Moving to West Virginia

Also called “Mountain State,” West Virginia is a state in the Appalachian, Mid-Atlantic, and South-eastern regions of the United States.

It is the 10th-smallest state by area, with 1,793,716 residents. The capital and largest city is Charleston. 


The state is eminent for its mountains and rolling hills, historically significant coal mining and logging industries, and political and labor history.

From skiing to hiking in WV, there are many things to do for couples in West Virginia as outdoor recreational opportunities no matter the month of the year.

If you consider moving to West Virginia, you will have to figure out your objective, plans, and benefits of living in West Virginia before making any final decisions.

This article covers everything from moving costs, living expenses, taxes, job markets, real estate, and the best places to live compared to other sites in the country.

Let us dig into everything you need to consider about moving to West Virginia.

Is West Virginia A Good Place To Live?

West Virginia is overall a nice place to move. Home to vast mountain ranges and scenic forests, it has a comparatively low cost of living, friendly people, outdoor recreational opportunities, and the cheapest median home value in the US. 


The area offers small-town living with a relaxed pace, and big cities have no stress and hustle. Moreover, it experiences four pleasant seasons.

The great cities in West Virginia include Charleston, Huntington, Wheeling, and Morgantown.

Though it doesn’t rank in a good position among the states of America, the state’s strong economy is due to aerospace, chemical research, plastics, biometrics, and medicine.

West Virginia Population

As estimated in 2021, West Virginia’s population is 1.78 million; it is the 38th most populous state in the U.S., with 93.34% white and 3.56% black population.

The top populous cities of West Virginia, as of the 2021 census estimates, are Charleston, Huntington, Morgantown, Parkersburg, and Wheeling.

Average Cost Of Moving To West Virginia

Before making a move, you need to keep in mind that moving to a new place is quite costly. Here’s the estimated cost of moving: 

Texas $2172 – $3621
Maryland$1206 – $2010
Washington$4138 – $6897
California$3863 – $6438
New York$1428 – $2380
Tennessee$1236 – $2060

Keep in mind that the average cost may differ depending on your mover, main city, and which city you’re relocating to.

Life in West Virginia

Everything seems magical here. From rivers to forests and lakes, there’re many outdoor activities that you can do as part of your everyday life in West Virginia. 

  • Cost of living is cheaper as compared to other States.
  • The property and sales in taxes are very low.
  • It is the best State for hiking and camping.

Let’s have a quick look at the different aspects of life in the Mountain State, so you can start packing your bags.

Cost of living in West Virginia

As per World Population Review, West Virginia is the 9th least expensive State in the US with 90 points index compared to the national average of 100 points index, as of 2023.


On average, a single adult needs around $2679 per month to live comfortably here.

The cost of living in WV mainly depends on the city you’re moving to, family size, and the number of kids in the family.

Have a quick look at the average cost of living in different cities of WV, including Charleston, Huntington, and Vienna.


Pros and Cons Of Living in West Virginia 

The mountain state is famous for many things, from the low cost of living to the most beautiful sceneries and many other reasons to appeal to your attention.


As we know that no place is perfect, so here are some pros and cons of living here:

West Virginia has a low cost of living and low house costs. You can get properties at low prices, and the average home value is less than $100,000.Crime is greater than the national average in the state for property and violent crimes.
West Virginia is right in the center of the Appalachian Trail. It makes it one of the excellent places for people who love to hike and camp. It has many national parks, campgrounds, and plenty of fishing holes. Nature lovers will never run out of new places to discover. The state is also popular for its hunting and biodiversity.The common problem for the people of any place suffering the impacts of poverty and deprivation is drug addiction and abuse.
It has low property tax and sales tax.You may encounter an unfriendly neighborhood.
The weather is marked by all 4 Seasons.Low educational quality. It is tough to find a good district school.
If you are not a very big fan of the big cities and dislike their hassles of them, you can find yourself settled in the cocoon of nature in the quiet and peaceful state of West Virginia.It has low employment opportunities and high poverty rates.

