Things to do in Orlando for Adults

Things to do in Orlando

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    When it comes to the largest cities in Florida, Orlando grabs third place in the list with eye-catching attractions. It is a blend of world-class theme parks, restaurants, resorts, exciting nightlife, and plenty of new experiences that adults cannot forget.

    However, the fact is that most people pronounce Orlando as a kid’s destination. But the reality is different! Although Orlando is the best destination for kids, there is something special for adults. When you explore things to do in Orlando for adults, you will understand what we are talking about.

    We can give you many examples of free things to do in Orlando for adults, including exploring the Old Town, Universal Citywalk, Towncenter, etc. This article will clear your confusion about whether Orlando is good for you to visit or not. When you stay there in Orlando for a week at least, you will experience great things in real life that you will never forget.

    So, are you excited to explore things to do in Orlando for adults? Shouting yesss? Let’s get going!

    Things to do in Orlando

    Is Orlando good for adults?

    Yes! Orlando is no less than a dope place for many adults who want to enjoy their vacations. Everything from traveling to food, accommodations, roaming, and nightlife is available at affordable prices. From sports, events, shopping, and happy hours, to arts and culture, Orlando will never disappoint you with its free things to do in Orlando.

    The theme parks will welcome you with year-long outdoor fun activities. The adults desiring to visit for nostalgic fun can visit some famous places. And mainly, you can explore plenty of things with your partners in Orlando. Thus, you can conclude that there are limitless things to explore.

    What can I do with my girlfriend in Orlando?

    Floridian City, Orlando, has many romantic places where you and your girlfriend can spend quality time. However, you must know the best time to visit Orlando to get the advantages.

    For example, March to April is the best time to visit Florida if you want to catch its beauty. Similarly, you can rely on March to May as they are the best months to visit Orlando. So planning your trip between these months will be a great decision.

    It allows you to watch the mesmerizing sunsets and nature, have fun together, catch flicks, paddle around on the lakes, organize a date, and the list is quite long. Also, you can catch the evening by seeing the hot air balloon events. And guess what? You can impress her by showing love by getting down on your knees, offering her a ring, and proposing in front of the world.

    Just imagine what a moment it will be!

    Now, you can estimate the level of happiness you will get here via exploring things to do in Orlando for adults. Right? We hope you do so.

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    Things to do in Orlando for Adults

    Orlando has become an excellent place for kids due to its many colorful characters, fantastical castles, Disney world, and more. Only kids can do all the fun in Orlando is not valid. There are endless numbers of things you can explore as an adult. Some of them are stated below.

    1. Discover the Perfect Orlando Experience

    You can enjoy unconditional things in different cities in Florida. And when it comes to the Floridian city of Orlando, the available choices boost ten times more. If you are an adult, there are many things to do in Orlando for adults at night, afternoons, and mornings. So, you can visit here at any time.

    Discover the Perfect Orlando Experience

    What is Good there?

    You can explore the fun nights at nightclubs where the music speaks louder than your voice. You can explore many theme parks to complete your dream adventures in the afternoons. Also, you can dine the delectable morning breakfast at restaurants, fulfilling your morning cravings.

    Despite that, you can easily witness events, celebrations, outdoor festivals, cultural programs, concerts, etc., throughout the year. Further, this place gives you many reasons to spend your evenings beautifully.

    What is Bad there?

    Orlando has some bad weather conditions, which can flop your outdoor plans. Staying updated with weather conditions can solve your problem to a considerable extent.

    2. Disney Grown-Up

    Today, many Florida travel restrictions are removed from Orlando and welcome tourists from all over the world. So be ready to explore more fascinating things. Orlando has impressive stuff for tourists, especially for Disney fans. It includes some Disney-grown-up activities that most adults only dream of experiencing once in their lives.

    What is Good there?

    Most adults can get a chance to explore Disney parks, such as Magic Kingdom, meet with their favorite childhood Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse, and spend evenings on the Disney Boardwalk, etc. For more fun, you can also watch Star Wars, Disney Seaworld, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Eating and drinking solutions are available in a separate World Showcase section.

    And guess what, everyone has a childish nature that comes out at its time. So, this is the best place for adults to unleash their childhood again. Also, to have fun with their favorite Disney characters without thinking twice about what people will think of you.

    What is Bad there?

    Although Disney Adult is a great place to visit, it takes high charges for Disney experiences, making them more expensive.

    3. DownTown Winery

    Do you know that Orlando offers some best wineries for your special evenings? The wine shops in Orlando have a unique taste of grapes from around the world in their wines to offer many wine lovers an experience. Also, the favorite local wineries have authentic flavors that every wine lover can take back to their home as a sweet memory.

    DownTown Winery

    What is Good there?

    When your body is tired from exploring Orlando, end your day by taking a sip of the world’s renowned wines at DownTown Winery. With various wines, you can choose your favorite partner to spend a beautiful evening here.

    What is Bad there?

    There is no bad story to mention about DownTown Winery. However, the best thing is that you can easily taste great wines at reasonable prices with unique dining.

