Things to do in Greer, AZ


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    Downtown Greer, AZ, has a small community of less than 50 permanent residents, giving you an authentic taste of nature. You would get a warm welcome from Greer’s people. 

    What are the top attractions to visit in Greer?

    Greer City Park, Kids Planet Playground, Fishers Orchard, Pelham Mill Park, Barnyard Flea Market, and Greer Heritage Museum are the top attractions that you must visit if you are in Greer. 

    What is Greer Arizona known for?

    Greer Arizona is particularly known for its camping destinations, hiking trails, and pristine natural habitats. 

    Best Time To Visit Greer AZ 

    Greer offers four-season weather, making it a favorable place to visit anytime. However, if you want to make the most of your trip, such as camping in Arizona, summer and early fall are the best seasons.


    Temperatures are appropriate for enjoying outdoor activities. Further, you are less likely to have any health problems due to its pleasant weather.

    Best things to do in Greer AZ

    Greer has become the tourists’ favorite destination due to its four-season climate, lush landscapes, rivers, and many other things. Check out other things to do in Greer, AZ, to make your bucket list more fascinating.

    1. Camping in Greer AZ

    Things to do in Greer, AZ, in winter, camping should be your first preference. The reason behind this is several campgrounds in Greer, giving you a chance to make your childhood dream come true.

    Camping in Greer

    The most popular one is Rolfe C. Hoyer Campground, which allows tent camping and RV camping. Surprisingly, 95% are RV campers, making it the best RV campground.  

    However, if you are looking for dispersed camping which is sequestered and easily reachable, you would opt for Luna Rodeo Grounds Dispersed Camping, Concho lake, and Black River Dispersed. 

    If you are someone who is planning to visit Greer with family and looking for a comfortable stay, you can go with cabins. You’ll find many cabins at prime locations of Greer, away from the city’s chaos. They also offer pet-friendly cabins, you just have to look around. 

    2. Fishing in Greer AZ

    Yes. Greer is the home to charismatic lakes, streams, and reservoirs, making it a paradise for the anglers.

    Fishing in Greer

    The most reviewed fishing spots are Greer Meadow Lakes, Greer Lakes, Fishing Lodge Cabin, and Government Springs Trailhead. 

    The best time to fish in Greer, AZ, is summer, as summers are cool here, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities.

    Doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced angler or a novice; anyone can try their luck in fishing holes. These holes contain several types of fish. 

    If luck is not in your favor, there is nothing to lose, as stunning sceneries keep your mind distracted yet calm. 

    However, if you are visiting to Arizona for fishing, you must have a valid Arizona fishing license. You can easily get this on Arizona’s gov website, which is, or you can simply get it from general stores, gas stations, and sports shops. 

    3. Hiking in Greer AZ

    Thinking of what to do in Greer, az? What about hiking? If you are someone who is always on the search for the best hiking points, Greer, AZ, should be on your list. If not on top. 

    Hiking in Greer

    Well, there are several trails for hiking in Greer, but the best one is the East Fork Trailhead, where you can visit with your family, partner, and friends or go solitary. 

    There are different types of hiking trails for beginners to experts, so depending on your level of hiking, you can choose the trail. The renowned types here are easy, easy to moderate, moderate, and moderate to difficult. So make your decision wisely. 

    Looking for the longest trail in Greer? Mount Baldy Loop is the longest one. The estimated time to complete this trail is around 7 hours and 25 minutes. 

    4. Skiing in Greer AZ

    In things to do in Greer, AZ, you can not forget about skiing, especially when you love it. Over 200,000 tourists come to Greer during snowy days just to experience skiing. 

    Skiing in Greer

    The best part is they have enough highly rated ski resorts to handle such a high volume.

    The most highly rated ski resorts are Sunrise Park Resort, Arizona Snowbowl, Edelweiss Resort and Restaurant Greer, and Snowy Mountain Lodge. 