Is West Virginia Expensive To Live In?

When it comes to living costs, average grocery prices, and housing costs, WV is the 2nd most affordable State. Housing here is very affordable, as you can find a beautiful home for under $500K. 

The overall living costs are nearly 10% less than the national average and much below in interior cities and towns. The cost of living index here is 78.1, which is much less than the US average of 100.

Cost of livingWest VirginiaUnited States

How much do you need to live comfortably in West Virginia?

As per the reports from ACS and the national low-income housing coalition, individuals living with their families need to earn around $58,220 per annum to live comfortably in West Virginia.

Taxes in West Virginia

West Virginia has a state sales tax, a state income tax, and some of the lowest property taxes in the U.S.


The income tax system comprises five brackets, with 3% to 6.5%. The state income tax has an exact structure to the federal tax.

The sales tax is 6% state-wide. In addition to that state rate, several cities collect an extra local sales tax of 1%.

Groceries, prescription drugs, newspapers, motor vehicles, and textbooks are exempt from sales tax in West Virginia.

West Virginia’s median home values are also comparatively low, the state’s property tax rates rank a little bit higher. The mean effective property tax rate here is 0.57%.

Estates and inheritances are not taxed at the state level in West Virginia. You may still require to pay the federal estate tax.

TaxesState tax
WV Income Tax3% – 6.5%
WV Property Tax0.57%
WV Sales Tax6% – 7%
WV Gas Tax20.50 cents per gallon
WV Cigarette Tax$1.20 per pack of 20 cigarettes
WV Alcohol Tax$1 per gallon

Is West Virginia a tax-friendly state?

West Virginia is a tax-friendly state but individuals have to pay some amount of tax as per their income level. For apprentices, property and sales taxes are low as compared to experienced ones.

Social Security retirement benefits are taxed federally at a rate of 3% – 6.5%. It is considered one of the best States for retirees due to low taxes.

What taxes do you pay in West Virginia?

The taxes that are paid by consumers in West Virginia are

  • Personal income tax
  • Personal exemptions
  • Capital gains tax
  • Sales tax
  • Excise tax
  • Corporate income tax
  • Property tax

How To Become A Resident Of West Virginia?

You are regarded as a resident of West Virginia if you stay more than 30 days in West Virginia with the aim of West Virginia becoming your permanent residence.

You may also be considered if you are a domiciliary resident of Pennsylvania or Virginia and continue a physical presence in West Virginia for more than 183 days of the taxable year.  

You may also require filling out an official document called “Declaration of Domicile”, conveying that your new residence is now your permanent house.

You have to change your mailing address and forward your mail and update your information with the IRS as soon as possible. 

It will ensure that you get all tax refunds and correspondence on time. Make sure you register to vote when establishing residency in West Virginia. Do not forget to get a new driver’s license.

West Virginia residency requirements

  • Proof of six months of continued presence in West Virginia before enrolling in any West Virginia institution of higher education.
  • Proof of payment of WV Income taxes
  • Signed statement of full-time employment on company letterhead
  • A brief notice explaining your claim to resident status as indicated on the back of the application is required. A timeline with all relevant dates is recommended.
  • A lease, rental agreement, or proof of purchase of your permanently occupied home in WV
  • WV motor vehicle registration
  • WV driver’s license

Suppose you apply for resident status depending upon a parent, legal guardian, or spouse. In that case,

you must give details on the application and deposit supporting documentation relative to the parent, legal guardian, or spouse, as well as any documentation that applies to you.

What is a part-year resident in West Virginia?

A part-year resident is a resident who moves to and fro of West Virginia. It is a residency status option provided by the West Virginia residents who spend more than 30 days in the country.

