North Carolina VS South Carolina

North Carolina vs South Carolina

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    Originally this colony was referred to as the Carolina colony. It was originally claimed by the French and Spanish. In its early years, this colony faced a lot of democratic & political discord with Native Americans due to taxes and various other conflicts. Thus, in the year 1712, the colony was split into two parts i.e., North and South Carolina. Since then both the colonies became independent and unique, they have their economies, government, cultures, and way of living life. 

    North Carolina vs South Carolina

    But the states are good in their aspect. If you want to settle down in a place full of hustle and bustle, then North Carolina will be a good choice. But, if you prefer peace with a big city environment and vibes then moving to South Carolina will be the best for you. 

    If you are planning to settle down in any of these states, then we are sure that you might be extremely confused about which is better North or South Carolina. Thus, we have done the job for you and have prepared a comprehensive article where you will be able to compare North Carolina vs South Carolina under different heads. So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

    Is it better to live in South Carolina or North Carolina?

    The major difference between these two states is their population. South Carolina has a population of around 5 million people roughly, whereas, on the other hand, the population of North Carolina is just double its size. This thus makes it clear that the latter is bigger and has a higher cost of living. The overall cost of living in South Carolina is 88.5% whereas it is 90.6% in North Carolina. 

    Are North Carolina and South Carolina similar?

    Both the states are almost similar when it comes to climate, popularity, recreational activities, and various other factors. The only difference lies in the size of the states, their population count, and their affordability. Another similarity is that both of them are bordered by Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and the Atlantic Ocean. 

    Are North Carolina and South Carolina similar?

    Both the states are almost similar when it comes to climate, popularity, recreational activities, and various other factors. The only difference lies in the size of the states, their population count, and their affordability. Another similarity is that both of them are bordered by Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and the Atlantic Ocean. 

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    Retirement in North Carolina or South Carolina?

    Retirement is the most interesting part of a person’s life, for which one is the most excited. This golden period allows you to do activities and fulfill wishes which you were not able to do so till now. If you are planning to retire in any one of the Carolina states, then you are probably on the right track, as they are the most perfect places to live in terms of affordability, climate, and convenience. 


    Is it cheaper to retire in NC or SC?

    Although there is a subtle difference in the cost of living between the two states. But maintaining the appropriate budget to leave peacefully and happily during the retirement years is necessary. Thus the average cost of living in North Carolina vs South Carolina is; 90.6 out of 100 of former and 88.5 out of 100 of latter.  

    Is North Carolina a retirement-friendly state?

    North Carolina is a retirement-friendly state as it offers retirees with cozy mountain communities, picturesque nature, lots of accommodation options, tax assistance, and a few other incentives. If we talk about the southern state, it also offers beautiful & mesmerizing beaches, beautiful places to live and settle down, lots of golf courses, and some of the best hospitals in South Carolina also offer world-class medical facilities to the retirees. 


    In the table given below, we are going to compare the cost of living between North Carolina vs South Carolina under certain important heads. 

    ItemsNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina
    Overall Cost of Living90.6%88.5%
    RentBelow national averageBelow national average

    Climate and Weather in NC and SC

    No climate or weather can be categorized as good or bad, it’s just that what suits an individual being. If we compare the climate of North Carolina vs South Carolina, then you will be able to find out only a few differences. The northern part has a seasonal climate, whereas the southern part has more of a warmer climate, which thus makes it a perfect place to retire and live.


    Also, Northern Carolina is a bit cooler than the southern part due to the presence of mountains and beaches. 

    Does it rain more in South Carolina or North Carolina?

    The average rain happening per year in the US is 38 inches. Whereas, in South Carolina, you will get 48.3 inches of rain per year and 43.1 inches in North Carolina. The southern part gets more rain than the northern part because of afternoon thunderstorms and tropical cyclones. 

    Does it snow more in North Carolina or South Carolina?

    North Carolina has mountains thus this place experiences snow regularly. The average snow in the winter season in this state is 5 inches, and may also vary from place to place. Whereas South Carolina experiences an inch or two of snowfall in coastal cities and a little larger in the interior cities. 

    Comparison Table

    ItemsNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina
    Sunny Days218 days209 days
    Rainfall43.1 inches48.3 inches
    Snow2.3 inches0.4 inches
    Summers89.7 degrees Fahrenheit89.9 degrees Fahrenheit
    Winters30 degrees Fahrenheit39.3 degrees Fahrenheit

    House Prices, Economy and Other Financial Matters 

    Though these two states are neighbors of each other, there has always been a tiff between them since their separation. Both the states are extremely affordable when it comes to the cost of living as compared to the rest of the country. Thus you should first off make a requirement bundle for yourself and also set up a budget that will help you in deciding whether you should live in North Carolina vs South Carolina. 


    Is it cheaper to live in South Carolina or North Carolina?

