Safest Places to Stay in New Orleans 


If you are looking for the best area to stay in New Orleans or planning a trip to the safest neighborhoods of New Orleans.

You are on the right track. Here is a list of the safest places to stay in New Orleans.

  1. French Quarter 
  2. Bourbon Street 
  3. Downtown 
  4. Marigny & Bywater 
  5. Lake View & Mid-city 
  6. Uptown 
  7. Faubourg Treme 
  8. Garden District 
  9. Riverside New Orleans. 

New Orleans is an outstanding and renowned city in Louisiana.

New Orleans is a vibrant city with countless things to do, delicious foods, arts, culture, music, and colorful festivals. The city attracts a large number of tourists each year. 

New Orleans is safe to stay and has something for everyone to enjoy.

The best areas to stay in New Orleans include amazing places like French Quarter, Uptown, Garden District, and many other neighborhoods. 

What is it like to live in New Orleans? Living in Louisiana is safe overall but, the crime rates are also high in the state.

However, crimes do happen all around the world so you just can’t stay at a single place thinking of the crimes in your favorite places. 

All you need to do is to stay cautious and avoid walking alone in the late night hours. Avoid empty and dark places.

Never keep your valuables with you while roaming around the city. 

1. Is New Orleans safe to visit?

Yes, New Orleans is safe to visit. New Orleans is safe for tourists and for a girls’ trip as well.


A huge number of people enjoy vacations and spend quality time in the stunning places of New Orleans. 

2. Safest areas to stay in New Orleans

Besides the high crime rates in New Orleans, there are still the safest areas and neighborhoods to stay in. 

The French Quarter is one of the best and safest areas to stay in.

The French Quarter is in the heart of New Orleans, so you can interact with many other safest areas like Bourbon Street, and many other attractions. 

Moreover, you must prefer to stay in The French Quarter instead of downtown New Orleans due to the easy access to all other areas and safety concerns.  

French Quarter – The best place in New Orleans for Couples

You will get excited to stay in the French Quarter after knowing about the captivating beauty,  historic buildings, narrow cobblestone streets,  lush green parks, museums, and rich history of the French Quarter. 

The place is also called the melting pot of cultures.

One of the wonderful historic sites is Jackson Square Park,  where you can witness the ancient buildings and the stunning architecture of St.

Louis Cathedral, standing tall and proud in the park.  

Another interesting thing is the amazing jazz music echoing in the air, the vibrant nightlife, and the bustling streets.

Moreover,  the area is famous due to mouthwatering food items and the special cuisines including beignets, gumbo, and jambalaya. 

The French Quarter is safe to stay and live in. But you must be cautious and take precautions to avoid petty crimes.  

Best places to stay in New Orleans French Quarter

  1. Grenoble House, French Quarter New Orleans 
  2. W New Orleans – French Quarter 
  3. Hotel Monteleone 
  4. The Soniat House Hotel – French Quarter 

Bourbon Street – The best place in New Orleans for a party/Celebration 

One of the most lively and amazing places in the heart of the French Quarter. Bourbon Street is the most colorful street with glowing neon lights, nightclubs, and pub bars.


Moreover, Bourbon Street is an amazing place for party lovers and tourists with noisy nightlife and dance bars, live music, and cocktails. 

The street is at its fullest during the Carnival and Mardi Gras festivals. A huge number of tourists visit Bourbon Street this season.  

The delicious foods and drinks in the oldest restaurants with fine dining, bustling areas, and strung beads hanging from balconies are worth enjoying on Bourbon Street. 

The area is safe to stay but during the peak season, the scammers and pickpockets are active.

So, remember to be cautious and keep your valuables in your room. Read the cool things to do in Louisiana.

Best Places on Bourbon Street to Stay

  1. Olivier House Hotel 
  2. Omni Royal Orleans Hotel 
  3. The Royal Sonesta New Orleans 

Downtown – Best place for families & Businesses in New Orleans

A great place for Businesses and corporations located in the south of the French Quarter. Downtown contains a large number of office blocks and warehouse districts. 