    4. Shopping for Adults

    What do ladies enjoy the most in the new cities, roaming, spending a date night, or is it watching a mesmerizing sunset? Well, all these activities can give them temporary happiness. But, if you want to provide them with permanent happiness, you can take them to the shopping centers to shop for their favorite clothes, antiques, and items they want.

    Shopping for Adults

    What is Good there?

    For shopping, Orlando offers some biggest malls and shopping centers to shop where you can find almost everything. The Mall at Millenia, The Florida Mall, Disney Springs, Orlando Outlet Marketplace, Fashion Square Mall, and many shopping places are available in Orlando to shop.
    Despite that, you can find some great theater experiences, dining, and endless items to explore in these shopping centers.

    What is Bad there?

    Although shopping options are plentiful, finding the best parking slot can be a headache. It’s not easy to get a parking spot; therefore, try to get there on time.

    5. Couple’s Cooking Classes

    The best place to spend time at home is the kitchen if you are a chef. But, if you are not a chef and want to surprise your better half by making his or her favorite recipes, you can join Couple’s Cooking Classes in Orlando. You will learn how to make delicious recipes with a particular local spice.

    Couple Cooking Classes

    What is Good there?

    Winter Park and College Park have some best cooking classes in the surroundings where a couple can go and learn different recipes. It will help them to surprise their partners when they are back from the office or tired from a busy day.
    That means you can easily convert your home into a perfect restaurant-like destination for a dining date. And eating your favorite dish is not a bad idea after a long day.

    What is Bad there?

    Due to your office hours, finding the best cooking classes offering the flexibility of time becomes quite challenging.

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    6. Dining Facilities

    Orlando is one of the best places to live in Florida for families and singles. Therefore, you will find decent wineries with complimentary wines, romantic music in the background, favorite dishes on the table, and watching the sunset while eating. In short, Orlando has everything wine lovers want.

    Dining Facilities

    What is Good for?

    From The Boheme – Grand Bohemian Hotel – Orlando to the newest member of the family, Teatro Martini, Orlando offers the best dining facilities for everyone. Similarly, you can easily book a sea-facing table at one of those restaurants to make your evening more memorable with local live music sessions.

    What is Bad for?

    There might be a possibility that you will not get a table at the restaurant. Also, some dining facilities are open for only three to four days, not a week. Therefore, you must book a table for your special evening before the dining facilities get full.

    7. Spa Services

    Finding the best things to do in Orlando for adults during covid and getting relaxed was hard to crack. It closed down the spa services, which we used to get relaxed for some time. However, when everything is getting to its regular positions, the spas are reopening with their world-class services to make you relaxed.

    Spa Services

    What is Good there?

    Orlando offers the best spa services at its resorts, five-star hotels, and spa centers near the beach. You will find plenty of spa services for couples too. All the skilled staff will help you get relaxed, and the atmosphere with flowery fragrances can make you fall in love with the surroundings.

    Every spa has different specialties for its customers. Therefore, they offer massage options, such as facial massages, massage therapies, body wraps, etc.

    What is Bad there?

    There’s nothing to say something terrible about the spa available in Orlando. However, you have to book a session a few weeks ago, which is quite unfair.

    8. Arts & Culture

    Although Orlando is famous for its theme parks, the arts and cultural centers have their importance in Orlando. It organizes endless cultural and art events for adults that showcase history.

    Art & Culture

    What is Good there?

    You will find appealing arts at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Timucua Arts Foundation, Orange County Multi-Cultural Center, CityArts, etc. Also, some cultural events are happening throughout the year. So, whether you want to see the fireworks illuminating the sky or performing arts, Orlando is the perfect blend of art and culture.

    Despite that, you can visit the wide range of art museums that open doors to history. They are commonly available throughout the year.

    What is Bad there?

    There’s nothing bad to say about museums, art and culture centers. It won’t be good if you miss the boat of enjoying art and cultural festivals if you are visiting Orlando.

    9. Sports Events & Activities

    Orlando also provides opportunities to spend a day with its famous soccer, basketball, football, and other sports. You will surely enjoy the crowd cheering their teams to win different leagues.

    Sports and Activities

    What is Good there?

    Whether you want professional sports or leagues, you will see the grounds full of players and sports lovers. Therefore, visit Orlando and its grounds to experience the authentic stadium-like atmosphere for football, tennis, and hockey leagues.

    What is Bad there?

    If you visit with your families, there is a possibility that you may find yourself lost in the massive crowd. Therefore, you have to be more careful. Otherwise, there’s no need to mention any evil thing happening.

    10. Outdoor Activities

    As you know, you will meet with endless outdoor activities in Orlando. Age does not matter when you are exploring them. It offers outdoor activities for everyone from a five-year kid to an older and more than 60 years old.

    Outdoor Activities

    What is Good there?

    You can enjoy many outdoor activities in Orlando, including the Universal Orlando Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Magic Kingdom, Universal Islands of Adventure, and the list is quite long. You can easily spend a day with your families and partners. There are many things to do in Orlando for adults, even if you visit here alone.

