Moving to South Dakota


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    The U. S. State of South Dakota is named after the Lakota and Dakota Sioux Native American tribes that include a huge number of populations and historically subordinated the territory.

    The state is located in the upper Midwestern United States. It is the 17th largest state by area but the 5th least densely populated among the other 50 states.  Notably, the state bounces spare miles of shoreline than Florida.

    The convention of outstanding geographical areas like the Black Hills with peace-loving communities and amiable people make the state a good state to live in.

    Is South Dakota a good state to live in?

    South Dakota has excellent quality of life in the country, with a population of more than 880,000. The state ranks as one of the most blessed states in the union.

    Mount Rushmore State also has the strongest economy and job markets that are a leading place to call home.

    If you’re searching for career and job opportunities, raising your business, higher education, or any other information, we can help you.

    Without any personal and corporate state income tax and with a fantastic business climate, we are pretty sure you’ll love this Great Places, South Dakota.

    What is the best city to live in in South Dakota?

    Moving to South Dakota is a good decision because the five best cities are highly habitable.

    • Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota and the best city to live in.
      The non-appearance of a state corporate income tax is one of the major reasons for many companies moving to Sioux Falls South Dakota.
      Financial companies can strengthen their economy and offer plenty of employment opportunities. 
      Sioux Falls is green, home with 70 parks with walking trails and natural beauty with waterfalls, fishing lakes etc.
    • Brookings is the 4th biggest capital in the state. The South Dakota State University is in Brookings which is the city’s leading employer.
    • Rapid City is an appealing place to live for nature lovers because it is situated just west of the Black Hills mountain range. The city has several museums intended for local history and geology.
    • The city of Aberdeen is home to Northern State University and Presentation College is located in the northeast part of the state. Aberdeen has a lively arts and culture scene, community theatre and four art galleries.
    • Watertown, South Dakota’s another most notable city.  The Bramble Park Zoo and the Redlin Art Center are prominent features of the city where visitors can found many of the works of the nation’s most famous wildlife artist, Terry Redlin.

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    Moving Cost in South Dakota

    How much does it cost to move to South Dakota?

    For long-distance moves like moving out of state, the expenses will highly depend on transporting furniture and boxes. The actual moving cost relies on the volume of accessories moving.

    It can be calculated based on the count of bedrooms of your dwelling.

    For instance, studio apartment values $1750 to $2200, single bedroom wagons cost $2090 to $2620, double bedroom costs $2460 to $3080, triple bedroom costs $2860 to $3590, a four-bedroom apartment costs $3290 to $4130, a five-bedroom apartment rates $3750 to $4710.

    Some data to calculate the average cost of moving to South Dakota. The following are average costs and prices:

    Cost of Local Residential Movers within State in South Dakota: $96.93 per hour, two movers and truck, Range is $90.34 – $103.51

    Cost of Piano Movers in South Dakota: $268.19 fixed fee, local move, an upright piano; Range is $253.13 – $283.24

    Cost of Mobile Home Moving in South Dakota: $2,421.90 fixed fee, single-wide trailer and local move low than 50 miles, Range is $2,162.89 – $2,680.91

    Living Cost in South Dakota

    How much do you need to make to live in South Dakota?

    Living cost is one of the important things to know before moving to South Dakota. Usually, living in rural areas is less expensive than dense, urban metro areas.

    South Dakota has two metropolitan areas. The highest cost in the State is Sioux Falls city. In Sioux Falls, the expense of goods and services is 3.4% upper than the statewide average and 8.7% less than the national average. 

