Things To Do in Scotland


If you are wondering What to do in Scotland or What to see in Scotland, Then let us tell you that Scotland is no less than a paradise for people of all ages.

The country offers countless things that are a must-see in Scotland. 

From the mythical castles of Edinburgh to the picturesque Eilean Donan Castle on a tiny island, the stunning beauty of Scotland Highlands to the legendary lochs and glens.

There is a great variety of Fun things to do in Scotland.  

The rich cultural heritage, vibrant festivals, and mouth-watering cuisines. Scotland is not going to disappoint you in any way.

We are here to guide you about the best things to see in Scotland that will give you long-lasting stunning memories and attract you back to the magnificent landscapes of Scotland. 

Top Things to See in Scotland 

Scotland is a popular destination for travelers from all across the world.

The lively culture, vibrant lifestyle, warm hospitality of the Scots, and plenty of unique things to do in Scotland make it a famous destination for locals and tourists. Know is Scotland a country.

Edinburgh Castle, Isle of Skye, Glen Coe Valley, and the whisky distillers are one of the prettiest parts of Scotland.

Moreover, it is hard to decide which is the best place in Scotland to visit as every place is worth visiting in Scotland. 

But, for your guidance, We have compiled the best and must-go places in Scotland for tourists and residents alike. Let’s dig into the details!

1. Visit Edinburgh: Edinburgh Castle & Royal Mile 

Edinburgh is a historic city in Scotland with a rich cultural heritage. Visiting Edinburgh is like you are traveling in time. 


The ancient castle of Kings and Queens is at the top of the big volcanic rock and down the road is a popular Royal Mile street having old buildings and offering tales of the king’s era and Scottish history. 

Besides Edinburgh Castle, you can also enjoy other fun activities, especially during the month of August, the annual Fringe Festival where people participate from all over the world with amazing performances.

Moreover, the National Museum of Edinburgh is also a must-see place in Scotland. 

For adventure lovers and hikers, another popular place offering an outstanding experience is Arthur’s Seat near the Holyrood Palace. To reach the point, you need to hike for almost 2 hours. After hiking, you can enjoy the stunning 360-degree surrounding views of the city. 

Furthermore, the delicious foods of Edinburgh give you a memorable experience. The ghost house tours, Botanical Garden tours, Calton Hill, and Dean Village are also the must-see destinations in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

2. Go Hiking in Highland 

Scottish Highlands is a paradise for hikers offering a wide variety of hiking trails to beginners and avid hikers.

However, the best months for hiking are May to September with average temperatures and peak tourist seasons. 

The hiking trails include the most popular and highest mountain path, Ben Nevis Mountain Track with a trail length of 15.8 out-and-back, this picturesque trail offers wildlife, green landscapes, birdwatching, and waterfalls. 

Another popular hiking point is the West Highland Way offering a 24.8 km point-to-point hiking trail with amazing scenery. The hiking trail is a bit challenging but worth visiting. 

Before starting your journey, remember to bring the essentials like an emergency medical kit, water bottle, comfortable hiking shoes, backpack, and a camera for capturing the stunning views. 

3. Visit Loch Ness – Famous Loch of the world

If you are curious about the monster hidden in the depths of the loch. You must visit the place.

Loch Ness is named due to the Nessie creature in the loch whose existence is not proven yet.

But, the tales and popularity still attract a huge number of tourists from around the world. 

The 23-mile freshwater Loch is the 2nd biggest lake in Scotland and is popular due to its breathtaking scenery surrounded by rolling hills and lush green landscapes.

The Loch also offers a Cruise to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. 

The Loch also offers various outdoor activities like fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. Hiking and Biking trails are also located at Loch Ness for more adventure seekers. 

Furthermore, the Urquhart Castle on the edge of the Loch Ness also draws the attention of the visitors. The ruins of the castle also provide information about the history of Scotland.  