WV DMV Proof Of Residency

The identity proof documents provided to the residents of West Virginia are

  1. A certified original birth certificate copy issued by the US government.
  2. Valid US passport
  3. The accepted alternatives for a foreigner or unexpired DHS document
  4. Permanent resident card is issued by INS or DHS, (Form I-551).
  5. Certificate of naturalization provided by DHS, Form N-570, N-550.
  6. Employment Authorisation Document Issued By DHS, Form I-688B or Form I-766.
  8. Consular report of birth abroad (CRBA), Form FS-545, FS-240 or DS-1350.
  9. Valid and unexpired US visa and passport reporting recent admittance of the applicant into the States.

General West Virginia Laws 

The residents of WV follow US federal laws and West Virginia state laws. The federal laws include statements that are codified in the US code, decisions by the court that are used in federal laws, and the laws regulated by federal administrative agencies. 


The WV state laws include rules passed by the West Virginia legislature, laws of the West Virginia constitution and statutes periodically notified in the code and resolutions by quotes that are interpreted in West Virginia laws.

The general laws section has user-friendly synopsis of laws. You can browse the list to know more about them:

  • Criminal laws
  • Statutes of limitations
  • Consumer laws
  • Business laws
  • Lotteries and gambling laws
  • Education laws
  • Tax laws
  • Healthcare laws
  • Real estate and property loss
  • Real estate planning
  • Family laws
  • Employment laws

Weird laws in West Virginia

Out of the laws followed by the residents of West Virginia, there are some dumb laws in WV too, which sound weird but still exist and are quite popular in the state that you can’t even get over easily. Let us look into it.

  • Whistling underwater is not allowed.
  • Snoozing on a train is prohibited.
  • Domestic violence is allowed.
  • A 1 cent tax is imposed for every 9 and 16-ounce Coke container sold in convenience stores
  • One has to be fined a dollar for swearing at a person in public.
  • Consuming roadkill of animals for food is allowed.
  • Tickling a woman is allowed.
  • Live-in couples are jailed or fined $20 if involved in offensive sexual conduct.
  • Giving anesthesia to a woman by a male doctor is not allowed. It can be done only in the presence of a family member with the patient.
  • Under 21 age individuals are allowed to carry switchblades but are not allowed to hide them.
  • Using threatening, indecent, and weird language over calls and text messages is prohibited.
  • Hunting a raccoon on Sunday after 2 a.m. is not allowed.
  • Having sex without lights on is prohibited.
  • Having sex other than your spouse is prohibited.
  • Walking with a leopard, lion or tiger is illegal.

What is illegal in West Virginia?

Other than weird laws, there also exist some laws and rules that are illegal in the commonwealth state, for example:

  • It’s illegal to keep a red or black flag.
  • It is legal for a spouse to beat his wife in Stafford country before 8:00 p.m.
  • It is illegal for a girl or woman to stay out at night unless she is accompanied by a man or wearing a corset in Norfolk.
  • It is illegal to hawk on a seagull in Norfolk.
  • Coin flipping for payment is illegal in Richmond.
  • Washing a mule is illegal in Culpeper.

Is verbal abuse a crime in West Virginia?

Verbal abuse along with verbal harassment, following, molesting, and filthy exposure is a crime in West Virginia.

West Virginia Real Estate Market

West Virginia’s real estate market has a lower median home value than any other US state and has got the recognition of providing affordable homes to prospective buyers. 


The typical housing value in West Virginia is $126,948 which is periodically adjusted and comprises the middle price tier of houses. This value has been rising by 12 % over the past years.

If you are relocating to West Virginia, rather than buying a house immediately, a better option will be to rent one because the house, as well as living expenses, are quite low.

Check out a quick overview of West Virginia’s housing market:

  • Median home values: $141,385
  • Median rent price: $731
  • Median mortgage value: $997
  • Number of homes: 733,266
  • Price to rent ratio: 9.4
  • Unemployment rate 6.5%
  • Median family income: $49,061
  • Percentage of vacant homes: 17.56%
  • 30 year mortgage value: 4.36%
  • Home value increment: 0.82% month over month.

It is worth mentioning that there are over 60 ghost towns in WV. Be assured to buy a home in a thriving community or major city.

