Things to Do In Finland

Finland is a beautiful Nordic country in Europe bordering Sweden, Russia, and Norway. It is one of the world’s most northern and geographically remote countries.

Nearly two-thirds of Finland is covered with thick woodlands which makes it the most densely forested European nation.

This country has something for everyone, be it the vibrant art-filled cities or the depths of forests or thinly inhabited outer archipelago.

Thinking about fun things to do in Finland? Here is the rundown of the best experiences to enjoy in this northernmost European country. Scroll down the page to get started.

Is there anything to do in Finland?

Yes. Finland is loaded with plenty of fun experiences and adventurous activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, etc.

Best Things To Do In Finland 2022

Be it Summer or Winter, Finland offers plenty of things to do. It is famous for being the happiest country in the world and is home to beautiful nature, breathtaking forests, stunning skies, and picturesque lakes.

Let us take a virtual tour of this country and find the best things to do in Finland in Summer.

1. Suomenlinna Fortress

It is an 18th-century sea-fortress with defensive walls and age-old artillery. This UNESCO World Heritage Centre is spread across 6 linked islands.

It has walking trails cross parkland between popular sights such as Suomenlinna Museum and King’s Gate Drawbridge.

Suomenlinna was founded in 1748 and is one of the biggest sea fortresses in the world. It is the best place to have a picnic and to enjoy great views.

2. Rovaniemi and the Arctic

Rovaniemi is the only place in the world where one can cross the Arctic underground. It combines urban nature with northern surroundings and open-minded internationality. It is the official hometown of Santa Claus.

This is the second-most international travel destination in Finland and welcomes over 600,000 visitors every year. Rovaniemi is the growing Arctic city and home to northern magic and arctic skills.

It has an arctic circle hiking area that serves as a great example of the soothing natural beauty of the Arctic.

3. Kauppatori (Market Square) and Esplanadi

Visiting Kauppatori (Market Square) and Esplanadi is one of the best things to do in Helsinki, Finland.

This market square is located in the central part of the capital city and is known to be the most international and famous market.

Things to do in Finland - Esplanadi

It is at the eastern end of Esplanade park bordering the Baltic Sea to the South and Katajanooka to the East. The booths here sell traditional market food and treats as well as handicrafts and souvenirs.

4. Helsinki Churches

The capital city of Finland is home to several beautiful churches where visitors can meditate and attend various events.

These are aesthetically pleasing and are popular among architecture lovers.

Some of the must-visiting churches in Helsinki are Suomenlinna Church, Old Church, Helsinki Cathedral, Uspenski Cathedral, St John’s Church, Kallio Church, etc. All of them offer a unique cultural experience to the visitors.

5. Turku

It is the oldest city in Finland located on the southwest coast of the country. Turku was formerly the nation’s capital and has a rich seafaring history.

This is well-known for its stunning Gothic Cathedral, vibrant harbour, medieval castle, and large student population.

Turku is situated where the Finnish archipelago begins at the doorstep of more than 40,000 islands. This city is also gaining a reputation of being the food capital of the country.

6. Watch the Northern Lights

Watching the Northern Lights is one of the best things to do in Finland. It is nature’s most spectacular light show that can be viewed from several purpose-built spaces, ranging from glass igloos to luxury suites.

These lights are visible roughly 200 nights a year in Finnish Lapland. Finland is probably the best place on the Earth to witness this natural phenomenon.

7. Aland Archipelago

Aland Archipelago consists of around 6500 islands out of which 60 are inhabited.

This special piece of the island is an ideal destination for beach lovers who love spending a relaxing time around water.

Aland has flat roads and bridges that link several islands together which makes it great for bike riding.

This is the best place to enjoy sightseeing, golfing, canoeing, kayaking, camping, cycling, and many other adventure activities.

8. Porvoo

It is one of the six medieval times in Finland situated on the Southern coast of the country. Porvoo is known as the city of charming moments and will surely steal your heart with its idyllic old-age beauty.

This is a popular tourist destination and is well-known for its 18th and 19th-century buildings and 15th-century cathedrals. Porvoo is internationally considered to be one of the beautiful towns in Finland.

9. Lake Saimaa and Savonlinna

One of the best things to do in Finland in Summer is to visit Lake Saimaa. This is a labyrinth formed by wide waters and thousands of islands.

Lake Saimaa is located in the Finnish Lakeland area and has the world’s longest lake coastline. This lake lies at just the end of the Russian borders and is northeast of Helsinki.

Things to Do in Finland - Lake Saimaa

The area of Savonlinna is a pearl of Lake Saimma with wide flora and fauna, welcoming culture, and scenic landscape.

This beautiful and lively city is situated in the lap of the lake and is famous for delicious and healthy cuisines.

Pros and Cons of living in Finland


  • Finland is famous for having a progressive healthcare system. Visitors can enjoy excellent healthcare facilities without paying exorbitant amounts.
  • It has an outstanding public transport system. Buses, trains, and metro are easily accessed by surrounded areas.
  • People in Finland are surprisingly generous and honest. Therefore, this country is ranked the happiest nation in the world.


  • This country is known to experience extremely cold winters with heavy snowfall. Broad daylight is a rare sight in Finland.
  • It is one of the expensive countries in the world to travel and live in.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What you should not miss in the Finland?

Following are the top attractions in Finland that you must visit if you ever come here:

  • Renting a summer cottage.
  • Hopping into one of the 188,000 Finish lakes.
  • Meeting the real Santa Claus in Rovaniemi.
  • Riding a reindeer sleigh.
  • Is Finland expensive to visit?

Yes. According to a Eurostat study of 2017, Finland is the 8th most expensive country in Europe to visit.

You can expect to spend around $147 per day on your vacation in this Nordic country. A trip to Finland for two people costs around $2062 on average. Check out our detailed guide on the cost of living in Finland.

  • What is Finland most known for?

Finland is famous for being the happiest country on this planet, the cleanest air, and for having the world’s best education system.

It is also known for thousands of beautiful lakes, natural beauty, reindeers, Santa Claus village, progressive healthcare system.

  • What Food is popular in Finland?

Finland is an idyllic destination for food lovers and offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes created with seasonal ingredients and authentic flavours. Some of the foods popular in this Nordic country are:

  • Cured Salmon
  • Blueberry Pie
  • Fish Pie
  • Bread Cheese
  • Finnish Meatballs
  • Cinnamon Buns
  • Salty Liquorice
  • What is the best time to travel to Finland?

The summer months of June, July, and August are the best time to visit Finland. During this time, the climate is warmest and the days are the longest.

This is a perfect time of the year to witness the blossoming landscape at its prettiest.


This is all about the guide to the coolest things to do in Finland. We hope you have enjoyed reading the same and found it helpful.

This Nordic country is blessed with alluring landscapes and beautiful vistas. It offers a plethora of experiences and most of them are nature-oriented.

Finland is home to a variety of old cathedrals and UNESCO world heritage sites that are aesthetically pleasing and are worth adding to your itinerary.

Are you are dreaming of spending your next vacation in the happiest country on this planet? Add these fun-filled activities to the top of your list and enjoy a memorable experience.

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