    As you can clearly see, Sunrise Park Resort tops the list when it comes to high ratings. The resort covers three mountains, Sunrise Peak, Cyclone Circle, and Apache Peak.

    Though the resort is on a peak, it offers enough snow. Recently they bought 10 new snow guns to give an even better experience to tourists.

    If you are a snow lover, it is better to check when does it snow in Arizona so that you won’t miss the snow.

    5. Boating at Lee Valley Lake

    Boating could be one of the favorite things to do in Greer, AZ if you are not scared of water. The most popular lake here for boating is Lee Valley Lake, where you have access to non-motorized boats.

    Boating at Lee Valley Lake
    Sailboat during sailing. High angle view from drone. Model released.

    It is near Mount Baldy in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests. It is the highest-elevation reservoir where you can fish, camp, and boat. Or simply have peaceful me time. 

    The thing you have to keep in mind is you can not boat here in Winter (December to early April), as the access is closed due to snow. So before making your visit to Lee Valley Lake, make sure that you got all the required information. 

    6. Horseback Riding Greer, AZ (X Diamond Ranch)

    If horseback riding is your passion, you got your perfect companion right here – X Diamond Ranch.

    Horse Riding

    Along with horseback riding, it also offers luxury lodging and private fly fishing.  

    It is owned by Wink Crigler, who is responsible for handling all operations held in the X Diamond Ranch.

    The place is known for its secluded environment, away from the city’s hectic life in the 

    South Fork Canyon near Greer, Arizona.

    If you want to organize any event or are looking for a wedding destination, X Diamond Ranch would be the perfect fit in the arms of nature. 

    However, it is better to make your reservation first, as they get frequent bookings. Also, enquire about their pricing and deposit policies to avoid last-moment hustle. 

    7. Learn Culture & History At Butterfly Lodge Museum

    Many people love to explore different cultures and histories and if you are one of them, you’d love to visit a Butterfly Lodge Museum. Basically, it was a house built by John Butler for James W. Schultz. 

    Well, the house has so many stories to tell you. It is better to experience it by yourself. However, you can not visit here anytime, as it doesn’t stay open year-round. 

    As per its official website, the Museum and Gift Store will be open from May 25th to September 23rd in 2023, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 10 am to 3 pm. Don’t worry; it does not take any fees. However, you can donate here if you’d like to, as they run on donations. 

    8. Explore Wildlife at White Mountain Grasslands

    If you are a wildlife lover, you must have to visit White Mountain Grasslands, situated in the White Mountains, almost seven miles away from the west of Springerville and Eagar town. It came into use in 1999 and spreads over 2,850 acres.


    You can witness so many wildlife creatures here, including pronghorn antelope, rock and golden-mantled squirrel, chipmunks, rabbits, elk, coyotes, badgers, striped skunks, and gray foxes.

    If you are a bird lover, you have a golden chance to witness golden eagles, northern harriers, red-tailed hawks, and other raptors.  

    The most suitable seasons to visit here are spring, summer, and fall, as this is the perfect time for birding as well.

    Hunting is also allowed here in season. For more information related to hunting, you have to contact the higher authorities. 

    There are only two trails in White Mountain Grasslands Wildlife Area; Grasslands Wildlife Trail and White Mountain Nature Loop.

    However, the Grasslands Wildlife Trail possesses the most elevation gain of 74 m, heeded by White Mountain Nature Loop, which is 55 m.          

    Other things to do in Greer AZ

    Greer has everything that you could expect from god-zoned places. 

    You can visit the Little Colorado River to explore riverside trails and shallower portions. Also, you can fish with families in the deeper parts of the river. 


    If you got bored of hiking, you can go trekking at the Butler Canyon Trail and enjoy magnificent views. You can also bring your kids and dogs to give you company during trekking. 

    After roaming here and there, you want to have delicious cuisines. Don’t worry, Greer takes care of that as well. The most popular food destinations are Molly Butler Lodge & Restaurant and Rendezvous Diner. 

