Things To Do In Dover Delaware

Things to do in dover

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    Dover, the capital city of the state of Delaware is the perfect balance between the modern and historical era. The city is packed with both interesting historic sites & cultural landmarks as well as music & car racing festivals. This fantastic place is the second-largest city in the state and lies inland between Delaware Beach & Atlantic Ocean.

    Dover was founded in the year 1683 and has a rich history comprising various museums, monuments, and mansions, where you can stroll down. Not only this, but you can also shop in local malls & country stores. You can also take a walk down to amazingly beautiful nature parks, local craft breweries, farmers’ markets, and flea markets. Apart from this during the night, you can enjoy gambling at some of the best casinos, go for beer tasting, and can enjoy a scrumptious meal at the best restaurants in the city.

    Dover has everything to offer to you, from art to architecture and from sporting spectacles to amazing places that both residents and guests enjoy. Thus Dover acts as an amazing vacation spot with an abundance of year-round exciting activities. That has become a major reason to move to Delaware.

    Are excited to know about the fun things to do in Dover, Delaware on your visit? Well, below mentioned is a comprehensive article that would be informing you about the same. So, keep scrolling below to have a closer look at the same.

    Things to do in dover

    Is Dover Delaware a good area?

    Dover, Delaware is a small fun city with a stably strong economic base, rich history, agricultural area, and wide open space. This city is also the home to extensive Air Force bases in Delaware and also has one of the highest military air transportation hubs around the globe. Dover offers its residents a casual dining experience, lively events, unique spots, and quaint history that will offer you a fun-filled experience. Thus, the capital city of Delaware is one of the best places to live in.

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    10 Cheap Things to Do in Dover

    Dover, Delaware is an extremely exciting city, where there is no shortage of thrilling, fun, and family-friendly activities. This city has to offer everything according to the needs, choices, and preferences of the residents and visitors. From live musical entertainment to NASCAR racing tournaments, from gambling casinos to historical places, from exclusive wine breweries to museums, and a lot of lot more exciting attractions & special events that are being held in the city all year long.

    To guide you with the best family things to do in Dover, Delaware; we have mentioned 10 mesmerizing places or things that you should visit and enjoy on your vacation to the Blue Hen State. 

    1. Air Mobility Command Museum

    Air Mobility Command Museum is undoubtedly the most amazing highlight of your trip to Dover. This museum is located to the south of the Air Force Base in Dover and showcases a sizeable collection of tanker aircraft, military cargo, flight simulators, and more than 30 real aircraft. Not only this, but the museum also has certain exhibits and artifacts that were dedicated to the procedures of airlifting, and air refueling, and the crew members who maintained and flew those planes.

    Air Mobility Command Museum

    The Air Mobility Command Museum also highlights the rich history related to military aviation and educates its visitors about helicopters, bombers, gliders, shiny jets, old engines, and various other equipment. Apart from that, you can try your hands at piloting a plane through stimulator controls.

    What does Air Mobility Command provide?

    This Air Mobility Command Museum is one of the best free things to do in Dover Delaware, that provides tourists with the best insights into the aviation history of the United Nations.

    Can you visit Dover Air Force Base?

    Yes, Dover Air Force Base is open to the general public and can be accessed through three gates. From Monday to Friday the timings are from 5 am to 7:30 pm and on Saturdays, the timings are from 6 am to 1:30 pm.

    2. Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village

    Despite the small surface area of the state, most of the economy in Delaware is due to the agricultural production happening in the state. Thus, you should be aware of the rich rural heritage and farming history of the state. For this, one of the things to do in Dover, Delaware, is to visit The Delaware Agricultural Museum &Village; situated at the North DuPont Highway in Dover.

    Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village

    The museum premises has a huge place which has been open and been running for 4 decades. It showcases an amazing collection of agricultural artifacts, memorabilia, and equipment that are related to the farming history of this First State. The Museum also has open-air museums, with various farmhouses, old house barns, a church, and a windmill.

    It also highlights how ancient farmers in the state spent their lives and what were the different farming techniques used by them. You can visit this museum on your trip to Dover, Delaware during its operational hours, i.e., from Tuesday to Saturday between 10a.m to 3 p.m.

    What kind of indoor/outdoor options are available at Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village for wedding events?

    The Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village offer indoor, uncovered outdoor, and scenic view locations for organizing and hosting wedding parties.

    What services do Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village offer for wedding events?

    For hosting events such as weddings, corporate parties, birthday parties, conferences, picnics, and other social events The Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village offers people furniture, wheelchair access, parking space, venue rentals, etc.

