Moving To Syracuse, NY


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    Are you planning to relocate to NYC? Then this blog post is for you! This blog post talks about facts and information regarding the salt city of New York, Syracuse.

    The 5th most populated city in New York State, Syracuse, is the central New York region’s economic, industrial, and educational hub.

    Situated in the heart of the state, the city sits in Onondaga County, which is a 4-hour drive from NYC and a few minutes away from Rochester. 

    With its thriving economy, tech job opportunities, rich history, arts scene, an abundance of activities for outdoor enthusiasts, and well-known college sports, Syracuse drops a unique blend of small-town vibe with urban vibrancy.

    Dive into our comprehensive relocation guide to navigate your location journey ahead to the ‘Cuse!

    1. What Is Syracuse Known For?

    Syracuse is recognized as the hub for entertainment, education, museums, art galleries, and theaters.

    Taste of Syracuse, the great New York State Fair, and Winter Fest are some world-famous events and festivals hosted yearly in the City.

    The city is also known as a major producer of salt, the first electric traffic light, Syracuse University, the birthplace of many well-recognized college sports, the snowiest city in the nation, and Destiny USA, the sixth largest shopping mall in the US. 

    2. Is Syracuse NY Safe?

    Syracuse, NY has a record of higher crime rate, which is almost double the national average. The violent crime in Syracuse is 40, while the national average is 23.


    In addition, the property crime is 53 as compared to the national average of 35.

    The table below illustrates the number of crime rates in Syracuse concerning the national average.

    Crime typeSyracuse, NYUS
    Violent crime4023
    Property crime5334


    The city has 20% safe areas to raise a family. It is usually not safe to walk in the city at night because most of the violent crimes occur at night here. It is always wise to walk in groups after dark.

    Generally, Syracuse is safer than Rochester, NY. Rochester has a crime rate of about 104 people per 1000 residents which makes it the 31st most dangerous city in the US.

    3. Things To Know Before Moving To Syracuse NY

    After learning a glimpse about the city of Syracuse, and its crime scene, it is time to know the major factors and things to know before moving to Syracuse NY. Stay tuned!

    4. Living In Syracuse NY

    With lower living costs,  housing costs, an abundance of education and employment scenes, and top-notch nightlife, being the positives, Syracuse makes a great place to live in New York for people of all ages.

    Proximity to nature, fine breweries, and wines, minimal traffic, and greenery all around are what you’ll get to see in Syracuse. With a livability score of 78, Syracuse is rated 10th on the list of best places to raise a family. 

    Living a life in Syracuse is all about comfort, convenience, and accessibility to the major perks and amenities provided in the city. The Downtown continues to tend to improvements, transformations, and cleanups of Onondaga Lake, while the suburbs are quite warm, welcoming, and quiet, presenting a great life to the residents. 

    5. Cost of Living In Syracuse NY

    Syracuse NY has a relatively lower cost of living than the US average. The cost of living in Syracuse is 87.5 which is 13.5% lower than the national average, and 30% lower than the state average.


    Moreover, when compared with Rochester, it has a 1.5% lower cost of living, which makes it the most affordable city to live in New York. 

    Apart from healthcare, utilities, and miscellaneous expenses, major cost of living factors like food and groceries, housing, and transportation costs remain on the lower side of the national figures.

    So, to live a comfortable life in Syracuse, a minimum annual income of $32000 for a single individual and $455,000 for a family of four is advocated. 

    Here is a table for the cost of living in Syracuse NY in comparison with the national average:

    CategorySyracuseUS average
    Overall 87.5100
    Food and groceries 97100
    Healthcare 117100
    Housing 51100


    6. Taxes In Syracuse NY

    Syracuse NY is a moderately tax-friendly city, especially for retirees. The types of taxes imposed on Syracusians are as follows:

    • Sales Tax: 8% ( It is the combination of 7% state tax and 1% County tax).
    • Property tax: 2.68% of the asserted value of the property.
    • Income tax: 4%-8.82%
    • Social Security income- Nil

    7. Housing In Syracuse NY

    Syracuse NY has a highly affordable housing market landscape, which is almost half that of the national average.


    The stable housing market, and numerous availability, coupled with Syracuse’s rich culture, make the city an appealing place to make a comprehend step. 

    The median home cost in Syracuse NY is $165,000, which is 49% lower than the US average of $338,000, making it an accessible place to buy a house in a metropolis area and become a NY resident.

    The estimated cost to build a house in Syracuse averages around $350,000 or $140 per square foot.

    As far as the rental prices in Syracuse are concerned, the median rental value of Syracuse Ny ranges somewhere between $1050-$1500 per month for a studio to 4-bedroom apartment, all loving a wallet-friendly option for rental seekers. 

    The table below illustrates the average housing and rental prices of Syracuse NY in comparison with the US average. 

    Housing costsSyracuse NYUS
    Median home cost$165,000$338,100
    Rental cost of a studio$950$1080
    Rental cost of 1 bedroom$1050$1180
    Rental cost of 2 bedroom$1250$1430
    Rental cost of 3 bedroom$1370$1860


    8. Weather conditions in Syracuse NY 

    The city of Syracuse NY is characterized by a humid continental type of climate with four different seasons throughout the year,  happening in the following ways:

    • Winters: Syracuse witnesses severe, harsh winters with temperatures dropping down the freezing mark. The city is well-known as the snowiest city in the USA, annually getting snowfall of over 115 inches in a year. Syracuse gets lake-effect snow and winter storms during this time. January is the coldest month in Syracuse and snowfall happens in the city for about 6 months in a year. 
    • Summers: Summers in Syracuse are quite humid tending to be varying from warm to hot, remaining in the mid to high 85°F. July is the hottest month in the city with average highs around 85°F. On average, Syracuse had 165 sunny days per year. June to September is the best time to travel to New York Syracuse for a vacation or relocation. 
    • Spring and Fall: Syracuse has a relatively humid spring and fall during March and April and the end of October, respectively.
    • Precipitation: Precipitation is equally distributed throughout the year in the form of snow, hail, sleet, and rain, averaging 45 inches of precipitation in a year. 

