Things to do in West Virginia


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    I am going to make a statement that West Virginia has so many unique and fun attractions other than the infamous river bridge and parks.

    Though the state is known for its outdoor activities, be assured that we have got you covered with many activities for family, kids, and love birds.

    Well, we also have your yearly calendar and free activities, so you always have things to do in West Virginia.

    15 Fun Things You Can’t-Miss In West Virginia 


    The land of the Appalachian Mountains has got it all. To be honest, you’re going to have fun while exploring WV, especially if you’re an adventure lover.

    Well, for foodies, there are also many things and many free activities await you.

    1. Seek Solitude In Nature’s Den – Ease Your Soul

    If you’re coming from the concrete jungle, the lush greenery will surprise you.


    So, why not exhale all the bad vibes and inhale the positive atmosphere? Here’re the 5 best national parks to check out;

    • Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
    • New River Gorge National Park & Preserve
    • Monongahela National Forest
    • Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park
    • Turkey Spur Overlook

    Exploring the national parks as a first step is a good idea. By having an adventure there, you’ll also enjoy the best hikes in West Virginia

    2. Find Out What’s In Governor’s Mansion – Haling For Democratic Values!

    If you’re directly coming to Charleston, Kanawha County, then the governor’s mansion should be on your to-do list.


    Mansion’s marble checkerboard foyer floor will take you back to the 19th century.

    • Entry to the WV governor’s mansion is free.
    • You must book a reservation first. 

    Keep in mind that tours are only given on Thursdays and Fridays. Don’t forget to click some memorable pictures with unique optical illusions printed on drawing room walls.

    3. Enjoy A Family Day At The Museum Of American Glass –  Embrace Change

    Located at 230 main avenues, Weston City, the Museum of American Glass has unique glass crafts on display for tourists flocking here all over the state.


    Here, you’ll also have an essential history dose.

    • Be assured to check the Museum calendar if there’s a special event or exhibition.
    • For any query, call 304 -269 -5006.

    The Museum remains open from Monday to Saturday (9:30 am to 5 pm) and on Sundays from 1 pm to 5 pm. Remember, the entry is free!

    4. Eat The Delicious Pepperoni Roll – A Treat For Your Tastebuds

    In West Virginia, you’ll see every other person eating the “pepperoni roll.” And if you’re planning to grab a quick lunch or dinner, then this should be the first thing you should eat in WV.


    Available in every major city, it is officially the comfort food for many local residents. The cherry on top is that you can eat it on the go, and it is also a budget-friendly option. 

    5. Say Yes To Mountain Rail Adventure – Something You Can’t-Miss

    Imagine a 4-hour train journey that will give you the best view of lush green mountains, creeks, and lazy rivers.


    This is what the Mountain Rail Adventure is all about.

    • Passengers can choose from one of two awesome rail rides.
    • The Bald Knob Tour is a 4-hour ride to Bald Knob, the second-highest peak in WV.
    • The Whittaker station tour is a two-hour ride with scenic views of greeny mountains.

     No matter whichever ride you’ll choose, both options are equally good and have all the vibrant vibes for you. 

    6. Boost Your Adrenaline Rush Blackwater Falls State Park – WV’s Most Famous Spot

    The Blackwater Falls State Park has dark, crystal-clear water. However, it does not allow anyone to swim.


    You can swim at the resort or pool area down the road for free of cost. 

    • The famous sites in this park are Pendleton Falls and Elakala Falls. 
    • Enjoy the beautiful view of Lindy Point from Blackwater Canyon.

    With epic sights to explore, all of these sites are picture-perfect for storing some memories. It is a famous spot for many things to do in West Virginia, including fishing, biking, geocaching, etc. 

    7. Lost In Wonderland Of Monongahela National Forest – Mouth Of Seneca


    With an elevation of 4,386, Monongahela National Forest and Seneca Rocks offer many appealing points and beautiful wildlife to visit during the fall season.

    • Pack some snacks and water with you while exploring the Seneca Rocks.
    • The best time to visit Monongahela National Forest is during Spring or fall.

    The Monongahela National Forest is one of the most famous landmarks, also known as the best place to do romantic things in West Virginia.

    These places are famous for hiking, biking, scenic drives, picnic sports, and horseback riding, and the list is quite long. 

    8. Stay At The Greenbrier – Experience Luxury And Comfort


    The Greenbrier Resort is a magnificent and beautiful place to make your vacation memorable and enjoyable with many activities. 