Downtown is safe and a great place for families and travelers. Julia Street and the Junction of the Magazine are the most crowded streets of the central Business district. 

Besides Business, this place is a hub of outstanding art galleries, you will be amazed by the historic art and culture of this place. 

For sports lovers, the Mercedes Benz Superdome and the Smoothie King Center is an amazing place to visit. 

You can also enjoy the delicious cuisines, theatres, museums, restaurants, and a safe environment to stay.

But, be careful of the scammers and pickpockets. Visit to know the average cost of living in Louisiana.

Best Places to Stay in Downtown 

  1. Bourbon Orleans Hotel
  2. Hotel Provincial 
  3. Drury Plaza Hotel New Orleans 

Marigny and Bywater – The best place in New Orleans for Jazz music 

The place is located in the northeast of the French Quarter and is popular due to its Bohemian charm.


Marigny and Bywater are the most distinct neighborhoods of New Orleans. 

The Creole cottages, shotgun houses, and arts scenes attract a huge number of tourists every year. 

Moreover, Marigny is an amazing place for music lovers and is home to several jazz musicians. 

People who want a quiet place away from the noisy area of New Orleans can enjoy the quieter areas of Marigny and Bywater. 

The art studios, royal street, restaurants and Crescent Park are also great reasons to stay in Marigny and Bywater with the lowest crime rates. 

Best places to stay in Marigny & Bywater

  1. Lamothe House Hotel 
  2. Melrose Mansion 
  3. Balcony Guest house 
  4. The Burgundy Bed & Breakfast 

Lakeview and Mid-city – Best for kids & Families in New Orleans 

Lakeview and mid-city are great places for travelers, families, and kids with countless attractions offering outdoor activities. 

If you want to visit Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, the longest bridge over water in the world, you can start your journey from Lake City and Midcity as these two neighborhoods are in the south of Pontchartrain Lake. 

One of the most visited and largest parks is the New Orleans City Park surrounded by numerous attractions. Hence, you can enjoy various recreational activities in the park. 

For kids, Lakeview and Mid City have outstanding museums rich in arts, culture, historic sculptures, and many exhibitions for kids. 

Feel safe while staying in these stunning places as the crime rates are lowest here. But, still, you must be cautious as pickpockets are everywhere. 

Best Places to Stay in Lakeview & Mid-city  

  1. The Lookout Inn of New Orleans 
  2. 1896 O’Malley House 
  3. Holiday Inn New Orleans 

Uptown – Best for a day tour & have two universities 

Uptown is among the safest places to stay in New Orleans. This residential place is also rich in history and culture located in the southwest corner of New Orleans. 


Uptown is great for a day tour as well. You can visit the Audubon Zoo and the wild animals. Moreover, Audubon Riverview Park is also an excellent place to rejoice in Uptown. 

The two universities named Tulane and Loyola are also one of the great educational spots in Uptown. 

The famous St. Charles Avenue street is among the famous streets of Uptown surrounded by the vintage beauty of oak trees. Uptown is a safe place with the lowest crime rates.  

Best Places to Stay in Uptown New Orleans

  1. Cambria Hotel New Orleans 
  2. The Quimby 
  3. Madame Isabelle’s House New Orleans

Faubourg Treme – Oldest African-American historic place 

This place was previously known as Back of Town but later the name changed to Faubourg Treme. Sometimes also called Treme located on the north side of the French Quarter. 

Treme has the oldest history of the oldest African American neighborhoods. The Backstreet Cultural Museum is one of the famous sites to visit. 

The museum contains a rich history of American African culture, Mardi Gras costumes, and much more for people interested in history. 

Treme also has many historic parks, one of the well-known parks named after the Jazz Louis Armstrong is Armstrong Park at walking distance from the French Quarter. 

Faubourg Treme is one of the safest places to stay in New Orleans with the lowest crime rates. 

Best Places to Stay in Faubourg Treme New Orleans 

  1. La Belle Esplanade 
  2. Maison Dupuy Hotel 
  3. Best Western Plus French Quarter Courtyard Hotel 

Garden District – Best Residential area

Garden District is one of the safest neighborhoods located in the south of New Orleans. The residential area is an amazing tourist place to stay in. 

