Red Hill Hot Springs


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    Red Hill Hot springs or Monroe Hot springs are known to be one of the pre-eminent hidden secrets in Utah. It is a free family-friendly destination situated right in Monroe Utah.

    The spring remains open year-round providing easy access for visitors and making a perfect place to enjoy a rejuvenating dip and relax any time of the day. 


    So, if you are moving to Utah at the end of fall and planning to have a relaxed time somewhere, pack your swim clothes and go for a soak at Red Hill Hot springs. 

    Where is Monroe Utah?

    With a population of around 2500 residents, Monroe Utah is a city of Utah present in Sevier county.

    It has a very low cost of living which makes it the best place to live in Utah for retirees. 

    Monroe Utah Weather

    Weather in Monroe Utah remains dry, warm, and mostly clear during the summers and snowy, partially cloudy, and freezing during winters.

    The temperature usually varies from 15°F to 90°F and rarely drops down to 1°F to rise above 95°F.

    Nature at Red hill hot springs

    Nestled in Utah’s stunning red rock formations, Red Hill Hot Springs is a natural oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.


    The hot springs’ warm mineral water, rich in healing properties, bubbles up deep beneath the earth’s surface.

    These red rock hot spring formations create a breathtaking backdrop as visitors soak in the natural pools and unwind from the stresses of daily life. 

    Temperature98o F – 105o F
    EnvironmentPristine and untouched, with the natural beauty of the surrounding red rock formations and warm mineral water creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.
    Opening SeasonThroughout the year
    Camping Camping is not allowed directly at Red Hill Hot Springs, but there are nearby campsites available for visitors who wish to stay overnight in the area.
    Coordinates37.1054° N, 113.4414° W
    Best Time To VisitSunrise, sunset, anytime during the day
    Swimming Not allowed, you can soak instead 

    Pools of red hill hot spring

    Red Hill Hot Springs features several natural pools of warm mineral water, with the exact number varying depending on the flow of water and other factors.


    Typically, there are between four and six pools available for visitors to enjoy, each with a unique temperature and mineral composition.

    Visitors can explore the different pools and find the one that best suits their preferences, whether they prefer a cooler soak or a hotter, more therapeutic experience. 


    The surrounding landscape of Red Hill Hot Springs offers several natural trails with varying levels of difficulty for visitors to explore and take in the breathtaking views of the red rock formations and scenic landscapes.

    It’s important to stay on designated trails to preserve the ecosystem and to come prepared with essentials for a safe and enjoyable hike.

    Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a novice explorer, the trails around Monroe hot springs Utah offer a memorable outdoor experience.

    Best Time to visit Red Hill Hot Spring

    The best time to visit Red Hill Hot Springs Utah is during the spring and fall months when the temperatures are milder and the crowds are thinner.

    In the summer months, the hot springs can be quite popular and crowded, making it more difficult to find a peaceful and relaxing experience. However,

    for visitors who don’t mind sharing the space with others, the summer months can still be an enjoyable time to visit.

    Red Hill Hot Spring Directions

    To get to Red Hill Hot Springs, take exit 16 off of Interstate 15 and head east on State Route 9 for approximately 6.5 miles.


    Turn right onto Kolob Terrace Road and follow it for approximately 4.5 miles.

    Turn right onto the unpaved gravel road and follow it for approximately 2.5 miles until you reach the parking area.

    Camping at Red Hill Hot Spring

    Camping is not allowed at Red Hill Hot Springs, as the area is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and has no designated campsites.


    Visitors looking to spend the night in the area can find accommodations in nearby towns or camping facilities.

    Tips for visitors

    • Be prepared for sudden weather changes and bring appropriate clothing and gear.
    • Follow posted guidelines and rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors.
    • The visitors must respect the privacy of others, not bring glass containers into the pools, and avoid any behaviors that may be considered dangerous or disruptive.
    • Dogs are allowed at Red Hill Hot Springs, but they must be kept on a leash and under control at all times.

    What services are available at Red Hill Hot Springs?

    Services available at RedHill Hot Springs are as follows:

    • Time-to-time maintenance and security check by the officials.
    • Availability of a pit toilet, trash bins, and recycling services.
    • Check whether anyone is camping out as it’s illegal there and closes in the evening.
    • Provide dining and accommodation services in nearby Monroe hot springs resort and others. 

    Red Hill Hot Springs FAQs

    What to expect at Red Hill Hot Springs?

    Red hill hot Springs are now open throughout the year with a small parking lot and a pit toilet.

    You can find three beautiful small pools with mineralized water at the bottom that range from a very hot bathtub to a warm bathtub. 

    What do I need to bring for soaking in red hills hot springs?

    Swimsuits, water shoes, trash bags, robes, towels, and reusable water bottles are the most essential items to bring for soaking in Red Hills hot springs. 


    We hope you have enjoyed exploring the city of Monroe, Utah, and its hidden secret the Red Hills Hot Springs.

    Whether you like to soak in a very hot pool or watch the stunning charm of the spot, Red Hill Hot springs are worth visiting.

    We would like to know the best part of your visit to this stunning place and city in the comment section below.