Moving to Wisconsin

Moving to Wisconsin

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    The state of Wisconsin is a midwestern gem of the USA. The unofficial nickname for this state is; America’s Dairyland, as it produces billion tons of cheese annually. Every flavor of cheese that the state produces is simply scrumptious.

    The state is also the top exporter of cranberries. Apart from this, the state also offers great schools, hospitality facilities, mesmerizing landscapes, gorgeous natural resources, affordability, plentiful job opportunities, a thriving startup ecosystem, and various outdoor activities such as; hiking, biking & more.

    Moving to Wisconsin

    The state has various resources, museums, monuments, adventures, and a lot more to relax and enjoy. The well-seasoned weather of the state also allows travelers to visit here and enjoy diversified outdoor & indoor activities, make indelible memories, and discover the unexpected side of Wisconsin. If you are also planning on moving to Wisconsin, then here in this article we have mentioned certain important details that would assist you in planning your itinerary.

    The people living in the state are very down-to-earth and humble and the state has a friendly vibe and exciting life at the shores of Lake Michigan & Lake Superior. So, if you are planning to move to Wisconsin; then, you have made a wonderful decision. But, before actually moving to state we would like you to go through the article below to know intricate details about the same. Without delaying a minute further, let’s get started.

    Is Wisconsin a good place to live?

    Are you wondering, whether Wisconsin is a good state to live in or not? Well, Wisconsin is a great place to live in due to its key indicators such as livability, cost of living, housing costs, incomes & expenses, quality of hospitals, and picturesque natural views. Wisconsin is also rich in beers, german food, woodland & water activities, festivals, sports, and a plethora of other outdoor activities which will keep you engaged in every season.

     A few of its cities like Madison, Eau Claire, and Milwaukee are also listed in the List of the Top 100 places to live in the US, making it a wonderful place to live in.

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    Quick Facts About Wisconsin

    Some quick facts about Wisconsin are listed below, and you should be aware of them moving into the state.

    • It is the 6th best state to live in the US.
    • Renting a house is cheaper in Wisconsin than actually buying one.
    • The housing market of Wisconsin is comparatively cheaper than the other states of the US.
    • Wisconsin ranks at 45th place when it comes to tax rates.
    • The cuisines served in this state are not healthy but taste great.
    • The state boasts an amazing nightlife with multiple beer bars in every street, which attracts the young crowd.
    • Wisconsin experiences average warm days during summers and brutally cold nights during the winters.
    • This is a super safe state with very few criminal activities.

    Keep reading below, to know about the details of different key areas before moving to Wisconsin.

    Living in Wisconsin

    The overall cost of living in Wisconsin is low. The cost of goods, services, rent, food, and various other heads is cheaper in Wisconsin than in other US states. If you are planning to move to Wisconsin, you should be aware of the cost of living and the pros & cons of living in the state. Keep reading below to gain more essential details about the same.

    Living in Wisconsin

    The average cost of living in the US is 100 and the average cost of living in Wisconsin is 90.9. This is below the average, which means Wisconsin is cheaper than the average US. A table stating the same is mentioned below:-

    Cost of livingWisconsinUS

    Cost of living in Wisconsin

    The cost of living in a few popular cities of Wisconsin are:-

    Madison –

    Cost of living Cost
    Housing$ 1,091
    Food$ 769
    Childcare$ 1,580
    Healthcare$ 904
    Necessities$ 750
    Transportation$ 1,201

    Milwaukee –

    Cost of living Cost
    Housing$ 911
    Food$ 709
    Childcare$ 1,381
    Healthcare$ 1,200
    Necessities$ 653
    Transportation$ 1,099

    Green Bay –

    Cost of living Cost
    Housing$ 786
    Childcare$ 1,291
    Healthcare$ 1,226
    Necessities$ 606
    Transportation$ 1,182

    Pros & Cons

    If you are planning to move to Wisconsin and settle there, then you will face the pros & cons, mentioned in the table below:-

    Low cost of livingHigh rate of taxes
    Cheap house rentExtreme levels of temperatures
    A plethora of recreational activities.Due to lots of cheese & beer consumptions, obesity is a major concern of people of Wisconsin
    Experiences four types of seasons, they are; spring, summer, fall & winterDue to the ample production of dairy products, producers use pesticides in large amounts, creating a pungent smell & making it difficult for nearby people to live & survive
    Tons of music, art, food and cultural festivals are celebratedLimited public transport service
    World’s best cheese, beer, and bratwurst are available hereThe food served here is not-diverse and is usually unhealthy
    Best employment prospects and education systemThe income offered to people living there can be much better

    Is it worth living in Wisconsin? 

