Moving to Wyoming


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    Moving to Wyoming? Get to know what it is like to live in Wyoming and everything you need to know, along with the pros and cons of moving to this attraction-filled state!

    What to expect? How’s the weather? Is the climate too hot or too cold to live in? How much will it cost to live there? Can you manage your expenses? Read on to get your answers as we discuss things you need to know before relocating to Wyoming.

    There’s no place like Wyoming for individuals who revel in the spirit of the western wilderness and desire to release their own sense of adventure and inner freedom. Some people define adventure as going to a rodeo with their children or visiting Yellowstone National Park for the first time. Others could equate it to scaling one of the West’s most difficult peaks.

    A location where you can find out if those around you share your actual grit. Because certain things can only be comprehended via personal experience.

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    Is Wyoming a good state to move to?

    Wyoming is the tenth-largest and second-least populous of the northwest states.

    There aren’t many individuals migrating to Wyoming in the United States, but those who do appreciate everything the state has to offer.

    There are more advantages than disadvantages for residents, which is why there are so many favorable aspects to living there. Keep reading; you’re going to get the best moving to Wyoming advice.  

    Moving Cost to Wyoming

    Is it worth moving to Wyoming?

    Wyoming offers affordable home prices, no state income tax, clean air, and a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities. So yes, if you’re planning to move there, then you simply shouldn’t hesitate.

    How much does it cost to move to Wyoming?

    Once you move to Wyoming, you’ll need this chart to refer to the cost of various amenities and services of living in Wyoming.

    COST OF LIVINGWyomingUnited StatesDifference
      Overall98.11001.9% less
      Grocery99.21000.9% less
      Health131.310027.1% more
      Housing99.11001% less
      Median Home Cost$272,700$291,700$19,000 less
      Utilities94.31005.9% less
      Transportation77.610025.2% less
      Miscellaneous100.91000.9% more

    Living Costs

    Living cost in Wyoming

    Is it expensive to live in Wyoming?

    Some places are affordable, while some places aren’t. The cost of living in Wyoming is 98.1 compared to the U.S. average, i.e., 100. So yes, the cost of living is not exactly expensive.

    Where is the most affordable place to live in Wyoming?

    Marbleton is the most affordable place to live in Wyoming. Greybull, Newcastle, and Lyman are also on the list of affordable places to live in Wyoming.

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    Is Wyoming good for Business?


    Is Wyoming business-friendly?

    First, the business climate in this state is exceptionally favorable. Wyoming does not have a corporate income tax, personal income tax, or gross receipts tax.

    The Wyoming business climate is one of the best among the fifty states.

    Why register your business in Wyoming?

    Unparalleled limited liability protection, fewer corporate formalities, no state taxes, and privacy are a few of the reasons to start a business in Wyoming.

    What do you need to start a business in Wyoming?

    Since you do not need a business license in Wyoming, you won’t have to pay additional fees or fill out forms.

    A Wyoming registered agent must be maintained, and an annual report must be filed. Customers who have done business with other states should find this a pleasant surprise.

    How is the Job Market?

    Job market

    What is the highest-paying job in Wyoming?

    Nurse Anaesthetists is the highest paying job in Wyoming, with an entry salary of $129,450, increasing to $206,020.

    Who is the largest employer in Wyoming?

    Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is the largest employer in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The U.S. Air National Guard, North Antelope, and Wyoming Medical Ctr Central are also on the same list.

    Is Wyoming Tax-Friendly?

    Moving to Wyoming - Tax

    What taxes do you pay in Wyoming?

    There is no individual income tax code in Wyoming. It levies 4% sales tax. Additionally, the department of revenue oversees 49 tax exemptions.

    Counties have the option of collecting an additional general-purpose tax of 1%, as well as an economic development tax of 0.25 percent. There is also a county lodging tax, ranging from 2% to 4%.

    Is Wyoming a tax-free state?

    Yes, Wyoming is an Income tax-free state.

    How much is the state tax for Wyoming?

    All goods and services bought in Wyoming are subject to a 4% sales tax. The county may also assess an optional 5% general-purpose tax on goods and services purchased within the county.

    Economy in Wyoming  


    Does Wyoming have a good economy?

    As Wyoming’s economy is largely based on tourism, coal mining, and coal production, its low ranking is largely attributable to one of the criteria used to rank economic potential.

    Mineral extraction continues to be a major industry for the state, although a majority of states are starting to grow their economies through high-tech industries.

    Where does Wyoming rank in the economy?

    According to a study conducted by WalletHub, Wyoming ranks 42nd overall among U.S. states with the best economies.

    What is the main source of income in Wyoming?

    A major sector of Wyoming’s economy is agriculture (primarily beef cattle and sheep marketing).

    Moreover, state parks and historic sites serve millions of visitors annually, creating an important and growing tourist industry. The manufacturing sector is only marginally important.

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    How is the Education?


    Where does Wyoming rank in education?