    • South Dakota Housing Costs is one of the chief portions of the cost of living. Home in South Dakota cost $159,100, $45,800 lower than the national average home value of $204,900.
    • South Dakota Transportation Costs is a notable part of living cost. 89.0% of commuters of South Dakota drive to the workplace, compared to 85.5% of commuters nationwide.
      The typical motorist drives approximately 11,042 miles a year and the average motorist in the state can hope to consume $985 on gas in one year.
    • South Dakota Health Care Costs are comparably high in South Dakota. A single adult in the state consumes $5,176 per year for healthcare where a national average of $4,266. 
      The average yearly health care costs of a family of four members are $15,598 that exceeds the national average of $12,950.
    • Food is another regular expense that has a great impact on the whole expense of living in South Dakota. The cost of food differs from state to state.
      Annually, a single adult consumes an average of $3,254 on food, and $9,397 on average is needed for a family of four members. For context, the nationwide average annual food expenditure is $3,240 for a single adult and $9,354 for a family of four.
    • The average annual 4-year-old child care cost is in South Dakota is $5,880 that is lower than the national average of $8,903.
    • An adult holding a job or any other work in South Dakota pays $4,825 annually in taxes that are lower than the national average of $6,542.
      The state does not recruit a tax on wages, so the tax is certainly lower than average national tax payments.
    Cost Of LivingSouth DakotaUnited States
    Median Home Cost$239,500$291,700
    Utilities  93.6100
    Transportation         71.2100

    Is South Dakota cheap to live in?

    Living in South Dakota is less costly than it is on mean across the U.S. as a whole. Goods and services cost in the state are 12.1% less than on average nationwide, following to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

    South Dakota holds the sixth lowest in the total cost of living comparing all other states. Salaries are comparably lower in South Dakota, so citizens working for wages are probably being crushed here.

    Business holders and farmers may not sense the same pressures based on their industries and their luck.

    Is South Dakota a safe place to live?

    South Dakota has fierce crime a little more than national levels. Averaging four crimes per 1,000, likened to the U.S. rate of 3.7 per 1,000.

    The good news is that violent offenses were reduced in South Dakota in half a decade in 2018 foremost. South Dakota’s five safest cities have violent crime quantity lower than the state and national levels.

    Brandon and Lead are considered as the number 1 and 2 safest cities in South Dakota. 2 new cities Lennox and Mobridge, are included in the rankings this year.

    The incidents of violent crime in the safest cities are 1.9 per 1,000 people, which is half of the national average. The authority reported 0 murders in the safest cities and only one robbery.

    It was indicated that fewer than 20 total violent crimes occur in 90% of the cities.

    Business opportunity In South Dakota

    Is South Dakota a good place to start a business?

    South Dakota doesn’t levy personal income tax, capital tax, corporate income, and capital tax.

    Low energy costs and crime levels also create a great business environment in South Dakota. There are very narrow government taxes and regulations on handy business.

    NBC’s business channel ranks all 50 states on more than 50 levels in 10 categories each year. It measures the categories based on wages points in state economic uplifted marketing ingredients.

    Moving to South Dakota - Business Opportunities

    South Dakota gained point 1,639 out of a possible 2,500, which indicates that the state is very feasible for starting any type of business.

    South Dakota provides the lowest tax burdens in the country with no private or corporate income taxes, low sales, and property taxes.

    It also offers the nation’s lowest commercial rent costs, utility values, and wages. Strong finances and recovering housing market permit the nation’s lowest unemployment rate in the state.

    What is the largest company in South Dakota?

    Sanford Health, Lantis Enterprises, Daktronics, Molded Fiber Glass Companies, Wellmark, Monument Health, Rapid City Regional Hospital,, Black Hills, HF Financial are the top biggest companies in South Dakota.

    However, with huge current employees and resources than any other company in the State, Sanford Health comes in at the top.

    Does South Dakota require a business license?

    There is no requirement for a general business license in South Dakota. However, you must get a State of South Dakota Tax License registered by the Department of Revenue and Regulations before you start to conduct your business.

    Business holders should also issue specialty licensing, tax, and permit assertions. Every business generally demands to claim one or more licenses issued by the state, county, or city government. All license necessities differ by location and industry.

    Job Market in South Dakota

    Does South Dakota have good job opportunities?

    A huge number of people are choosing South Dakota as there have many opportunities to grow. You will get job benefits and programs; businesses succeed with less tax and low red tape and restrictions.

    So, it is the best place for growing career opportunities as it possesses a strong economy. This is the state to have your dream job and the 6th prominent state to get a job.

    What jobs are in demand in South Dakota?

    A large variety of high-demand jobs are ripe for the picking in South Dakota. These high-wage occupations are very exciting.