    Yes, of course, Wisconsin is a great place that you can call home. The vibe, people, food & drinks environment, numerous natural attractions, and outdoor & sports activities sum up to make Wisconsin a place worth living.

    How much does it cost to live in Wisconsin per month?

    How much does it cost to live in Wisconsin per month? For living a comfortable and happy life in Wisconsin with a family of four people you need to have approx $3,2375.

    Is Wisconsin a cheap place to live?

    Wisconsin is an affordable place to live in. The average cost of living in Wisconsin is approximately 15% lower than the national average.

    Taxes in Wisconsin 

    In every part of the world whatever you do, wherever you live, if your income earned is coming under the tax brackets, you are supposed to pay a certain amount of your income as taxes, as this is how the economic system works. If you are planning to move to Wisconsin, then, you should be aware of the taxes charged in the state. Keep reading below, to gather the information about the same.

    Tax in Wisconsin

    The taxpayers of Wisconsin are some of the highest income-earning individuals in the country. The average property tax charged in the state is 3.19%, which is the 5th highest in the country; whereas the average sales tax in the state is 5.43% which is one of the lowest in the country. The tax rates charges in the state are mentioned in the table below:-

    TaxesTAX  RATES
    Income Tax3.54%-7.65%
    Sales Tax5% – 5.5%
    Property Tax (average affective rate)1.68%
    The median amount of property tax paid on an annual basis$ 3,320
    Gas Tax (per gallon of diesel or gasoline)3.90 cents
    Cigarette Tax$2.52 per pack

    You can also hire a financial advisor who can assist you in understanding taxes, insurance & financial strategies in a better way.

    Tax brackets in Wisconsin

    Are you wondering about the rate of state income tax in Wisconsin? Well, given below are the tables representing the same for both individuals and combined taxpayers.

    Single Filers

    Taxable IncomeRate
    $0 – $11,7903.54%
    $11,790 – $23,9304.65%
    $23,930 – $263,4806.27%
    More than $263,4807.65%

    Married Couples Filing Jointly

    Taxable IncomeRate
    $0 – $15, 9603.54%
    $15, 960 – $ 31,9104.65%
    $ 31,910 – $351,3106.27%
    More than $351,3107.65%

    Is Wisconsin a tax-friendly state?

    It is a moderately tax-friendly state for retirees.

    Does Wisconsin have high taxes?

    The sales tax charged in Wisconsin is relatively low and the property tax is high than in other states of the US. Overall Wisconsin has the 9th lowest average local & state taxes in the country.

    Residency / PR in Wisconsin

    If you are moving to Wisconsin with the intent of settling down in the state, then you will apply for residency in the state, to get certain perks & benefits. Keep reading below to know more about the process and requirements of the same.

    PR in Wisconsin

    How to become Wisconsin resident – Process

    Before filling in for the residency of Wisconsin, you should have completed the following requirements.

    • Establish a permanent house in the state by purchasing a house or renting it on a long-term lease.
    • Obtain a driving license issued by the government of Wisconsin.
    • Title and register your vehicles in the state.
    • File income tax on personal incomes in the state.
    • Register yourself for casting a vote in Wisconsin.

    Residency requirements for Wisconsin

    All the documents required in the procedure of gaining Wiscon’s residency should have your name & address mentioned in them. The documents required to be presented as proof during the residency procedure are:-

    • Paycheck or earning statement with the name of employer’s address & name.
    • Utility and mobile phone bill.
    • Financial bank statements.
    • Medical bills.
    • Lease or rental agreement or property papers.
    • Certified school records or certificates.
    • Photo identity of a Wisconsin university or College.
    • Driving License.
    • Employee ID card.

    How long does it take to establish residency in Wisconsin?

    You have to live in the state for 30 days before filing the residency application and for becoming a tuition resident you have to be in the state for 12 months and should be a bona fide resident of the state.

    How long do you have to live in Wisconsin to become a resident?