    You will surely enjoy the boating and kayaking sessions in Boggy Creek. Also, you can make yourself comfortable with the variety of animals available at the Brevard Zoo. Isn’t that great for you? Well, it is!

    What is Bad there?

    When you are leaving Orlando after enjoying the fantastic experiences in the parks, museums, zoos, etc., you will want to extend your holidays and experience them again. However, it becomes terrible when you don’t get the time to enjoy more of these places.

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    11. Weekend Getaways

    As we have mentioned earlier, Orlando is suitable for couples. Orlando is one of the best choices for romantic getaways. You can easily roam from Disney World to downtown and find some best places to spend evenings with your partners.


    What is Best there?

    Orlando will help you with the over-the-top hotels for accommodations, lakes and rivers to spend your evening time, relaxing gardens for romantic talks, and whatnot. It’s a complete package for roaming with your partners and making weekends memorable. In addition to that, weekend getaways are also suitable for fantastic road trips.

    What is Bad there?

    Due to the heavy crowd, you may not get a chance to explore a complete weekend getaway in Orlando. So, plan everything accordingly.

    12. Events for Orlando Adults

    As we have mentioned, Orlando is a blend of many art and cultural events, offering some best events for Orlando adults. You can easily relax in this crowd-mixed environment with paintings and other events.


    What is Good there?

    You can experience live music concerts, Thursday live events, and nights out in Orlando. Besides, you can easily be a part of The Lumineers – BRIGHTSIDE World Tour at Planet Obstacles, Orlando male strip club, Champion Conquest, and the list is never-ending.

    What is Bad there?

    Sometimes, it may take time to get tickets to attend these events. However, you can quickly check for the online availability of tickets before the event starts.

    13. The Happiest Of Hours

    Imagine you are tired from a long working day and want to eat and drink outside. What will you prefer at this point? A restaurant with happy hours, providing the best meals, wines, or drinks to relax. Right? So, Orlando is a perfect choice for your happy hours.

    Happiest of Hours

    What is Good there?

    You will find plenty of places to make yourself happy, such as Yard House, The Hammered Lamb, Pepe’s Cantina, and Ember Orlando. They offer everything you need after a long working day, from cocktails, sushi, Mexican taste, events, draft beer, liquor, etc

    What is Bad there?

    The Happiest of HOURS in the above restaurants are best if you are tired from a long drive or day. But, sometimes, car or bike parking can create an issue. Similarly, there is a possibility that you will have to wait for a long time to get a table to spend your happy hours with your favorite wine bottle.

    14. Nightlife Entertainment

    There’s no surprise to know that night entertainment is next level in Orlando. Whether you come with your girlfriend, friends, life partners, or travel buddies, you will get numerous evening entertainment options.

    Nightlife Entertainment

    What is Good there?

    You can visit Bioluminescence Paddle Tour – Coastal Sunset & Stargazing to explore the magnificence of the Indian River. Similarly, you can dance at CityWalk. Park Avenue is full of thrilling museums, dining, and shopping centers. Also, you can break the floors with dancing moves in Downtown Orlando. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip as soon as possible!

    What is Bad there?

    Some places don’t have nearby public transportation and are not accessible for strollers. Thus, Orlando holds a special place in everyone’s heart.

    Now, after knowing all these, you might have a desire to live in Orlando. (Just be honest!) So, let us include that Orlando has a 3% lower cost of living than the US national average. Similarly, the average cost of living in Florida is higher by 4% than in Orlando. So, you can think of relocating to Florida.

    Things to do in Orlando for Adults FAQs

    Where do adults go in Orlando?

    Orlando has countless fantastic places to visit. Therefore, most adults enjoy their vacations at these places. The famous sites for adults are Harry P Leu Gardens, Lake Eola Park, Orlando Science Center, Museums, Disney World, and much more. Every place is filled with thrilling activities one can not imagine of.

    What is there to do in Orlando, FL for dates?

    Orlando also offers the best romantic date night places for couples. Therefore, whether you have to make your anniversary memorable or surprise your partner with a vacation tour, Orlando is a great choice. It has many spots, including local gardens and romantic places.

    Is Orlando good for couples?

    Yes! The city is famous for couples. You can easily find more than 50 ideas to spend a day with your partner in Orlando. You can go for paddle barding, movies at theaters, a couple of cooking classes, local gardens (visit in the evening), romantic picnic places, and much more.


    You might have heard that Orlando is a paradise to explore multiple things with families. It offers a lot to keep kids, youngsters, adults, and elders busy with its theme park activities. Therefore, most people visit Orlando to fulfill some of their dreams, like exploring the Disney world.

    Everything from the fabulous night entertainment, exciting museums, live music events, excellent stage experience, and best date nights, you will get endless options to spend your day with.

    So, we will say that you can quickly get a better holiday in Orlando if you love the above things. Lastly, we hope that this blog will prove helpful to know the best things to do in Orlando for adults.

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