Things to do in Wildwood New Jersey

Since the 1950s, Wildwood, NJ, has been famous as a resort city. From flashing neon signs to the boardwalk to its white beaches, everyone falls in the spell of this stunning city.

Whether you want to explore wildwood crests with family or looking for romantic things to do, we’ve got you covered.

So, sit back and keep on reading to have a fun blast!

Attractions In Wildwood, New Jersey

In Wildwood, NJ, everything is fun. Be ready to experience life to the fullest in parks and family zones. While you can also find solitude on the white sandy beach. The top attractions of the city are:

  • Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Park
  • Splash Zone Waterpark
  • Wildwood Boardwalk
  • Marvis Dinner
  • Kona Surf Company
  • Downtown Farmers Market
  • Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
Things to do in Wildwood NJ

Apart from it, there are several family-friendly parks and secret wildwood places for love birds that you can explore.

10 Fun Things To Do In Wildwood, New Jersey, For Adults & Kids

The city has many adventurous spots! From April to late December, a crowd gathers here every day to enjoy a roller-coaster package and weekend fireworks.

Be assured that the list is not short. There are several FUN things to try.

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1. Explore Morey’s Piers Water Park

It offers two exciting water parks where you can have fun with your kids with many enjoyable things. 

Morey's Piers Water Park

Located on the coast of New Jersey, the place has been the most visited since 1969. Today it has more than 100 rides and massive attraction points with three amusement piers and beachfront waterparks. 

It is located at 3501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ 08260. 

2. Have A Wildwood Breakfast In The Sky

Be ready to enjoy the refined delicacy while staying on budget. Enjoy the outstanding view from the giant Ferris Wheel and have breakfast. 

Breakfast in the Sky

They have various delicacies to serve. If you want to enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise view, then we advise you to go early in the morning to see the mesmerizing view of the sunshine. 

This gorgeous spot is loathed in the 3501 Boardwalk Wildwood, NJ 08260.

3. Enjoy Wildwood Sightseer Ride

If you are missing traveling on the tram cars, visit Sightseer Trams and spend your money by becoming a kid once again in your life. 

Wildwood Sightseer Ride

Since 1949, the sightseer tram has become popular among locals, and tourists visit here with excitement. This train starts from the north end to the south end of the Boardwalk during summer. 

This exciting tram starts at 5300 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ 08260. 

4. A Quick Tour To Wildwood Historical Society 

Relive the historical moments by exploring the George F. Boyer museum. This historical place was established in 1963, and you can see the history of Wildwood free of cost.

Wildwood Historical Society

With lots of vintage pictures, artifacts, and a memorabilia collection, it is a famous museum full of the city’s history. 

This historical site is located at 3907 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood, NJ 08260.

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5. Dark Star Pirate Cruises For Movie Enthusiasts

If you are a fan of the Caribbean pirate movie and love pirates, you should visit this place and have a great experience. 

Dark Star Pirate Cruises For Movie Enthusiasts

Also, dark star pirate cruises is an authentic 50-foot-long pirate ship in Wildwood Crest. It is a famous spot to enjoy as a kid and introduce them to what pirates looked like. 

This unique pirate heaven is located at 6200 Park Blvd, Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260.

6. Wildwood Beach Boardwalk

The soothing 2.5-mile-long boardwalk allows you to enjoy water activities and beach walk sessions with your family and friends.

Wildwood Beach Boardwalk

With the exotic feel of Caribbean sand, sparkling water, and a vibe, it is famous for its coastline that you want to visit over and over. This place should be on your bucket list if you’re planning to move to New Jersey

This beautiful wildwood beach is located at 3500 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ 08260. 

7. Visit Wildwoods Convention Center

The convention center has modern amenities like a ballroom, pre-function space, meetings, concerts, etc. 

Visit Wildwoods Convention Center

In 2001, this convention center was opened. It came with a space capacity of a minimum of 100 people and a maximum of 10,000 at a time. 

This beautiful convention center is located at 4501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ 08260. 

8. Fun In Splash Zone Waterpark

You should not miss this fantastic watermark if you want to see a better water attraction full of thrilling sides for kids. 

Splashzone Waterpark

It also lets you enjoy the Rivy River, where you can enjoy Hang Ten, personal inner tube, etc. The splash zone is famous for its slides and rides like the Giant Bucket, Hurricane Island, and Beast of East. 