    How long do you have to live in Wisconsin to become a resident? To become a resident of Wisconsin, you have to live for about 30 days straight in your permanent abode in the state before filing a residency application for approval.

    What qualifies you as a Wisconsin resident?

    For qualifying as a resident of Wisconsin, one should have a permanent domicile in the state.

    General Laws in Wisconsin

    Every state of the country has its own set of rules, which people are supposed to follow, failing to which penalties may be imposed on them and they may also face legal consequences. Similarly, Wisconsin also has some laws & rules which you have to follow after moving to Wisconsin. To know about the laws, keep reading below.

    General Laws in Wisconsin

    Some general laws followed by the people of Wisconsin are:-

    • It is illegal to spit on the sidewalk.
    • It is illegal to eat while driving in Wisconsin.
    • It is not legal to park a car in the street for more than two hours.
    • In Wisconsin, it is illegal or considered a crime to cheat your spouse.
    • Abortion of the baby after 22 weeks of pregnancy is illegal.
    • In Wisconsin, it is illegal to consume alcohol before the age of 21.

    Weird laws in Wisconsin

    Some weird laws of Wisconsin are:-

    • It is illegal to serve margarine in restaurants until customers specifically ask for it.
    • It is illegal not to give way to farm animals on a public road.
    • It is a law that an apple pie must always be served with a slice of cheese.
    • It is a law that business owners should operate businesses according to the central time.
    • If you are not producing a highly pleasing variety of cheese, then it is illegal.
    • In the city of Wausau, you cannot throw snowballs on others.

    What is a legal Will in Wisconsin?

    For a will to be recognized as a legal one, it should be in written form. Oral wills are considered illegal. And they should also be signed in the presence of two conscious witnesses.

    Is it illegal to serve margarine in Wisconsin?

    Yes, it is illegal to serve margarine in restaurants, hospitals, schools, and prisons.

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    Housing Markets of Wisconsin

    Moving to a new place or city is an exciting yet difficult task for which you have to face a lot of hurdles. If you are planning to buy a house in Wisconsin then, it is not easy by any means as your finances and the housing market of the state will affect your decision of doing so. To gather more information about the housing markets of Wisconsin, keep reading below.


    The housing market in Wisconsin

    If you are moving to Wisconsin and in search of your dream home in the state, then, first of all, you should search for the right agent, as he/she is the one who makes a difference. If you have come across a clever or experienced agent, he would offer you various free services & perks that are usually offered by retailers from the top companies. And with their selling tactics, they will also propose you an opportunity to earn a cash-back refund of up to 0.05%.

    In the housing market of Wisconsin; the prices of homes are increasing by approximately 8% every year. The demand of buyers is more than the total no. of houses listed in the market. But, the good news is that the mortgage rates in Wisconsin are comparatively less than in other states.

    How to buy a house in Wisconsin

    For purchasing a house in Wisconsin you should follow the below-mentioned steps:-

    • Evaluate your budget and the financial situation.
    • Select the right neighborhood and environment.
    • Find a good real estate agent.
    • Complete the formalities of the mortgage.
    • Start the house-hunting process by short-listing some houses.
    • Make offers.
    • Inspect the houses you have shortlisted and prepare appraisals.
    • Go on a final walkthrough of the house and close the deal.
    • Take the keys and enjoy your life in your new house.

    Average house price in Wisconsin

    PlaceAvg. House Price
    Whitefish Bay$ 469,483
    Elm Groove$ 450,923
    Waunakee$ 405,383
    Madison$ 340,992
    Milwaukee$ 168,059
    Green Bay$ 187,414
    Brookfield$ 399,403
    Kenosha$ 208,707
    De Pere$ 284,334
    Wauwatosa$ 309,809

    What credit score do you need to buy a house in Wisconsin?

    If you are moving to Wisconsin and planning to buy a house; then, you should have home-buyer education and a minimum of 620 credit score.

    What credit score do you need to buy a house in Wisconsin?

    If you are moving to Wisconsin and planning to buy a house; then, you should have home-buyer education and a minimum of 620 credit score.

    Job Market in Wisconsin

     Are moving to Wisconsin and looking for some wonderful job opportunities? And want to gather some intricate information about the details of Wisconsin’s job market? Well, here in this head, you will get all the necessary details about the same. So, keep reading below.