    Molly Butler Lodge & Restaurant offers both accommodation and food. Even if you don’t live here, you can come here to enjoy the delicious food. The most recommended ones are prime ribs, Beer Battered Cod and Chips, Blueberry Pie a La Mode, Southwest Pasta with Chicken, and Chicken Wings. However, you can try their other specialties as well. The staff is extremely cooperative and friendly. They serve food with love. 

    Rendezvous Diner is basically known for its quirky decor and flavorsome food. Here, you’ll feel like you are eating home-cooked meals. They have a wholesome menu to choose from, including Mushroom and Cheese Omelette, Peach Cobbler with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Sandwich, Blackberry Cobbler Ala Mode, Bread Pudding, Toast, and Cherry Cobbler Ala Mode. 

    Explore Scenic Beauty of Greer Lakes

    Greer Lakes is the blend of three lakes; Bunch Reservoir, Tunnel Reservoir, and River Reservoir, making it the perfect fishing and scenic destination. It is located north of Greer. 


    It would be the perfect destination if you come into the category of hikers, anglers, photographers, and mountain bikers. 

    Well, Greer Lakes does not have official hiking trails, but there are routes surrounding all three lakes. You can wander around the lakes, filling your eyes with magnificent views and your heart with happiness.

    The Greer Lakes is wrapped with lush landscapes, including trees, like pine, fir, spruce, and aspen. Moreover, if you visit during the season, you might spot wildflowers. 

    The best way to escape from your daily rituals and spend your time in solitude. 

    Explore the Wonders of Nature at Apache–Sitgreaves National Forests

    There is no doubt that Greer is a God-zoned place. But here is one more reason that would blow your mind and is its Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests.


    Basically, these are two places but now merged and considered as one. The reason behind this is it is taken care of by a single unit – USDA Forest Service. 

    It is spread over more than 2.7 million acres, starting from East Central Arizona to New Mexico, making a Greer part of it. This place is perfect for adventurous and inquisitive travelers. 

    There is so much to see here, deep canyons, high ridges, wildflowers, wild animals, etc. So besides trails and campsites, Greer has many other things to offer you. 

    Visit Lakes of White Mountains for ice fishing

    If you are planning to visit Greer, AZ, in Winter, you might be wondering what to do here? Well, Greer has something for every season and winter is perfect for ice fishing. Yes, you heard it right. 

    White mountains fishing

    Greer has so many lakes where you can do ice fishing. The most popular lakes are Show Low Lake, Rainbow Lake, Woodland Lake, and Nelson Reservoir. Well, there are other closest lakes to Arizona you can check out. 

    You only have to carry the basic things for ice fishing which are a simple rod, reel, line, and hook or lure. Now create the hole in the ice and you are all set for ice fishing. 

    Fishing is something that you can do alone, with your kids, family, etc. The best outdoor activity to perform in the winter. However, make sure that you have got your fishing license.

    Also, select the place keeping all safety precautions in mind, and enjoy your fishing.  

    Things to do in Greer AZ FAQs

    What is the elevation of Greer Arizona?

    It has an elevation of around 8,400 feet (2,560 m), making it the highest town in the state in terms of elevation. 

    What is there to do in Greer AZ in the winter?

    Ice fishing, snow tubing & sledging, downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, building a snowman, and lots of other activities that you can experience in Greer, AZ, in the winter. 

    Does it snow in Greer AZ?

    Yes, it does. From mid-November to the End of March, Greer remains covered with snow.

    Where is Greer Arizona?

    Greer comes to Apache County, Arizona, United States. Surrounded by Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and situated within Arizona’s White Mountains. 


    With this article, you might have realized that there are tremendous things that one can do in Greer, AZ. Offering four seasons, Greer has something for everyone and every season. 

    Whether you are a nature lover, camper, angler, hiker, foodie, or history and culture enthusiast, you’ll find the thing that you love to do. 

    So choose your season, add things you want to do in Greer to your bucket list, book the ticket, and you are all set to go. 

    A whole new experience is waiting for you. Are you ready to experience it?