Things to Do in Hiawassee, GA


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    Hiawassee, ga is a scenic town located on the shores of Chatuge Lake. This Charming town offers plenty of things to do near Hiawassee ga and things to do in Hiawassee ga downtown. 

    The breathtaking natural beauty and picturesque Lake Chatuge provide endless fun activities and things to do in Hiawassee Georgia.

    Hiawassee is an excellent place for adventures, outdoor activities, hiking trails, and water activities and the surrounding landscapes of the Appalachian mountains are worth visiting. 

    If you are wondering where to stay in Hiawassee ga or what to do in Hiawassee Georgia? You have come to the right place.

    We will discuss the hiking trails, adventurous sites, and stunning landscapes of Hiawassee in detail in the given article. Let’s dive into the details! 

    Is Hiawasse a good place to live?

    Yes, Hiawassee is an excellent place to live in a charming small-town atmosphere with an area of 5,38 square kilometers, surrounded by the rich beauty of the Appalachian mountains.

    The town offers all the necessary amenities for living. 

    With a population of 1,017, Hiwassee has a less violent crime rate than the national average.

    However, the property crime rate is a bit high in the town. But, by taking the necessary cautions you can avoid any crime incident. 

    12 Best Things to Do in Hiawassee, Ga

    This small town of Hiawassee offers everything from lush green parks to water resorts,  biking trails, hiking trails, shopping centers, dining restaurants, and entertainment options. 

    1. Hiawassee Town Square – Charming Downtown 

    Town Square of Hiawassee is an outstanding place among the scenic beauty of the Appalachian mountains which offers a unique blend of history and the culture of Hiawassee. 


    Town Square serves as a point where locals and visitors gather to enjoy traditional food at restaurants, cafes having freshly brewed coffee, boutiques brands, and annual events. 

    You can also enjoy music concerts, live performances, and art exhibitions in the fresh air and picturesque mountain scenery. 

    2. Lake Chatuge – Recreational Activities 

    Lake Chatuge with a shoreline of 128 miles is a must-go place.

    Surrounded by the rugged peaks of the mountains, Lake Chatuge offers plenty of refreshing water activities like boating, sailing, swimming, and jet skiing. 

    Moreover, you can also enjoy fishing at Lake Chatuge, species such as bass, trout, and catfish are found in the lake. 

    The Shoreline of Lake Chatuge also offers summer residences and full-time houses. You can also go camping in the designated areas of Lake Chatuge. 

    3. Bell Mountain Park – For Stunning views 

    Bell Mountain Park is a great recreational area for families and kids. The park offers 360-degree panoramic views of the surrounding Hiawassee and Lake Chatuge.


    Bell Mountain Park is also surrounded by the magnificent scenery of the mountains and is a great place for picnicking, and photography.

    Bell Mountain’s elevation height is 3424 feet.  

    The hiking trail to reach the top is 2.3 miles and is moderately challenging. You can also opt for a 2.3-mile of drive to the summit from US Highway 76 towards Bell Mountain. 

    4. Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds – For Events & Concerts

    The Fairgrounds of Georgia Mountain are popular for hosting the two annual popular Mountain Fair and Fall festivals are 9-day musical events, art exhibitions, and carnival rides.

    You can also enjoy the live performances of your favorite artists, trade shows, and shopping opportunities in the scenic mountains. 

    The Fairgrounds also offer camping and RV facilities to tourists and locals to stay at night and enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains while attending the events in a serene atmosphere. 

    5. Brasstown Bald – Highest Point in Georgia 

    The highest point in the state located at a height of 4,784 feet near Hiawassee is the spectacular Brasstown Bald.


    This place is an excellent destination for nature lovers showing the stunning views of Chattahoochee National Forest and surrounding landscapes. 

    You can reach the top by a challenging hike of 1.1 miles or else you can take a shuttle from the parking lot to reach the top.

    Brasstown Bald also has a visitor center that provides information about the history, geology, flora & fauna and also has restrooms and a gift shop. Learn Things to Do in Atlanta

    6. Appalachian Trail – Best Hiking Trail

    The Appalachian Trail of Georgia starts from the Springer Mountain of Chattahoochee Forest.

    The hikers can start their journey from Springer Mountain towards the north for 76 miles to reach Maine. The trail stretches over 14 states. 

    During your journey, you can witness the surrounding beauty of lush green forests, waterfalls, ecosystems, stunning wildlife, and bird watching.

    Hiawassee hosts annual hiking festivals and expert hikers participate in the festivals. 