    Wisconsin is ranked as the 9th highest ranked state in terms of job opportunities in the whole of the US. According to the researches done by some prestigious institutions, the state of Wisconsin excels in job market strength, job opportunities, healthy economy, employment growth, job security, job satisfaction, and average salaries.

     The markets of Wisconsin are a great source for the labor market that allows employers to easily access proficient job opportunities, analyze them, and also allows interested people to apply for those jobs. Given below is a table stating the most paying 10 jobs in Wisconsin.

    Best paying jobs in Wisconsin

    If you are moving to Wisconsin and have experience in the below-mentioned professions or skills then, you can apply for those. Below given is a table with the top 10 demanding jobs with the salaries in Wisconsin. Go, through it and decide what’s best for you.

    Sales representative & Consultants$ 203,924
    Executive Vice President of Operations$ 183,729
    President and General Manager$ 180, 660
    Staff Physicians$ 178, 407
    Primary Physicians$ 175,542
    General Manager$ 172,012
    Chief Technology Officer$ 165, 322
    Product Manager$ 158,083
    Physician Assistant$ 153,591
    Senior Sales Manager$ 145, 802

    How many businesses are in Wisconsin?

    About 406,766 small-scale businesses are running in Wisconsin. Out of these 123, 349 businesses have employees, and the remaining 283, 417 businesses are managed by the owners alone.

    What is Wisconsin’s unemployment rate?

    The current rate of unemployment in Wisconsin as a whole is 3.0% with Lafayette County having the lowest unemployment rate of 1.2% and Menominee County having the highest unemployment rate of 4.1%.

    What is the average income for a single person in Wisconsin?

    The average income for a single person in Wisconsin is $116,384 and this much income is enough for spending a happy and satisfied life in Wisconsin.

    Healthcare in Wisconsin

    Wiscon is considered one of the healthiest cities in the whole of the United States due to its comprehensive quality of healthcare. If you are moving to Wisconsin and worrying about the healthcare system here then you should let go of them, as this state has a superior healthcare system. Keep reading below to know more intricate details about the healthcare system prevailing in Wisconsin.


    The Wisconsin healthcare system is a combination of public & private healthcare. WisDHS or Wisconsin Department of Health Services is an organization that is responsible for public healthcare in Wisconsin. This program administers a wide range of healthcare services, regulates hospitals, and acts as a care provider.

    The public healthcare system provides services to people such as; mental health, long-term healthcare & support, medical assistance for physical disabilities & other disability services, and healthcare services for low-income families, disabled & elderlies. The private healthcare system caters majorly grouped market of employers & employees along with individuals and offers them various healthcare services.

    Health Insurance in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin has a public & private insurance system. Only 30% of Wisconsin’s population is covered under the public health insurance schemes. The public insurance scheme includes three programs i.e., Medicare, Medicaid, and Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP). The Medicare program is also divided into four parts namely; A, B, C & D which cover different services along with Medicaid and CHIP. The people who are covered under private healthcare schemes are generally employees whose policies are taken by the employers. And the remaining 13.4% of the population relies on non-profit healthcare organizations for treatments.

    Does Wisconsin have good healthcare?

    Wisconsin has an excellent health care system with world-class facilities and superbly trained doctors. They have a nationally ranked healthcare system with deep expertise & experience in the niche of healthcare innovation & science.

    Where does Wisconsin health rank?

    According to the research, Wisconsin stands at the 4rth position in terms of quality of healthcare out of all 50 states in the US.

    Is Healthcare free in Wisconsin?

    Under the Wisconsin Medicaid health care program, people who have crossed the age of 65, who have some disabilities, or belong to a low-income group and are either pregnant or an 18 year & below child to take care of, will be provided healthcare services either free of cost or at a very low-cost. They should be either resident of Wisconsin, permanent residents, or a U.S citizen.

    Wisconsin Education System

    Wisconsin provides an unparalleled level of education to the young students & teens of the state. This state is an educational hub that supports the next generation of students by offering them elementary education, STEM programs, superior high school, and public research universities. Keep reading below to gather more information about the education system in Wisconsin.

    The education system in Wisconsin prepares students of all ages to conquer the goals and use their full potential by providing them access to exceptional and affordable education. Before moving to Wisconsin; with your children, you must know that the public & private school system in Wisconsin starts from the pre-kindergarten stage to the 12 grade. The major education that schools impart to students is in English, fluent reading & speaking, mathematics, science, and workforce skills, which will help them build up a successful career. 

