Things to do in Atlanta


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    Wondering What to Do in Atlanta? Being the capital of Georgia, Atlanta has countless things for people looking for fun activities, recreational tours, adventures, nightlife, and kids’ activities. 

    There is a great variety of things to do in Atlanta, ga. Atlanta offers rich history, cultural heritage, ancient buildings, art galleries, world-class museums, iconic landmarks, bustling markets, and vibrant parks.

    So, if you are planning a trip or relocating to Atlanta, Let’s discuss the best things to do in Atlanta, Georgia in detail. 

    1. Fun Things to do in Atlanta

    Living in Atlanta means you are really going to have lots of fun and exciting things.


    However, Atlanta is a bit more expensive than the other states but cheaper than its neighborhoods.

    So, visiting Atlanta or living in Atlanta is really worth it due to the affordable living costs, amenities, scenic lands, and a comfortable lifestyle.

    You can enjoy the following fun things in Atlanta; 

    1. Visit the Georgia Aquarium

    Georgia Aquarium is one of the most popular destinations in Atlanta. For marine lovers, Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the United States and is an excellent place, and offers a variety of marine life.

    Georgia Aquarium is home to a great number of aquatic animals. These aquatic animals include Beluga Whales, Dolphins, Manta rays, Whale Sharks, penguins and many other species. 

    The aquarium holds exhibitions for visitors to enjoy various marine ecosystems including the Dolphin Celebration, Cold Water Quest, Tropical Diver, and Ocean Voyager exhibit. 

    You can visit the aquarium at times of the year from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm with your family and friends and have great fun. 

    2. Try Indoor Skydiving at iFLY Atlanta 

    iFLY Atlanta provides an amazing opportunity for indoor skydiving for all the beginners and experienced people as well. 

    iFLY provides a safe and exciting environment to skydive without actually jumping from the plane. Moreover, there are also the experts to guide you and help you have a memorable and joyful dive. 

    Moreover, iFLY is also a great place for parties, birthday celebrations and group activities. 

    3. Explore Centennial Olympic Park

    Centennial Olympic Park is located in Downtown Atlanta and is undoubtedly an excellent place to visit for fun activities, for relaxation and picnicking.

    The park offers lush green landscapes, eye-catching flower beds, and a relaxing atmosphere. 

    Moreover, the water fountain with interlocking olympic rings is worth seeing. The Park also organizes annual events, concerts and festivals and live performances for the visitors. 

    You can visit the Centennial Park if you are looking for fun activities and a quality family time. 

    4. Take a walk through Piedmont Park 

    Piedmont Park is located in the heart of Atlanta is an amazing place having meadows, rolling hills and walking paths spread over 200 acres of land. 

    Piedmont Park offers a wide variety of recreational activities. You can also enjoy water activities at the Lake Clara Meer in the heart of the Piedmont Park. 

    You can also enjoy a relaxing and leisurely walk in the green paths. Moreover, you can also enjoy sports like baseball, soccer, tennis in the designated areas of the park.

    This Park is also famous for joggers and also organizes various fitness, yoga sessions. The Park also celebrates annual festivals and events and concerts. So, remember to visit piedmont park on your tour to Atlanta. 

    5. Visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden

    Located adjacent to the Piedmont Park is the Atlanta Botanical Garden.If you are looking for a place for children to enjoy, you must visit the Botanical Garden of Atlanta. 

    The 30-acres of the Botanical Garden offers unique plants, and gardens. You can also enjoy a relaxing Canopy walk and also explore the Storza woods for diverse ecosystems. 

    The Garden also offers seasonal exhibitions, art installations and educational events , children activities for visitors. 

    The Botanical Garden also has a cafe and a gift shop. You can enjoy some delicious food at the gadren’s restaurant and buy plant-themed gifts and  gardening accessories from the gift shop. 

    2. Things to do in Atlanta with Kids

    Atlanta is an outstanding place for kids and has tons of activities for kids to do. The iconic museums,  historic sites, and zoos are worth visiting places for kids to rejoice. 


    Atlanta also has some fun facts for kids like a famous highway intersection called the ‘spaghetti junction’ due to the web of roads in Atlanta. 

    Due to the large number of green landscapes, Atlanta is also nicknamed a City in Forest.

    Moreover, Atlanta is home to the largest drive-in restaurant in the world. Also, read Things to know before moving to Georgia.  

