Rich Neighborhoods in Atlanta


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    Besides the warm hospitality, vibrant culture, scenic landscapes, and historic buildings, the affluent neighborhoods in Atlanta are also a hot topic to discuss. 

    If you are looking for Atlanta’s wealthiest neighborhood or for a luxurious lifestyle with all the amenities, You are at the right place. 

    The most expensive neighborhoods of Atlanta are popular due to the lavish lifestyle, modern amenities, streets adorned with trees, elegant mansions, and comfortable living. 

    Buckhead is best known as the rich area in Atlanta, due to its luxurious lifestyle, top-notch shopping centers, outstanding fashion brands, and excellent dining options.

    Buckhead is a place of rich residents and everything you desire for a magnificent life. 

    We will discuss in detail all the rich neighborhoods in Atlanta, median income, housing price, population, and lifestyle in the given article. Let’s jump into the details! 

    10 Richest Neighborhoods in Atlanta 


    The captivating charm of the neighborhoods in Atlanta and a desire to call them home is worth it. Given below are the details. 

    1. Tuxedo Park – Excellent Schools 

    Zip Code30305
    Population 2k
    Median Household Income $155,272
    Median Home Price$4,497,376
    Area6.38 acres


    Tuxedo Park is located in Buckhead, a neighborhood of Atlanta. Tuxedo Park is popular due to its luxurious homes, exceptional schools, and fancy restaurants. 

    Tuxedo Park is a gated community to keep unwanted visitors out.

    Moreover, Tuxedo Park is home to many celebrities named Jennifer Lawrence, Vince Vaughn, Robert Downey Jr, and Kenny Rogers. 

    The cost of living is relatively higher in Tuxedo Park than in other neighborhoods and the national average due to luxurious houses, expensive restaurants, and the unique lifestyle of the residents. 

    Tuxedo Park is among the wealthiest neighborhoods of Atlanta due to the modern amenities, high-quality schools, and big houses with yards for parties and outdoor activities. 

    Hence, the residents of Tuxedo Park really enjoy a comfortable and lavish lifestyle in the expensive neighborhoods of Atlanta.

    Moreover, check for the cost of building a house in Georgia.

    2. Kingswood- Best for retirees


    Zip Code30327
    Population 624
    Median Household Income $1,71,875
    Median Home Price$2,727,796
    Area9.025 acres


    Kingswood is the neighborhood of Atlanta, located in the Buckhead area.

    Kingswood is popular due to the suburbs, peaceful streets, open spaces, and abundant recreational activities like fishing, hiking, and picnicking at the beautiful Chattahoochee River. 

    The proximity to nature and tranquility of Kingswood offers a blend of natural beauty and luxurious living to the residents.

    Kingswood is a place having mansions, high-end shopping centers, and a strong sense of community.

    Being an affluent community, Kingswood has high living costs as compared to the other neighborhoods and the national average. 

    Kingswood is a gated community and a safe place to live for kids and families in the neighborhoods of Atlanta, Georgia. Know when the snow starts in Georgia.

    3. Argonne Forest – Recreational Activities

    Zip Code30305
    Population 469
    Median Household Income $1,51,749
    Median Home Price$1,843,183
    Area100+ acres


    Argonne Forest is a gated community in the neighborhoods of Atlanta and is one of the best places to live in Georgia. 

    Argonne Forest is popular due to its quiet suburban atmosphere with serene beauty and calmness.

    Houses In  Argonne Forest are a blend of traditional-style houses and modern-style houses. 

    Residents of the Argonne Forest are rich and enjoy outclass amenities in the leafy streets and a relaxing environment having a canopy of trees. 

    Living costs are also higher than the national average due to high-quality schools, groceries, and expensive dining. 

    4. Chastain Park – diverse housing options 


    Zip Code30342
    Population 6,000
    Median Household Income $131,305
    Median Home Price$2,508,021
    Area260 acre


    Chastain Park is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Atlanta and is renowned due to its recreational opportunities, close-knit communities, and plenty of residential options. 

    Moreover, the neighborhood is famous for the Chastain Park named as the biggest park in Atlanta.

    The residents of the Chastain Park Neighborhood can enjoy the walking trails, playgrounds, sports fields, golf courses, and all other recreational activities. 

    Chastain Park is an excellent place to live as it offers the residents to opt for houses from mansions to charming bungalows in tree-lined streets and a calming atmosphere. 

    The residents of Chastain Park also have easy access to all the amenities like dining options, shopping malls, schools, entertainment options, and a box office for concerts and live performances. 

    The cost of living in Chastain Park is higher than the other neighborhoods in Atlanta and the national average.

    The costs are high due to the excellent quality of lifestyle, amenities, and residential properties. You can also check here for the swimming holes in Helen, GA.

    5. Paces – Best for Families 

    Zip Code30327
    Population 23,000
    Median Household Income $1,62,412
    Median Home Price$415,403
    Area0.36 acre


    Paces Neighborhood in Atlanta is a famous residential area with all the amenities and a luxurious lifestyle. 

    Paces neighborhood is located in the Buckhead district of Atlanta has grand mansions, excellent dining, and shopping facilities, a business hub, entertainment, and various outdoor activities for children and people of all ages. 

    Paces offer a unique and elevated lifestyle to the residents with luxurious amenities and high living costs.

    The living costs are higher than in Atlanta due to the high-end facilities and expensive properties. 

    A huge number of retirees also live in the West Paces Condos in  Atlanta.The place is best for professionals, families, and retirees looking for a comfortable living. 