    Higher education in Wisconsin

    All the decisions related to the higher education board are taken by the federal government, higher education boards, state legislatures, and universities themselves. These organizations set up higher education policies, allocate the funding & resources to the campus, and various other necessary decisions related to education. There are four types of higher-educational institutions such as; 2-Year public institutions, 4-Year Universities & Colleges, Private Non-Profit Institutions, and Private For-Profit Institutions.

    Wisconsin education ranking

    The education system in Wisconsin is being ranked as 8th best in the US. According to some researches, Wisconsin is the 21st most educated US State and it offers a high-quality education to the students that leaves a great impact on their lives. It also helps them in attaining secured jobs, good salaries & great career opportunities.

    Top 10 Colleges & School in Wisconsin

    Before you move into Wisconsin, you should be aware of the colleges & schools established in the state. Therefore, we have mentioned for you the top 10 colleges & schools present in Wisconsin.

    Universities / CollegesSchools
    University of Wisconsin (Madison)Brookfield East High School (Brookfield)
    Edgewood College (Madison)Whitefish Bay High School (Whitefish Bay)
    Marquette University (Milwaukee)Eastbrook Academy ( Milwaukee)
    Concordia University Wisconsin ( Mequon)Middleton High School (Middleton)
    Lawrence University (Appleton)Brookfield Central High School (Brookfield)
    Beloit College (Beloit)Shorewood High School (Shorewood)
    Milwaukee School of Engineering (Milwaukee)Homestead High School (Mequon)
    St. Norbert College ( De Pere)West High School (Madison)
    Carthage College (Kenosha)Nicolet High School (Glendale)
    Ripon College (Ripon)Memorial High School (Madison)

    Is public school free in Wisconsin?

    According to the Constitution of Wisconsin, children between the age of 4-20 will be provided public education free of cost but the extracurricular & social activities organized by the school will be chargeable.

    How much does school cost in Wisconsin?

    Fees CostCost
    Average Private School Tuition Fees Cost$4,438 per year
    Elementary School Private Fees Cost$ 3,976 per year
    High School Private Fees Cost$ 8,370 per year
    Public School Tuition Cost for 4-20 yearsFree of Cost

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    Transportation in Wisconsin

    The transportation system of Wisconsin consists of roads, highways, airports, highways, harbors, public transport, and pathways or trails for pedestrians and bicycle drivers. The system is managed and operated by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. For gathering more details about the transportation system keep reading below:-


    The Wisconsin Department of Transportation finances & focuses on the expanded transportation network of Wisconsin which spreads both instate and interstate. It also focuses on departmental plans of building new & maintaining existing highways and supports the cost of operating other local and international transportation systems. The transportation network of Wisconsin includes:-

    • Around 81 shared ride and public transit systems.
    • About 11,800 miles of interstate &state highways, and 103,000 of local roads, street roads & country highways.
    • Total 131 public airports.
    • 29 harbors & ports of commerce.
    • 3,600 miles of railroads.

    Medium of Transportation in Wisconsin with prices

    Before moving to Wisconsin, you should be aware of the cost of transportation here, which are as follows:-

    One way Ticket of Local Transport$2.00
    Monthly Pass of Public Transport$ 65.00
    Taxi fare at normal tariff$ 4.00
    1 Gallon of Gasoline$ 2.30
    The average cost of a train ticket$ 95.00
    The average cost of flight ticket interstate$152 – $256
    Price of a Volkswagen Car$21K
    Price of a Toyota Corolla Sedan$20,286

    Public transportation in Wisconsin

    The Wisconsin Public Transportation Association is an organization that controls, manages, and provides support to the transit system of Wisconsin. This organization represents 28 bus systems, 24 associate & affiliate transit member organizations, 43 shared taxi systems, and more than 2,900 transit operators. They spend around $280 million each year for transit expenditures across the state. 

    How do people get around in Wisconsin?

    To get around in Wisconsin people may use the bus, taxi, metro, trains, airways, or waterways transport system.

    Does Wisconsin have public transportation?

    Yes, Wisconsin has a pretty good public transport system. Also, Madison & Milwaukee are there in the list of top 20 metro cities in the US.

    How much does it cost to ride the bus in Milwaukee?