Various worth-seeing villages like Dores, Fort Augustus, and Drumnadrochit are located near Loch Ness offering plenty of outdoor activities for visitors. 

4. See the Northern Lights

The stunning views of Aurora Boreas, also known as Northern Lights are a must-see in Scotland.


The darkest months or the months with long nights like March & April, September to February are the best time to witness the magnificent views of the sky. 

These lights are produced when the charged particles of the sun collide with the earth’s gases displaying the mesmerizing green, pink, blue, and purple colored night sky views.  

However, the places to witness these amazing views include areas with less polluted lights and clear and cloudless skies.

Isle of Skye, Galloway Forest, Glen Nevis, Moray Coast, and Shetland are the best places to see the Northern Lights. 

Moreover, you need patience and wait for hours after sunset to catch a glimpse of the view. The Aurora lasts for about 15-30 minutes when the night is dark and the sky is clear.  

5. Visit the Whisky Distilleries

Scotland is home to a huge variety of whisky distilleries. Whisky is often known as the water of life and is more than a drink in Scotland.

The distillation process of Scotland is an art that is transferred from generation to generation. 

Moreover, there are six distillery regions in Scotland Highlands, Speyside, Lowlands, Campbeltown, Islay, and Islands.

However, the Speyside region is an area with the most extensive whisky distilleries in Scotland. 

The popular and must-see Whisky Distilleries with family and friends enlisted below: 

  • The Macallan, Speyside 
  • Laphroaig Distillery, Islay 
  • Glenkinchie Distillery, Lowland 
  • Highland Park Distillery, Highland 
  • Old Pulteney Distillery, Highland 
  • Auchentoshan Distillery, Lowland 
  • Lagavulin Distillery, Islay 
  • Balvenie Distillery, Speyside
  • Talisker Distillery, Isle of Skye

These are a few of the popular distilleries also offering guided tours to visitors and locals alike.

Scotland Whisky is known as Scotch Whisky and is among the most popular drinks in the world. However, the Famous Grouse is the top best-selling Whisky in Scotland. 

6. Glen Coe Valley 

Located in the Highlands of Scotland is the breathtaking Glen Coe Valley surrounded by lush green landscapes and majestic peaks is worth visiting.


Glen Coe Valley is a must-see destination for families and couples to enjoy the serene atmosphere and natural beauty. 

Glen Coe Valley is a paradise for photographers offering jaw-dropping scenes to be captured.

Moreover, the valley also offers various adventurous activities like hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. 

Furthermore, September and October are the best months to visit Glen Coe Valley. You can reach the valley by public transport or by car. 

Glencoe Valley offers various stunning spots in its surroundings that you must not miss in your tour, these include the Three sisters Viewpoint, Kingshouse Hotel, Skyfall Road, and Hidden Valley. 

The popular Glencoe Lochan, Loch Achtriochtan, Glencoe Folk Museum, and Loch Leven are outstanding destinations for families looking for quality time and a scenic environment. 

7. Visit the Roman Ruins 

The remnants of the great Roman empire can still be found in Scotland. Various ancient spots are present in Scotland to learn about the civilization of the Romans. These Ruins are not just the forts or stones but the bridges that connect us to the past and  Romans. 

You can catch a glimpse of the accomplishments, ambitions, and struggles of Romans who lived long ago.

Scotland has museums and UNESCO World Heritage sites worth visiting for families and kids. 

The most popular site is the Hadrain’s Wall located in the south of Scotland.

This wall was built by Emperor Hadrian to mark a border between the Roman Empire and the rest of Britain. 

Moreover, the Antonine Wall was another defensive wall built by the Roman Emperors.

Bar Hill Fort, Croy Hill, Kinneil Roman Fort, Trimontium Museum, and Ardoch Roman Fort are the must-go sites in Scotland that provide a history of the Roman Empire. 

8. Isle of Skye – Scenery of Mountains, Lochs & Beaches

The 50-mile-long Isle of Skye is the most visited tourist spot in Scotland.

