Tucson Vs Phoenix


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    Are you considering relocating to Arizona but you’re unsure whether Phoenix or Tucson is the ideal place for you and your family? We know how tough a choice this is – considering that both communities have a lot to offer especially.

    when you consider the warm weather all through the year, stunning desert sunrises, cultural attractions, and amazing music. That’s not all! Both cities have been experiencing rapid growth because of their low living expenses. 


    We bet you can’t wait to read this comparison of Tucson vs. Phoenix. In this blog post, we review all you need to know before making your decision on where you would settle in. Hopefully, the information in this article will be of great use to you. 

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    Tucson vs Phoenix weather

    In terms of weather, there isn’t much divergence between Phoenix and Tucson, since they are both within 116 miles of themselves. The weather temperatures in Tucson are however relatively cooler all through the year.


    You’re sure to enjoy Arizona’s popular hot and dry weather in either city, with temperatures topping 105° in June through August and continuing to climb high in the range of the 70s for the remaining months in the year. 

    The table below details the vital weather elements to compare for Tucson vs Phoenix.

    Tucson, ArizonaPhoenix, ArizonaUnited States
    Precipitation days5233106
    Median July high100.110586
    Median January low38.643.121.5
    Comfort index (the higher, the better)
    UV index6.46.24.4
    Elevation ft248910852442

    Tucson vs Phoenix cost of living

    When it comes to the cost of living, living expenses in Phoenix are 13.1% higher than in Tucson. When you compare the cost of living in Tucson vs Phoenix, you’ll find that you need an estimate of $3,800 in Tucson for the same quality of life Phoenix offers for $4,150. Below is a brief breakdown of the expenses:

    • Tucson consumer prices are 0.35% above the consumer costs in Phoenix.
    • Tucson has 25% lower rent than Phoenix.
    • Groceries are 0.4% more expensive in Tucson than in Phoenix. 
    • Restaurant prices in Tucson are 3% lower compared to in Phoenix.

    In addition, the costs of housing in Phoenix are 28.8% more expensive than housing costs in Tucson. As of December 2020, Zillow reported that the average home value in Tucson was about $270,000, while the average home value in Phoenix was $342,000.

    The US average home value was about $305,000. You are also likely to spend 12.9% more on health-related costs in Phoenix than in Tucson. 

    The table below provides a detailed breakdown of the cost of living in Tucson vs Phoenix.

    Tucson, ArizonaPhoenix, ArizonaUnited States
    Food & Groceries9697.8100
    Median home price$185,900$240,000$231,500
    Health 8192.1100
    Overall 92104100

    Note: 100 denotes the national average. So any figure lower than 100 means it’s cheaper than the country’s median. And higher than 100 simply means it’s more expensive than the US median. 

    Tucson vs Phoenix crime rate

    Before moving to Tucson or Phoenix to live, you should also consider; which of both cities is safer to live in? Safety is perhaps one of the major factors in the comparison of Tucson vs Phoenix, particularly if you’re relocating with kids.


    Although both communities have almost the same levels of crime rate, Phoenix seems to have relatively lower rates for overall crime level, property crime, violent crime, and theft. 

    The table below highlights the rate of the two primary crime types in Tucson, AZ, and Phoenix, AZ. 

    Tucson, ArizonaPhoenix, ArizonaUnited States
    Violent crime373622.5
    Property crime825336

    Note: we have ranked crime on a scale of 1 to 100. Hence, 1 = low crime rate and 100 = high crime levels. 

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    Tucson or Phoenix for vacation

    With over 345 days of sunshine year-round, Tucson is an amazingly sunny paradise. It is an ideal destination for individuals looking to escape the cold climate, with daytime temperatures hardly going lower than the mid-60s.


    One exceptional thing that makes Tucson a suitable place for a getaway is the abundance of Hispanic heritage. “Old Pueblo”, as Tucson has been nicknamed, is a town filled with cultural and historical attractions.

    Plus you can knock yourself out with some spicy Mexican dish just north of the border. In addition, you can get a real feel of the Sonoran desert by visiting any of the surrounding mountains and wilderness areas such as Saguaro National Park. 

    Phoenix is the perfect place for lovers of outdoor adventure. You will be astounded by the incredible views from the Camelback Mountain peak. Where are the adrenaline enthusiasts? Skydiving has always been an option when in Phoenix!

    Thanks to the typical warm weather and clear skies, the city is a suitable landing spot. Scared of heights? Not to worry, you can opt for the ATV excursion as well. 

    At the end of the day, both Tucson and Phoenix are wonderful vacation spots in their respective ways. It all depends on what you’re looking for as a person or family.

    Tucson or Phoenix for retirement

    Generally, Arizona ranks as one of the top states in the US for retirees. For starters, the region boasts an incredible quality of life, fantastic climate, and a low cost of living compared to other popular states. However, when we consider which is best for retirement – Tucson or Phoenix? Then Tucson is definitely the winner here.


    Tucson has for long been listed severally as one of the best communities for retirement in the West. This is largely a result of its affordability and impressive health care system. In addition, the region also houses fourteen active adult communities.

    Tucson Vs Phoenix FAQs

    Is it cheaper to live in Tucson or Phoenix?

    From our analysis of the cost of living above, it is safe to say it is cheaper to live in Tucson than in Phoenix, especially in terms of food & groceries, healthcare, and transportation. 

    Is it hotter in Tucson than in Phoenix?

    Although both Tucson and Phoenix have a hot climate according to Chicago standards, Phoenix is, however, hotter than Tucson. The median temperature at Tucson is 71 degrees, while Phoenix is higher at 75.2 degrees. 

    What part of Tucson is best to live in?

    The best suburb to live in Tucson is the El Presidio Historic District. Located downtown, the area is one of the most affluent communities in Tucson. The neighborhood is full of architecture and historic art, culture, and food, in addition to being a perfect place to build a household. 

    Why is rent so high in Tucson?

    One major reason why rent is that high in Tucson is the availability of high-paying jobs in the area in recent years. The decreased rate of new multifamily projects also accounts for the rise in Tucson’s housing market.

    Moreover, formerly popular markets in states such as Oregon and Colorado have also fizzled out. 

    How far is Tucson from Phoenix AZ

    If you’re driving or going by any road transport, Tucson is 116 miles or 187 km far from Phoenix. By flight, the total flying distance from Phoenix, Arizona to Tucson, Arizona is 106 miles. This is equivalent to about 92 nautical miles or 171 kilometers. 


    Indeed, there’s so much to love about Tucson and Phoenix. Things you may want to keep in mind if you’d be settling for Tucson are the college atmosphere, the absence of highways, and the laid-back lifestyle.

    For Phoenix as well, you may want to consider the extreme urban sprawl and numerous job opportunities if Phoenix seems to like the place to be. Having compared both cities in this blog post, which city beckons unto you – Tucson or Phoenix?

    If you’re thinking of relocating to Tucson or Phoenix, our efficient and professional movers at Movingist are at your beck and call. We delight ourselves in providing excellent moving services and top-notch customer service to deliver your belongings to your new house without any damage whatsoever.

    Why don’t you give us a call right away and get a free moving quote?

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