


    So, what’s more! Start making plans for a trip to Tucson water parks as they are desperately waiting for you to explore them and enjoy them to your fullest. Read this article to learn more about different aspects of the park and the one that well suits your list. 

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