Home Prices In West Virginia

The average housing prices of the top 10 most costly and 10 most cheap cities in West Virginia are as follows:

Expensive citiesAvg. Housing costCheap citiesAvg. Housing cost
Charles Town$318,717Clarksburg$86,200
Hedgesville$240,599New Martinsville$96,000
Martinsburg$238,066Oak Hill$97,200
Princeton$177,800South Charleston$50,000
Weirton$169,025St. Albans$113,300

Currently, the real estate market in Vienna is booming, making it one of the most expensive places to raise a family.

With an average home value of $50K, south Charleston is one of the cheapest cities in West Virginia. 

Is West Virginia Cheap To Live In?

Yes, West Virginia is a cheap place to live in as the average home value is less than the national average i.e. $126,948, therefore buying a home is more affordable than renting.

Is there a housing shortage in West Virginia?

Yes, extremely low-income families having income less than or equal to the property guidelines face a shortage of affordable rental homes across West Virginia.

Employment in West Virginia

Over the years, West Virginia has gone through many ups and downs in its job market. The coal mines used to be one of the biggest sources of revenue in the state.

But in recent years, there has been a remarkable fall in the amount of coal as well as the jobs related to it. 


Therefore, it is going through a significant drop in providing job opportunities and it might take a couple of years to rise up.

As the job market in the current year is concerned, West Virginia is witnessing a growth in different careers like nurse practitioner, medical receptionist, physical therapist, health aide marketeer, and industrial mechanic.

However, if you’re looking for an engagement that shells out of the box, the highest paying jobs now include: surgeon, dentist, psychiatrist, architect, manager, Nurse anesthetist, pharmacist, CEO, physician, and nurse-midwife.

Overall, the job market in Morgantown, Charleston, and Huntington is booming.

Highest paying jobs in WV

Despite such low ranks, there are some professions that are paid the highest salaries due to their demand, educational qualifications, experience, and more.

Here is a list of such highest-paid jobs with their average salaries in West Virginia.

RankJob titleAverage salary
1Physician assistant$155,590
2Nurse anesthetist$15,0066
4Family practitioner$142,564
5Medicine specialist$142,100
6Machine operators$82,000
7Assistant manager$60,000

Unemployment rate in West Virginia

As per the information from the bureau of labor statistics, West Virginia’s current unemployment rate is 3.70% (December,21)

which is lower than the national average of 7.92%. And as per the reports from minimum wage. org, the minimum wage earned by an employee is $8.75 per hour which is more than the federal minimum.

The unemployment rate had dropped from 6.70% (December,20) to 3.9% and is continuing to remain at the lowest till now due to the ongoing pandemic.

Comparison table of the unemployment rate of West Virginia (2019-2021)

MonthUnemployment rate  2019 (%)Unemployment rate 2020 (%)Unemployment rate 2021 (%)

Does West Virginia have a good job market?

No, the job market is not good here. In fact, the state ranks 50 out of 50 and has resulted as the worst in terms of providing unemployment rate and job opportunities.

What is a good salary in WV?

A good salary or an annual average income for an average job to lead a standard Lifestyle in West Virginia is $58967 per annum.

How hard is it to get a job in West Virginia?

Unless you have a job in hand before moving to West Virginia, searching for a job after relocation might get difficult as it is next to impossible to get a job as soon as relocation. You might face difficulty in getting a job according to your qualifications, skills, and experience.

Healthcare in West Virginia

West Virginia ranks 47th position in terms of health care. The quality of healthcare and public health are two significant issues in the Mountain State, but access to healthcare is also a problem.


Because hills and forests mainly cover West Virginia, it is logistically challenging for some residents to access hospitals.

However, if you move to one of the major cities in West Virginia, you won’t face as many of those issues.

Comparison of Public vs Private Healthcare in West Virginia

West Virginia has both private and public healthcare systems. In West Virginia, there are a total of 71 hospitals. Out of these, 14 are public hospitals, and 19 are private hospitals.

