Nearest Airport to Yellowstone

Is Yellowstone National Park on your wishlist? The wilderness recreation area has spread over nearly 3,500-sq.-mile; the most part comes under Wyoming and covers other reasons, including Montana and Idaho. Visiting such a prominent, magnificent place having 5 entrances is quite a challenging task, especially if you are a sightseer.

As a traveler, you are indeed nosy to know the airports near Yellowstone national park, right? We understand your pain, and therefore, we are about to unfold the top 6 closest airports to Yellowstone that will eventually save your money and precious time.

Nearest Airport to Yellowstone

Moreover, distant travelers who live in the USA far from Yellowstone or other tourists should know the most convenient ways to reach Yellowstone’s entrance gate.

So, save yourself from the unnecessary hustle and dig into the article to get the appropriate option. Let’s get started.

What is the Best Airport to fly into for Yellowstone National Park?

There are many and best airports to reach Yellowstone National Park. A few of the best ones are Yellowstone Airport-WYS, Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, Jackson Hole Airport, Yellowstone Regional Airport, and many others.

However, the best airport to fly into for Yellowstone National Park depends on where you are flying or located. In such situations, taking the nearest airport to Yellowstone would be an excellent preference.

Where do you fly into for Southwest Yellowstone?

For Yellowstone’s south or west entrance, you can undoubtedly pick the Salt Lake City International Airport, Utah, as it is near Yellowstone National Park. Moreover, the most convenient way to visit Wyoming. You can fly from any country or continent, including European, Canadian, or Mexican cities; they have a handful of direct non-stop flights into SLC.

However, if you are more curious in knowing the best time to visit Montana, you’d love our article on when is the best time to visit Montana.

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6 Airports Near Yellowstone

Every tourist wants a hustle-free journey, and for this, they want to pre-plan everything, including a budget, traveling time, etc.

Moreover, you want to land at the destination as close as possible. In our opinion, it would be great if you could check the flying prices on the Skyscanner to get the best deal.

Another thing you have to consider is the season you are planning to visit Yellowstone. It is essential because, as mentioned earlier, Yellowstone has five entrances, and according to the season, it stays open or closed.

If you plan to visit in April, you can enter through the west or north entrance. So, always decide the season or month, along with duration, and it will help you plan your budget correctly.

Now, let’s start the dictionary of the best yet top 6 airports near Yellowstone without wasting much time.

1. Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

Southwest Montana is immensely well-known for Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport as it gives you direct entry to Yellowstone’s North and West entrances. You might reach here within two hours. Further, you can travel to Glacier National Park on the East side of Montana within 5 hours by car. If you are interested in knowing the reason behind Why are people moving to Montana, Glacier National Park is one of them.

Bozeman Yellowstone

Are you planning to visit Yellowstone during the winter months? So, you have one option left, and it is the North entrance via Gardiner, and this entrance is closest to the Bozeman airport. So. on the list of nearest airports to Yellowstone, you can definitely count on this.

You’ll encounter Mammoth village and Hot Springs at the North entrance – the best way to enjoy your vacation at Yellowstone.

In contrast, the west entrance serves you on the midway of the park in between Old Faithful and Norris Geyser Basin. Most probably, the best spot in your itinerary.

  • Best for – Travelers who are willing to explore Glacier along with Yellowstone/Teton.
  • Bozeman airport to Yellowstone North Entrance  – Mammoth, Gardiner
  • Distance – 88 miles
  • Duration – at max 1 hour 33 minutes
  • Route – Pick the I-90 or US–89S
  • Bozeman airport to Yellowstone West Entrance
  • Distance – 91 miles
  • Duration – at max 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Route – Pick the US–191S

Additional information:

For Bozeman, MT, you can directly book the flights from the below given 21 US airports:

Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston, New York JFK, New York La Guardia, Newark, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Nashville, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.

Further, you can travel to the USA through any of these given airports and change a flight for Bozeman.

Where can you fly direct from Bozeman MT?

From Bozeman, MT, you can directly fly to either Yellowstone’s North or West entrance. It usually takes two hours to both the gates, not more than that.

Is Bozeman a big airport?

Bozeman grabs the first position when it comes to the biggest airports in Montana. The airport has spread over 2,481 acres, and it has three runways making it the first choice of travelers to visit Yellowstone National Park.

2. Yellowstone Airport West Entrance

Are you the one who is looking for the closest airport to Yellowstone? Yellowstone Airport will not disappoint you, located in West Yellowstone. The Yellowstone National Park’s West entrance looks like a resort just a few km away. If you cannot find any restaurants or hotels in the park premises or are out of your budget, you can come back to Yellowstone’s resort town.

