Safest Places to Live in Atlanta 


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    So, you are planning to relocate to Atlanta. But, worried about the high crime scenes in the state. Well. Nothing to worry about there are still many safe places to live in Atlanta. 

    Living in the Capital of Georgia is not risky at all. The safest neighborhoods in Atlanta are listed below: 

    1. Alpharetta 
    2. Buford
    3. Candler Park 
    4. Mid town 
    5. Milton 
    6. North Buckhead
    7. Peachtree City 
    8. Virginia Highlands 
    9. Underwood Hills  
    10. CabbageTown  

    Atlanta is a state with high crime rates.The property crimes are at peak.Violent crimes are less as compared to the property. However, crime rates vary from one place to another. Atlanta also has many safest areas to stay in. 


    So, Atlanta is safe to visit for travellers and tourists as well. But, Atlanta also has dangerous places. All you have to do is to avoid living or traveling in those high crime areas. 

    Let’s discuss in detail the safest places to live in Atlanta, crime rates, median income and population. 

    Is Atlanta safe to live in?

    Yes, Atlanta is safe to live in. Atlanta is a wonderful place. But, you can never appreciate a place until you get an experience of living there.

    Crime rates in Atlanta are just like any other big state of the world. 

    You only need to be cautious. Always keep the necessary things with you while going outside. Keep your Valuables behind.

    Never forget to lock your car doors. Always walk in well-lit areas and avoid walking in dark empty places or parking areas. 

    Moreover, CabbageTown, North Buckhead , Milton and PeachTree city are among the safest areas to live in Atlanta.

    However, the crime rates in Chicago are higher than Atlanta.So, Atlanta is one of the safest places to live in Georgia as compared to Chicago. 

    9 Safest Areas in Atlanta


    Besides the safest places, Atlanta also has the cheapest areas to live in. Candler Town, North Buckhead, and Virginia Highlands are among the affordable places with lowest living costs. Let’s dig into the details of the safest areas of Atlanta. 

    1. Alpharetta – Best for Families & raising kids

    City Crime Rate 1 in 76 
    Population 66,446
    Annual Median Income $133,920

    Alpharetta is located in the metropolitan area of Atlanta with all the major facilities of an excellent lifestyle.

    Alpharetta with a population of 66,446 is among the safest places to live in Atlanta. 

    The crime rate in Alpharetta is 1 in 76 which means out of 76 residents 1 can be a victim of any violent or property crime. 

    Moreover, Alpharetta is an amazing place to live in. The top notch public and private schools, high technology companies and software houses, recreational parks, shopping centers, restaurants and cultural festivals make Alpharetta a worth living place in Atlanta. 

    Best places to live in Alpharetta

    1. Downtown Alpharetta city 
    2. Avalon 
    3. Windward 
    4. Shepherds Pond 

    2. Buford – Best Schools & Modern amenities 

    City Crime Rate 1 in 43 
    Population 18,810
    Annual Median Income $54,321

    Buford is a small town in the neighborhoods of Atlanta and is a safe place to reside in. The crime rate in Buford is 1 in 43 residents. But if you are precautious you can avoid any crime scene. 

    The growing population of 18,810 in Buford is also an evidence of the safety and the availability of all the necessary facilities for a comfortable living in georgia

    Buford, is however a small town but it will never disappoint you. The area has strong quality schools with many awards. The popular Mall of Georgia is also located in Buford. 

    Buford also has recreational Lake Lanier offering outdoor activities. So,the low crime rate and modern amenities makes it an amazing place for families and retirees to  live in as well. 

    Best places/neighborhoods to live in Buford Atlanta

    • Sugar Hill, GA
    • Suwanee , GA 
    • Johns Creek, GA 

    3. Candler Park – Best Residential area 

    City Crime Rate 1 in 142
    Population 10,975
    Annual Median Income $136,452

    Candler Park is one of the safest areas to live in the Atlanta neighborhoods. The crime rate in Candler is the lowest at 1 in 142 residents. 

    The area has a growing population with a median annual income of $135,452. Moreover, Candler Park is a great place for families looking for a vibrant lifestyle. 

    Candler Park hosts annual festivals, events and live musical performances along delicious cuisines. Also, the park itself is a good place for walking and outdoor activities with proximity to the various other attractions of Atlanta.

    Best Places/Neighborhoods to live in Candler Park

    • Poncey Highland Atlanta, GA
    • Atlanta Inman Park, GA
    • Sweet Auburn Atlanta GA

    4. Midtown – Best for Young Professionals

    City Crime Rate 1 in 142 
    Population 17,016
    Annual Median Income $82,510

    Midtown is a vibrant neighborhood in the heart of Atlanta. Midtown is well-known due to its dynamic combination  of arts, culture, nightlife, large buildings and business opportunities. 

    The crime rate in a growing population of 17,016 is 1 in 142 which means very rare chances of becoming a victim if you are cautious enough. 

    Midtown also provides great opportunities and is an excellent place for young professionals and business owners. 

    Moreover, the cultural festivals, mouth watering cuisines and recreational spots with a nice median income make Midtown a place to live in for families and young people.   

    Best places/Neighborhoods to live in Midtown Atlanta

    • Old Fourth Ward 
    • Morningside 
    • Virginia Highlands 

    5. Milton – Best for Raising a Family 

    City Crime Rate 1 in 174
    Population 40,976
    Annual Median Income $136,020

    Milton is the best and safest place to live in Atlanta. The lowest crime rate and a nice median income of $136,020 are the best reasons to reside in Milton. 