    9. Things To Do In Syracuse NY

    Syracuse is worth visiting as it has everything to offer. Syracuse is mainly famous for museums like the Erie Canal Museum, historical sites such as the Niagara Mohawk Building and Onondaga Historical Association, Syracuse University, food tours, trails, and natural reservations.

    The city celebrates many festivals and events, out of which The Great New York State Fair is the most attractive one.

    1. Things to do in Syracuse, NY for kids

    • Take a tour of the Museum of Science and Technology.
    • Watch the animals at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo.
    • Enjoy and learn in the WonderWorks.
    • Visit and enjoy many outdoor activities at Labrador Hollow.

    2. Things to do in Syracuse, NY for families

    • Visit the Erie Canal Museum.
    • Watch a show at the Landmark Theatre.
    • Explore the Beaver Lake Nature Center.
    • Enjoy and have fun at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park.
    • Dine at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que with your kids.

    3. Things to do in Syracuse, NY for couples

    • Hike the trails of the Green Lakes State Park.
    • Spend a day at Skaneateles.
    • Hang out at the Destiny USA.
    • Take winery tours of Finger Lakes.
    • Stroll around the Armory Square.

    4. Things to do in Syracuse, NY for retirees

    • Wander at the Clinton Square.
    • Discover the culture and heritage of Syracuse in the Onondaga Historical Association.
    • Relax along the Webster Pond.
    • Listen to music and watch play at the Palace Theatre.
    • Enjoy the scenic beauty of Pratts Falls Park. 

    10. Cost Of Moving To Syracuse NY

    As you take your step forward to start a new journey to Syracuse, don’t let the moving tasks upon yourself.


    Instead, connect with an affordable and reliable moving company for an easy, and stress-free relocation. 

    The average cost of moving to Syracuse NY typically varies from $800-$5600 and the average cost of a mover is around $52 per hour.

    These licensed, potential, and insured movers assist you with your relocation with a quick, and simple moving quotation to embark on your journey without hassle. 

    Here is a list of 7 best-moving companies in Syracuse NY include:

    • Instant Movers
    • Syracuse Trailer and Moving.
    • Superior Moving
    • Reliable Movers
    • Brown’s moving and storage
    • Gardner Joseph and Sons Local Movers.

    11. Pros And Cons Of Living In Syracuse NY

    Syracuse, NY is one of the major cities in New York which has abundant outdoor activities, attractions, rich culture, natural resources, job opportunities, good education, low real estate, and so on.

    However, the city may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the pros and cons of the city before making a move.


    • The rich and diverse culture
    • Moderate cost of living
    • A lot of job opportunities
    • Great hub for young professionals
    • Affordable real estate
    • A long chain of restaurants


    • Cold and extreme winter
    • High tax rate
    • High crime rate
    • Increasing poverty rate 

    12. Best Neighborhoods In Syracuse NY

    Syracuse is a densely populated city and has tons of affordable and safe neighborhoods to live in.


    While moving to a new place can be a hassle and difficult, here is a list of the 5 best places to live in Syracuse that will be convenient for you according to your budget and preferences.

    • Eastwood: Located in the southeastern part of Downtown Syracuse.
    • University Hill: Located near Downtown Syracuse. 
    • Downtown: Placed in the central part of Syracuse.
    • Washington Square: Situated in the southwest of Downtown Syracuse. 
    • Strathmore: Located in southwest Syracuse.

    Moving to Syracuse, NY FAQ’s

    Do you need a car to live in Syracuse NY?

    You don`t need a car to live in Syracuse, NY. However, a car would be beneficial to navigate the city. The city has a Centro bus system that runs throughout the city with a low fare.

    People can also travel around the city by bike or scooter as there is less traffic. There is a major NYS roadway in Syracuse that connects north/south and east/west travel via NYS I-90 and I-81. 

    What is Syracuse University known for? 

    Syracuse University ranks 67th position under the best National Universities. The University is one of the most popular educational institutions for research, discovery, academic programs, and a strong sports team. 

    Is Syracuse NY a good place to retire?

    Yes, Syracuse is a good place to retire with an overall score of 7 out of 10.

    What’s the population of Syracuse? 

    As per the survey in 2023, there are around 147,500 people in Syracuse, NY.

    • Male – 48% and Females – 52%.
    • Less than 5 yr old- 8%
    • 5-18 years old-11%
    • 19-64 years old- 61%
    • Over 65 years-20%

    The racial composition of Syracuse, NY includes:

    • White-53%
    • Black or African American- 29%
    • Asian-7.04%
    • Other races-2.6%


    No one can deny the fact that Syracuse is a great place to live in New York. Its affordable cost of living, real estate market, and safe communities are the most positive that encourage the city to keep thriving. With some pleasant sunny days, the city encourages its residents to spend time outdoors. 

    If you think Salt City is an ideal city for you and urges you to keep your step forward, reach out to our blog post and go through everything once again to have a convenient and hassle-free journey. 

    Get in touch with our blog post Relocating to Rochester if you have moving plans to Rochester.