Best State Parks in West Virginia

State Parks in West Virginia

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    Whether you want a destination to spend a night under the dark sky with stars or a destination full of adventures, your dreams can be fulfilled in West Virginia.

    Visit the best state park in West Virginia for camping, soaring mountains, rushing waterfalls, and whatnot. 

    State parks in West Virginia are the perfect choice for such pleasing nights and adventures. So, if you’re looking for state parks in nature’s paradise, we’ve got you covered.

    10 Best State Parks In West Virginia To Explore In 2023

    If you want to experience an excellent natural environment with outdoor activities, West Virginia is the perfect destination in the USA.


    Due to these natural wonders and calm life, most people move to West Virginia once they get the taste of life here.

    1. Babcock State Park – Free State Park In West Virginia

    The best part of Babcock State Park is that the wireless internet connection is available during the night sessions.

    Babcock State Park

    Also, you can get the Wi-Fi facilities in the parking lot and campground area.  

    You can get cabins with full amenities here. It is the perfect destination to visit to see the colorful fall foliage.

    Famous for its Glade Creek Grist Mill and breathtaking landscapes, it also has thrilling whitewater rafting on the river. 

    2. Beartown – Best State Park In West Virginia For Hiking

    The unique rock formation with green grass that looks like a tree standing makes Beartown State Park a nice point of attraction.

    Beartown State Park

    In Beartown State Park, adventure lovers will get deep crevasses, overhanging cliffs, and much more.

    This simple yet great park is famous for unique caves, boulders, jutting cliffs, and rock formations that provide picturesque views of the surrounding.

    Although night stay is not allowed in the park, you can enjoy nature hiking and other activities that are blissful.

    3. Blackwater Falls State Park- The Most Beautiful State Park In West Virginia

    With crystal clear water, this place becomes a frozen wonderland in winter and offers a unique fishing pond to enjoy a lot of activities.

    Blackwater Falls State Park

    The Blackwater Falls State Park offers scenic views with 20 miles of hiking trails, making visiting more special. 

    It is a famous destination for winter season sports and overnight lodging with a peaceful environment.

    However, the West Virginia state parks reservation counters are always full, and sometimes you have to wait for long to get the reservation. 

    4. Coopers Rock Forest – Best State Parks In West Virginia For Camping

    It is also called Coopers Rock. This place is famous as the first steam-powered blast furnace.

    The Civilian Conservations Corps made various structures, shelters, and superintendent’s houses during the Great Depression period. 

    Coopers Rock State Forest

    It is home to one of the best canyons in West Virginia, offering stunning views of the Cheat River.

    Coopers Rock State Forest offers dramatic scenery established in 1936 with iconic views. You can also see some campsites with electrical hookups for overnight stays.

    5. Hawks Nest State Parks – Pet-Friendly State Parks In West Virginia

    If you’re looking for fun things to do in West Virginia, then all your prayers have been answered.

    hawks nest state parks

    Hawks Nest parks are the most scenic and offer several activities for every age group. 

    It is a paradise for photographers, and they can visit here at any time of the year.

    Hawks Nest State Park is famous for taking your heart away with the help of appealing nature, whitewater areas, forest greenery, and whatnot. 

    6. Blennerhassett Island Historical Park – Best State Park In WV To Stay Night

    40,000 tourists visit a small Blennerhassett Island to explore its history, hidden in Palladian Mansion and the Museums.

    Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park

    Here, you can explore the Mansion, Fort Boreman Park, and Parkersburg City.

    The best time to visit Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park is between May to October because they have many events like music, birding, etc.

    The various activities you can do here include live music, dinner cruises, birding, and, most importantly, exploring.

    7. Cass Scenic Railroad State Park – Click The Most Amazing Pictures!

    Cass Scenic State Park offers a long 78-mile rail trail that can take you to the time of the early 1900s.

    Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

    And this is what attracts people from around the globe. This Cass Scenic Railroad State Park looks like a really clumsy town. 

    This is a fantastic place famous amongst railroad enthusiasts and history buffs.

    This 11-mile railroad track journey is mind-relaxing and provides beautiful views of the third-highest peaks in West Virginia. 

    8. Audra State Park – Best State Park In West Virginia For Fishing

    People searching for a location to get out from the hustle and bustle of city life can relax here at Audra State Buckhannon. 

    Audra State Park Buckhannon

    This area is surrounded by woods and was founded in 1950.  

    The 3-mile beautiful nature view Alum Cave loop Trail makes it more special to visit.

    This place is famous for exploring the Alum Creek and Cave trail, which are also moment-capturing points for you. 

    9. Camp Creek State Park – Best State Park In West Virginia With RV Camping

    With 35 trails to explore and 7,000 acres of forests Camp Creek State Park in West Virginia has become the most visited state park.

    Camp Creek State Park

    Also, the campground offers Wi-Fi and heated bathhouse facilities.  

    This State Park is the family destination. Many tourists and locals visit here with their families on weekends and enjoy the road trips with scenic beauty.

    Many hotels are available near Camp Creek, including Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Skyline Lodge, and Fairfield Inn.

    10. Pinnacle Rock State Park – Best State Park With Waterfall

    It comes with an unusual sandstone formation, and Homestead Trail in Pinnacle Rock State Park is the longest trail at 2.9 miles which takes almost two hours to complete. 

    Pinnacle Rock State Park

    This state park offers a view of Jimmy Lewis Lake, A Beaver Pond Trail, Turkey Rock Trail, and Acorn Ridge Trail, which are available for trailers and hikers.

    Famous for its more than 3,000-foot sandstone formation. 

    Best State Parks in West Virginia FAQs

    What is Virginia’s most popular state park? 

    It would be unfair to take only one name because West Virginia offers many popular state parks, including First Landing, Camp Creek, Beartown, etc.

    What is the most beautiful State Park? 

    Droop Mountain State Park and Cass Scenic Railroad State Park are the most beautiful state parks in West Virginia. However, you can also take a look at other state parks.

    Wrapping It Up

    That’s all for now!

    Whether you are a tourist, local, adventure lover, or explorer, West Virginia offers many places that can take your heart away.

    With various trails, water destinations, and other exciting museums, it has become the point of attraction for many people.

    Thus, we decided to give you more information on the best state parks in West Virginia. 

    West Virginia offers various state parks, including Babcock State Park, Blackwater Falls State Park, Cooper Rock State Park, Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, etc.

    These state parks offer hiking, fishing, biking, swimming, and other outdoor activities. 

    In the end, we hope you like this blog and drop a comment if you need any information about West Virginia.