    According to the data and statistics, North Carolina has a larger population thus it is costlier than the southern state. The cost of living, housing prices, grocery rates, transportation costs, etc entirely depends on the area or the place we live in. There is a general rule that the suburbs and the rural areas will be comparatively less expensive than the big cities. 

    Are houses cheaper in North Carolina?

    The median cost of houses in North Carolina is $242,300 which is comparatively less than the national average of US that is $291,700. This state has a wide array of houses for you to choose from, from affordable to most expensive. Thus, the ultimate choice of place and the house lies in your hands, as you are the one who can make the best choice for yourself according to your budget. 

    Comparison Table

    Given below is a list of some of the most affordable cities of suburbs in both the states where you can plan on buying a house.

    North CarolinaSouth Carolina
    ApexFountain Inn
    CaryLake City
    Chapel HillUnion

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    North Carolina vs. South Carolina Taxes 

    If we compare North Carolina vs South Carolina in terms of taxes; then, both the states are tax-friendly towards the retires. There is a huge difference in terms of tax rates, which you will come to know about further in this head. 


    Are property taxes cheaper in NC or SC?

    If you compare North Carolina and South Carolina living, then both the Carolina states offer a great quality of life. Northern state is famous for retirement communities. Whereas the best South Carolina beaches for families are people’s favorite to live and settle down. Here in this state, the taxes on real estate varies according to the size of residence, type of property, and place of property.

    On the other hand, the taxes in North Carolina are charged according to the ad volerem basis, and the tax rates vary from county to county. If we talk about numbers then, South Carolina is a clear winner as the people here pay 0.56% of their home’s market value, and also people above 65 years of age get a deduction of about $50K.

    Whereas, residents of North Carolina pay 0.85% of their home’s market value and offers a deduction of $25K to those who are 65+. 

    Is South Carolina more tax-friendly than North Carolina?

    South Carolina is a more tax-friendly state than North Carolina for retirees. As it offers a lot of redemption and charges lesser tax rates on retirement income, properties, sales tax, real estate tax, and more. 

    Comparison Table

    ItemsNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina
    Income tax5.25% flat rate0%-7%
    Sales tax6.75%-7.50%6%-9%
    Property tax0.77%0.55%
    Gas tax36.10 cents per gallon26 cents per gallon

    North Carolina Vs South Carlina Economy Comparison 

    Both the Carolinas state are highly affordable when it comes to cost & standard of living. Although there is a subtle difference between the costs of North Carolina VS South Carolina living, both of them are at an affordable pace when compared to the other states in the country. 

    Which is poorer North or South Carolina?

    According to data analysis of 24/7 Wall Street, North Carolina is considered the 10th poorest state in the country. It is also the 9th highest state with increased poverty & unemployment rates. Whereas, South Carolina is considered the 7th poorest state with a median income of $42,059. It is the fourth state in the nation with high unemployment rates. 

    How did the economies of North and South Carolina differ?

    These two places were once a combined state. But, during the 17th century when these colonies separated, there has been a tiff between them ever since. If we talk about the economic overview of states; The Northern state has a larger population than the southern and has about 150% larger economic production than the latter.

    The per capita income is also high in North Carolina VS South Carolina. Both the states have restructured their economic strategies in recent years. South Carolina has turned towards heavy vehicle manufacturing, whereas the Northern state has turned towards financial services, technology, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and others for their economy. 

    Comparison Table

    ItemsNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina
    Annual GDP$589,829M$244,882M
    GDP per capita$55,640$46,930
    Unemployment rate3.7%3.5%
    Poverty rate13.7%13.3%

    Parks & Grounds in NC vs SC

    If we talk about North Carolina vs South Carolina, both states have massive recreation opportunities in the form of gorgeous beaches, mountainous beauty, and the unspoiled splendor of mesmerizing parks. Thus, one can spend a gala time with their loved ones in the park. 


    What is the most popular park in North Carolina?

    Carolina Beach State Park is the most visited and the most famous state park. It is one of the loveliest natural getaways on Pleasure Island. This place is the best as it offers you instant relief from the nearby hustle & bustle of the attractions. The park is built on 761-acre land and is located around 10-miles north of Wilmington.

    It is situated along the Cape Fear River and Intercoastal Waterway and is operated jointly by the Department of Army and State of NC. This park is the home to rare carnivorous plants such as; venus flytrap, bladderworts, butterworts, and pitcher plants. It also has 6 miles of hiking trails and also exhibits some natural ecosystems. 

    What is the most popular park in South Carolina?

    Lake Conestee Nature Park is one of the popular parks in the state situated in Greenville, one of the best places to live in South Carolina. It was constructed in the year 1890s by damming the River Reedy. Today this park is a popular recreation center that encompasses around 400 acres of wetlands and forest.