    • It is famous for being the site of a giant 112,544 square feet underground bunker that the United States Congress used during the Cold War. 
    • Various rooms are available with a price tag starting from $59 midweek to $129 for weekend night stays. 

    You can also explore a few historical sites near this resort, including Martin & Jones Building, Organ Cave, Ronceverte Train Depot, Oakhurst Links, etc.

    Does “Christmas at the Greenbrier” ring a bell? If not, then watch this great movie filmed here during your stay at the Greenbrier.

    9. Time To Checkout New River Gorge National River – The Soul Of West Virginia


    The New River Gorge is the oldest river present on the globe nowadays. You can explore the cultural history of this area near the New River Gorge National River. 

    • It is famous as one of the most renowned climbing areas on the East Coast.
    • It is well-known for the country’s whitewater rafting from the Cunard put-in to Fayette Station. 

    Honestly, in my opinion, this place is overrated. Though its knobs as the soul of Wv, nowadays, it is overcrowded, and that ruins its natural beauty.

    But, if you’re coming to West Virginia for the first time, you must explore the national river. 

    10. Do Crazy Whitewater Rafting – Because You Only Live Once!


    Believe me, West Virginia has many places for whitewater rafting, of which the famous are New River Gorge, New & Gauley River Adventures, & ACE adventure resort.  

    • Whitewater Rafting is not suitable for beginners.
    • Must wear proper safety equipment while rafting.

    On weekdays, a single-day rafting and value package is available at $115 and $150.

    However, you have to pay $145 for single-day rafting and $180 for value packages, respectively, on Saturdays. 

    11. Fall In Love With Harpers Ferry – The Most Scenic Town!


    You can’t neglect Harpers Ferry if you’re searching for things to do in West Virginia. Undoubtedly, it is the best place to live if you have a plan to move to WV in the near future.

    • The city is a blend of museums, historical sites, and beautiful hikes.
    • Harpers Ferry is one of the most viewed towns in West Virginia.
    • Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia meet with each other at Harpers Ferry.

    Most tourists visit here to explore many sites during May and June. Various historic sites near Harpers Ferry include The Point, John Brown’s Fort, Harpers Ferry Station, White Hall Tavern, etc.

    12. Feel The Fear At West Virginia Penitentiary – Not Suitable For Kids


    The West Virginia Penitentiary was a gothic-style prison and still a questionable place to explore. Visit here from April through November to experience the Grim Prison. 

    • Over 1,000 prisoners were locked in this prison.
    • It was opened in 1876 by Gothic Fortress and closed down after the last prisoner left in 1995. 

    The Penitentiary was famous and once considered a house of the most violent inmates in the country.

    More than 90 men were executed at the prison from 1899 to 1959. Until 1949, this was a method of hanging prisoners. 

    13. Have A History Dose At West Virginia State Museum – The Entry is Free!


    If you’re looking for free things to do in West Virginia, then you shouldn’t miss the State’s Museum. Entry is free from 9 am to 5 pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

    • It’s a famous destination that comes with interactive exhibitions paying homage to the history and culture of the state. 
    • Independence Hall, Camp Washington, Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex, etc., are the other famous historical sites near this place. 

    I think everyone must visit the site, as it is equally exceptional and full of history. Furthermore, its downtown Charleston location makes it an ideal place to explore on weekends. 

    14. Find Out The Mystery Of Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum – Horrific Place In West Virginia

    The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is a mysterious place to visit.


    However, during its peak, most people were admitted due to egotism, jealousy of religion, domestic trouble, masturbation & Syphilis, etc. 

    • April to November will be the best month to visit this historic landmark.
    • Richard Andrews, an architect, created this Asylum. This largest hand-cut stone building was built from 1858 to 1881. 
    • The asylum is now considered the best destination for weddings.

    Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was a famous site of historical events like a gold robbery and a Civil War raid. Also, this is a renowned spot for paranormal tours nowadays.

    15. A Quick Tour To Stonewall Bar – Time To Wear Your Colors

    Though West Virginia is quite a conservative state, you can be yourself at the stonewall bar located in Huntington.


    Ultimately, it is considered the gay hub where you can meet and enjoy a rough dance with new friends.

    • The bar only opens on Friday and Saturday from 9 pm to 3 am.
    • Making out publicly is allowed.

    Truth to tell, this place is on my to-do list for many reasons. The entertainment there is great.

    Even girls can enter the club too. So, next time, if you’re looking for fun things to do in West Virginia for couples, you have one to-go place.

    Unique Things To Do In West Virginia – Your Monthly Calendar

    As they say, “ May Your Glass Always Be Full.” And, generally speaking, there’s no one fixed time to visit the mountain’s state.