    Wyoming ranks 25th overall, right in the middle of the country. Among the most educated states, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, Vermont, and Colorado ranked the highest in attainment and quality of instruction.

    Are Wyoming schools good?

    Definitely, Wyoming schools are good. Like last year, Wyoming ranked first in the nation for School Finance. Overall, Wyoming received an A-grade, the only A in the nation.

    Is Healthcare good?

    Health care

    Does Wyoming have good healthcare?

    Absolutely, Wyoming has really good healthcare. An individual health insurance plan for major medical for Wyoming residents costs on average $343.79 per person*.

    Where is the best healthcare in Wyoming?

    The Wyoming Medical Center has 191 beds and offers general medical and surgical care. Despite all other factors being average, the hospital received the highest possible rating when it came to heart failure.

    What is the Housing Market like in Wyoming?


    Why are homes so expensive in Wyoming?

    Wyoming Cost of Living Index data indicates that the housing category increased by 3.2% in inflation during the fourth quarter of 2020. Generally, housing is the largest part of a consumer’s budget that tends to drive up to Wyoming’s cost of living index.

    How much is housing in Wyoming?

    A median single-family home in Wyoming costs $272,700. Over the past decade, home values have increased 3.3%.


    Moving to Wyoming - Weather

    Some of the weather hazards you can face while living in Wyoming are:-

    1. Wildfires
    2. Floods
    3. Severe Storms
    4. Landslides
    5. Drought
    6. Winter Storms
    7. Earthquakes
    8. Tornadoes
    9. Volcano
    10. Power Outages

    What is the coldest month in Wyoming?

    January is the coldest month in Wyoming. Minimum temperatures range mostly between 5° and 10° F. During winter, the mean temperature in western valleys falls to about 5° below zero. -66° F, measured on February 9, 1933, at Yellowstone Park, is the state’s low record.

    Does it snow in Wyoming?

    Wyoming receives frequent snowfall from October through May, with early snow falling across the lower elevations as early as September.

    On average, stations at the lower elevations receive snowfall exceeding five inches about five times a year.

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    Food in Wyoming  


    What is the famous food in Wyoming?

    Wyoming is known for its jerky of any kind. Buffalo and elk jerky is popular in particular. Almost any kind of bean is a favorite food in Wyoming. One of the best Thai food is White Chicken Chili.

    Best Places to Eat in Wyoming – (Top Restaurants)

    The following are some of Wyoming’s all-time favorite dining rooms, listed in no particular order:- 

    1. Svilar’s Bar and Steak House
    2. The Historic Wolf Hotel and Restaurant
    3. Snake River Grill
    4. Su Casa Cafe
    5. Bella’s Bistro
    6. Winchester Steakhouse
    7. Sweet Melissa Cafe
    8. Piste Mountain Bistro
    9. Esther’s At Morris House

    Pros & Cons of living in Wyoming

    Pros. of moving to Wyoming:-

    1. There’s no Income Tax
    2. You can start a business easily
    3. Housing prices are low.

    Cons. Of moving to Wyoming:-

    1. Lack of Outdoor activities.
    2. Education is really expensive.
    3. The weather’s really extreme.

    Moving To Wyoming FAQs

    What’s bad about Wyoming?

    The crime rates are a big problem in Wyoming. There is a crime throughout the state.
    If you are planning to move to Cheyenne, Wyoming, or moving to Casper, Wyoming, you should know that they are the most dangerous cities in Wyoming. The majority of crime in Wyoming occurs in the aforementioned states.

    Why is the rich moving to Wyoming?

    A tax incentive is the simplest explanation for why the wealthy migrate to Wyoming.
    There is no personal or corporate income tax in the state, and it has one of the lowest sales tax rates in the country (5.36 percent compared to 8.49 percent in New York). The state is a haven for them.

    Where is the best place to live in Wyoming?

    Cheyenne is the best place to live in Wyoming. Buffalo, Evanston, and Gillette are other nice places to live in Wyoming.

    What do I need to know before moving to Wyoming?

    You should read the entire guide before moving to Wyoming. However, most importantly, you should have information about the cost of living, business friendliness, and Weather.

    Should I Move to Wyoming? The Bottom Line

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving to Casper, Wyoming, or moving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, every place has its pros and cons, but it’s a state worth living in.

    Because of low tax rates, living costs are mostly low. The absence of state income taxes and an average sales tax rate of 4% make Wyoming a top choice for residents.

    With a median home value of $140,200 and a rent average of $843 per month, housing costs are also low in the area. Nevertheless, there are some cons, such as severe Weather and extremely low temperatures during the winter.

    There are a lot of outdoor activities to do in Wyoming, and there are very few big cities there. Overall, Wyoming offers a comfortable, convenient, and free atmosphere.

    The state’s six national parks and 12 state parks are a testament to its natural beauty. There are fewer cons in Wyoming than there are benefits.

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