Visa extension Australia

Visa extension Australia

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    Roaming the attractive beaches of Australia is still a dream for many individuals. Along with these beaches, you can’t forget to see the beauty of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and national parks such as Uluru Kata and much more.

    Apart from that, safe living with high standards is possible in Australia. You can take a permanent or temporary visa to stay here for a certain period. Even the students can enjoy their studies by acquiring the student’s visas. On the other side, tourists can also apply for a tourist visa. And, if your visa has expired, you can go with a tourist visa extension if you need a stay for any more than that.

    Visa extension Australia

    How long does it take for a visitor visa extension?

    A visitor visa (subclass 600) allows people to come to Australia for a tour, business meetings, or medical treatment for at least three, six, or a maximum of twelve months. Perhaps, tourists are permitted to arrive at once. Also, they have to apply for a new visa if they want to come to Australia after going to their home country.

    Generally, 75% of visa applications take eight months, and 90% of visa applications take 16 months to process. But, because of the covid pandemic, timings are affected and, it takes longer times to approve. Even so, you can get the notice for receipt within 4 to 6 weeks from the application.

    How To Extend Your Visa in Australia?

    People have to apply through their Immi account to extend their visas in Australia. Similarly, they have to submit the new application before their visa expiration. Even the family members can choose the Student Guardian visa to stay with their children under section 590.

    However, a student visa is not possible because of the recent visa updates, automatic visa extensions. But, students can apply for the new visa once again or request a visitor visa if their course duration is expanded.

    Besides that, if you have a visitor’s visa and you are still in Australia, you can request visa extensions. The extensions take place on a condition stating that you can apply if at most there is no 8503-condition forced.

    Student Visa Extension

    1. Can a student visa be extended?

    Candidates can come and enjoy their student’s life in Australia because it has the best study platforms and universities. But, they have to apply for a student visa (subclass 500) if they are from abroad. Similarly, applicants can extend their visas, if it is expiring, but they can’t return to their home, or the course is not completed.

    You will not need to give any acknowledgment of the impact of covid 19 on a student visa application. Plus, ensure that you apply for your new student visa before the existing visa expires. You can also apply for a visitor visa (subclass 600) if your study in Australia is ending. You have to do this before your student visa expires or your student duration ends.

    1. How much does it cost to extend a student visa in Australia?

    When you apply for a student visa for Australia, it simply means that you will get a better study in the registered university. Surprisingly, Australia offers education from primary schools to PhD level diplomas. So, Australia charges AUD 620 as an extension visa fee for students.

    1. How long can I stay in Australia after my student visa expires?*

    You can take a stay of not more than 28 days. If the cost of living increases, it becomes worse for you to stop in Australia. You might face a ban period of three years. It means you can’t apply for an Australian visa for three years.

    Temporary Graduate Visas Extensions

    1. Can I extend my temporary graduate visa?*

    Temporary visas (subclass 485) are commonly known as the TR. It allows abroad students to work, live, and study after completing their existing courses. It provides a duration from 18 months to four years for a stay after your visa expires. You are not permitted to overlive or can’t take an extension to long this visa. Today, “temporary Visas – 485” can’t be extended or reapplied for the visa.

    1. What happens when my graduate visa expires?

    If your visa has expired, and you stay in Australia for more than 28 days, then your future Australian visa will be banned for a definite period. It means they will not allow you to live or work in Australia for at least three years or more. Therefore, it is better to apply for a new visa if you have to live more than your duration.


    1. How long can International students stay in Australia?

    After completing your studies, the Department of Immigration and Border Security Protection’s Graduate visa allows you for a definite stay. International students can live for 18 months if they have completed their studies. It helps students travel, gain working experience, and increase skills in the English language. But, ensure that you know all the Visa Extension Australia Covid related guidelines.

    Visitor Visa Extension

    1. Can an Australian tourist visa be extended?

    If you have family or friends in Australia, you will love to visit there. Therefore, you can choose the Australian tourist visa. It allows you to explore Australia as a traverse and you can meet your family or friends. You can apply for an extended Australian tourist visa if you are living in Australia. You have to apply for this visa before your current tourist visa expires. Also, it helps to enjoy continuously without facing any issues.

    1. How much does it cost to extend a tourist visa in Australia?

    Australia is a great place to plan your holidays. Even you can come to see your family, friends, or relatives in Australia by acquiring a tourist visa. Likewise, it requires only $345 to extend your tourist visa. However, it takes $1,045 if you are applying for a tourist visa extension more than one time.

    1. How many times can I extend a visitor visa in Australia?

    You can travel to Australia or from Australia to anywhere as many times as you want. But, it is possible only if your visa is valid. Moreover, you can take a stay for a maximum of six months. But, you can’t request to extend your visitor’s visa as many times frequently.

    Working Visa Extension

    1. Working visa extension cost in Australia?

    When you choose the working visa for Australia, it allows you to arrive and work temporarily in an Australian organization. You will face the visa conditions on a visa that permits a specific workload or working with an employer.

    In addition to this, the Australian working visa costs AU $4,045 with the given exceptions. Temporary Skill Shortage Visa AU $1,265 for short-term brook, and AU $2,645 for medium-term brook.

    1. How can I apply to extend my working visa in Australia?

    If you want to work in Australia, but your visa is going to expire, you must apply for a new visa. Still, your working visa options will depend on your conditions and what you should do to stay lawful when you apply for a new visa. Follow the below steps to request a working visa digitally.

    • Determine how to apply online or offline.
    • Gather all the necessary instruments from your current or past employers.
    • Fill the application forms with accurate details.
    • Pay the amount of processing.
    • Send an application to the relevant embassy or departments.
    1. How many times can I extend my working visa in Australia?

    Mostly, you will find that employees from 18 to 30 years are requesting their working visas. And they want to live in Australia for a long time. Therefore, such visas permit people to stay for one year, plus people can visit three times a year.

    Pros and Cons

    Pros –  

    • People can get more job opportunities in Australia through working visa extension of different visas like temporary working visas or permanent working visa.
    • Individuals can enjoy the freedom of work in their organization by improving their work visas.
    • You can spend more time with your friends, family, or relatives by increasing the visa validity.
    • Exploring new spots in Australia with your relative can become possible with your visa extension options.

    Cons –

    • Sometimes visa extensions can become costlier for people.
    • Staying in Australia can increase your expenses.


    1. How do I apply for a Visitor Visa Extension?

    If you want to expand your stay in Australia more than your existing visa, you will require to apply further for the same type or another new fresh visa. You can decide your time of staying in Australia. You can contact one of the following bodies for an extension of your visa.

    • Your regional embassy or High Commission in Australia.
    • The International Organization for Migration.
    • Homeward Return Programme.


    Australia is amongst the best countries to live, work, and roam. Therefore, people can choose this destination for many reasons. Besides that, it offers a better lifestyle, working conditions, freedom of speech to its employees. Therefore, most people love to live in Australia.

    But, sometimes, individuals have to face visa issues, and they don’t understand how to increase their visa validity in Australia. Therefore,  to give you more accurate information on visa extension and covid changes, we have written this detailed guide. We hope this guide will help you in your visa extension work.

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