Things to do in Laurel Mississippi

Do you live in Laurel and lack ideas of things to do in Laurel, Mississippi, this weekend? Don’t Worry! It would be best if you had this article. 

Laurel was once considered the central lumber manufacturing town. After that, it was known as the masonite manufacturing hub. Also, now it is known as a charming and beautiful town where one can live easily and enjoy countless things to do.  

things to do in laurel mississippi

Is Laurel, Mississippi worth visiting? 

Laurel is perfectly worth visiting if you plan a trip this weekend or looking for the southern charm and the slower pace of life. It is the most suitable place for the HGTV show hometown lovers and fans. 

Can you visit hometown in Laurel, Mississippi?

If you are interested in seeing stunning and historic mansions or homes, you can visit Laurel, Mississippi. Additionally, you can call your hometown Laurel to see the fantastic parks and streets shown in the famous HGTV’s hometown show.

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Top 10 Things to do in Laurel Mississippi

One of the best “reasons to move to Mississippi” is Laurel. It’s the best destination to look for a perfect weekend, and it offers many things to do in its stunning and calming weather for people. So, without a further delay, let’s explore the top ten things to do in Laurel, Mississippi, the below. 

1. Lauren Rogers Museum of Art

Lauren Rogers Museum of Art was erected in 1923, where people can meet with the wide range of masterpieces in arts and collections. Here, you can see the finest arts from around the world. 

Lauren Rogers Museum of Art

As a monument to Lauren Eastman Rogers, the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art doors were opened in 1923 for all. 

It is famous for its massive collection of European art, American art, Japanese Woodblock Prints, British Georgian Silver, and Native American Art. 

It is located at 565 N Fifth Avenue, Laurel, Mississippi, United States.

In which city is the Lauren Museum Located? 

Lauren Museum of Art is located in Laurel City, Mississippi, United States. So, you can visit and spend a day with the most refined arts worldwide. 

2. Landrum’s Homestead & Village

When it comes to the living museum in Lauren, people will undoubtedly take the name of Landrum’s Homestead & Village. 

Landrum’s Homestead & Village

You show the period of the 1800s, and people can check out how life was there during this period. 

Landrum’s Museum is famous for seasonal activities, extra events, and mainly for the blast-of-the-past activities. Also, it is renowned for its Christmas candle night tour, fall day camp, family day, and many more.

This beautiful place is located at 1356 MS-15, Laurel, Mississippi 39443, United States.

Is their food to buy for lunch? 

There are many restaurants and cafes available near Landrum’s Homestead & Village. You can have a delicious lunch there.

How do I get there using public transportation? 

Laurel comes with many public transportation agency services. Therefore, one can hire a public transportation service to reach Landrum’s Homestead & Village straight from the airport.

For example – if you are a Californian resident, you have two options. Either you can travel by road or travel by air. 

Look at the “cost of living in Mississippi vs California” to understand both the places’ living standards.

3. Veterans Memorial Museum 

“What to do in Laurel MS” includes the exciting place called “Veterans Memorial Museum.” Most military and history lovers can get much more to experience in this museum. 

Veterans Memorial Museum 

It was established in 1966 at Laurel. It is a home of monuments speaking loudly about the sacrifices and services of the nation’s servicewomen and men. 

It is famous as a symbol of giving honor to America’s men and women who served and sacrificed at the time of the Vietnam war. 

It is located at 920 Hillcrest Dr, Laurel, Mississippi 39440, United States. 

Can I take photos of the exhibits during my visit? 

Clicking pictures for personal or noncommercial use is allowed for all the exhibitions. However, there are some restrictions for some areas for not taking photos. Also, keep in mind that the things like flash, selfie sticks, and tripods are not allowed here. 

What items are prohibited from the museum? 

There are some items that you can not bring inside the museum: weapons, tobacco products, cigarettes, drugs, pets, etc.

