Things to do in Lucerne

Things to do in Lucerne

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    Lucerne is a place unlike any other, thanks to the lakeside air, the stunning hills that encircle the municipality, and the breathtaking views.

    There is a big list of things to do in Lucerne, and it includes not just things to do out there but also memorable moments.

    What is Lucerne known for?

    Lucerne is known for its beautiful lakes, the charming Chapel Bridge, and the ancient towers that previously surrounded the city. Its medieval towns, lakes, and hills have preserved centuries of cultures and heritage.

    The city is also notable for its beautiful architectural history and a gorgeous setting on the shores of Lake Lucerne, surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

    Is Lucerne worth visiting?

    Lucerne is well worth a few days’ explorations. There are the typical businesses and sights in the city, such as the millennia wood pedestrian Bridge.

    Even though it is a modern town, it retains its historic downtown elegance. Lake Lucerne is a lovely pool of water that sits in the heart of the city. Overall, it is a must-see destination for any traveler visiting Switzerland.

    Top 10 Things to do in Lucerne, Switzerland

    To assist you in seeing the best that this unique city has to offer. This is our selection of the top ten things to do in Lucerne, Switzerland.

    There’s something available for everybody, so take a look to discover what’s on offer in this Alpine wonderland!

    1. Mount Pilatus

    Mt. Pilatus, a rugged mountain that towers over Lucerne, is a popular tourist destination.

    Tourists may hike, enjoy Switzerland’s largest summertime toboggan, and enjoy the scenery from a few perspectives thanks to commuter trains and a cogwheel train that transports them to the mountaintop.


    It is one of the top things to do in Lucerne in May. You can ride the cable car down one edge and board the super-steep cog-rail on another. It’s known as the Golden Routes since it combines a boat ride with it.

    There are various routes to reach here on foot; however, hiking is not suggested unless you are an experienced hiker.

    Even in May, the top of Mount Pilatus provides an appealing, picturesque perspective of both the city and the lake below it.

    2. Old Town

    The Old Town boulevard of Lucerne is on the right side of the River Reuss, between Chapel Bridge and Spreuer Bridge. Many antique nobleman buildings and little courtyards with fountains may still be found in the Old Town.


    The Altstadt has a magical aura thanks to the brightly colored wooden homes that line the cobblestone roads.

    The Altes Rathaus, the Old Town Hall, is located on the Kornmarkt and was erected in the Italian Renaissance style in 1602-06, but is capped with a traditional Swiss chested roofing.

    The adjacent 14th-century tower is well worth a look. The magnificent Weinmarkt with its Late Gothic fountain is located west of the Kornmarkt. 

    The longest surviving synagogue in Lucerne, St. Peter’s chapel, is located on the Kapellplatz. It was constructed in 1178 but was redeveloped in the 18th century to its current state.

    This region of the city is a residential street with charming boulevards where you may go sightseeing, admire the historic architecture, or relax at a bar for a few beers. One of the best things to do in Lucerne in the winter is to explore the Old Town.

    3. Lake Lucerne

    Lake Lucerne is another Lucerne attraction that should never be overlooked. Strolling along the shores or getting aboard an ancient paddlewheel steamboat will give you glimpses of the seawater, which is located in the heart of the city.


    The myths and tales surrounding the lake, including those of the Swiss heroic figure Wilhelm Tell, played an essential role in historical and democratic myths and legends.

    Lake Lucerne is commonly recognized as Switzerland‘s most magnificent lake due to its reflection of the Alpine Mountains in the waters.

    One of the best things to do in Lucerne in the winter is to visit Lake Lucerne. It is less crowded during the winter months, so you may enjoy a more leisurely crossing. 

    4. Swiss Museum of Transport

    Although the Swiss Museum of Transport is located outside of the city’s Old Town, it is well popular with tourists. Expect crowds and get tickets ahead of time because this is among the town’s most prominent museums.


    It is one of the city’s most distinctive museums, with everything from stallion wagons and vintage locomotives to planes and even spaceships on display.

    But not everything within it is about transportation. The Swiss Museum of Transport has Switzerland’s biggest cinema screen, where you may view an IMAX film.

    You can also participate in the Swiss Chocolate Adventure, where you will smell cocoa and discover how chocolates are prepared.

    Not to forget the amazing science center, which uses cutting-edge technology to transport you on a celestial adventure. You’ll be able to take simulated spacewalks and see a spectacular show of the darkness of space.

    5. Chapel Bridge

    One of Lucerne’s most popular sights is the Chapel Bridge, a unique medieval wooden bridge located in the heart of the city on the Reuss River.

    This bridge is unique in that it crosses the river at an angle rather than straight across, resulting in it being twice as long as it should be.


    Besides being a beautiful focal point for Lucerne, the bridge, which was completed in 1333, is notable for the more than 100 17th-century paintings that hang from the ceiling slats inside, portraying spiritual leaders and scenarios from the history of the city.

    The bridge, as well as the tower, are two of Switzerland’s most filmed sights. It is also among the top things to do in Lucerne in winter. 