    Fair & PassesCost
    Adult Fare$ 2.00
    Youth Fare$ 1.25
    Senior & Disabled Fare$ 1.00
    Children under the age of 5Free
    1-Day Pass$ 5.00
    31-Days Pass$ 65.00
    31-Days Pass for Senior & Disabled People$ 32.50
    Youth Pass for a Semester$165.00
    Youth Pass for a School Year$ 315.00

    Driving license in Wisconsin

    A driving license is a type of milestone for the teens which they will get by the age of 19. But before that, they have to complete various other procedures and tests to demonstrate confidence, good driving behavior, and on-road knowledge. To know the deep insights of the same, keep reading below.

    How to get a Drivers License in Wisconsin

    It is a three-step process to obtain a driving license in Wisconsin. They are:-

    STEP 1- The Instruction Permit

    In Wisconsin when you cross the age of 15.5 years you can apply for an instruction permit. It is a type of driver’s education course permitted by the state which includes classroom instruction of 30 hours, behind-the-wheel training of 6 hours, and in-car observation training of 6 hours. For getting the instruction permit you have to take along documents such as; identity & residency proof, driver education certificate, a document showing you are enrolled in a school, Form MV3001 signed by a guardian, and permit fees.

    STEP 2- The Probationary License

    This type of license is a trial version of the full and original driving license which can be obtained at the age of 16, after gaining safe driving skills, valuable on-road driving experience, one should hold an instruction permit for at least 6 months and have an adult sponsor. 

    After obtaining this type of license, while driving, you should always be accompanied by an adult or someone who is 19 years of age and has a valid driving license.

    STEP 3- The Final License

    After you have completed 19 years of age, your probationary license will be upgraded to a valid license only if you have a clean driving record with no seat belt or alcohol violations.

    Wisconsin drivers license age

    At the age of 15.5 years, teens can apply for an instruction permit. After 6 months of training when they cross 16 years, they get the probationary license, and then at the age of 19, they get a full Wisconsin driver’s license, only if they fulfill certain conditions.

    Can you drive without a license in Wisconsin?

    No, not at all. For driving your car on the roads of Wisconsin you should either have a probationary license or a full Wisconsin driver’s license.

    What is the cost of a driving license in Wisconsin?

    The cost of obtaining a driving license under various steps is as follows:-

    Driving LicenseFees
    Instruction permit$35
    Renewal of instruction permit$35
    Probationary License$28
    Full Wisconsin Driving License$34
    Renewal after 8 Years$34
    Late Renewal Fee$5
    Duplicate DL$14

    How long does it take to get a Wisconsin driver’s license? Step one of getting the instruction permit starts at the age of 15.5 years of age, and the full driving license is obtained at the age of 19. So, it is a 4 1/2 years process.

    Best Places to Live in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin is known to have some of the most beautiful and colorful cities loved by both the natives and tourists. Here is a list of the top 10 best places to live and settle down while moving to Wisconsin.