    Upon searching on the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation’s page, you will find the latest on-demand jobs and fields, such as Registered Nurses and Healthcare, Accounting and Finance, Sales Representatives, Truck drivers, Speciality trades, Mechanics and Technology, etc. 

    What is the main work in South Dakota?

    Industrial machinery mechanics and machinists are so in a demanded job in South Dakota.

    The top 10 fastest-growing jobs in South Dakota are, Industrial Mechanic and machinists, Field service technicians, personal care assistants, Crew members, Preschool teachers, Home health aid, Mechanic, Sales representatives, HVAC technician.

    When can you get a job in South Dakota?

    People in South Dakota achieve the privilege to work usually at the age of fourteen. Office work, Grocery and retail associate space, movie theater, restaurant staff occupations are the main recommended jobs for 14-15 years old individuals.

    Minors younger than 14 years may babysit, work in television, film, and theatrical production, deliver newspapers, etc. Teens can get the appropriate application forms for initiating jobs during the school years.

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    Tax Rates in South Dakota

    What is the state income tax rate in South Dakota?

    South Dakota creates the majority of its tax revenue by general and select sales taxes. South Dakota doesn’t take a personal income tax.

    However, some states that utilize a personal income tax grant individuals to claim personal exemptions on income tax every year. Only those individuals’ income levels cross a certain level are selected for taxation.

    South DakotaNo state income taxNo state income taxNo state income tax
    Nebraska$132$264 $132
    North Dakota$4,050$8,100 $4,050

    Is South Dakota a tax-friendly state?

    South Dakota creates the majority of its tax revenue from the capital gain tax, sales tax, excise taxes, etc. The taxes are lower than in other states.

    Besides, the state doesn’t levy personal income tax and corporate income tax. So, South Dakota undoubtedly is a very tax-friendly state. 

    Are taxes high in South Dakota?

    Capital tax: South Dakota takes taxes from the profit from the sales of a capital asset, such as business, homes, land parcels, stocks, etc. A capital tax of South Dakota and other neighboring countries is given below.

    StateState uppermost rateCombined uppermost rate
    South Dakota0%25%
    North Dakota3.2%26.3%
                                                 Capital gain taxes rate by states

    Sales tax: In 2017, South Dakota’s sales tax was 4.50%, and the median local tax was 1.89% that means the average total sales tax was 6.39%.

    StateState sale taxAverage local sales taxCombined
    South Dakota4.50%1.89%6.39%
    North Dakota5.00%1.78%6.78%
    Sales tax rate

    South Dakota also levies estate and inheritance taxes, property taxes, and excise taxes.

    The above explanation of taxes among South Dakota and other states confess that taxes in South Dakota are comparatively less high than in other states.

    The economy in South Dakota

    Does South Dakota have a strong economy?

    A recent study has found that South Dakota has a potential and dynamic economy in America. South Dakota is one of two states in America that has the strongest economic condition.

    The state is in a good economic condition after the pandemic. While the other states are vying to recover from the loss during the devastating shutdown, South Dakota is still growing.

    South Dakota’s unemployment rate is 2.8% which is the lowest in America. This is the number one ranked state in America to get the job right now.

    Moving to South Dakota - Economy

    A large number of teenagers in South Dakota are joining work in recent years, and there is a huge opportunity for adults to start careers with success.

    The state also has a soaring tourism industry. Sioux Falls is named the ranked one city in America for young professionals. As the economic growth continues, the economy will reach the top very soon.

    Is South Dakota a poor state?

    14.6% of residents of South Dakota are living in poverty which is below 15.3% of the national average poverty rate.

    The per capita income of South Dakota is $26,959. Currently, based on its economic outlook, South Dakota is ranked 10th in the U.S.

    As the state has a potential and dynamic economy, it is not a poor state; rather, in recent years, it has been considered as one of the richest states of America.

    Educations in South Dakota

    Where does South Dakota rank in education?

    Six factors determine the grade of education of South Dakota. These state academic standards, home school regulation burden, private school choice, charter school, teacher quality, and digital learning.

    There are several numbers of schools, colleges, and universities that provide a favorable educational environment to the students of the state.