    If you are looking for a peaceful environment with an affluent suburban feeling and a slow paced life with friendly neighborhood , So, you must consider Milton to call it a home.

    Milton is a perfect place for raising a family with close proximity to urban and rural amenities.

    The place also has many green parks and picturesque landscapes, golf courses and is a great destination for horse riding. Also read is savannah ga a good place to live in.

    Best places/Neighborhoods to live in Milton Atlanta 

    • Roswell, GA
    • Vinings, GA
    • Duluth, GA  

    6. North Buckhead – Best Family – Friendly atmosphere 

    City Crime Rate 1 in 142
    Population 90,895
    Annual Median Income $97,169

    North Buckhead is the most populous neighborhood of Atlanta located in the north of Atlanta.

    The crime rate is extremely low in Buckhead and is the safest place to live in for families and retirees as well. 

    Buckhead has excellent private and public schools, tree-lined streets, open spaces for leisure activities, shopping markets and restaurants. 

    The median annual household income is $97,169 with a growing population of 90,895. 

    Best places/Neighborhoods to live in Buckhead Atlanta

    • Brookwood Hill, GA
    • Collier Hills,GA  
    • Ardmore park , GA
    • Tuxedo Park ,GA 

    7. Peachtree City – Safest Neighborhood in Atlanta 

    City Crime Rate 1 in 100
    Population 39,790
    Annual Median Income $100,768

    Peachtree is one of the safest neighborhoods located 0 miles from Downtown Atlanta. The city crime rate is pretty low. Moreover, Peachtree City has a lot to offer to its residents. 

    The city is rich in thriving business communities, high quality schools, shopping, restaurants and entertainment. 

    Moreover, the residents use and own golf carts. So, you also park your vehicle and move around in the golf carts.

    The wide range of green parks and lakes offer recreational activities like swimming, fishing, boating, biking, picnicking  and walking trails. 

    Best places/Neighborhood to live in Peachtree City, GA 

    • Turin, GA
    • Tyrone, GA 
    • Woolsey, GA
    • Sharpsburg , GA  

    8. Virginia Highland – Best for families 

    City Crime Rate 1 in 142 
    Population 12,722
    Annual Median Income $112,245

    Virginia Highlands is one of the safest neighborhoods to live in Atlanta. The crime rate in Virginia Highlands is low and has all the necessary life facilities with a good median income. 

    The bustling city is popular due to the fine dining restaurants, shopping markets, and recreational places. 

    The unique residential areas , vibrant nightlife, annual festivals and best cocktails  are a good reason to live in Virginia Highlands.

    The best time to go to Georgia is during the festival season to enjoy the live musical concerts, foods and much more.  

    Best places/neighborhoods to live in Virginia Highlands, GA 

    • Five Points Atlanta
    • Candler Park Atlanta 
    • Poncey Highland Atlanta

    9.CabbageTown – Best for artistic community & unique history 

    City Crime Rate 1 in 63
    Population 1,738
    Annual Median Income $74,516

    CabbageTown is the safest and unique neighborhood of Atlanta. The crime rates are less in the area with a small population. 

    CabbageTown is popular due to its stunning arts community and colorful streets. The fastly growing city has many art galleries, boutiques, and annual festivals attracting visitors from all across Atlanta. 

    CabbageTown is an amazing place for elderly people and retirees due to its architectural charm and peaceful environment.

    Best Places/Neighborhoods to Live in Cabbagetown Atlanta

    • Grant Park, GA 
    • Inman Park, GA 
    • Reynoldstown, GA 

    10. Brookhaven – Best suburb of Atlanta 

    City Crime Rate 4.43 in 1000 
    Population 54,902
    Annual Median Income $105,464

    Located in the Dekalb county of Georgia, Brookhaven is the safest neighborhood in Atlanta. The lowest crime rates and high median income makes it an amazing place to live in for families and kids. 

    Brookhaven comprises high quality schools, restaurants, recreational parks and friendly people.

    The area gives the best suburb feeling in close proximity to the metropolitan areas of Atlanta. 

    Best places/neighborhoods to live in Brookhaven, GA

    • Pine Hills, GA 
    • Ashford Park , GA
    • Lynwood Park, GA

    Areas to Avoid in Atlanta 


    If you are planning to live in Atlanta, you must avoid the following dangerous places and Neighborhoods of Atlanta. 

    • Oakland City 
    • Adamsville
    • Centre Hill 
    • Grove Park 
    • English Avenue and Vine City 
    • Mechanicsville 
    • Lakewood Heights 
    • Cascade Heights 

    Safest Places to Live in Atlanta FAQs

    Is Midtown Atlanta safe?

    Yes, Midtown Atlanta is a safe place to live in for families and retirees as well. 

    Is Buckhead Atlanta safe?

    Yes, Buckhead is a safe place to live in with the lowest crime rates in the neighborhoods of Atlanta. 

    What is the best way to get around Atlanta safely?

    The best way to get around Atlanta city safely is by the public transportation system MARTA. However, Uber and Lyft services are also available in the city. 

    Is it safe to Walk Downtown Atlanta?

    Yes, it is safe to walk Downtown Atlanta. But you must be cautious about your surroundings and dont keep your valuables in while moving outside. 

    Is Downtown Atlanta safe?

    Yes, Downtown Atlanta is safe. You can visit or live in Downtown Atlanta with your family and friends. 


    Atlanta has been counted as one of the most dangerous cities in Georgia. But, it was wrong. Atlanta also has many safest places to live for families, raising kids, young professionals and retirees. 

    However, crimes do happen all over the world and vary from region to region. But by taking the necessary precautions you can also live safely in Atlanta.