    6. Rosengart Collection

    Art aficionados go to the Rosengart Collection, previously the Picasso Museum, when they visit Switzerland. The Rosengart Collection was founded by the late art collector Siegfried Rosengart and his daughter Angela as a private art collection.


    Over 300 pieces of art by 23 separate painters from the so-called Classical Modernist Period are on display, featuring 125 artworks by Paul Klee and approximately 180 artworks by Pablo Picasso.

    The art collection “Picasso, taken by David Douglas Duncan,” which includes 200 images of Picasso himself, is the best part. While it’s snowing outside, it’s one of the top things to do in Lucerne, Switzerland, in July. 

    The Rosengart has a fantastic collection of artworks from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. You won’t be able to view the paintings of Picasso, Klee, Kandinsky, and other art specialists with such serenity and seclusion in any other museum.

    Most of the most exquisite Chagall and Matisse artworks are included in the collection.

    7. The Lion Monument.

    The Lion Monument in Lucerne is carved straight into the wall of a defunct sandstone quarry; the iconic lion statue depicts the magnificent creature bleeding to death from a spear injury, identified with a shield displaying the French royal family emblem.


    The monumental statue, which stands ten meters long and six meters tall, was carved out of stone in 1820.

    It was built as a tribute to the hired warriors from central Switzerland who died whilst supporting King Louis XVI of France during the French Revolt.

    On August 10, 1792, when the rebellious multitudes besieged the royal Château de citadel in Paris, Swiss mercenary soldiers attempted to defend the royal family and ensure that they were able to flee.

    The location is as tranquil in the nighttime as it is during the day, being just approximately a 15-minute stroll from Lucerne’s core. It’s no surprise that a visit here is regarded as one of the top things to do in Lucerne, Switzerland. 

    8. Glacier Garden

    The Glacier Garden is a Lucerne museum built around a glacial sinkhole that dates back to the Ice Age. It’s worth looking into only for that reason.

    The museum, on the other hand, is quite instructive, as it can tell you a lot about Lucerne’s and Switzerland’s geology. This is the city’s only one-of-a-kind museum, so make sure to pay it a visit.


    As it is one of the best things to do in Lucerne Switzerland in June. 

    Glacier Garden, which is situated close to Lion Monument, has participatory installations and audiovisual demonstrations to give you a better understanding of these ancient occurrences.

    You can also visit the mirror maze, which is modeled after Granada’s Alhambra. The 90-mirror maze will keep you entertained for at least 15 minutes while also creating limitless illusions.

    Also, it’s located directly near to the Lion Monument, so if you’re going there, it’ll be on your way there.

    9. Musegg Wall

    Musegg’s city wall is a unique example of a well-preserved old city wall in Switzerland, dating back over 600 years. It is one of the top things to do in Lucerne, Switzerland, with kids.


    Although the city wall is not particularly tall, it is constructed on higher land. You must first climb upwards before ascending the city wall so that you may see the spectacular ancient city panorama, Lake Lucerne, and the majestic snow-capped mountains from the top of the wall.

    Lucerne has a small number of attractions. This is a completely free attraction that is quite enjoyable to visit. 

    10. Jesuit Church

    The Jesuits were asked by the city of Lucerne to build a seminary in 1573, and the first significant church in the Baroque style built north of the Alpine was built for them.


    Within, there are paintings on the ceiling and a rich altar with gold accents, creating a lovely and light ambiance.

    This is a fantastic site to pass the afternoon absorbing some cultural identity and sunlight at the same time, as it is located right on the river bank.

    The Jesuit Church in Lucerne, which was built shortly after the Hofkirche, is also a worthwhile stop on your tour of the city.

    Things to do in Lucerne FAQs

    Why you should visit Lucerne?

    Lucerne has a lot of old architectural history, which is one of the reasons why you should go there. It’s great to see medieval buildings and bridges.

    Aside from that, Lucerne is home to a beautiful lake that is a sight to behold. The majestic mountains in the background and the lake’s turquoise water provide a lovely setting.

    In addition, the town offers a wide range of exciting sights and activities. This is a city worth visiting if you’re in Switzerland.

    How do I spend a day in Lucerne?

    While not every place can be fully visited in a single day, Lucerne is the right place for this type of stopover. If you visit all of the places on our list, you’ll have no trouble experiencing the finest of Lucerne in your limited time there.

    The finest activities to do in Lucerne include a wide range of topics, providing you with a short but well-rounded view of what the city is all about. The Lucerne map will make it easier to navigate the historic city.

    Is Lucerne better than Zurich?

    The majority of visitors would select Lucerne. It’s worth visiting not just because it’s a delightful small town, but also because of its immediate environment, which is unquestionably more magnificent than those of Zurich.

    If you’re interested in going on a day trip into nature, Lucerne is positioned on the outskirts of the mountains.
    If urban lifestyle, history, shopping, superb restaurants, and live entertainment are important to you, Zurich is the place to visit.


    Lucerne is an ideal destination for all types of vacationers. From those looking for a relaxing vacation to those looking for an exciting adventure, there is something for everyone.

    There’s always something to do and explore, no matter what the atmosphere is like. Best wishes on your journey!