Private healthcarePublic healthcare
These are hospitals that are owned by someone or a group of people.A public hospital is owned and paid by the government.
Private hospitals have the best medical facilities.Public hospitals provide health care, but the quality isn’t good enough to use them for our own needs.
Have a short amount of time to wait.Have longer wait times.
Private hospitals are not easy to pay for.Public hospitals are affordable
Ex: St Mary’s Medical CenterEx: West Virginia Hospital, Grafton City Hospital, CAMC General Hospital

Health Insurance in West Virginia

Public health insurance

Medicaid is a public health insurance program mainly for low-income and disabled persons amounting to $2.8 billion spent by the combined federal and state.

Medicare is a national health insurance program for elderly persons over age 65 and younger individuals with specific disabilities, and it accounted for 14% of the federal budget in 2013.

In 2012, there were 392,021 individuals in West Virginia enrolled in Medicare. State employee health insurance accounts for the second-largest portion of state healthcare spending.

The net state employee health plan expenditures in West Virginia totaled nearly $217 million in 2013.

Private health insurance

For private insurance, consumers typically either receive coverage through their employer or buy it on their own through the individual market.

In West Virginia’s private, employer-based insurance market, average premiums for employer-sponsored coverage amounted to $5,940 for single coverage and $17,105 for family coverage.

Is Healthcare free in West Virginia?

The West Virginia Medicaid initiative provides low-cost or free medical care to needy people, especially senior citizens, children below age 18, low-income people, pregnant, blind, and disabled in hospitals or nursing homes.

Does West Virginia have good healthcare?

West Virginia provides proper health care access to children, adults, and retirees in terms of cost. Hospitals and nursing homes provide quality healthcare, track Medicare plan ratings, and prevent hospital admissions. 

Public health takes adequate measures to prevent smoking, suicide, obesity, mortality, and mental health among infants and adults. Overall, the healthcare system in WV has many problems making it one of the worst states for healthcare. 

Education in West Virginia

As estimated in 2021, there are 119 private schools serving 13,867 students in West Virginia. The average private school tuition is $6,315 for elementary schools and $7,114 for high schools.


Formal public school Education in West Virginia falls under the auspices of the West Virginia Department of Education. Each county in WV constitutes a school district. 

The West Virginia public school system (prekindergarten through grade 12) operates within communities governed by locally elected school boards and superintendents.

The state’s graduation rate was 81.4 percent in 2013. The WV Hope scholarship WV is one of the best scholarships, which pays over $4300 per child, per school year. 

West Virginia Education Ranking

West Virginia is ranked at 47th position in terms of education. A recent survey released by the personal finance website WalletHub considers it to be one of the minimum-educated states in the United States. 

West Virginia University is the top university here, and it is ranked #249 among National Universities.

The overall grade of the state is C-. The state’s grade is based on six factors: state academic standards, charter schools, home-school regulation burden, private school choice, teacher quality, and digital learning.

Best Colleges in West Virginia

Almost all colleges in West Virginia are small to the middle in population and consist of a combination of research universities,

liberal arts colleges, and several small private Christian colleges. West Virginia University is the state’s largest traditional university.

Here are the top 10 colleges in West Virginia.

  1. West Virginia University, Morgantown
  2. Marshall University, Huntington
  3. Davis and Elkins College, Elkins
  4. Glenville State College, Glenville
  5. Bluefield State College, Bluefield
  6. Alderson Broaddus University, Philippi
  7. West Liberty University, West Liberty
  8. West Virginia Wesleyan College, Buckhannon
  9. Wheeling University, Wheeling
  10. Concord University, Athens

Top 10 schools in West Virginia

  1. Bridgeport High School, Bridgeport
  2. Morgantown High School, Morgantown
  3. University High School, Morgantown
  4. George Washington High School, Charleston
  5. Winfield High School, Winfield
  6. Hurricane High School, Hurricane
  7. Wheeling Park High School, Wheeling 
  8. Frankfort High School, Ridgeley
  9. Spring Mill High School, Martinsburg
  10. Fairmont Senior High School, Fairmont

Does West Virginia have a good education?