Garden District is popular due to its lush gardens, grand mansions, and the oak trees lined in the streets giving a charming look. You must prefer to visit this area during the day time. 

One of the most famous streets in the Garden District is Magazine Street, having art galleries, boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants. The bustling street is a must-visit in the Garden District. 

Best Places to Stay in Garden District New Orleans

  1. The Roosevelt New Orleans 
  2. The Ritz Carlton  New Orleans 
  3. The Jung Hotel and Residencies 

Riverside New Orleans – Best for leisurely activities 

Riverside area refers to the front of the Mississippi River in New Orleans. This is an amazing recreational place. 

If you are interested in marine life then Riverside is a wonderful place for you.

The Audubon Aquarium located in the riverside area has a wide range of marine life including sea turtles, sharks, and colorful fish. 

The green Woldenberg Park is located adjacent to the French Quarter and is the best place to walk along the riverside and also for picnicking and watching the ships and riverboats. 

The area is also famous for yearly festivals, restaurants, cuisines, and a serene environment. Moreover, Riverside is the safest place to stay in New Orleans. 

Best Places to Stay in Riverside New Orleans 

  1. Bienville House 
  2. Place d’armes Hotel 
  3. Hilton New Orleans Riverside 

3.  French Quarter Vs Riverside 

French Quarter Riverside 
AttractionsSerene, relaxing Woldenberg Park, Audubon Aquarium, Insectarium.  
Atmosphere Bustling, lively, crowdedSerene , relaxing 
Entertainment Jazz club, dancers, street performers Live music
Events Mardi Gras, French Quarter Festival.New Orleans Jazz and heritage festival.
History Cultural heritage Maritime heritage

4. Areas to avoid in New Orleans

Besides the safest areas in New Orleans, there are also some areas with the highest crime rates in New Orleans, and must avoid staying in the dangerous area of New Orleans. 

The dangerous areas of the New Orleans neighborhood are listed below: 

  1. 7th Ward
  2. Saint Roch 
  3. St. Claude 
  4. Desire 
  5. Central City 
  6. 6th District 

5. Where to stay in New Orleans to walk everywhere?

The French Quarter and Bourbon Street are the best places to walk anywhere in New Orleans.


You can stay in the following hotels in the French Quarter of New Orleans to walk anywhere: 

  • The Soniat House Hotel 
  • Bourbon Orleans Hotel 
  • Omni Royal Orleans Hotel 

6. Safety tips New Orleans 

A few of the safety tips you must remember while staying in New Orleans are given below: 

  1. Avoid walking at night hours in the streets, it is better to take a cab. 
  2. Always be careful about your surroundings. 
  3. Avoid drinking too much alcohol. 
  4. Always keep your valuables in your room behind. 
  5. Be careful of scammers and con artists. 
  6. Always lock your car doors and avoid keeping your valuables in the car. 
  7. Do not cross the cemeteries, parks, and car parking areas at night. 

Safest Places to Stay in New Orleans FAQs

Where not to stay in New Orleans?

You must not stay in the 7th ward, Desire, St. Claude, and Saint Roch in New Orleans. These are the high-crime areas. 

What should I be careful of in New Orleans?

You must be careful of the con artists, scammers, and pickpockets in New Orleans. 

Is it better to stay in the French Quarter or Downtown New Orleans?

Staying in the French Quarter is much better than Downtown New Orleans. The French Quarter is in the heart of New Orleans and all other places are easily accessible from the French Quarter. 

What is the best area to stay in New Orleans?

The French Quarter, Bourbon Street, and the Garden District are the best areas to stay in New Orleans. 


New Orleans is an amazing city in Louisiana and has many safest places to stay for families, travelers, and tourists. Read about living in Louisiana 

The best place in New Orleans is the French Quarter with its vibrant lifestyle, bustling streets, restaurants, delicious cuisines, art galleries, and amazing cultural heritage. 

We hope the article helped you and you got an idea about your next safest destination in New Orleans.