    So, whether you’re coming here in Spring, Fall, or Winter, we have so many activities for you to try.

    MonthThings To Do In West Virginia
    JanuaryVisit Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, Blackwater Falls State Park, and  Oil & Gas Museum.
    FebruaryCross Country Skiing and Enjoy a luxury stay at The Greenbrier Resort.
    MarchExplore Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine, Oglebay Institute Glass Museum, and Cranberry Mountain Nature Center.
    AprilGo to Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center, Clay Center, and Green Bank Observatory.
    MayEnjoy your visit to Capitol Theatre in Wheeling and outdoor sports anywhere in the State.
    JuneBest time for Hiking at Blackwater Falls State Park and exploring the Lost World Caverns in  Lewisburg
    JulyAn ideal time for Rafting and exploring bushy green mountains.
    AugustGo to West Virginia Botanic Garden, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, and Canaan Valley Resort.
    SeptemberIt is best to hike and do outdoor activities during this month in West Virginia.
    OctoberExplore Coopers Rock State Forest and Babcock State Park when everything is covered in snow.
    NovemberFall in love with hiking in West Virginia in November.
    DecemberGo Sledding in Blackwater Falls State Park and explore the northeastern portions of the state.

    Well, you must plan your trip according to the season and especially give the season a second thought if you’re planning to visit West Virginia with the kids.

    Ultimately, the best time to visit WV is from February to June and September to November.

    For couples, it is best to explore nature’s wonders. There are many fun things to do in West Virginia for adventure lovers.

    Though there are several ghost towns in WV, be assured that life thrives at its fullest here. 

    Fun Things to do in West Virginia – City Wise

    Now, the thing is, this southern state is wild, wild, and BIG. You might want to explore Parkersburg or Martinsburg with your family.

    If you want to enjoy the real downtown vibes of West Virginia, then Charles Town and Lewisburg should be on your go-to list.

    But what to do in these cities? Well, if you don’t know anything about these cities, we’re here for you:

    1. Things To Do In Parkersburg, WV

    • Visit Fort Boreman Park with the kids.
    • Have fun at the Oil & Gas Museum.
    • Enjoy performing arts at the Smoot Theatre.
    • Explore Julia-Ann Square Historic District.
    • Dine out at Uncle Mike’s Bar & Grill

    2. Things To Do In Martinsburg, WV

    • Visit the historic site of Belle Boyd House.
    • Exhale your worries at Yankauer Nature Preserve.
    • Take your kids to George Children’s Museum.
    • Buy organic fruits and vegetables at Orr’s Farm Market.
    • Taste the exotic wine at Black Draft Distillery.

    3. Things To Do In Berkeley Springs, WV

    • Enjoy the sunset view from Prospect Rock.
    • Stay at Cacapon Resort State Park.
    • Spend some time at the Artists of Merrywoods.
    • Exhale your worries at Atasia Spa.
    • Buy olive oil from Naked Olive.

    4. Things To Do In Charles Town, WV

    • Explore the delicious food court at Hollywood Casino.
    • Go to Zion Episcopal Church Cemetery.
    • Have a great time at Old House Theatre Company. 
    • See birds chirping at the Cool Spring Preserve.
    • Visit the historic site of Beallair.

    5. Things To Do In Lewisburg, WV

    • Explore the Lost World Caverns.
    • Have fun at Greenbrier Valley Theater.
    • See the cemetery art at the Old Stone Presbyterian Church.
    • Buy some funky clothes from Wolf Creek Gallery.
    • Read books at the New Chapter Bookstore.

    Fun Things to Do in West Virginia FAQs

    What is West Virginia best known for? 

    West Virginia is known as a Mountain State. However, it is the most preferred destination for outdoor activities, including hiking, whitewater rafting, skiing, mountain biking, and fishing, and the list is quite long. 

    What is the prettiest place in WV?

    West Virginia is a mountain state where you can enjoy a bundle of the prettiest places for photo shoots, holidays, thrilling activities, breathtaking views, and many others.

    A few of them are Spruce Knob Rocks National Recreation Area, Long Point Trail, New River Gorge, and Blackwater Falls State Park. 


    West Virginia is one of the best states you must visit and start creating memories. With many trails, state parks, national recreational areas, and other attractive points, it has become the best tourist destination for everyone, from kids to adults and seniors.

    In the end, we hope this article will help you to do fun things in West Virginia, even this weekend. So, be ready to pack your bags and make the next move!