    6. Buckhead – Vibrant nightlife  


    Zip Code30305
    Population 90,856
    Median Household Income $124,438
    Median Home Price$146,000
    Area2.14 sq. km. 


    Buckhead is also among the wealthiest neighborhoods in Atlanta and is located in the north of Atlanta.

    Buckhead is popular due to its excellent housing, condos, and sophisticated lifestyle. 

    Buckhead provides its residents with all the luxurious amenities including high-quality restaurants having mouth-watering cuisines, fashion brands, quality schools, and a vibrant nightlife.

    Moreover, Buckhead also offers options for recreational activities, walking trails, entertainment theaters, live music performances, and golf courses. 

    The residents of Buckhead enjoy a high-quality living experience and higher living costs than that of Atlanta and other neighborhoods.

    The living costs are also 101 %  higher in Buckhead than the national average due to the upscaled amenities and lifestyle. 

    7. Brookwood Hills – Historic Neighborhood 

    Zip Code30324
    Population 2,124
    Median Household Income $79,281
    Median Home Price$217,007 


    Brookwood Hills is another charming and rich neighborhood in the southern part of Atlanta.

    The strong sense of community with excellent residentials and the unique architectural style of the area make it worth living. 

    The residents of Brookwood Hills have an upscale lifestyle and enjoy all the amenities like daycare centers, schools, restaurants, recreational parks, and shopping malls. 

    Moreover, the living costs in Brookwood Hills are higher than the national average and state average due to the location of the house, living amenities, and lifestyle. 

    Brookwood Hills is also a safe place to call it home due to the lower crime rates as compared to Atlanta and the national average. 

    8. Ansley Park – Strong Community sense 


    Zip Code30324
    Population 1,671
    Median Household Income $200,839
    Median Home Price$1,329,633
    Area275 acre


    Ansley Park is a rich area in Atlanta and is a highly desirable place to call home. Ansley Park is an excellent place with natural beauty and a suburban feeling. 

    Located in the heart of Atlanta, Ansley Park offers unique houses with big gardens and lawns with outstanding architecture that are worth living. 

    Ansley Park also offers high-end amenities like close proximity to top-rated schools, restaurants, recreational parks, historic museums, and theaters.  

    The residents of Ansley Park live a luxurious life with all the exceptional facilities required for a comfortable lifestyle. 

    Ansley Park is safe for living with lower crime rates as compared to Atlanta.

    However, Living Costs in Ansley Park are higher than the state and national average due to its prime location, quality of lifestyle, and amenities. 

    9. Ormewood Park – Local arts & dining scene

    Zip Code30324
    Population 3,663
    Median Household Income $154,086
    Median Home Price$384,229 
    Area0.81 sq. km. 


    Ormewood Park is an excellent place to live in the neighborhoods of Atlanta and is located in southeast Atlanta. 

    Ormewood Park is a developing area with modern facilities and offers a diverse living experience to its residents.

    Moreover, the park attracts a wide number of young professionals, artists, and families. Hence, resulting in a unique community. 

    Ormewood Park provides the residents with exceptional facilities including easy access to transportation, parks, playgrounds, and outdoor activities.

    Moreover, you can use public transportation for traveling interstate.

    The distance between  Atlanta and SCAD is almost 6 miles. Both are relatively close and you can reach SCAD by car in 10 to 15 minutes.  

    Moreover, Ormewood Park also has a variety of restaurants, bars, cafes, and entertainment options to enjoy a luxurious living. The top-notch schools and job opportunities also make Ormewood worth a living place. 

    Living costs are relatively high due to the great amenities and the luxurious lifestyle of the residents. Check the healing spring water in Georgia.

    10. Downtown – Best Job opportunities & amenities


    Zip Code30303
    Population 456,378
    Median Household Income $40,853
    Median Home Price$222,300
    Area131,sq. miles


    Downton Atlanta is one of the most vibrant and bustling neighborhoods located in the heart of the city. The fast-growing city offers a wide variety of amenities and luxurious living. 

    Downtown neighborhoods are best known due to their amazing skyline and skyscrapers.

    Moreover, the city is home to government offices and corporate headquarters providing great job opportunities. 

    Additionally, you can witness the stunning attraction points of Downtown by visiting the historical and cultural places. 

    Downtown Atlanta is 14% more expensive than the state average and 2% more than the national average.  

    Besides the high costs, Downtown Atlanta offers the residents high-quality restaurants, bars, cafes, music venues, and live performances making the night more vibrant and enjoyable. 

    Moreover, Downtown Atlanta is a safe place to live but you just need to be cautious as crimes do happen all over the world. 

    Rich Neighborhoods in Atlanta FAQs

    Where do the celebrities live in Atlanta?

    Celebrities live in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia. 

    What are the suburbs of Atlanta?

    Buckhead, Peachtree City, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, and Roswell are the suburbs of Atlanta. 

    What is the safest area in Atlanta?

    Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Peachtree, and Acworth are among the safest areas of Atlanta. 

    How to find a rich man in Atlanta?

    You can find a rich man in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. 


    Atlanta is popular due to its rich neighbourhoods and the unique, luxurious lifestyle of its neighbourhoods.

    The neighbourhoods in Atlanta are located in the Buckhead area with gated communities and exceptional amenities. 

    The affluent people looking for a comfortable lifestyle in a serene environment with close proximity to exceptional schools, recreational parks, gardens, grand mansions, condos, shopping malls, and top-notch restaurants chose to live in the neighbourhoods of Atlanta. 

    We hope the above article helped you in getting an idea of your next destination.