The rugged peaks, stunning landscapes, dramatic cliffs, and the countless things to do make the place a must-see destination in Scotland. 


The island also has sandy beaches for recreational activities, natural attraction spots, popular distilleries, and plenty of dining restaurants offering delicious cuisines.

For accommodation, you can also rent cottages for families and couples in the scenic beauty of the island.

You can reach the destination by getting a ferry from Mallaig or driving a car across the sky bridge from Kyle of Lochalsh.

The Island is surrounded by charming villages having a captivating beauty and rich history. 

The capital of Skye Island is Portree offering stunning views and the popular site Old Man of Storr. The village provides all the basic amenities required for a comfortable living. 

Other worth-visiting villages with amenities and natural beauty include Broadford, Uig, Dunvegan, and Armadale.

The Best time to visit the Skye Isle is during the months of May and September. 

Moreover, the stunning Beaches of Skye Island are the destinations providing a mesmerizing experience to the visitors.

The popular beaches include Staffin Beach in the North, Braes Beach, Camas Beach, Waterloo Beach in the East, Elgol Beach in the South, and Glen Brittle Beach in the West of Skye Island. 

9. Stirling – Wallace Monument & Stirling Castle

Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle are the great historic landmarks of Scotland.

The Monument is a tribute to the efforts of Sir William Wallace in the independence of Scotland from England. 

Wallace Monument offers visitors a look at the artifacts of Wallace, displaying his struggles, battles, and their impact on Scottish history.

Moreover, reaching the top of the monument, you can witness the panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. 

Stirling Castle is another place having lush gardens and stunning architecture capturing the attention of visitors. Back in history, the Castle was the residence of the Kings and Queens. 

Mary, the Queen, also spent her childhood at Stirling Castle. Guided tours are also offered to witness the ancient royal lifestyle in depth.

The Royal kitchen, culinary styles, and ornate decorations are a must-see to learn about the history of Scotland. 

Stirling is surrounded by various historic places like King’s Knot & Gown’s Hall, Borestone & The Battlestone, Old Stirling Bridge, Argyll’s Lodging, and Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum. 

You can visit Stirling during the months of May – September when the temperatures are moderate with great weather conditions. 

10. St. Andrews – Visit Beautiful Beaches and golf clubs

St. Andrews is a charming town located on the east coast of Scotland. The town is home to a well-known Golf course, historic streets, rich culture, and a great university. 

The town offers a wide variety of things to do in St. Andrews. For Golf enthusiasts, St.Andrews is an excellent place with picturesque landscapes.

The Old Course is the most popular Golf course in the world offering guided tours for visitors to learn about golf and the great golf players in history.

Historic places like St. Andrew’s Cathedral and St.Rule’s Tower are also worth places for visitors.

You can also visit the St.Andrews Museum to learn more about the history and culture of the town. 

For kids and adults, St.Andrew’s Aquarium is an outstanding place displaying a variety of marine animals like British Sharks, meerkats, seals, and piranhas.

The Spy Mission Treasure Trail of St. Andrew is another destination for kids to explore and enjoy. 

The town also offers the traditional cuisines of Scotland in various restaurants, Eden Mill distillery, stunning beaches, and the Fife Pilgrimage Way are also among the best things to do in Scotland. 

11. Loch Lomond – For Fishing, Boating & Hiking

Loch Lomond is the largest freshwater Loch in Scotland. Loch Lomond is a popular tourist place due to its lush green landscapes, mountain peaks, clear waters, and a haven for recreational activities. 

Loch Lomond is an excellent spot for fishing. Brown trout, Pike, and perch are the popular varieties of fish found in Loch.

Moreover, renting a boat or cruise to explore Loch Lomond and the surrounding scenery.  

You can enjoy other outdoor activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and wakeboarding at Loch Lomond.

The Loch is surrounded by the popular Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park offering scenic hiking trails, fishing, and boating. 

