Savannah Or Charleston


It’s always been hard to decide between Savannah and Charleston. Both are stunning cities at a 2 hours distance from Charleston to Savannah in the Southeastern United States. 

If you are looking for a comparison between the shining gems of the South, Charleston vs Savannah, you are at the right place. We will help you in choosing your best travel destination. 

Savannah, Georgia vs Charleston, sc are considered rivals from decades but, both are sisters more than rivals.

Both cities share unique architectural history, captivating beauty, lively waterfront, beaches, delicious foods and breathtaking landscapes.

Charleston to Savannah both cities offer warm hospitality and are excellent for visiting or calling them a home. 

We will compare the visit, nightlife, living, weather, population and Things to do in Savannah and Charleston in detail in the given article.

So, let’s virtually embark on the scenic journey of Savannah, Georgia vs Charleston, sc! 

1. Savannah or Charleston to Visit

Savannah and Charleston both have their own distinct charm and unique experiences for travel enthusiasts. Both cities are located at a 2 hours distance from each other.


Due to the unique cultural history, iconic foods and magnificent landscapes both Savannah and Charleston are worth visiting.

However, it depends upon your choices and interests. If you have enough time and resources you must stay for 2 days in Savannah and 3 days in Charleston to explore both the cities in depth. 

Visiting any place, we always crave iconic and mouth-watering foods. Savannah and Charleston are also widely known for their best cuisines. 

Charleston offers a variety of traditional southeastern dishes with a blend of modern culinary techniques.

A few of the dishes include Shrimp and grits, Okra Soup, She Crab Soup, Cornbread and Planters Punch. 

Savannah on the other hand, offers the Classic southern cuisines and a variety of other dishes.

A few of the popular dishes include Fried Green Tomatoes, Savannah red rice, oysters and crabs. 

2. Savannah or Charleston to Live

Living in Savannah or Charleston depends upon various factors including, cost of living, population, economy, job opportunities and safety. 

Keeping in mind the above factors, both cities are almost similar in many ways but hugely differ due to the living costs.

The cost of living in Charleston is 19% higher than Savannah. So, Savannah is much cheaper than Charleston. 

The living costs of Savannah and Charleston are compared in the table below. The values below 100 means less than the national average and above 100 mean higher than the national average. 

DescriptionCost of living in Savannah, GA Cost of living in Charleston, SC 
Food & Groceries96.9105.6
Health 95.896.5
Median Home Cost$260,000$493,200
Transportation 89.294.1
Miscellaneous 102.893.7

Living in both cities is exceptional for families and retirees. But, choosing the one for your next residence depends upon your income, career goals and taste. 

3. Savannah vs Charleston Nightlife

Nightlife in Savannah is more popular and gets more attention due to the vibrant charm and offers the variety of nightlife entertainment.


Live music, restaurants and bars at the waterfront bustling area is a great place for tourists and locals. 

Moreover, Rooftop bars also offer scenic views alongside music performances, dance and enjoyment.

Savannah also has live music performances by musicians and bands in various venues including jazz, blues and indie music. 

Charleston nightlife is less popular but still provides various options for people looking for night scene entertainment.

Different venues, restaurants, bars and lounges have a vibrant nightlife for youngsters and also people looking for a sophisticated night out. 

Live Performances, comedy shows, art scenes, theatres and annual festivals are also held in Charleston. So, if you want fun and entertaining nightlife you must choose Savannah.  

4. Savannah and Charleston – Things To Do


Savannah and Charleston offer various things to do for kids, families and couples as well. Let’s have a look at the things to do in both cities one by one.  

Things to do in Savannah, GA 

If you are travelling or moving to Savannah, GA consider the following fun things to do in your bucket list. 

  • Savannah Historic District is a must-see containing museums, churches, mansions and monuments. A walkable tour of historic sites is best for kids and families.
  • Old Fort Jackson is a military museum best for kids. 
  • Savannah History and Haunts Candlelit ghost house walking tour for adults. 
  • Visit Jepson Centre for art lovers. 
  • Bonaventure Cemetery Walking Tour is best for families.
  • 2- Hour Savannah Sunset Riverboat Cruise for couples and families.
  • Historic Savannah Tour in Vintage Citroen is best for couples and families. 
  • Southern Flavours of Savannah Dessert Tour for kids and families. 
  • Visit Savannah African Museum for African culture and history. 
  • Savannah First Squares Culinary and Cultural Food tour is best for friends and family. 
  • Savannah to Tybee Island with dolphin cruise and lighthouse visit best for families and kids. 