    This place has a wide variety of plants, animal, and birds species which makes it a great place for bird watching. Along with that, this place also has 12 miles of walking trails, 6 miles of paved trails, and 1 mile of the boardwalk.  

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    Comparison Table

    Given below is a table that states the list of some popular parks in both states. 

    North CarolinaSouth Carolina
    Chimney Rock State ParkBarnwell State Park
    Neuse State ParkCharles Towne Landing State Historic Site
    Crowders Mountain State ParkCheraw State Park
    Elk Knob State ParkChester State Park
    Fort Macon State ParkColonial Dorchester State Historic Site
    Goose Creek State ParkCroft State Park

    Sports in Both States

    Residents of both states are extremely interested in games and action-packed sports. However, there is always a neck-to-neck competition between the teams as to who performs the best and dominates the other in a certain sport. There is always a tiff going on between the North Carolina VS South Carolina football prediction. 


    For example; North Carolina is a better performing state when it comes to basketball. Also, some of the top schools of the state such as; Dake University, North Carolina State University, and Wake Forest University are champions of basketball. 

    On the other hand, the people of South Carolina are more interested in playing football. Clemson Tigers are considered the most elite football program in the nation. But, when it comes to professional sports teams in North Carolina VS South Carolina, the former has more successful teams than the latter. 

    Along with that, both the states give equal respect to racing and have NASCAR racing tracks. The southern state has the most famous Darlington Raceway tack, whereas the Northern state has the NASCAR Hall of Fame & Charlotte Motor Speedway. Thus, if you are someone who has a major interest in sports, then both states will offer you the extremely best experience. 

    Crime rate in North and South Carolina

    Criminal activities are unlawful and punishable activities carried out by some people. Crimes are of various types and the punishment of each of them is decided by the law & order department. 

    Crime Rate

    Which is safer North or South Carolina?

    According to the data recorded in the year 2021, 56% of North Carolinians are concerned about their safety on a daily basis. Whereas, the numbers are around 42% in South Carolina. The residents of the Northern state are worried about being a victim of package theft and that of Southern state is scared of becoming a victim of gun violence. 

    What city in NC has the highest crime rate?

    If you are living in North Carolina or are planning to live in one of the cities of the state; then, you should be aware of some of the most dangerous cities of the area. Some of them are; Williamston, Wadesboro, Whiteville, Pineville, and Henderson.

    Comparison Table

    CrimesNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina
    Violent Crime40%38%
    Property Crime41%35%
    Package Theft45%33%
    Gun Violence39%40%

    Deciding Between North and South Carolina 

    In the end, it is an overall tough decision to decide in which Carolina state should you settle down. You must be wondering about is North or South Carolina better? Well, North Carolina is a geographically larger state with a bigger & diverse population. On the other hand, South Carolina is a peaceful & beautiful state with a comparatively lesser population than the former. 

    For providing you with a better understanding of which state is the best to settle down and live in, we have mentioned for you certain pros and cons about both states, which will help you in making a viable decision.

    North Carolina

    People here are very friendlyHigh tax burden on the residents’
    Beautiful outdoor sceneryCrime rates are also high
    Good healthcare servicesHurricanes can cause damage
    Rich history and diversityLow economic opportunities
    Low cost of livingPoor public transport system

    South Carolina

    Beautiful landscapesHigh cost of living
    People here are extremely hospitalHurricanes can create problems
    Lower rate of gas taxesFrequent floods in a coastal area
    Smooth Transportation systemWatch out for alligators on the beach
    Numerous outdoor activities & beachesHigh tax rates

    North Carolina vs South Carolina FAQs 

    Where in North Carolina should I live?

    Some of the best cities to live in North Carolina according to the education system, cost of living, local culture, are; Wilmington, Chapel Hill, Asheville, Durham, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, and Wake Forest. 

    Does North or South Carolina have better beaches?

    There is no way to figure out which of the beaches are the best. North Carolina has various beaches and coastal areas along with mountains & Blue Ridge parkways. Whereas, the beaches of South Carolina are more famous due to amazing all the year-round weather and amazing coastline. 

    What are the advantages of living in South Carolina?

    Some of the best reasons for relocating to South Carolina are:- 

    • The people, there are quite warm and welcoming.
    • Gas taxes and transportation costs are quite low in this state.
    • Various outdoor recreational activities to enjoy.
    • Excellent quality of air.
    • This state gives lots of financial and mental benefits.
    • The state is rich in culture and diversity.
    • Excellent food items and delicacies are available here.


    So, folks, that was all about the comprehensive guide that states the difference between North Carolina vs South Carolina. We hope that we have assisted you in the best possible way and have also helped you in deciding in which state you should move to. 

    You can choose the state where want to settle down according to your preferences, type of weather you like, topography, jobs, recreation activities, taxes, crime rates, and various other parameters. What’s stopping you now? Note down necessary points after reading the above article and plan your itinerary to your favorite state today. 

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