As for the report released by WalletHub, West Virginia has ranked 53 in terms of education making it one of the least educated states in the US.

This report was based on overall aspects of education including schooling, associates,  bachelor’s degree, employment rate, etc. West Virginia has 29% of educated people from the overall population in the state.

Is Education free in West Virginia?

West Virginia has a state-funded grant program that provides free tuition to selected scholar students of associates (2 years) and degree programs (4 years) at public institutions.

Transportation in West Virginia

As far as the transportation and traffic system of West Virginia is concerned, the mountain state marks at the #40 position among all the US states.


If you are relocating to West Virginia, one of the important things you need to learn is about the public transportation facilities available in the state.

As the state has many small cities and towns covered with rugged mountains and hilly roads, moving from one place to another might get difficult.

Therefore, you must learn which transportation facility you must consider while traveling to your destination.

Major Medium of Transportation in West Virginia

The major medium of transportation opted by the people of West Virginia are as follows:

Major forms of transportationAverage prices
seaways (Barge and docks)$1.50 per nautical mile
Amtrak (capital limited and cardinal route)Less than $30
Railways (new river Gorge mystery train greenbrier valley train, Durbin train$30 – $150
Public bus services (Greyhound)$0.86 for a single individual for 10 minutes $1.70 for two individuals for 10 minutes $11 for 15 individuals for 10 minutes
Rental carsStarts from $40 and varies according to destination
Taxi services (interstate travel)$4.75-$35 (varies according to waiting hours)
Ride sharingStarts from $14 for a regular ride and varies depending on rideshare service and distance coverage

Is there public transportation in West Virginia?

Buses are the only public transportation present in West Virginia. They provide services to all parts of the state, especially in rural areas with affordable transportation costs, and also have special options for the disabled, children, pregnant, and elderly groups.

How do people get around in West Virginia?

Residents of West Virginia move around the state in rental cars and taxis. Most taxis provide intercity service due to the hilly roads present around the state. Whereas, car rental is the best and safest option to travel around West Virginia.

West Virginia driving license

Are you thinking about getting a new WV driver’s license? Because getting this can be one of your priorities if your workplace or institute is far away from the place to stay in.


So here is exactly what you need to learn to acquire your permit, complete the road test and get a driver’s license.

WV Driving License Requirements

After relocation, you need to obtain a new WV driver’s license within 30 days of your move. The steps required to get a WV driving license are as follows:

  • Visit a nearby DMV location.
  • Complete the application form.
  • Provide proof of West Virginia’s housing, social security number, legal name change, and ID.
  • Complete vision screening test.
  • Pass the alcohol awareness test.
  • Surrender old driving license.
  • If the driving license is expired, go for all examinations and tests.
  • Pay the applicable driver’s license fee.

West Virginia driver’s license age

To acquire a West Virginia driver’s license, you must be at least 16 years of age. Besides that, you must have:

  • Level I permit for six months
  • Free from infection for six months by which you may immediately get a preceding date for applying for the level II test
  • Complete a 50-hour certification form, with 10 night hours and initials by parents, local guardian, or driver education card.

Can You Take Your Permit Test Online In WV?

You can only take the WV driver’s license knowledge test for learner’s permit online at the official DMVs website,

How much does it cost to get a driver’s license in WV?

You can get the WV driver’s license by only paying $34 which remains valid for 8 years.

Can I renew my West Virginia driver’s license online?

Yes, you can renew your West Virginia driver’s license by visiting DMV’s official website Go to the website, select online services, and then select the driver’s license renewal option.

After the transaction is completed you will get your new driver’s license in the mail within 11 to 15 business days.

Best Places to Live in West Virginia

1. Charleston – Best To Raise Family


Charleston is the capital of West Virginia. This “small, big city” is widely popular and populous as it is home to more than 49000 people. Being a state’s capital, it offers plenty of jobs, recreation opportunities, reputed educational institutions, and many more.