    • Madison – This capital city is the best to live in as it attracts career-oriented individuals for a long time due to the existence of higher learning institutions and technology industries here. The cost of living in Madison Wisconsin is reasonable with ample places for outdoor recreation, job opportunities, top schools, fancy restaurants, and rich art & cultural environment.
    • Milwaukee – It is one the most famous cities of Wisconsin located on Lake Michigan’s western shore. Living in Milwaukee has both pros & cons, pros such as; appealing cost of living, top-class amenities, various festivals & fun times, and top schools, colleges & universities. The cons of living in Milwaukee are; high crime rates, racial segregation of people, constant construction work, and intense winters.
    • Green Bay – It is a mid-sized Wisconsin city with great amenities, safety, and affordability to offer. This city also offers you top schools & universities, tourists attractions, water parks, amazing resorts, shopping malls, hospitals, sports complexes, airports, cheap cost of living, and a huge plethora of luxuries & amenities.
    • Brookfield – The population of Brookfield situated in the Waukesha county is mostly working people who earn good salaries and income to run their households. This city is a perfect place to live in for families with stellar educational institutions, amazing nightlife, various fancy restaurants, and fun & adventurous places to visit and enjoy.
    • Whitefish Bay – It is a suburb city of Milwaukee with unique characteristics and approx 14,000 population. This small town has several accolades and is a famous tourist place in Wisconsin. This place is located at the shore of Lake Michigan and offers people various amenities, thriving job markets, and low crime rates. The cost of living in this city is a bit pricey, but if you are moving to Wisconsin with children; then, this city will offer you some of the top schools.
    • De Pere – This city in Northern Wisconsin has a strong community with forward-thinking & down-to-earth people, making it a perfect place for families and young professionals to settle down. De Pere also has some of the best schools, colleges & universities, a plethora of activities, top restaurants, businesses, and many more.
    • Kenosha – This is a beautiful town that has two tall lighthouses on the shore, vibrant downtown life filled with restaurants, museums, boutique shops, public art, theatres, and outdoor activities such as; scenic hiking & biking trails, fishing, sailing, and golfing opportunities. Kenosha has multiple adventurous things to do and enjoy that are beyond expectations.
    • Hudson – Hudson is located in St. Croix County, Wisconsin is not a highly populated city, but has a lovely downtown vibe, making it a perfect place to live in & enjoy. This place is good to live in as it has a lot of restaurants, parks, highly ranked public schools, top-class housing facilities, safe neighborhoods, and intense winters.
    • Eau Claire – Located in the western-central region of Wisconsin, this is the 8th populous city of the state. It is the home to the University of Wisconsin, top-class education, healthcare & business systems, outdoor cultural activities, impressionable art complexes, and locavore restaurants. This place is perfect to move to for families, young professionals, college students, and retirees.
    • Wauwatosa – This is a populated suburb located in the west of Milwaukee, with a population of 47,000 people. If you do not wish to live in the state’s biggest city; Milwaukee then this is the best place for you to live in while moving to Wisconsin. This place is the hotspot for millennials with a vibrant nightlife, affordable cost of living, reasonable house rents, and suitable costs of houses.

    Culture & Climate of Wisconsin

    Wisconsin is the upper midwestern state of the USA and is home to about 15,000 lakes, streams, and rivers best suitable for badger watching and various water adventures. If you are moving to Wisconsin, you should be aware of the climate and culture of the state. For gathering similar information, keep reading below. 



    The residents of this state are considered the nicest and the friendliest people in the country. Most of the population of this state consists of German & Polish people, which are immigrants from ethnic groups. The people here majorly follow Christianity and about 1% of people follow other religions. Most of the people here speak English and some speak it with a Canadian accent, and about 3% of people living in Wisconsin speak Spanish.


    Wisconsin experiences a continental humid climate, which means that summers here are warm & humid whereas winters are cold and snowy. The southern part of Wisconsin has great lakes and thus is slightly warmer than the northern parts. The temperature in summers is more than 30 degrees Celsius and in winters they fall below minus 40 degrees Celsius.

    What are some traditions in Wisconsin?

    Some crazy traditions belonging to Wisconsin are:-

    • Fishing in Ice.
    • Production of a million pounds of cheese every year.
    • People here love drinking and have a high bar culture.
    • This is a fun-loving city with lots of food, music & festivals happening year-round.

    What is the average weather in Wisconsin?

    The average climate statistics of Wisconsin are as follows:-

    Average Summer Temperature81 degrees Fahrenheit
    Average Winter Temperature-7 degrees Fahrenheit
    Average Sunshine188 Days
    Average Rainfall34 inches
    Average Snowfall48 inches

    What is the weather like in Wisconsin year-round?

    The year-round weather in Wisconsin is warm & wet during the summers and windy, freezy & snowy during winters. The sky is also partly cloudy year-round.

    Wisconsin’s Famous Food

    Wisconsin also known as America’s Dairyland is extremely famous for its cheese and cheese products. Various dairy products, frozen curd, cheese curd, and regional food like bratwursts, old-fashioned cocktails, beers, butter burgers, booyah stew, fish fries, blue moon icecreams, cram puffs, and a lot more are some of the most exciting cuisines of Wisconsin. 


    To celebrate and enjoy the delicacies of the state you can visit some of the most popular restaurants in the polish towns of Wisconsin such as; 

    • L’Etoile Restaurant in Madison
    • Sanford in Milwaukee
    • The Immigrant Restaurant in Kohler
    • Chefusion in Green Bay
    • The Capital Grille in Milwaukee

    What is Wisconsin National food?

    Cheese is the most popular food in Wisconsin, but Kringle has been officially mentioned as the official state food. It is a kind of glazed and filled Nordic pastry that is enjoyed the most by the people of the Badger State.

