Top 10 Largest Chinese Cities


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    What do you know about China? I am sure that right now, you are thinking of the great wall and Chinese smartphones. But, beyond these, China is also famous for its forbidden city (Beijing), martial arts, and mouth-watering food. Apart from that, it is the most populated country in the world, with almost 18.5% of the population around the globe.

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    How many cities are in China?

    In the last year, 2020, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) counted entire cities of 687 with four municipalities. The four municipalities are Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Tianjin. There are two uncommon administrative regions (SAR) along with 293 prefectural-level and 388 county-level cities. But, Taiwan & Fujian provinces are in ignorance because of the disputes.

    What is the largest city in China?

    The largest cities in China include the municipalities like Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin, and Beijing in case of population. However, a few people believe that Shanghai is the largest city in China together with the globe. And some believe that Chongqing is the largest city in China.

    We are giving the list of the largest cities in China to know more about China.

    What are the ten largest cities in China?

    The two largest cities in China by land area are Beijing 4100 km2 and Shanghai 3900 km2. Moreover, the following are the top ten largest cities in China.

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    Beijing is one of the safest cities in China in comparison with others. The crime against foreigners is entirely rare. Even the public transport is also comfortable to travel at night. The 5th ring road of Beijing is especially secure for the ladies to travel at night. Moreover, the prices of transport, restaurants, in addition to the other services, are reasonable.

    Furthermore, Beijing is famous for the forbidden city, capital museums,  Peking duck, along Beihai park. The forbidden city has the world’s largest imperial palace, whereas the capital museum is the first Chinese solar energy museum. Peking duck is the most popular duck dish in China, and Beihai park is known as the winter palace.


    Tianjin is popularly known for its twist craftwork products. The stoneware figurines, hand painted woodblock prints, immeasurable seafood cuisines are the best things to try in Tianjin. It is a double-center city located in the Hai river. Further, it fastens the Yellow & Yangtze rivers through the grand canal and Binhai. Also, this is a port of Northern China, including a going-ocean gateway to Beijing.

    The locals of Tianjin are supremely supportive and friendly. Besides, in 2013, Tianjin was the fastest increasing city with a GDP rate of 12.5%. The mandarin language is spoken by the locals, even so, you can express a handful of English. They will go beyond and help you if you talk with them in the mandarin language. So, visiting Tianjin can be proved as worth visiting.

    1. Guangzhou

    Guangzhou city of China is located down the port area, northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River. Double pebble (Zaha Hadid’s Guangzhou Opera House) is an avant-garde architecture famous in this city. Moreover, the city is popularly known for the canton fair, the grey-haired trade fair in China. In addition to this, since 1894 a complex temple has housed the Guangzhou Folk Arts Museum.

    The official language of the city is Mandarin, but English is rarely spoken in Guangzhou. As a result, the English language is not so often in Guangzhou. The experts who are dealing with the expatriate express in English if there is a need.

    1. Wuhan

    The climate of Wuhan is related to the muggy, rainy season and proportionately cold winters. Although, the summers are cloudy, wet, and oppressive. But, the winters are cold and clear for the people. Further, the hot summer starts in Wuhan from May to October. On the other side, the temperature falls from November, and December becomes the coldest month of the Wuhan.

    The temperatures are getting low in the winter but not cold as in northern Chinese cities. The temperature can fall to 5 degrees C but the snowfall is rare. Still, the best time to visit Wuhan is April to mid-June (Spring) & late September to mid-November (autumn).

    1. Shanghai

    The People’s Republic of China is led by the State Council and Shanghai is one of the municipalities controlled by the central government. Therefore, Shanghai is an unusual spot. It does not belong to China entirely. It is the commercial capital of Mainland China and the most popular city. In addition to this, Shanghai is famous for the name “Pearl of Asia” & The Paris of East

    Furthermore, Shanghai has substantial webwork canals, rivers, lakes & streams. It helps create perfect surroundings for the large population. The migrant workers of Shanghai made the city the most compact and populated city in China. Shanghai also has the most hanging population of traveling workers.

    1. Shenyang

    The summers are long, humid, hot, wet, and cloudy. However, the winters are short, snowy, and freezing. It is also characterized by the cold winters because of the Siberian anticyclone. In the journey of the year, temperatures change from 1`F to 84`F.

    Furthermore, the city holds a history of around 2000 years. It can be pursued from the Warring States Period from 476 BC – 221 BC. It is also known as the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty, from 1644 – 1911. However, the cultural heirlooms show prosperity and reduce China’s last gothic dynasty. As time passes, the city has become a safe spot to visit with the low crime rate.