Things to do in Charleston, SA

Like Savannah, there are also a variety of things you can enjoy during your tour to Charleston. Moreover, if you are moving to Charleston you will be amazed by everything you will explore. Keep the following things in your bucket list for your next destination: 

  • Visit the Fort Sumter National Monument best for families and kids.
  • Enjoy the supernatural ghost tour at the Old Exchange Dungeon best for adults. 
  • Must visit the Charleston City Market best for food cuisines. 
  • Visit the Historic Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens best for families and kids. 
  • Don’t forget to attend the Salt water cycle party boat with your friends. 
  • Visit the King Street Shopping spree best for shopping from brands to vintage everything is there. 
  • Kiawah Island and Golf resort is a must-see in Charleston for couples and gold lovers. 
  • Patriots Point Naval and Maritime museum is an amazing place for kids and people interested in navy forces. 
  • Enjoy live music at Fort jazz Lounge and meet the local musicians. 
  • Halls Chop house is the top best restaurant in Charleston serving the best delicious foods.
  • For scent lovers, you can visit Tijon and create your own perfume.

5. Savannah vs Charleston Population

Charleston is bigger than Savannah in area and has a higher population as compared to Savannah. 


The population of Savannah, GA in 2023 is 339,000 and Charleston, SA has a population of 745,000. Almost twice the Savannah. 

6. Savannah vs Charleston Weather

Savannah and Charleston share similar weather conditions. Summers are hot and harsh in Savannah and Charleston.However, winters are mild. Both cities enjoy all the four seasons.

The best time to visit Savannah is during the months of October,May and April.

Moreover, the best time to visit Charleston is during the months of March to May and from September to November. July and August are the hottest dry and humid months in both the cities. 

Charleston and Savannah have mild winters and only receive a few inches of snow during the month of December and early January. But the season is enjoyable with snow activities. 

7. Savannah vs Charleston Safety

If you are thinking how safe is Savannah GA? Crime rate in Charleston and Savannah is high.


However, the property crimes are higher in both the states and Violent crimes are lower than the national average. 

Besides the higher crime rates, you can still visit and relocate to any of the cities. All you have to do is to be cautious while moving in the city and keep your valuables behind. 

The state police also has developed strategies and programs to control crimes and you can also inform the police if you find anything suspicious in your surroundings. 

8. Savannah vs Charleston Beaches


Savannah and Charleston also have a few stunning beaches with outstanding views. Let’s discuss them briefly: 

Beaches of Charleston, SA

Charleston is popular due to the following beaches: 

  • Kiawah Island Beach
  • Folly Beach 
  • Sullivan’s Beach 
  • Isle of Palms
  • Seabrook Island

The best beach in Charleston is the Kiawah Island Beach. The beaches in Charleston offer all the amenities and facilities to the visitors.

Beachfront Parking, Public Restrooms and delicious food restaurants and vendors. 

These Beaches offer various water activities and attract a large number of visitors during the summer peak season.

You can enjoy boating, surfing, fishing, swimming and many other recreational activities with your family and friends. 

Beaches of Savannah, GA

Like Charleston, Savannah also has some good beaches at Tybee Island. These beaches are named as: 

  • Savannah River Beach 
  • Back River Beach 

These beaches of Savannah have a spacious feel with less crowds and all the amenities of parking, restrooms and food restaurants. 

Savannah vs Charleston FAQs

How far is Savannah from Charleston?

Savannah is at a distance of 2 hours from Charleston. 

Is there a scenic drive from Savannah to Charleston?

Yes, while driving from Savannah to Charleston you can witness the scenic views and landscapes. Moreover, driving through Coastal Route 17 gives you a mesmerising journey best for couples and nature lovers. 

Which has better beaches, Savannah or Charleston? 

The beaches of Charleston are better than Savannah with great amenities and recreational activities. 

Why is Charleston more popular?

Charleston is more popular due to its fast growing population, iconic foods, rich history, landscapes and beaches. 


Savannah and Charleston are both the cities with a unique spark. Savannah is less expensive than Charleston. Both cities offer various tourist attraction spots for families, kids and couples. 

Charleston offers delicious foods but, you can also enjoy good food in Savannah. Property crimes are relatively high in both cities so, you must be cautious while moving outside. 

Weather conditions in Savannah and Charleston are good and enjoyable. We hope the above article helped you in choosing the best one from Savannah and Charleston. 

But if you still feel something is missing, we suggest you visit the places in-person, do your homework and choose the best destination. All the Best wishes!