Things to do in Kennebunkport Maine


The great tastes of local beers, unique eateries, plenty of wildlife experience, fascinating beach areas, and museums for unlocking history make your vacation worth visiting.

And all this is possible if you visit Kennebunkport, Maine. It has everything you want! With its thrilling and exciting activities, like biking, kayaking, canoeing, etc.,

you will experience charming coastal towns with exceptional eateries and a peaceful environment.


Learn more about things to do in Kennebunkport this weekend that will insist you plan a trip here. So, let’s go deeper and cover almost everything Kennebunkport offers.

Is Kennebunkport worth visiting?

Yes! Kennebunkport is a famous and appealing resort town that offers multiple activities.

It provides exceptional boating tours, outstanding wildlife parks, bike riding paths, and more. Similarly, you can have the best food options in this fascinating town.

Are there cheap things to do in Kennebunkport?

Yes! You can explore the entire Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge for exciting wildlife in Maine. Also, visit the Seashore Trolley Museum for some historical information at cheap rates. 

8 Best Things to Do in Kennebunkport

Small towns, like Kennebunkport, of this constituent state, make the state perfect for living due to its surprising historical facts, beautiful architecture, and exhilarating activities, like boating and surfing.

Is Maine the best state to live in is your question? So you just got your answer.

1. Check Out Dock Square | Best for Glorious History

George Bush and first lady Barbara used to shop from wonderful shops in this Dock Square.


It traverses Ocean Avenue, Spring Street, and Western Avenue and touches Mathew J Lanigan Bridge.

Although the Average cost of living in Maine is quite controversial, its history is worth the cost. Maine’s Dock Square history has something to tell us from its history.

This dock square is famous for Coastal Maine, shopping sites, culinary experiences, day trips, lunch options, and great bird-watching views.

Keep your hunger calm by eating at Old Vines Wine Bar, Alisson’s Restaurant, Hurricane Restaurant, Burleigh, The Boathouse Restaurant, and others.

Similarly, stay comfortably at The Captain Lord Mansion, The Breakwater Inn & Spa, Kings Port Inn, Shorelands Guest Resort, etc.

It is situated at 25 – 29 Dock Square, Kennebunkport, Maine – 04046.

2.  Eat a Blueberry Pie | Best Dessert

Blueberry Pie is an official dessert in Maine. But this is not the only dessert you’ll get here.

It has multiple food and dessert options, including ice cream, donuts, apple pie, creamy pie, and others.


Being a small community of friendly folks, Kennebunkport is famous for being the best National park in Maine and Blueberry Pie.

It is famous for giving the taste of berries, augmented in the forests of northern Europe’s Finland.

Taste this delicious dessert at Auntie’s House, Five Acre Farm, and Maxim’s Desserts, which provides authentic tastes of Blueberries.

Similarly, you can stay at The Colony Hotel, The Tides Beach Club, and Mable’s House.

The exotic tastes of this Blueberry Pie at Auntie’s House, situated at 155 Port Road, Kennebunkport, Maine – 04083.

What are people saying about Blueberry Pie near Kennebunk, ME?

They say Blueberry Pies are a wholly authentic and tasty dessert in Kennebunkport, Maine, and are the best you can have here.

What are some highly rated Blueberry Pie near Kennebunk, ME?

You can have some highly-rated Blueberry Pie at Five Acre Farm and Mabel’s Lobster Claw. 

3.  Eat a Lobster Roll | Best with Mayonnaise

Get another reason to move to Maine or its small towns, like Kennebunkport, for Lobster rolls, cooked using melted butter, fresh lobster meat, and mayonnaise.


These lobster rolls also come with lobster chunks and are famous for giving a world-class sweet taste that is 10 inches bigger. The flavor is unmatched and freakingly divine.

You can get these lobster rolls at Port Lobster Co, The Clam Shack, Langsford Road Lobster & Fish, Cape Pier Chowder House, etc.

Keep yourself calm at nearby hotels like The Boathouse Waterfront Hotel, The Colony Hotel, Kennebunkport Inn, Yachtsman Hotel & Marina Club.

Have these rolls by visiting Langsford Road Lobster & Fish at 42 Langsford Road, Cape Porpoise, Maine – 04014.

How long can you keep a lobster roll in the fridge?

You can keep lobster rolls in the fridge for two days only. By keeping it in the fridge, you’ll not get the authentic taste of lobster rolls.

Should a lobster roll be served hot or cold?

It is up to you! You can have it cold if you want a lobster roll with mayonnaise. Similarly, if you want to eat a hot lobster roll, try it with melted butter.

4.  Go to the Beach | Best for Surfing and Relaxing

If you want to explore multiple things to do in Kennebunkport, Maine, in the fall season, don’t miss out on the chance to visit Kennebunk Beach.


This entire beach blends Gooch’s, Middle, and Mother’s beaches. 

After exploring this entire resort town, relax and spend your evening sitting on the sand-surrounded beach.

With sporting swimming and surfing activities, this spot is famous for its peaceful walking experiences though it is a quiet and tranquil beach.

The Ocean Restaurant, The Boathouse Restaurant, Chez Rosa, and Earth at Hidden Pond are excellent eateries near this beach area.

It offers delicious Caviar, Adobo Pork Ribs, Maine Oysters, and Crispy artichokes. 

Make your stay comfortable at King’s Port Inn, The Grand, Seaside Inn, White Sails Inn, and other hotels.

This beach area is located at Beach Avenue, Kennebunkport, Maine – 04043.

Can you swim at Kennebunk Beach?

Yes! Make your weekend memorable by swimming and relaxing at Kennebunk beach.