    1. LEGO Discovery Centre Atlanta 

    The LEGO discovery center is another fun place for kids to do in Atlanta. The LEGO center offers a variety of entertaining activities for kids to start on brick-filled adventures. 

    You can enjoy Kingdom Quest Laser Ride or become a virtual LEGO city builder.

    Moreover, the MINILAND at the center is also worth visiting as it contains all the iconic landmarks and attractions of Atlanta in miniature form. 

    The discovery center also has an outstanding 4D cinema where you can enjoy thrilling movies.

    You can also enjoy LEGO-themed birthday parties, LEGO-building activities and LEGO workshops for a memorable experience. 

    2. Visit the Fernbank Museum for natural history 

    Fernbank Museum is a worth-visiting place for kids and adults to explore the natural world.

    The museum also offers a fascinating journey through time back in ancient times to catch a glimpse of creatures that existed before. 

    The museum also has the fossils and skeletons of the extinct dinosaurs. You can also get great scientific knowledge about the geological processes of the earth and prehistoric creatures. 

    You can also visit the Fernbank Forest for outdoor adventures at the museum. Besides this, IMAX Fernbank Theater is also an excellent place to experience science-themed films and the wonders of the natural world. 

    3. Visit Atlanta Zoo 

    Atlanta zoo is another excellent destination for kids to visit. Atlanta zoo has a wide variety of animal species and also has beautifully conserved the endangered species of various animals. 

    You can closely view the large elephants, reptiles, colorful birds and giant pandas.

    The Ford African Forest of Atlanta inside the zoo exhibits animals found in the African continent. These animals include Gorillas, lemurs and zebras. 

    The zoo also has kids-friendly rides and a cafe for refreshments. If you want to have a close view of the animal kingdom you must visit Atlanta Zoo. 

    4. The roof at the ponce city market 

    Ponce City Market is a vibrant place in Atlanta. The market offers delicious food with a variety of restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and a stunning view from the rooftop of the ponce market. 

    You can enjoy the panoramic views of Atlanta’s skyline from the rooftop. Moreover, the live performances, music, and seasonal festivals.  

    Ponce Market also offers plenty of kid-friendly activities, amusement parks, mini-golf, and indoor-outdoor spaces. 

    5. Visit the World of Coca Cola 

    The world of Coca-cola in Atlanta is a museum in Atlanta dedicated to the Coca-Cola brand.

    The museum displays the history of coca cola and also has a unique collection of more than 100 beverages of different coca cola of all flavors from around the world.   

    If you are curious about the coca-cola history, the bottling process and how it is distributed around the world, remember to visit the world of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

    3. Things to do in Downtown Atlanta

    Downtown Atlanta is a metropolitan area and is surrounded by plenty of attractions and worth-visiting places. 


    1. National Center For Civil and Human Rights 

    A museum dedicated to the American civil rights movement is located in Downtown Atlanta. The museum depicts the history and struggles for human and civil rights.

    You can also know about Dr.Martin Luther King, his belongings, and speeches about human and civil rights displayed in the museum. 

     You can also catch a glimpse of other historic events like the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the sit-ins, the freedom rides, and the March on Washington. 

    A museum is an amazing place for historic knowledge and an educational point of view providing all the necessary information on civil rights. 

    2. Murals and Public Art

    Downtown Atlanta is a popular place due to its Public art and Murals which add colors to the landscapes of the city. 

    Woodruff Park in Downtown Atlanta displays various art installations, sculptures, and fountains.

    The sweet Auburn district mural displays a variety of colorful and historic murals of American and African history. 

    ‘The Birth of Atlanta’ and ‘We Carry the Dreams’ are also amazing murals showing the history of Atlanta and the struggles of leaders for civil and human rights. 

    3. Mercedes-Benz Stadium

    The stadium is famous due to its unique architectural design and retractable roof system which can open and close in less than 10 minutes. 

    The stadium is amazing for sports and entertainment. The stadium is home to both the Atlanta Falcon of the National Football League and the Atlanta FC Major Super League.

    Moreover, the stadium is also popular for hosting music concerts, and special events having a seating capacity of 71,000 people.

    You can visit the stadium with guided tours for a closer look at everything inside the stadium. 

    4. Things to do in Atlanta for Adults 

    Atlanta offers a variety of things for adults looking for entertainment, refreshment, and relaxation. 


    1. Go to a concert at Tabernacle 

    The Tabernacle is a historical building previously known as a church and later transformed into a musical hall. 