2. Huntington – Best Parks And Hospitals


Huntington is known as Port City as it is located on the Ohio River. The state is also known for its heavy industries like chemicals, oil, and coal.

It has two best hospitals, offers new job opportunities, and fast pace growth of people living in the state.

3. Morgantown – Best For Education


With a population of 32099, Morgantown is known to be the third most populous city in the state.

It offers top-notch universities, colleges, two best High schools as well as plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities and a wide variety of indoor amusements.

4. Parkersburg – Safest City


Despite having a sinking population of over 29000 people, Parkersburg is still considered the best place to retire and live in West Virginia.

The city lacks job opportunities, employment, diversity, and culture; crime and accidents are on the higher side, but still considered a safe place to raise kids.

5. Cheat Lake – City With Most Schools


The name of the city might have “cheat” in it, but it’s not so. Cheat Lake is considered one of the safest places to raise a family with an affordable cost of living and staying.

The city offers 10 public schools; a safe community; a youthful and vibrant range of restaurants, shops, and retail outlets; a low crime rate; and a booming job market.

6. Star City – Lowest Crime Rate


Star City, a small town in West Virginia, having just 2000 residents, has technically maintained its name and shined like a star due to its cheap options and an affordable list of benefits to live in.

It offers an excellent selection of public schools; numerous cafes, restaurants, and bars; and a plentiful array of outdoor recreations and parks. 

7. Bridgeport – Best City For Outdoor Activities


Bridgeport is home to family-oriented communities as it offers a wide range of public schools, amenities, safe streets, welcoming people, reasonable housing prices, and low crime rates.

Although it is a small town, you will find many restaurant shops, entertainment outlets, churches, indoor recreation, and working opportunities for the residents to fulfill their dream and lifestyle.

8. Bethlehem – Best For Great Night Life


Bethlehem is a city in West Virginia that has a great selection of schools; a wide range of affordable housing; plentiful shops, cafes, and bars options; a welcoming community; and the greatest dining options you could ever wish for.

Despite having a rise in crime rates and accidents, Bethlem has been announced with A + ratings for impressive schools and a B + rating for low crime rates.

9. Teays Valley – Best City To Retire


If you are a nature lover then Teays Valley is the best place to move in as it is nested under the footsteps of a breathtaking mountain range and offers plentiful outdoor recreational pursuits to fulfill your dream.

Meanwhile, the affordable housing, low crime rate, excellent public schools, and wide range of amenities make it an excellent option for families, couples, and new retirees.

10. Wheeling – Best For Affordable Housing


Are you looking for affordable housing options in West Virginia? Then Wheeling is the right destination for you as you can get a large-sized home for rent or for buying at just $560 and $104,300 respectively.

With a strong population of 27,521 residents, Wheeling offers a great lifestyle to its residents by providing plentiful job opportunities; a massive range of amenities; a wide range of clubs, bars, and restaurants; and attractive events and festivals.

Culture in West Virginia

West Virginia is the 41st largest state having a population of 1796718 residents which makes it the 38th highest populated state in the US.


The locals of the state are quite humble and are known to be the nicest human beings on the planet as they follow the “simple living and high thinking” motto in their lives.

About 97% of people in West Virginia speak English and have an Appalachian and twangy speaking accent as an impact of scotch Irish people living there for ages.

These people have a strong love for folk music and dance that has changed into a unique style over time.

West Virginia Traditions 

The state’s unique traditions that you can’t ignore if you’re in West Virginia are as follows:

  • Annual trips to Kennywood, Myrtle Beach, or Camden Park.
  • Calling towns home countries.
  • Hunting wild ginseng for medicines.
  • Obsessions over Apple butter, and pepperoni rolls.
  • Deer hunting.
  • Enjoying ramps dinner during the spring.
  • Saying “Hi” to strangers.
  • Grooving to Appalachian folk music.
  • Celebrating West Virginia’s D-Day, 20th June like your own birthday.