    Does Wisconsin have good food?

    Wisconsin has a great food scene and thus serves amazing and one-of-its-kind delicacies either in restaurants or in the form of street food.

    Moving Cost For Wisconsin

    Before actually moving to the state, you must know the Wisconsin cost of living. Apart from this, if you are planning to relocate to Wisconsin, from any other state. Then you should be well aware of the top movers who could help in this task and the average cost required for the same. According to the data of the average cost of moving to this state has been calculated as; $1155 and $3300. Some of the top movers who are best in their job are; Du Frame, Wisconsin Moovers LLC, A1 Movers, Power Moves, and many more.

    Moving Cost

    How much do movers cost in Wisconsin?  

    The average cost of moving ranges from an average of $496 to $3,573. 

    How do you calculate how much it will cost to move?

    The average cost of moving to the state can be calculated by estimating the total no. of hours to complete the journey multiplied by the charges based on the hourly rate of the moving company.  

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    Business Startup in Wisconsin

    After moving to the Badger State, if you wish to start something of your own to earn your living. Then no worries at all, we will be telling you some necessary information that would help you in opening a sole proprietorship, partnership, or non-profit type of business module.


    Following are the certain steps that you need to follow, in order to set up a successful business firm:-

    • Choose a business idea
    • Decide its legal structure
    • Choose the firm name
    • Create your business entity in Wisconsin
    • Apply for necessary licenses and permits
    • Choose business location
    • Obtain insurance
    • File for taxes
    • Open a bank account for business

    Is Wisconsin a good business place?  

    Wisconsin is a consistently growing state in terms of economy. Apart from that, the tax policies, industrial developments, fundings, and business growth are some other prospects that make the state a good place to start a business. 

    How much does it cost to start a business in Wisconsin?

    The amount of money required to set up a business firm depends on the type of business. You can also prove your eligibility in any of the banks in the state and take up a small business loan for setting up your business firm. 

    Economic Development in Wisconsin

    The economic development of Wisconsin is growing at a commendable scale, which thus helps communities and small businesses to succeed. Wisconsin has an economic development department that uplifts the people and also assists entrepreneurs to bring their business ideas to life. 


    There are not only the best places to live in Wisconsin for families but also the state has some of the best possibilities to succeed by maximizing your potential. The economic development department of the state creates and maintains a business climate to advance industry innovation by tapping globalized industrial markets. 

    What are the four types of economic development?  

    Economic Development in any place can be categorized into four main segments:-

    • Traditional Economies
    • Command Economies
    • Market Economies
    • Mixed Economies

    What is the role of economic development?  

    A critical component of any country as a whole and a state, in particular, is its economic growth and development. It plays a major role in opening new job opportunities, stairs to success, and thus facilitating & improving the quality of life of people.


    Wisconsin is ranked as the 8th best state in the US, according to the research and ranking declared by the U.S News. The table of ranking mentioned below is designed keeping in mind the most necessary aspects that a person will look for while moving to Wisconsin. If you are looking for reasons to move to Wisconsin; then, healthcare, education, and job opportunities would be your main concerns along with the economy, fiscal positions, crime rate, infrastructure, and natural environment in the state as your secondary concerns. Go through the below-mentioned table carefully for the exact rankings of the same:-

    Ranking CategoryRANKS
    Healthcare Access15th
    Job Opportunities9th
    Fiscal Stability9th
    Natural Environment17th
    Crime & Corrections25th
    Healthcare Quality10th
    Internet Services27th
    Economic Opportunities14th
    Public Safety12th


    Dear readers, if you love both cheese and beers, then Wisconsin is calling you. Every city & region in this cheese-producing state is worth watching and living. We hope that by reading the above written detailed & comprehensive article, you must have understood and gained knowledge about all the necessary areas & topics that are important to be aware of before moving to Wisconsin.

    So, that is all the necessary information we intended to share with you before you make up your mind about moving to Wisconsin. We have incorporated details such as; cost of living, housing, taxes, job markets, health, education, transportation, the best places to live, and a few more details. So, what are you waiting for now? Go and settle down in the Badger State and spend a happy & contented life by working, enjoying its natural attractions and various outdoor activities. We hope that the above article proves to be of some help to you before planning your itinerary to this Cheesy State of the United States.

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