Yellowstone West

Since it is the closest airport, there is only one route to travel to the west entrance: Salt Lake City. And for this, the most convenient airline is Delta Airlines, or you can book any other Airline from your origin airport.

Wait! Are you more into Montana? You can not miss our thorough research on what is the cost of living in Montana.

  • Best for – Travelers who are after convenience and planning for a fleeting trip.
  • Yellowstone airport to Yellowstone West Entrance
  • Distance – 3 miles
  • Time – 6 minutes
  • Route – US-191 S

Additional information

The downside here is you can reach West Yellowstone through Salt Lake City, Utah, only. So, the airport is closest to Yellowstone, but you have to put in a lot of effort to reach here. Take note of the scheduling of flights as they are open for scheduling from late Spring until late Fall only.

Can you enter Yellowstone through the West Entrance?

The answer is yes; you can enter Yellowstone through the West Entrance but only during late spring until the late fall. This is because there is only one route, Salt Lake City, Utah. So, for this, you have to schedule the flight tickets prior and make things smoother for you.

Where do you fly into for Yellowstone West Entrance?

International travelers have to fly into Salt Lake City and then book a car, taxi, or other transportation to reach West Yellowstone.

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3. Salt Lake City International Airport

Whether it is a South entrance or West, SLC is the most convenient choice of many. It has many direct and non-stop flights from European, Canadian, and Mexican cities that land you directly at the SLC.

Salt Lake Airport

Salt Lake City is favorable for visiting Wyoming as Yellowstone, and Grand Teton is just a few miles away. From SLC, you can reach out to the Grand Teton within or less than 5 hours. However, if you are in Denver and want to visit Yellowstone, it will take 8+ hours.

Grand Teton National Park is in the mid-route of the SLC, so no matter whether you are starting your tour or ending. Plus, if you are more into exploring Utah and Wyoming, you can use Salt Lake City as a gateway. 

Salt Lake City is a fascinating and overwhelming place where you have rare chances of getting bored.

Best for – Travelers who are planning road trips in Wyoming and Utah. Also, if you want to explore amazing spots in SLC.

How busy is the SLC airport?

SLC receives 70 percent of traffic as it is the major hub of Delta Air Lines. In 2021, the airport served 22,378,989 passengers and 26,808,014 back in 2019. In North America, it ranks on the 21st and in the world, 70th position for the busiest airport when it comes to passenger numbers. 

Is SLC a big airport?

We can not say it is the biggest one, but it is a big airport. According to present data, it ranks fifth for Delta Airlines as the biggest hub.

4. Cody Yellowstone Regional Airport

Cody is the best spot to enter Yellowstone’s east entrance; it takes approximately 2 hours. However, it lacks flight options, and times exist.

Most tourists prefer Cody to spend a day while a road trip between two regions is Mount Rushmore to Yellowstone.

Cody Airport

Moreover, in a blink of an eye, you’ll reach North Fork Highway to Yellowstone’s East entrance. The best place to discover real wildlife.

Never make the mistake of visiting the East entrance in heavy snow as it is closed during heavy snowfall.

The best thing is that Cody is quite affordable if you are lucky enough to grab the best deal on flights to or from Denver or Salt Lake City (it also depends upon flight availability).

  • Best for – Travelers who are less interested in spending more can choose this airport and grab the best deals.
  • Cody airport to Yellowstone East Entrance, Yellowstone Lake
  • Distance – 70 miles
  • Time – 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Route – I-90 E, US-14 W
  • Cody airport to Yellowstone Northeast Entrance – Tower Roosevelt, Hayden Valley
  • Distance – 83 miles
  • Time – 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Route – WY 296 scenic byway

Additional Information

Want to head out to Cody? Then you have two airport options, Denver and Salt  Lake City (in summer only), through which you can reach out to Cody. Also, keep Cody in the option if flights cost fits into your budget.

What airlines fly out of Cody?

SkyWest/Delta Airlines, SkyWest/United Express, and Mesa Airlines/United Express you can take to fly out of Cody and reach your destination.

How big is Cody Wyoming airport?

Cody Yellowstone Regional Airport spreads into 694 acres. It is at a height of 5,102 feet from the mean sea level. However, it has only one runway, but it is pretty big, measuring 8,268 by 100 feet (2,520 x 30 m).

5. Jackson Hole Airport

If you belong to the US, it is pretty obvious you are more inclined to the nearby airports. The good news for you is there is one airport inside the US, Jackson Hole airport. But it is in the Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone’s south entrance.

Jackson Hole

So, here is the catch: you can explore both the parks on the same tour by picking the Jackson Hole Airport. The center point is to start and end your journey, and you can witness a scenic view that you have seldom come across before.

Above all, Jackson Hole Airport is popular due to its comfort. However, it is a little expensive, but with the comfort it offers, you can neglect the pay.