    1. Chengdu

    Chengdu is the ultimate arrangement in the southeast, with a history of the last 2,400 years. The Shu sovereign built its capital hereabout. Keeping back to its original name Shu till today, it’s a dominant, economic, and commercial pivot of Sichuan. Further, the giant panda corresponds with Chengdu, a Chinese national symbol. It occupies the city of Sichuan.

    Moreover, the land area of Sichuan is 187,260 square miles which is the second-largest province of the 23 provinces. Chengdu is rich in mineral resources, and it’s a leading industrial area of China. The rice is generally produced in this city along with corn, sweet potatoes, wheat, etc. Apart from these, barley, soybeans, millet, and other fiber crops are produced in this city.

    1. Chongqing

    Chongqing is another better city in China. The city has many spots to explore with the banyan tres blockade, winding walkways, and stairways. The locals are supportive, frank, friendly, honest, and enchantingly coltish.  In the normal area, a bestow accommodation charges the 2,572 Yuans to the residence for a month. Moreover, the locals are freely talkative.

    Chongqing is located on the plain surface afar from the sea and surrounded by mountains. As a result, the city is so hot in the summer season. Further, it is one of the most scorching cities in China. Whereas on other days, together with summer nights, the city is gloomy and cloudy. Despite that, the month of July is the hottest for this city.

    1. Dongguan

    Dongguan city, situated in the Pearl River Delta, and is close to Hong Kong. In addition to this, it’s a famous hometown for the foreign tribal Chinese and the industrial city. The city is around 5,000 years old, and in the year 1950, the population was 92,000. Further, the number of occupants started to increase by a few percentages. In 2021 the number of natives of the metro area Dongguan, 7,452,000 with an increase of 0.59% from the last year 2020.

    Dongguan does not have an airport, but the nearest airport from this city is Shenzhen airport. This airport is almost 42 km away from the city Dongguan. Apart from this, Guangzhou Baiyun and Hong Kong with Macau and Zhuhai Jinwan are the nearby airports.

    1.  Shenzhen

    Shenzhen is the most popular southwest city of China, which affixes Hong Kong to China. The town is full of fun, entertainment, and shopping centers. The malls are great, and amusement parks are attention-grabbing. Shockingly, the city was a fishing town for 40 years. But, today, it is the 7th largest city in China. This city is also favored for sightseeing with comfortable traveling options trains and busses.

    Another reason for the popularity of this city is its delightful food. Chinese noodles, dumplings, and steamed stuffed buns are the most famous traditional foods belonging to this Shenzhen city. Despite that, the glutinous rice balls, wonton dish, and moon cake with rice cake for the new year is delicious to taste in this city.

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    Pros and Cons

    Pros –

    • China has some outstanding cuisines like dumplings, rice balls, noodles, and so on.
    • The standard of living is high in China with low cost.
    • You can see the cultural diversity with full independence.
    • The Chinese economy is good as it is the fastest growing country of the world. (GDP $16.672 trillion).

    Cons –

    • There are a few net restrictions in China.
    • Sometimes, the Chinese language is an issue for foreigners.


    What are the largest cities in China?

    China is known as a large country. Therefore the Chinese states are also the largest by population. Suzhou, Shenyang, Qingdao, Dongguan, and Shenzhen cities have the largest population. Further, they include Chengdu, Nanjing, Wuhan, and  Xian in the list of population cities.

    What are the 5 largest cities in China? (FSK)

    The largest populated cities in China are Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, and Guangzhou. We are providing the following table for your convenience.

    Chinese CitiesPopulations

    However, the Shanghainese, Mandarin Chinese, Mandarin dialect, Chengdu-Chongqing dialect, and Cantonese are the most used languages of the cities independently.

    How many Chinese cities are larger than New York City? (FSK)

    The total land area of New York City is 54,556 square miles. But few cities are as enormous as New York in China. Shanghai is three times bigger than New York City in addition to more than 27 million people. Besides that, the city of Beijing is about 22 times bigger than New York City, with a population of 20 million.


    China is the third-largest city in the entire world, and toilet paper is originated from China. Also, the red color is a symbol of happiness in this country. Besides that, the region is famous for the Great Wall of China and the forbidden city. Along with this, Chinese food is a portion of delicious and mouth-watering food from this country.

    In this blog, we are discussing the largest cities in China. You will see why Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, and Chongqing are the largest cities in China. Similarly, the blog will give you a piece of information about the top ten cities with their popularity and foods. Besides, which is the hottest city in China is mentioned in this blog.

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