    Tabernacle is famous for outstanding musical concerts and live performances.  

    So, if you want a memorable experience of great music you must attend a concert at Tabernacle. 

    2. Visit Atlanta History Center

    The rich history of Atlanta is well preserved in the Atlanta History Center. 

    The center offers the visitors to explore the artifacts, and informational topics about the civil war, the civil rights movement, and the economic growth of the city. 

    Moreover, the history center provides a great knowledge of all the events, people, and communities which struggle in the history of Atlanta. 

    You can also visit the ancient houses at the center, some of them are reconstructed including the Swan House.

    If you are a history lover or want to know about Atlanta you must visit the Atlanta History Center. 

    3. State Farm Arena 

    State Farm Arena is an outstanding place for adults interested in sports, musical concerts, and live performances.

    The design and high-end amenities attract a large number of visitors to the State Farm arena. 

    The place is also home to the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association and Women’s National Basketball Association. 

    If you are looking for a thrilling basketball match or an entertaining concert remember to check out the upcoming events of the state arena and visit the place. 

    4. Show your Dancing Skills at Johnny’s Hideaway

    Johnny’s Hideaway is a vibrant nightclub for adults in Atlanta. You can enjoy the vintage decor, and cocktails and show your dancing skills on the energetic floor of the club. 

    Moreover, it is an amazing place for a night out with friends to entertain. 

    5. Things to do in Atlanta at Night

    Atlanta is famous for its vibrant nightlife and offers various nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and musical venues to make the nightlife more enjoyable and cheerful.


    You can visit the following places to get a memorable experience of the nightlife of Atlanta.

    1. Experience ‘ Atlanta’s best dance club’ at MJQ 

    MJQ Concourse is a popular nightclub due to its underground and alternative atmosphere.

    The nightclub provides a lively experience of different musical vibes, Indie, hip hop, and dance beats. 

    The nightclub features a top-notch sound system, dim lights, and different rooms indicating their own unique music style making it a place worth visiting for a memorable night out. 

    2. Visit Buckhead Village

    The nightlife at Buckhead Village is also worth experiencing. The upscaled clubs,  trendy bars, and stylish cocktail lounges make the nightlife more vibrant and classical. 

    The rooftop bars, the latest music beats, and the surrounding views of the Buckhead Village are best for a night out with friends or celebrations.  

    3. Explore Edgewood Avenue

    Edgewood Atlanta is a street in the heart of Atlanta offering outstanding restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues in a lively atmosphere. 

    The street attracts a great number of visitors due to its charm and delicious foods, live music, DJ sets, and energetic performances.

    So, if you want to enjoy the vibrant gathering at Edgewood or the exciting atmosphere, you must visit Edgewood Avenue Atlanta.

    4. Check out the Battery Atlanta

    Battery Atlanta is one of the best places to have a variety of fun options. If you are looking for delicious food or a sports destination for baseball and fashion brands, Battery Atlanta is a must-go place.

    For entertainment, you can visit nearby venues like Coca-cola Roxy music avenue and the Omni Hotel hosting events and providing accommodations.  

    5. Discover Nightlife at East Atlanta Village 

    East Atlanta Village is a place of live music and entertainment. The music bars, and nightclubs, offer high-energy dance floors and live music stages. 

    The streets of East Atlanta Village become more lively with the live musical sounds and DJs spinning tunes.

    You can enjoy the local beers, craft cocktails, and special drinks at East Atlanta Village to make your night out experience more memorable. 

    6. Things to do in Atlanta for Couples

    Atlanta is a great place for dating with a variety of options for couples to enjoy and spend quality time. Couples can enjoy the following places in Atlanta. 


    1. See a show at Fox Theatre 

    The Fox Theatre in Atlanta is an iconic cultural landmark displaying Egyptian and Moorish architectural designs. 

    The theatre offers a variety of performances including concerts, broadway shows, comedy acts, and classic film screenings in an intimate atmosphere. 

    Moreover, if you are looking for a memorable experience of a film surrounded by a nostalgic environment, don’t forget a tour of the Fox Theatre. 

    2. Go to Peachtree Street

    Peachtree Street offers plenty of things to enjoy for couples. The tasty cuisines at the restaurants have an excellent ambiance.

    You can enjoy a leisurely walk on Peachtree street, and visit art galleries, boutique shops, and fashion brands.  

    Moreover, Peachtree Street is also popular due to its skyline view and historic buildings and hotels providing accommodation. Read Do Atlanta get snow.