4. Laurel Little Theater

Laurel Little Theater is a fantastic place for art lovers in Laurel, Mississippi, to visit. This place will reward you with all your information on community theater like the show, events, etc.

Laurel theater

You will see the funniest musical comedies in June and July. Also, the theater is famous for four to five shows in a year, and these are the most enjoyable to watch.

It is located at 408 N Fifth Avenue, Laurel, Mississippi 39440, United States. So, whenever you visit Laurel, don’t miss this great theater to watch. 

The famous nearby hotels of Laurel Little Theater include Hampton Inn & Suites, Econo Lodge, Wisteria Bed and Breakfast, etc., where you can get many facilities. 

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5. Southern Antiques

If you are curious to explore and go through history, you should not miss Southern Antiques. 

Southern Antiques

You should include this in your list of things to do in Laurel, Mississippi. It is famous for jewelry, home decor, furniture, antique china, etc. 

It is located at 317 Central Avenue, Laurel, Mississippi 39440, United States. So, visit and explore the antiques.

The famous restaurants near Southern Antiques are Mimmo’s Ristorante Pizzeria, Cafe La Fleur, Pearl’s Diner, etc.

Along with that, Alabama bordering Mississippi also comes with antique shops. So, you can visit there and make your vacation enjoyable on the “best beaches Mississippi, Alabama”.

6. Peddlers’ Junktion 

Another excellent part to add to your list of things to do in Laurel, Mississippi. This is the best spot to visit for seekers and antiquers. 

Peddlers’ Junktion 

It offers many antiques and other items to see to all the people, including locals and tourists.

Apart from that, it is famous for its friendly people and extraordinary minds with charming antiques. 

This beautiful place is at 604 Carroll Gartin Blvd, Laurel, Mississippi 39440, United States. 

When is Peddlers Junktion open? 

Tourists, backpackers, and locals can visit Peddlers Junktion from Tuesday to Saturday, and the time is 10 am to 5 pm. 

What restaurants are near Peddlers Junktion?

You will get a wide range of restaurants near Peddlers Junktion. It includes the Blue Crab Grill, The Loft, The Smokehouse of Laurel, and the list is quite long. 

7. Country Lanes Entertainment

If you want to have a fun and enjoyable vacation with full-on entertainment, you should visit Country Lanes Entertainment. 

Country Lanes Entertainment

They offer the best entertainment sources for all the family members, and this is amongst the “Laurel Mississippi things to do!” 

It is famous for the bowling, an arcade, pool, and classic bowling alley. You can easily spend a day with binge entertainment here. 

It is located at 10 Shady-Grove Moss Road, Laurel, Mississippi 39440, United States. 

What hotels are near Country Lanes Entertainment? 

They start from the Quality Inn & Suites, Best Western Laurel Inn, Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Laurel, etc. The best hotels are available near Country Lanes Entertainment. 

What restaurants are near Country Lanes Entertainment? 

The list of restaurants starts from Varsity Club, Romey Place Bar & Grill, and Stoneline Pizza Company, and the list is vast. So, enjoy your day visiting here with no worries.

8. The Laurel Leaf

When you want to see the home decor and antiques in one place, you should visit The Laurel Leaf, a hotspot for the same. 

The Laurel Leaf

It comes with every item that a shopper can imagine and a customer can buy. Therefore, you can be mesmerized by watching the best antiques and home decor items. 

Furthermore, the laurel leaf is famous for home decorating hats, furniture, flatware, and much more. As a result, it becomes the shopper’s paradise to return home with memories for any tourists, backpackers, or travelers. 

This remarkable place is located at 330 Front Street Laurel, Mississippi 39440, United States.

What is special about Laurel Mississippi? 

The specialty of Laurel, Mississippi, is renowned as the birthplace of many celebrities like the members of the pop+ group NSYNC. Also, you won’t believe this, but this was the opera legend Leontyne Price’s childhood home. So, one can easily visit here for a fun weekend getaway with his friends. 