With all the fun and food, this spot is located at 3500 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ 08260. 

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9. Wildwood Seaport Aquarium

If you want to explore marine life, visit this exciting Seaport Aquarium. You will see a collection of fish, eels, alligators, and much more. 

Wildwood Seaport Aquarium

This beautiful collection of sea animals aquarium is only 3 minutes away from Morey’s Piers and comes with a touch pool. It is famous for giving you a feeling like you are actually under the sea.

This superb place is located at 3400 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ 08260. 

10. A Day Tour To Kona Surf Company

Surfing icon Mike Scierra founded this beautiful clothing supplier spot with quality sports gear in 1969. You will get the best clothes with no hidden costs. 

Kona Surf Company

Besides that, you can choose skateboards, surfboards, or sporting tools, at cheap rates in this shop. Also, you can see a variety of different accessories, apparel, sporting equipment, and many more things. 

This place is located at 103 East Rio Grande Avenue, Wildwood, NJ 08260. 

Romantic Things To Do In Wildwood, NJ

In the enchanting city of Wildwood, there are many romantic things that you can enjoy with your loved one.

Romantic Things To Do In Wildwood, NJ
  • Intimate beach walk
  • Enjoy lover’s parasailing
  • Couple fun at ocean oasis park
  • Reignite your love with a quick ocean tour
  • Dine under the stars at the boathouse restaurant

Well, the idea of romance varies from person to person. Whether you want to enjoy a fancy dinner or a passionate walk on the beach, it’s only the love that matters.   

Secret Things To Do In Wildwood, NJ

Apart from the sandy beaches and water parks, wildwood and wildwood crest has so much to offer for solitude finders. If you want to enjoy and keep things low-key, here’re the top 5 go-to places;

  • Explore the north wildwood beach
  • Try surfing on divine waves
  • Fall in love with the majestic view of Hereford Lighthouse
  • Pay your respect at forgotten warriors Vietnam museum
  • Play with dolphins while enjoying the ferry ride
Secret Things To Do In Wildwood, NJ

The city is also famous for its holly beach park, where you exhale all your worries and enjoy the stunning sunset view.

Things To Do In Wildwood, NJ, In The Winters

During winter and fall, Wildwood seems straight out of the wonderland. So, if you want to celebrate your holidays here in winter, here’re some fun activities for you.

  • Enjoy hotdogs at Jersey Shore
  • Explore the Cape May county park and zoo
  • Experience the heavenly sunset from the Hereford lighthouse
  • Ride a bicycle on the beach
  • Taste the refined delicacy at beach creek oyster bar and grill
Things To Do In Wildwood, NJ, In The Winters

The winter season in Wildwood is chilly and quite cold. So, don’t forget to wear extra layers to prevent catching a cold.

Things To Do In Wildwood, NJ, When It Rains

A rainy day is nothing less than a fairy tale here. Everything looks so stunning, but it also limits your activities. Well, worry not; we got you covered with some exceptional indoor things to do in Wildwood.

  • Enjoy your day at George F. Boyer museum
  • Buy merchandise from Kona Surf
  • Taste pure delicacy at the original fudge kitchen
  • Play 10-hole dragons lair mini golf with kids
  • Get hooked on books and read
Things To Do In Wildwood, NJ, When It Rains

Rain or no rain, there are so many things you can do in the Wildwood twin cities. The only con of rainy days is that you can’t enjoy a walk on the beach. But there is no law though!

Things to do in Wildwood, New Jersey FAQs

Is Wildwood beach free?

Yes, all the wildwood beaches, including the north and boardwalk, are free for the public, and everyone is welcome here. 

Is Wildwood boardwalk open in April?

Yes, the wildwood boardwalk remains open in April. You can enjoy walking, running, or cycling here all year round. 

When does the wildwood boardwalk close for the season?

The Wildwood boardwalk never really closes. Generally, when the Morey’s Piers water park closes, all the other vendors also shut their business because Morey’s Piers attracts the most visitors. 


Wildwood is a blend of many attractive points, including the beach, water sports activities, and amusement parks. 

This resort city proves that New Jersey state is much more than just NJ hiking trails and nightlife. From pearl beaches to breakfast in the sky, it is one of the best romantic places in NJ.

Whether you are visiting with friends or family, have fun because, in Wildwood, life is always about fun. 

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