    3. Center For Puppetry Arts

    The Puppetry Center is dedicated to the arts of puppetry and is home to 5000 puppets from around the world. 

    The museum shows the art and craftsmanship behind the puppetry arts.

    The Puppetry Museum also holds performances featuring a variety of shows including puppetry storytelling and music to attract the audiences. 

    So, if you are interested in puppet arts and performances you must visit the Center for Puppetry Arts. You can even learn and create your own puppets at the center. 

    7. Unique things to do in Atlanta

     If you are looking for something unique to do in Atlanta, you must visit the following places. 


    1. Take a tour of CNN center

    CNN center is one of the world’s largest news networks. A guided tour to the CNN center will lead you to catch a glimpse of various stages of news production, newsrooms, anchors, and the history of the CNN organization. 

    CNN center tour is a best place to visit if you are interested in journalism, history and news broadcasting. 

    2. Visit the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

    The Historic site allows the visitors to explore the house of Dr. Martin, the artifacts,and his struggles and speeches for the civil rights movement. 

    The site also includes the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Dr.Martin and his father served and delivered sermons about the civil rights movement. 

    You can also view the photographs, documents and Dr.Martin’s memorial where Dr.Martin and his wife are laid to rest. 

    3. Go to a play at  the Alliance Theatre 

    Alliance Theatre is one of the leading theatres in the Southeastern United States. The theatre is popular due to its rich history of producing amazing plays, music, and world premieres. 

    Alliance Theatre offers a variety of productions including classic plays, contemporary work and productions that attract young audiences.

    If you are interested in watching a play or want to know about the arts you must visit the Alliance Theatre. 

    4. Explore Atlanta Science Festivals

     Atlanta Science Festival is the annual Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics festival held in Atlanta.

    The festival brings together a great number of scientists, educators, and researchers to promote knowledge about science. 

    The events in the festival are for Children, Families, and adults to get experience of scientific topics like astronomy, biology, physics, engineering, and many more. 

    The events take place at museums, universities, schools, and public spaces. Lectures, workshops, and practicals are delivered to promote science. 

    8. Things to do in Atlanta for Families 

    Atlanta is an excellent place for families and kids. The high-quality schools, neighborhoods, parks, and necessary amenities are the best reason for families to live in Atlanta. 


    1. Visit the Children’s Museum of Atlanta

    This hands-on museum is for children to learn, play and explore in a fun stimulating environment.

    The activities at the museum help the children to develop confidence, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. 

    The museum is for children of age between 0-8, and is the best place for children to learn and grow while playing in the museum. 

    2. Visit the Atlanta Beltline

    Atlanta’s Beltline is a network of multi-use trails, parks, and transit options connecting various neighborhoods.

    The Beltline offers a unique way to explore Atlanta and its diverse communities. 

    Alongside the Beltline, you can enjoy the parks, art installations, murals, and outdoor activities.

    The Beltline also provides opportunities for walking, biking and picnicking. Moreover, it is really useful for runners, cyclists and pedestrians.

    3. Visit  the refreshing Parks for recreational activities  

    To spend quality time with family and kids, you can visit the following parks of Atlanta. 

    • Grant Park 
    • Freedom Park 
    • Chastain Park 
    • Historic Fourth Ward Park
    • Candler Park  

    9. Best time to visit Atlanta

    The best time to visit Atlanta is the Spring season during the months of March to May. The weather is pleasant and flowers bloom, lush greenery makes the visit worth it. 

    Moreover, Summer is also one of the best seasons of Georgia to visit Atlanta for adventures and recreational activities. 

    Things to do in Atlanta FAQs

    Is Atlanta a walkable city?

    Yes, Atlanta is a walkable city and is ranked at no.21 among the most walkable cities in the United States. 

    What is Atlanta’s most famous street?

    Peachtree Street is the most famous street of Atlanta. The street offers a variety of dining options, shopping, and hotels. 

    Does Atlanta have a beach?

    No, Atlanta does not have any real beach. 

    Is Atlanta safe to visit?

    Yes, Atlanta is safe to visit. 


     Atlanta offers a wide range of things to do for people of all ages.

    From iconic landmarks to historic sites, excellent dining options to lush green parks, well-known museums, and puppetry centers, everything is worth visiting in Atlanta.

    We hope the above article gave you an idea about the things to do in Atlanta. Have a happy trip to the Peachtree state!