Is Laurel Mississippi pretty? 

Laurel city is recently getting national attention because of the popular HGTV’s show “Home Town!” However, this picture-perfect town in Mississippi is known as “The City Beautiful”. In addition to this, Laurel is getting prettier day by day with its charming main street, oak-lined drives, and many other things. 

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9. Let’s Make Something LLC

Do you want to buy some new fabric? Visit the Let’s Make Something LLC spot! It comes with excellent material and is open between 10 am to 05:30 pm from Tuesday to Saturday. 

Let’s Make Something LLC

It attracts people from all over the world, and most visitors only visit to explore the benefit of fabrics, supplies, and more. It is an incredible place for fabric lovers. 

As mentioned, “Let’s Make Something LLC” is famous for its excellent clothing stores with wonderful and knowledgeable owners. Therefore, it can be the best place to shop if you are a woman. 

You can visit this fantastic place at 1317 Highway 15 N, Ste E, Laurel, Mississippi 39440, United States. 

Can you use your LLC for multiple things? 

A big Yes to this one! You can run multiple businesses or things with only one LLC. But, remember, you should have the “Fictitious Name Statement” or “DBA” to operate the business with different names. 

  • Do finalize a business plan
  • Don’t think that the business you open in one state will succeed in the other state. 
  • Do confirm that you are choosing the right type of business.
  • Don’t panic over minor problems. 

So, once you consider them, you can run your LLC peacefully. 

10. Laurel Mercantile Co. and Scotsman General Store

It reminds you of the old-school charm of southern general stores in the present era. It offers excellent graphic tees, mugs, food, puzzles, headbands, etc., to visitors and locals. 

Laurel Mercantile Co. and Scotsman General Store

The famous restaurant near this place is the Pearl Diner. However, you can check out the other restaurants and the other hotels to eat at. 

Laurel Mercantile Co. and Scotsman General Store are famous goods stores and best known for their eclectic range of hip apparel, home accessories, rustic furniture, and many other things. 

Laurel Mercantile Co. and Scotsman General Store are located at 1Spec Wilson Blvd, Laurell, Mississippi 39440, United States.

Who owns Scotsman Company in Laurel Mississippi? 

A beautiful solo couple, Ben and Erin Napier own Scotsman Manufacturing company in Laurel, Mississippi. They both also run an HGTV’s “Home Town” show. 

Who owns Laurel Mercantiles? 

Again the couple is here – Erin Napier runs the Laurel Mercantile Company with their four friends, AKA “Framily.” It is now known as the tourism hot spot in downtown Laurel, Mississippi. 

In addition to that, you should also look at Biloxi, and it offers a lot to tourists and locals. The best months to visit a Biloxi are between April and November. Collect more information about “does it snow in biloxi mississippi” if you love Biloxi.

Things to do in Laurel Mississippi FAQ’s 

Where are the Home Town houses in Laurel? 

Laurel’s Home Town has a population of 18,500 and is situated 60 miles south of Meridian and 30 miles north of Hattiesburg. And the exact address of the Home Town is 414 Front St, Laurel, Mississippi 39940, United States. 


Laurel is a beautiful city to explore, and many things are available to do as a tourist or local. Therefore, you should not miss this city when you are in Mississippi. It is an excellent place to shop and explore history with its museums. As a result, in this blog below, we have the top ten things to do in Laurel, Mississippi. 

  • Lauren Rogers Museum of Art
  • Landrum’s Homestead and Village
  • Veterans Memorial Museum
  • Laurel Little Theatre
  • Southern Antiques
  • Peddlers’ Junktion
  • Country Lanes Entertainment
  • The Laurel Leaf
  • Let’s make Something LLC
  • Laurel Mercantile Co. and Scotsman General Store

So, we hope you will love this article and make your trip to Lauren, Mississippi, as soon as possible. 

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