West Virginia Weather

West Virginia experiences all four seasons as it has a humid subtropical climate. This means that the mountain state gets adequate summer, abundant precipitation, and moderate snowfall just as it should be. 

During summers the temperature reaches up to 89°F and reduces to 23°F during the winters. It also experiences adequate rainfall that peaks during the midsummer.

Does West Virginia have 4 seasons?

West Virginia experiences four seasons year-round i.e. summers, spring, winters, and rainy seasons.

The most popular time to visit West Virginia is during the summer holidays as you can enjoy hunting and leaves changing color.

For relocation, spring can be the ideal time due to its pleasant climate and fewer crowds.

West Virginia State Ranking

West Virginia stands at 47th position in overall rankings. It is the third poorest state in the United States of America.

WV’s economy has depended so much on its mineral resources that declining coal production and low energy costs have hurt the state economy in recent years. 

West Virginia has the 19th highest unemployment with an unemployment rate of 6.7. Here’s an overview of the ranking of West Virginia in different categories:

Health Care47th
Fiscal Stability28th
Crime and Corrections23th
Natural Environment36th

7 Fun Facts about West Virginia

  1. West Virginia is admitted under the presidential proclamation.
  2. Mother’s Day was 1st recognized as a holiday at Andrews Church in Grafton on May 10, 1908. It became a national holiday in 1914.
  3. The longest steel arch bridge, the New River Gorge Bridge, is located in the Western Hemisphere.
  4. The first rural free delivery mail service occurred in Charles Town on Oct. 6, 1896, as a demo to see how feasible this type of service was, and it became the largest and most expensive endeavor by the U.S. Postal Service.
  5. The 500-acre federal women’s prison, Federal Industrial Institution for Women in Alderson, West Virginia, was the first prison for female house prisoners. It was opened in 1926.
  6. West Virginia has been home to the Grimes Golden apple and the Golden Delicious apple, which became the official state fruit in 1995.
  7. Grave Creek Mound in Moundsville, West Virginia, is considered the nation’s oldest and most significant Native American burial ground.

10 Reasons Not To Move To West Virginia

Well, WV is not so perfect at all! There are many drawbacks to living here. Here’re the top 10 reasons not to move to WV:

  1. The healthcare system in WV is very bad, and private health insurance is very expensive.
  2. Job market is almost dead as you can’t find a good job easily.
  3. West Virginia has the lowest median income. The median income in WV is $26,187, which is almost $15000 less than the national average. 
  4. About 16% of the state’s population lives in poverty.
  5. There’s no such thing as diversity here.
  6. The education system is not so updated. The top “The University of West Virginia” ranks at 568 globally and 247 as the best university in the US.
  7. The weather is unpredictable here.
  8. The traffic here is an absolute nightmare.
  9. It is a conservative State.
  10. There’re not many fun activities to do in West Virginia.

Truth to tell, if you’re a fan of parks and natural outdoor activities, then WV is a great place for you. Otherwise, if you’re looking for starting a new business, or seeking a new job, then it’s better not to move here.

Moving To West Virginia FAQs

Does West Virginia pay you to move there?

Yes, the WV state will pay you if you move here. As per the CBS news, the state will pay $12K to remote workers, if selected, who are willing to Elkins, West Virginia.

Why move to West Virginia?

Property prices are very affordable here. With low sales and property tax, outdoor activities, and natural parks, it’s a fun state to live in.

Where’s the best place to live in West Virginia?

Pea Ridge, Oak Hill, Lewisburg, Charles Town, South Charleston, and Wheeling are the best cities to live in West Virginia. 


West Virginia, or the so-called “Mountain State,” has a lot to offer. Despite being a small state in the country, its beautiful landscapes, thriving job opportunities, low cost of living, and pleasant climate is more than enough to make you captivated. 

Also, you may find many other reasons that create an identity of this beautiful state, and if you feel you can utilize most of them, then there is a high chance you will love your new home immediately.