  • Best for – Travelers who have a healthy budget and want to explore both parks in less time.
  • Jackson Hole airport to Yellowstone South Entrance – West Thumb, Old Faithful
  • Distance – 50 miles
  • Time – 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Route – US-191 N

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Additional Information

Many US airports have non-stop flights to Jackson Hole; a few of them are Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Salt Lake City, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Seattle, JFK, Newark, Charlotte, San Jose.

However, flight frequency varies per the seasons, so take note of this. As per our research, we have found that fewer flights are scheduled in the Winter season.

Are you an international traveler? You can fly to any of the above-listed airports and then straight to Jackson Hole. Great, isn’t it?

Are there shuttles from Jackson Hole to Yellowstone?

Yes, Alltrans offers a daily shuttle service. It is famous for the one-way and round-trip fares to Yellowstone’s south entrance (Flagg Ranch), and it ultimately connects with the Old Faithful Snow Coach. However, it runs from December to March, which means your favorite Winter season.

What airlines fly out of Jackson Hole WY?

When it comes to a commercial airport, Jackson Hole is the only airport in the US, situated inside the national park. As a result, Jackson Hole is always busy with the airlines. Popular airlines that fly out of Jackson Hole are Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines and are served seasonally by Allegiant Air and Sun Country Airlines.

6. Denver International Airport

On the list of airports near Yellowstone National Park, we can not overlook Denver International Airport. It is the closest airport to Yellowstone, offering better domestic and international services. However, the longer drive time is much more than Salt Lake City.

Denver International Airport

Are you planning an extended vacation and want to explore as much as possible? The best thing is if you opt for the Denver International Airport, you can visit breathtaking Rocky Mountain National Park, along with Grand Teton and Yellowstone.

There is no better place than Denver for a more extended Western US road trip to begin your journey. Here, you have two options – Utah to the West or Wyoming to the Northwest. Even you can miss such a beautiful place; here, we talked about Denver itself.

  • Best for  – Affordable and frequent flight options are available, both domestically and internationally.
  • Denver airport to Yellowstone South entrance – West Thumb, Old Faithful
  • Distance – 515 miles
  • Time – 8 hour 20 minutes
  • Route – US-287 N
  • Denver airport to Yellowstone East entrance – Yellowstone Lake
  • Distance – 560 miles
  • Time – 8 hour 40 minutes
  • Route – I-25 N, US-20 W

Additional Information

Nearly every airport in the US, including mid to large-sized airports, has non-stop flights from the US to Denver airport. So, you have enough time in your hands to make your selection on flights based on prices and vacation dates.

The list of international airports from where you can get non-stop flights are – Tokyo, Cancun, Cozumel, Chihuahua, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, San Jose del Cabo, Grand Cayman Islands, Nassau, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Belize City, Costa Rica, Panama City, San Jose, London Heathrow, and Gatwick, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Reykjavik, and Zurich.

Without a doubt, Denver can give you a great deal on flights, especially if you come under the international travelers’ category.

Why is Denver International Airport so big?

Denver International Airport has spread into 53 square miles having the highest number of runways which is 6 in total. Further, it ranks first in the USA and second in the world in terms of the largest airport.

Is the Denver airport bigger than Manhattan?

No. Denver spreads into 53 square miles; in contrast, Manhattan occupies 33.6 square miles. In short, Denver airport occupies more than one and a half times the size of Manhattan.

Nearest Airport to Yellowstone FAQs

What airline flies into West Yellowstone?

Delta Air Lines and United Airlines are the exclusive ones in terms of commercial carriers. For domestic flights, you can rely on other ones.

Can you fly directly to Yellowstone?

Well, there are few airports closest to Yellowstone that directly land you to the nearest spot of Yellowstone. Bozeman (BZN) and Jackson (JAC) are the closest airports to Yellowstone.

Is West Yellowstone airport open?

It was closed for a few months due to the COVID-19, but it has started its service again. However, it stays open from June through September only.


The word traveling fills us with lots of emotions and the urge to get things perfect. Every individual has a different plan and budget; some want to stay for a longer period and some for short; accordingly, they plan their budget.

The topmost priority should be the flights’ availability and the season you pick to visit. Not to forget, Yellowstone has five entrances, out of which 3 are in Montana and 2 in Wyoming. We have got you covered if you search for fun things to do in Missoula, Montana.

Besides this, we have listed the top #6 airports near Yellowstone national park to make your tour more calming.

  • Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport
  • Yellowstone Airport West Entrance
  • Salt Lake City International Airport
  • Cody Yellowstone Regional Airport
  • Jackson Hole Airport
  • Denver International Airport

We hope this list will help you plan your tour prior and more in apple-pie order.

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