You can also take a look at the wildlife including the golden eagles, red deer, and otters in the parks at Loch Lomond.

The Loch also offers various relaxation points for visitors looking for a calming atmosphere, picnicking, or birdwatching. 

The scenic villages in the surroundings of Loch Lomond like Luss, Balmaha, Balloch, Tarbet, Killin, and Callander are worth visiting. Know what it is like to live in Scotland?

You can visit Loch Lomond at any time of the year. But, the spring season is the best to visit when the flowers bloom adding to the beauty of the place. 

12. Cairngorms National Park – Home to Mountains, forests & Loch

Cairngorms is the largest National park having great mountain peaks, ancient forests, museums, attractions, and a wide variety of things to do for everyone.


The park is located between the cities of Perth and Inverness. 

The park offers majestic peaks to adventure seekers, hikers, and climbers. Cycling and mountain biking trails are found in the park. 

You can also view the stunning Loch in the park where you can enjoy various water activities like Kayaking, fishing, and boating. 

The ancient Caledonian pine forests add to the greenery of the park where you can also find the red squirrel.

Other wildlife creatures like golden eagles, red deer, reindeer, and wildcats can also be seen in the park. 

During the winter season, the park is an excellent place for snow activities like skiing, snowboarding, and dog sledding. 

You can also enjoy stargazing in the dark skies of the park due to the less pollution of lights. On clear nights with cloudless skies, you can witness the Northern Lights in the park as well. 

The best months to visit Cairngorm Park are between mid-February and October with average temperatures. 

13. Visit Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeenshire

Dunnottar Castle is located on the coastline of Aberdeenshire near the historic town of Stonehaven.

The castle is popular due to its rich history, architecture, and breathtaking scenery making it a perfect destination for families and kids as well. 

Dunnottar Castle also provides information about the legends and historical events. The Castle played a vital role from housing the Scottish Crown jewels to witnessing the battles. 

The castle is also a popular photography spot offering captivating scenes. The backdrop scenery of the castle is also a famous location used in various films and TV shows. 

Besides the various attacks and sieges, the Scottish people have beautifully preserved their heritage site.

A walk inside the castle displays the history, culture, and lifestyle leaving a mesmerizing effect on your mind. 

14. Callanish Standing Stones – UNESCO World Heritage

The historic Callanish standing stones are located at the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.


The Callanish Standing stones form a complex arrangement of stones creating a unique circle-like spokes of a cosmic wheel. 

The mysterious history of Stonehenge shows that they were erected 5000 years ago and were used for astronomical purposes.

Besides this, it is also thought that the stone held a spiritual significance for ancient communities. 

Those communities used this place for rituals, gatherings community events, and festivals.

The surrounding natural scenery of the rugged moorland and waters of the Loch Roag enhances the beauty of the Standing Stones. 

So, due to the great history from the Neolithic and Bronze age, the Callanish Stones are declared as a UNESCO Heritage site. 

Furthermore, these standing stones and the surroundings are outstanding photography points.

There is also a Visitor center at the site, so you can learn more about the history of the stones. 

The best time to visit the Callanish Standing Stones is during the spring and summer seasons. During late April and the end of June. 

15. Glenfinnan Viaduct – Railway Viaduct in the Highlands

Glenfinnan Viaduct is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Scotland. If you are a fan of Harry Potter you must visit the Glenfinnan, as it was featured in the movie. 

The Viaduct is located at a distance of 30 minutes outside Fort William. You can also enjoy the scenic landscapes by riding the Jacobite steam train at Glenfinnan Viaduct.

The journey starts from Fort William to Mallaig and back again. 

Besides riding the train, you can also enjoy the stunning beauty of the Viaduct by hiking in the scenic trails of Glenfinnan leading towards the panoramic views.

You can also explore the flora & fauna, and capture the breathtaking beauty in your camera. 

Summer months are the peak months to visit the place.

However, the parking is extremely limited at Viaduct so, you must plan your tour during the weekdays or after the peak months.  