    The hiking trail is a bit challenging. Moreover, there are restrooms, hotels, and restaurants for hikers. Campgrounds are also available for camp lovers to enjoy the starry sky at night. 

    The best time for hiking is during the months of April – May and September – October. Also, learn the best season to visit Georgia.

    7. Fred Hamilton Rhododendron Gardens –  for a leisurely stroll

    The 30 acres of the botanical garden have more than 400 varieties of rhododendrons.


    These gardens also have other blooming flowers like forest perennials, dogwoods, trillium, ferns, and most importantly azaleas. 

    Fred Hamilton Gardens are family-friendly gardens and are open year-round.

    You can simply enjoy a walk in the scenic blooming Rhododendrons or a drink in the stunning views alongside Lake Chatuge.  

    Hamilton Gardens also offer various guided tours, educational lectures, and workshops to learn more about gardening and horticulture.

    These gardens are a must-go for people looking for a serene, peaceful atmosphere. 

    8. Boundary Water Resorts and Marina – Best for vacations 

    The resort is located on the shores of Lake Chatuge near downtown Hiawassee.

    The Boundary water resort is an outstanding spot for families and couples looking for a perfect place to spend some quality time. 

    The marina resort offers plenty of water activities like fishing, swimming, jet skiing, paddle boarding, tube, and kayaking.

    You can also rent pontoon boats in the resort or enjoy a cruise as well. 

    The resort also offers all the other amenities and accommodations, the lakefront cabins and RV sites.

    The Resort also holds celebrations, themed weekends, and live musical performances for entertainment. 

    9. Hightower Creek Vineyards – Scenic Atmosphere

    This is a winery located in the mountains of North Georgia, Hiawassee.


    The  Creek vineyards span over more than 20 acres of land in the rolling hills offering a variety of wines including whites, reds, and roses.

    The vineyard also hosts various events and live performances and celebrations.

    Moreover, this place also offers outdoor seating areas to enjoy wine in the natural beauty of the mountains in a calming atmosphere. Visit about Things to do in North Georgia

    10. Hiawassee River – For picnic & fishing

    The picturesque Hiawassee River is another destination for picnicking and recreational activities. The river flows through rolling hills, green valleys, and rich forests. 

    Moreover, the Hiawassee River is an exceptional place for fishing and is famous for trout fishing opportunities.

    But, the river banks are private properties and not open for public fishing. You have to get a permit for fishing at the Hiawassee River. 

    11. Jackrabbit Mountain – Hiking & Biking Trails 

    Jackrabbit recreation area is located in the north of the Hiawassee at the eastern shorelines of Lake Chatuge. This is a popular biking and hiking trail and attracts a wide number of visitors. 


    Jackrabbit offers various hiking and biking trails. The Jackrabbit mountain hiking trail is moderately difficult and is 2 miles long.

    However, the biking trails are 13 miles have different loops, and are a bit challenging. 

    Jackrabbit also has all the amenities like campsites, picnic areas, a boat launch ramp, and a swimming beach with showers. If you are living in Georgia, remember to visit this place. 

    12. Chatuge Dam and Recreation Area – Outdoor Adventures

    This is another iconic place in Hiawassee best for outdoor activities for families and kids as well.

    The dam is managed by TVA and controls floods, water supply, and hydroelectric power generation. 

    The dam offers trails for easy hiking, biking, and swimming along the sandy beaches.

    You can enjoy picnicking, and birdwatching at the Chatuge Dam in the scenic surroundings of the mountains and Chatuge Lake. 

    Moreover, the dam is pet-friendly but only leashed pets are allowed. 

    Things to do in Hiawassee, ga FAQs

    What is Hiawassee known for?

    Hiawassee is known for its scenic beauty, recreational opportunities, and mountain scenery. 

    Is Hiawassee a town or city?

    Hiawassee is a town located on the shores of Chatuge Lake. 

    What county is Hiawassee in?

    Hiawassee is located in Towns County. 

    What to do in Hiawassee when it rains?

    You can enjoy freshly brewed coffee, delicious cuisine or visit the indoor attractions of Hiawassee. 

    Does Hiawassee have a downtown?

    Yes, Hiawassee has Downtown in the scenic Appalachian mountains. 


    Hiawassee, ga offers a great number of things to do for locals and visitors.

    Hiawassee has rugged peaks of Appalachian mountains, Brasstown Bald as the highest point of Georgia, scenic Bell mountain park, and Boundary water resort for recreational activities.