    The University of South Dakota is ranked 239th position among all American national Universities.

    Are schools good in South Dakota?

    In South Dakota, public school districts are providing students with an efficient platform and making them proficient in math, science, and other sectors.

    Brandon Valley school district is the best school district in South Dakota. The district has seven schools located across five cities.

    Yankton School District is the 2nd renowned school district that consists of 4 elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Harrisburg School District and Watertown School District are also two famous school districts of the state.

    Health Care

    Does South Dakota have good HealthCare?

    Researchers observed all of the previous healthcare data of 50 states on 47 factors that influence healthcare outcome and ranked South Dakota 23rd position.

    Accessing all healthcare factors, South Dakota’s hospital quality is very high and transparent that makes the patients, families, and healthcare purchasers satisfied. 

    Where is the best HealthCare in South Dakota?

    U. S. news got 64 hospitals in South Dakota, among which Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center is the number one position.

    Housing Prices

    How much does it cost to buy a house in South Dakota?

    The buying cost of a house in South Dakota is $185,900 for starters, and that residence is currently listed on the rate for around $217 950.

    The worth per square foot is $163. Confined inventory and huge construction prices, a rush of state homebuyers are responsible for the expenses of homes in South Dakota.

    Where is the most expensive house in South Dakota?

    The most expensive house in South Dakota is located on Fairway Circle in Bardon. The house covers about a 10,453 square foot area and has five bedrooms with a seven-bath home.


    Weather Hazards in Alaska

    Significant earthquakes and floods are common hazards in Alaska that cause huge damage. Tsunamis, wildfires, landslides, and volcanoes threaten the threats and property of the state. 

    It is important to know information on the types of hazards that could occur in Alaska and the way of protecting you and your family during these significant hazards events.

    What is the coldest month in South Dakota?

    January and February are the coldest months in South Dakota. The temperature reaches 10 to 20 degrees above zero as Chinook winds warm the environment. Temperature below zero is usual in the higher valley of Black Hills.

    How much snow does South Dakota get?

    South Dakota confronts an increased amount of snowfall. Black Hills National Forest generally has 70 inches of snowfall annually, while other states receive 30 inches of snowfall. 

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    Best Food Points in Alaska

    South Dakota is a place of outstanding restaurant and food culture. Bison, Chislic, Chilli and Cinnamon, Gabubu bread, Indian tacos, Kolache, and Kuchen are the top food in South Dakota.

    Moving to South Dakota - Restaurants

    Phillips Avenue Diner, Spezia, Murphy’s Pub and Grill, Dakota Steakhouse, Firehouse Brewing Co are the top restaurants in South Dakota.

    Top Restaurants in South Dakota

    The best top restaurants of South Dakota are Phillips Avenue Diner, Spezia, Murphy’s Pub and Grill, Dakota Steakhouse, Firehouse Brewing Co, etc.

    Pros & Cons


    1. Great career opportunities and huge savings.
    2. High quality of life.
    3. An over-expanded economy.


    1. Extreme weather.
    2. Sparsely populated.
    3. Small city mentality and low salary.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What do I need to know about moving to South Dakota?

    The average cost of moving to South Dakota, living costs, business and job opportunities in South Dakota, weather, and the healthcare system of the state are some important matters to know before moving to South Dakota.

    • What are the cons of living in South Dakota?

    Extreme weather, spare population, small city mentality, and low salary are the cons of living in South Dakota.

    • What to know about South Dakota before moving there

    The average cost of moving in South Dakota, living cost, business and job opportunity in South Dakota, weather the and healthcare system of the state are some important matters to know before moving to South Dakota.

    • Why would you move to South Dakota?

    I will move to South Dakota as I am searching for career and job opportunities, higher education. Besides, and the state doesn’t levy personal and corporate state income tax and has a fantastic natural beauty. So, I’d love to live in this great place, South Dakota.


    South Dakota is the 17th largest state by area but the 5th least densely populated among the other 50 states.  The state bounces spare miles of shoreline than Florida.

    The convention of outstanding geographical areas like the Black Hills with peace-loving communities and amiable people make the state a good state to live in.

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