16. The North Coast 500 – Scenic Route 

One of the most beautiful road trips in the world is through the 500-mile circular route of the North Coast.


The journey offers the jaw-dropping beauty of the misty mountains, rugged landscapes, hidden gems, and charming villages giving you a memorable experience. 

During the road trip, you can enjoy countless stunning things in Scotland.

The route offers various historic sites and magnificent castles like Dunrobin Castle and Ardvreck Castle which you can visit during your journey. 

Besides the historic Castles, you can also enjoy recreational activities like hiking, kayaking, and camping at the camp shores.

Moreover, for Whisky lovers, you can also catch a glimpse of the wide number of Whisky distilleries. 

The best month to visit the popular route of North Coast 500 is between May and August.

For a memorable experience, you can tour with your family and friends. Check about Scotland Midges

17. The Isle of Arran – Island off the West Coast 

The Isle of Arran is the 7th biggest Island in Scotland. The Island is also known as the ‘Scotland in Miniature’ offering rugged mountain peaks, stunning landscapes, sandy beaches, and enchanting villages.

The Island is a paradise for nature enthusiasts offering hiking trails, serene valleys, and people seeking a calming atmosphere.

The outstanding Beaches including the Brodick to Kildonan offer various recreational activities. Know about the best hikes in Scotland.

The Unique villages of the Island are a must-go offering colorful houses surrounded by natural beauty and greenery.

The popular villages are Brodick, Kilmory, Lochranza, Kildonan, Catacol, and Pirnmill. 

Moreover, you can also enjoy a tour of the popular Arran and Lagg distilleries on Arran Island.

The mouthwatering seafood, traditional foods, and tearooms also make the place worth visiting. 

The best months to visit the Isle of Arran are from June to September. The Island is the best destination for families and couples as well. 

18. Ayrshire – The Burns Heritage Trail 

Ayrshire is another excellent region of Scotland with scenic beauty and a coastline stretched along the Firth of Clyde.


Ayrshire is also popular due to its bustling markets, seascapes, and rich cultural heritage. 

Ayrshire is the birthplace of the national poet of Scotland Robert Burns. You can visit the Robert Burns Museum to learn about the poetry, literary contributions, and lifestyle of the poet.

The Burns Heritage Trail is also named after the poet. This trail leads to the sites that inspired his poetry. 

Ayrshire is a well-known spot for golf lovers. Various Golf courses including the Royal Troon, Prestwick Golf Club, and Turnberry are worth visiting in Ayrshire. 

The town also offers recreational spots including the Galloway Forest Park, and Dark Sky Park, where you can enjoy stargazing, hiking, and biking.

You can also catch a glimpse of historic castles like Culzean Castle, Dundonald Castle, and the ruins of Dean Castle. 

Ayrshire potatoes and cheeses are the delicious local foods of the town. The surrounding villages like Ayr, Girvan, Largs, Tarbolton, and Maidens are must-go sites in Ayrshire. 

You can visit Ayrshire at any time of the year. However, the spring season is the best with moderate temperatures. Read if you are moving from the US to Scotland.

Things to do in Scotland FAQs

What is the most beautiful part of Scotland?

Isle of Skye, Edinburgh, Loch Lomond, and the North Coast 500 are the most beautiful parts of Scotland. 

What is Scotland famous for culture?

Whisky and Golf are among the famous cultures of Scotland. 

How many days should I spend in Scotland?

A 2-week tour is the best to explore the beauty of Scotland. 

How expensive is Scotland?

On average the estimated cost for a Scotland trip per day is $66 per person. However, Scotland is moderately expensive. 


Scotland is a land of endless adventures and wonders. Scotland is a paradise for adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts, and recreational activities.

The city offers rugged landscapes, misty mountain peaks, charming villages, historic sites, ancient castles, and islands. 

We hope the above article will help you explore the stunning landscapes of Scotland.