Reasons Why Finland Is The Happiest Country

Beach and nature-oriented destinations are the most desirable places where most people want to go on their holidays. Similarly, you often search for the best destinations for enjoying your holidays. You will see many such countries which are popular with their facilities and amenities. It includes Australia, Switzerland, Thailand, India, Wellington, Quba, and so on. Out of all these countries, Finland is known as a different and better country in the world because of its pleasant and pure aura.

Besides the cultural fests, the weather and the peaceful environment make this place an entertaining spot to visit. Not only travelers but people from all around the world often search why Finland is the happiest country in the world? Thus, this article collects all about the country Finland.

Is Finland really the happiest country in the world?

Finland is a country whose land borders are surrounded by a coastline of 4,600 KM – in miles, it is 2,760. Thus, this country has the best sea-facing experiences amongst all. Also, Finland stands on 4th rank for the happiest country in the world and the safest country to travel to. The calm nature, pure and fresh air, and quiet outdoor beach locations are enough to melt your heart. All these rare things are making Finland, happiest country in the world.

What makes Finland so happy?

Why Finland is the happiest country? It is all because of its amenities, education, environment, and transportation. Amenities like safe housing and peaceful lakes are the best hereabouts. People can experience the most adorable surroundings of snow in the winter season even by public transports.

Furthermore, transportation services are available for the locals and tourists in Finland that help to make this country so carefree. Moving on to Finland’s education, the system teaches children with essential education in mind. Education is the utmost factor that can make and break the country. Undoubtedly, Finland’s education makes this country a better place to breathe.

Best reasons why Finland is the happiest country

People always try to make their vacations/holidays unique, memorable, and peaceful. For this, they select a great location or places to spend their holidays. Following are the best reasons that make Finland so happiest country.

1. Nature and Environment

Finland is the only country that holds 70% of the forest in entire Europe. Yes! That is why the nature and the environment of this country are pleasant and peaceful. However, people love the climate, cold winter acclimatize, and quite rainy summer seasons without any issues.

Finland is the happiest country

2. Chilled Outdoor Culture

In the pure atmosphere, people are surprised after seeing the beauty of Nuuksio National Park. This park grabs the attention of tourists, travelers, and people from all over the world. Moreover, Haltia is the place that shows the best exhibitions of outdoor nature in the whole of Finland.

3. Govt. and Society

The government and society fulfill all the social responsibilities towards each other. As a result, you will rarely find corruption and violence. No corruption and no violence make the country a safer place to live. However, Finland has a republic representative democracy, and the president is head of the state. Further, The government keeps clean and polite working places as well as the country’s atmosphere.

4. High Living Standards

Here if we talk about life, Finland stands on #3rd all over the world. That means it is the 3rd uppermost country in the world where the standard of living is high but very effective. The personal freedom of space, financial scores for residence, and basic needs are the things that people are presently experiencing. Furthermore, people are safely walking on the road at night without any hesitation and fear.

5. Best Education

If we talk about their education, in the world, Finland stands on #3rd for the best education in the year 2021. Not only this but also the best-developed education system exists in Finland, and this was proved by the World Economic Forum’s Global competitiveness. Along with this, this country holds the highest rate of high school completion. It makes it look different and better than the education system of the world.

6. Low Crime Rate

In Finland, usually, only the cases of property disputes and traffic offenses are seen. However, the country is too safe as compared to the Nordic countries. Thus, Finland is one of the safest countries in the world.

7. Work in Progress

One of the best leading companies of Finland is Nokia. A company that manufactures mobile phones and now they are developing their smartphones and android phones. However, Finland’s economy mainly depends on International Trade. Telecommunication, electronics, along forestry for rural society are the sources of income. Also, IT-based services, internet, and developments and expansion are the projects of Finland.

8. Great places to visit

It starts from the Haltia and Nuuksio National Park. After that, a few best locations are present below.

  • Suomenlinna Fortress –  It is the world’s vast sea fortress. Your whole day falls down while roaming on its ferry boats and water bus services.
  • Helsinki Churches – The place consists of three churches. One is the landmark, and the rest of the two are cathedrals and architectural churches.
  • Northern Lights – Many people want to see these lights in real life. Also, they want this experience at least once in their lifetime. So, Finland covers a few exciting things to visit, and on top of that, skiing and dog sled rides are also available.

Pros & Cons of living in Finland


  • The people are enjoying the world-class beauty of nature and its beautiful environment in Finland.
  • Waterways, campings, and hiking are some of the best experiences that Finland has.
  • Shockingly, Finland provides free education to all students. It includes primary, secondary, along with bachelor’s, graduates, and doctorate tuition classes. 


  • Higher taxes lead to higher expenses, and this is a massive disadvantage of this country.
  • As compared to other European countries, Finland has an expensive Air travel service.
  • The living cost of Finland is high.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Finland is the Happiest Country in the world?

Finland has a lot of facilities and better nature experiences. Further, it has a few locations that make you fall in love with it. With a population of 5.5 million, they provide hiking, camping, and waterways places to enjoy your vacation. Further, the public transportation service lays out up to 50% off discount to the passengers. (70 Years & above)

  • Why Finland is so rich?

Eurostat study follows the price of beverages, foods, and tobacco in around the 38 countries of Europe. Therefore, according to this study, Finland stands on #8 in the list. Foreign trade respecting the manufacturing unit is dominant for economic conditions.

  • What Finland is good at?

People know that this is the happiest country in the world. But, Finland ranks #2 for police and internal security.  Surprisingly, the Village of Santa Clause, Nokia,  and its Saunas are the reasons for the popularity of this country.  Apart from that, the lakes are clean and look attractive.


Do you know what are the things you can enjoy in Finland?  Well, this article is all about the country Finland, so you can find every question’s answer here. Everyone knows about Christmas, and yes! Finland is a place where Santa Claus belongs. And fortunately, it is the happiest country in the world. Therefore, plan your tour without loading the weight of worries as this is the safest and happiest country to travel to.

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