Best Restaurants in Virginia Highlands


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    Welcome to Virginia Highlands, where the food scene is delicious and thriving!

    Here you’ll find anything from French cuisine to Spanish delicacies. The lively atmosphere and retro vibes make the restaurants in Virginia Highlands extra special.


    So, keeping things short, let’s guide you about the 6 most original and delicious places where you can enjoy your breakfast, brunch, quick lunch, and romantic dinners.

    Sit tight, because it’s going to be a delicious journey.

    6 Restaurants In Virginia Highland That Are Too Good To Miss In 2023


    Life is good when you’re sitting in a good restaurant enjoying your food. So, after checking out over 20 restaurants in Highlands Atlanta, I have picked only the best spots on the basis of:

    • Taste
    • Food Portion/Value For Money
    • Service Quality
    • Menu Diversity 
    • Overall Atmosphere And Vibe

    So, whether you wanna enjoy a lazy dinner or coming to Atlanta for the first time, here are a few safe options that you should never miss.

    1. La Tavola Trattoria – Best Italian Restaurant In Atlanta

    La Tavola Trattoria is an Italian bistro in rustic neighborhoods of Virginia Highlands offering a range of Italian cuisines from veal meatballs to tiramisu. 


    Avail the special offer on all kinds of pasta on Mondays like Bucatini Carbonara, Rigatoni Al Forno, and Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe on Monday and pay only 10 bucks for all these delicacies.  

    Make your dinner special with wine and Chevre Cheesecake. The one thing I really like is the affordable price. You can enjoy a 3-course meal under $100, a big win.

    Phone# 404-873-5430
    Address: 992 Virginia Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306.

    2. Murphy’s Atlanta – Affordable Fine Dining

    Murphy has been in business for the last 40 years, offering excellent services, a cozy ambiance, and a comforting food menu.


    Situated in the charming neighborhoods of Virginia Highlands, It offers an extensive American breakfast menu and wine options.

    This place is renowned for its Guinness braised brisket for horseradish mashed potatoes and crab cake benedict with jalapenos.

    Don’t forget to order Tollhouse pie and Toll House cookies batter from the dessert section.

    If you’re looking for a romantic dining experience at Murphy’s Virginia Highlands, then reserve a private table on the patio and enjoy the most beautiful views with special service.

    Phone# 404-872-0904
    Address: 997 Virginia Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306.  

    3. Mali – Best Thai Restaurant In Virginia Highlands

    A popular local dining spot for all Highlanders, known for sushi and its exclusive Thai cuisine.


    Rated as a neighborhood hidden gem, here you can taste true Asian cuisine and seafood.

    Though it’s known for Thai cuisine, they do have some typical Indian and Vietnamese dishes.

    Keep in mind that the restaurant has limited seating capacity, so make sure to get your reservations right.

    The only thing that I didn’t like is the seafood section is very limited, with six dishes only.

    The veg section is even more disappointing, it has only three options for lunch, not a place for vegans. 

    Phone# 404-874-5112
    Address: 961 Amsterdam NE Ave Atlanta, GA 30306.  

    4. The Original El Taco – The Mexican Delicacy

    As the name suggests, the Original El Taco offers excellent Tex-Mex cuisine. Tex-Mex is a perfect fusion of Southwestern cuisine.


    Original El Taco offers the perfect fusion of retro vibes and Mexican spice. 

    The first thing that you’ll notice is the quirky artwork at the entry. The colors of desserts are blooming on the walls while the authentic taste of Tex-Mex will leave you stunned.

    Overall, the place is great. The menu is diverse and has several options to soothe your appetite. The cherry on top is that the atmosphere there feels so airy and fresh. 

    Phone# 404-209-1700
    Address: 6000 N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30320.

    5. BarBacoa – Best Spanish Restaurant In Atlanta

    The restaurant exudes Spanish vibes and eclectic charm. The interior of Bar-Bacoa is done with copper and rich textiles, mood lighting, artwork, and a comfortable make-bar patio in the front. 


    It is a perfect place for date nights, celebratory dinners, and happy hours. Barbacoa’s specialty is craft beers, cocktails, seafood, and Tequila collections. It is my to-go place for Tacos and Tapas. 

    Well, it is worth mentioning that this restaurant in Highlands is more than just Taco and Tapas. You can also enjoy soothing soups, fresh salads, and the crispiest Churros with caramel sauce. 

    Phone# 404-815-9155
    Address: 1000 Virginia Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306.

    6. Bazati Atlanta – Perfect for A Romantic Date Night!

    Bazati on the Beltline offers a perfect combination of indoor Al-Fresco dining experience. Famous for its Latin and American cuisine, it also offers a separate drink menu.


    The first thing that you’ll notice is its floor-to-ceiling windows European vibes, especially when it snows in Atlanta.

    The food here tastes like heaven. The menu has several nice dishes and a surprisingly good dessert section.

    If you’re planning to visit Bazati on the Beltline on the weekend, then I suggest you reserve a table on the rooftop. The view from there is simply magnificent and you’ll fall in love all over again!

    Phone# 404-795-8343
    Address: 550 Somerset Terrace NE, Atlanta, GA 30306.

    Best Restaurants Near Virginia Highlands FAQs

    Does La Tavola Trattoria take reservations?

    Yes, La Tavola Trattoria takes reservations and is open all day from 5:30 pm to 10 pm. Most importantly, one can book a table on their website seamlessly or Opentable.

    What forms of payment are accepted at La Tavola Trattoria?

    La Tavola Trattoria accepts credit cards. However, do not worry as other forms of payment are also accepted.

    Does Murphy’s offer delivery or takeout?

    Yes, Murphy’s offers delivery and takeout services. The restaurant is open on weekdays from 11 am to 9 pm, and on weekends, it stays open from 8:30 am to 10 pm.

    What days are Murphy’s open?

    Murphy’s is open on all days of the week. Moreover, on weekends, the restaurant is open for longer hours compared to weekdays.

    What forms of payment are accepted at the Original El Taco?

    Original El Taco accepts credit card payments. However, a late charge of $25 is charged on failure to adhere to the reservation. Therefore, to avoid such situations, reservations need to be canceled 4 hrs before timings.


    Virginia Highlands is known for affluent neighborhoods, rustic cafes, charming interiors, and diverse food options. Be it Thai, continental, American, or Spanish, Virginia Highlands has food varieties for everyone. 

    On weekends, it seems like the whole city flock toward these restaurants. So, the best option is to reserve a table online to avoid any fuss. If possible, prefer a table on the patio or rooftop for a proper view.

    Not to mention that with our list of restaurants, you don’t have to search for bars in Virginia Highlands, because these spots have the city’s finest wine and cocktail menu!