    3. First State Heritage Park

    Visiting the First Heritage Park is one of the best family things to do in Dover Delaware. This tourist attraction founded in the year 2004, also includes the Legislative Hall, the Old State House, and some other buildings inclusive on the campus. This sprawling heritage park museum has various important historic sites, cultural areas countless artifacts, artworks, and exhibits that are being preserved since the 17th century.

    First State Heritage Park

    The museum also hosts various outdoor activities such as music nights and various artistic & cultural festivals. On every first Saturday of the month, special events are being held here, that is worth enjoying. Along with that, this park has been considered the best place to stretch your legs and burn a few calories. On your visit, you will be handed over a brochure which will be about various fun activities you can do at the small yet wonderful places along with necessary information about the events and various attractions that are worth the visit in this paradise state.

    When is First State Heritage Park open?

    The First State Heritage Park was opened and inaugurated in the year 2004.

    What hotels are near First State Heritage Park?

    Some of the best places or hotels to spend a night near the First State Heritage Park are;

    • Home2 Suites by Hilton
    • Days Inn by Wyndham
    • Super 8 by Wyndham
    • Wyndham Garden
    • Sleep Inn and Suites

    4. Biggs Museum of American Art

    The Biggs Museum of American Art is recognized as the perfect place for those who are crazy about history and art. An Aesthete can happily spend about 1-2 hours in this place as the major part of the museum is committed to photojournalism. This art gallery was a popular cultural institution but it became open to the general public in the year 1993. The center was named after a renowned philanthropist and a passionate art collector; Sewell C. Biggs.

    Biggs Museum of American Art

    Biggs Museum is one of the best free things to do in Dover Delaware as the admission fees here are free of cost. But you might be charged a minimal amount to see any exclusive piece of art. The museum boasts a large collection of ceramics, sculptures, chinaware, antique furniture, contemporary pieces, photos, and paintings. It is extended upto three floors which includes local & regional art, historically significant memorabilia, and period furniture.

    The architecture is a modernized red brick building that perfectly blends with the neighboring Old State House and historical establishments. The grand rooms of the museum are too fascinating to explore as they are completely equipped with a wide variety of artworks and artifacts.

    How much is the stroller rental at Biggs Museum of American Art?

    The museum has a rental facility for organizing and hosting a wonderful event. For this, you can call 302-674-2111 ext. 101 and speak with Natalie Osorio for information regarding the rental rates.

    Is Biggs Museum Of American Art good for kids?

    Yes, the Biggs Museum of American Art is a great place for the children to enjoy. Here they have various great activities for kids in which hands-on exposure to arts is given to them.

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    5. Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

    The cost of living in Delaware is on the higher side compared to some other major states in the country. Which is the reason why classy places like Dover Downs Hotel & Casinos are quite successful here. This place has a great variety of activities and splendid dining options.

    Dover Downs Hotel

    Dover Downs is worth visiting the place if you like some thrilling sporting spectacles, games, casinos, and other fun activities to make your night a splendid one.

    You will find this humongous building within a ten-minute drive from the Firefly Music Festival. It is also near the Dover International Raceway which thus makes it a popular visiting destination among the racers as well.

    The casino here is filled with the gambling crowd from the neighboring states of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Dover Downs also allows you the best romantic things to do in Dover Delaware by offering the best dining options along with other amenities such as comfortable watering holes, harness racing tracks, table games, slot machines, and live games of basketball, boxing, and baseball. In addition to that, it has cozy and luxurious rooms, an on-site spa, a fitness room, a pool, fun shows, and a lot more upscale amenities.

    Is the Casino in Dover Delaware Open?

    The Casino in Dover Delaware is open from Monday to Thursday from 10a.m to 4 a.m. But on Weekends it is open 24/7, i.e the timings are 10a.m Friday to 4a.m Monday.

    How many slot machines does Dover Downs have?

    The gaming area of Dover Downs includes more than 2,000 slot machines and about 36 gaming tables.

    6. Dover International Speedway

    If you are a motorhead, then Dover International is one of the best things to do in Dover Delaware. This place is considered a Mecca of racing cars. As the speedway here hosts various entertaining events and exciting races every year that attracts a fun-loving crowd, thus making the whole event an unforgettable affair.

    Dover International Speedway

    Another name for this place is Monster Mile as the racing track is oval and is intense big where events like Indy Racing League, USAC, and NASCAR Cup Series are being hosted and organized. Apart from the hustle of racing cars, the spectators can also enjoy various events & activities being held in the FanZone, enjoy band music, and marathons being held in the hallowed venue. Food courts are also established here from where you can order scrumptious meals as well as adult drinks.

    Why is Dover International Speedway called the Monster Mile?

    Dover International Speedway is also called Monster Mile as they have an extremely huge oval track that is tough on both the equipment and divers.

    What hotels are near Dover Motor Speedway?