Is Kennebunk Beach open?

Yes! You can explore Gooch’s Beach, Middle Beach, and Mother’s Beach. Similarly, you can explore a few portions of Parsons beach. 

5.  Spend the Afternoon in Cape Porpoise | Best for Fishing

Things to do in Kennebunkport this weekend include a pleasant afternoon at Cape Porpoise, an idyllic seaside sanctuary.


Cape porpoise is an excellent fishing harbor in this resort town that allows you to fish and has a monumental lighthouse, which is its recognition.

This enchanting place is famous for its Ramp Bar & Grill, Goat Island Lighthouse, and coastal village vibe.

Eat divine taste of Kennebunkport dishes at Cape Porpoise Lobster Co, Pier 77 Restaurant, Cape Porpoise Kitchen, Nunan’s Lobster Hut, etc.

Also, relax at The Cape Porpoise Motel, Lodge at Turbat’s Creek, and Old Parsonage Guest House.

It is located at 173 Main Street, Kennebunkport, Maine – 04046. 

6. Rent Vintage Bikes from Coastal Maine Kayak | Best for Biking and Kayaking

Initially, it was a famous Kayak rental shop that started in 1995. Therefore, you can easily find excellent kayak rides, E-bike tours, and much more at this place.


It is a picturesque place that allows you to roam and explore the renowned village in Maine. Also, it is famous for its bike rentals, bike tours, scooter rentals, kayak tours, and paddling tours.

You can have great food at Cupboard Cafe, The Harbor Room, Pemaquid Seafood, The Contented Sole, and more.

Similarly, make your stay comfortable at The Grand Hotel, Nonantum Resort, Kennebunkport Inn, and other hotels.

Visit this exciting place at 8 Western Avenue, Kennebunk, Maine – 04043. 

How is Coastal Maine Kayak & Bike rated?

According to 19 reviews on Yelp, this exciting place is rated 4.5 stars.

Is Coastal Maine Kayak & Bike pet friendly?

Yes! You are allowed to bring your pet dogs and take a long walk.

7. See Walker’s Point | Best for Ocean Views

If you want free things to do in Kennebunk, Maine, get yourself at this Walker’s Point. David Davis Walker purchased this entire property, previously named Point Vesuvius.


George Bush and his family used to live on Walker’s Point estate. It is designed in a Colonial American architectural style.

It is mainly famous for showcasing the rich historical background of New England. In the same way, you will get exciting ocean views from this Walker’s Point.

You can taste Kennebunkport’s delicious meals at The Burleigh, Stripers Waterside Restaurant, and Alisson’s Restaurant.

You can also stay comfortably at The Colony Hotel, Rhumb Line Resort, Seaside Inn, and Cape Arundel Inn resort.

It is located at 229 Ocean Ave, Kennebunkport, Maine.

Do the Bushes still own Walkers Point?

Yes! After the death of Herbie in 1977, the entire estate, including Walkers Point, belonged to the Bush family.

How do you see Walker’s points?

You can visit 229 Ocean Ave and see this entire Walker’s Point.

8. Take a Lobster Boat Cruise | Best for Scenic Coastline & Lobstering

Things to do in Kennebunkport, Maine in the fall include lobster boating on the New Hampshire and Maine Coasts.


These are world-famous in Kennebunkport, allowing you to watch the nearby Nubble Lighthouse.

This entire place shows a scenic coastline and a great atmosphere for lobstering. It is famous for delicious shell lobsters and tasty meat that you can easily eat whenever you want.

Acadia Lobster Cruise, Lulu Lobster Boat Ride, and Lobster Boat Tours are great options to give your stomach relief from hunger.

Similarly, 250 Main Hotel, Glen Cove Inn & Suites, and Island View Inn are the best options to make your stay near the Lobster Boat Cruise.

It is located at 55 West St, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609. 

Can you go lobstering in Maine?

Yes! With unique lobstering boats and fishermen can easily go for lobstering in Maine.

Where are the lobster boats in Maine?

You can enjoy lobster boats at Bar Harbor, Maine.

What do you wear to a lobster boat tour?

Sunglasses, sweatshirt or jacket, sunscreen, and rain gear is essential to wear for a lobster boat tour.

Things to do in Kennebunkport Maine FAQs

What to do in Kennebunkport on a sunny day?

Kennebunkport is a resort town that offers multiple activities to do in the summer.

Thus, you can go for boat tours, sightseeing, enjoy Kennebunkport beaches, and explore Walker’s Point.

How do I spend the day in Kennebunkport?

Make your morning beautiful with Parisian Breakfast and explore Dock Square for stunning photoshoots.

Gift a trip to waterways in Kennebunkport and shop at the unique gift stores in the afternoon. Capture a mesmerizing view of Ocean Avenue in the evening.

Lastly, find delicious eateries to have candlelight dinners at The Lost Fire.

Is Kennebunk different from Kennebunkport?

Yes! Although Kennebunkport is a resort area, it is five miles away from Kennebunk and has two rivers.

However, these two places share a common historic influence and amazing seashores.


Kennebunkport is one of the most amazing small resort towns to enjoy outdoor activities. It has everything you want, from biking, kayaking, and surfing to swimming activities.

Every holiday season, many travellers visit this place and enjoy their holidays, having lots of fun.

Furthermore, you can explore endless things to do in Kennebunkport, Maine, such as boating, surfing, coastal experience, and swimming activities.

Along with that, this place has great food options to refill your stomach with Kennebunkport’s rich taste.

History lovers can also visit this small resort town as it has a shining historic past that you should not miss while in Kennebunkport.

So, this article helps you learn about this resort town and explore its unforeseen activities.