    The hotels near Dover Motor Speedway are:-

    • Comfort Inn and Suites
    • Red Roof Inn and Suites Dover Downtown
    • Bally’s Dover Casino Resort
    • Hampton Inn Dover
    • Super 8 by Wyndham Dover

    7. Spence’s Bazaar

    Despite Delaware’s living costs being high, Spence’s Bazaar has been considered one of the oldest and one of the best markets in the state. This is a crowdy marketplace with buyers or purchasers having a head-to-shoulder competition. The marketplace is different from the other architectural, historical, and cultural places mentioned above. It is located only a few blocks away from downtown. Everything needed is available either under the sun or in closed shops and markets.

    Spence’s Bazaar

    It is fun to explore places where there are countless stalls & stands laden with amazing artifacts, enticing art pieces, and obscure objects. Along with a vast collection of jewelry, clothing items, books, collectibles, and a lot more. Apart from this, you can also purchase certain food items, such as freshly baked goods from Amish Farmer’s Market. Spence bazaar has an extremely lively atmosphere with intriguing goods to buy.

    When is Spence’s Bazaar open?

    The opening time of the market is particularly on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 7:30 am to 5 pm on weekdays, and 7:30 to 3 pm where you can buy local food projects at great deals.

    What forms of payment are accepted at Spence’s Bazaar?

    A maximum of the vendors present here accept payment in the form of cash, so make sure to run to the nearest ATM to withdraw some.

    8. Legislative Hall

    City Center is the place where you could find the building of the Legislative Hall. The architecture of this state Capitol building of Delaware is unlike the other government buildings. The Legislative Hall depicts an exquisite Colonial Revival style of architecture that was built between 1931 to 1933.

    Legislative Hall

    There are various wings in this building that are being added over the years for tourist purposes. You can take a stroll down to the chambers and courtrooms here, as it is an exciting free thing to do in Dover Delaware. While moving around the campus, you will notice fine portraits, old artifacts, and the vivid history of this state capitol building. After observing the inside view you can come out and take a fresh breath of air in the gorgeous gardens and grounds situated on the campus itself.

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    9. Delaware Governor’s Mansion

    The building of the Delaware Governor’s Mansion has been a part of the First State Heritage Park. It was originally a Middle Georgian house that acted as an official residence of the government employees.

    Delaware Governor's Mansion

    This magnificent mansion was also known as Woodburn and is a National Historic Landmark that was constructed in the year 1790. The Delaware Governor’s Mansion is a wonderfully restored red brick building with a flemish bond pattern, a huge chimney, beautiful bays, and a magnificent Dutch door at the entrance, that adores the beauty of the building.

    This architectural piece defines the era of the 1790s by showcasing the ornaments of that era, fine furnishings, and other period pieces. Also, there are various rooms in the mansion with a history attached about the governors who lived there. You can also enjoy the beauty of the mesmerizing gardens present on the campus.

    Does the Governor live in the mansion?

    This building is the official residence of the state governor and his family and at the present, the above two floors are being reserved for them and are not open for the general public to visit.

    What hotels are near Delaware Governor’s Mansion (Woodburn)?

    Hotels namely; Days Inn by Wyndham Dover Downtown, Home2 Suites Dover, Mainstay Suites Dover, and Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriot Dover are some highly-rated hotels Near Woodburn.

    10. Old State House

    Old State House is the most impressive and most important building in the state of Delaware. It is one of the best family things to do in Dover Delaware as it was formerly Delaware’s seat of government and now has turned into a fantastic tourist spot where photos are being clicked.

    Old State House

    The Old State House is a two-story structure and was built between 1787 to 1792, thus exhibiting the magnificent architecture of the Middle Georgian period. The major attractive feature of this ancient building is its ruby red brick frontal building, its Palladian window, and its gabled roof made up of an octagonal cupola.

    It is a great place for clicking pictures from both outside and inside. The inside view of the Old State House includes some courtrooms, chambers, and a geometric staircase. There are also certain guides and plaques full of knowledge & information that explain the important aspects of this historic structure.


    Dear readers, that was all about the list of the best things to do in Dover Delaware according to us. All the above things mentioned above are such that they will cater to the needs of and will entertain people of every age group. The activities mentioned above are family-friendly and great to enjoy.

    From museums to farms, to casinos to historic buildings, to car racing tracks to airspace museums, and a lot more. Thus, this capital city is a perfect vacation place to pass on your holidays excitingly.

    Before actually planning your itinerary to Dover, Delaware, you might be wanting to know does it snow in Dover Delaware. Well, it does snow here during the early months of the year which thus helps in maintaining pleasant weather the whole year round. So, do not stop yourself, rather plan your vacation to this wonderful city today.

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