Moving to Singapore from the USA

Moving to Singapore from the USA

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    With a fantastic business-friendly environment, good living standards, and English as the most spoken language, Singapore is one of the better destinations for expats and immigrants. Apart from that, you can enjoy several other things here like high-quality education, delicious food, diversity, a wonderful climate, and a better health care facility.

    There is plenty of potential for the working individual where they can explore their potential. All necessary amenities are easily available in most of the parts of Singapore. Singapore is also well-known as the Lion city and there are some amazing places to visit. The free-market economy of Singapore has tremendous potential for business to prosper. Plenty of job opportunities here attracts a lot of expats here.

    Moving to Singapore from the USA

    You can enjoy different types of the dishes like Indian, Western, Chinese, and Malay dishes. The education system is recognized better all over the world. Singapore has a cosmopolitan nature where you can find people of different religions, languages, and cultures. The climate experienced in Singapore is mostly summer.

    Important Facts:

    • Languages Spoke – English, Malay, Chinese (Mandarin), Tamil, etc.
    • Driving – Left
    • Currency – Singapore dollar ($S, SGD)

    Although this information is general, we will try to provide more detailed information here. Below we put some important information that can help you out when you are moving to Singapore.

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    It is not difficult to get a Singapore visa. You can either apply for a Singapore business visa or a Singapore tourist visa. There are just 3-steps for getting the Singapore visa: Make the payments online, share the passports, and submit the necessary documents. This will be processed with the Visa making process.

    Singapore visa for US citizens:

    If you have a US passport then you will not need a visa for official, regular, and diplomatic purposes when you are going to Singapore. Here, a US person must only meet the entry requirements.

    Singapore Visa Types (Table) – Study, Work,  etc:

    If you want to study or work in Singapore then you need to take the proper visa accordingly. When it comes to working visas there are different types of permits to choose which you need to decide on before. The costs of the visa depend on the type of visa opted for you.

    Here is the categorization of the cost as per the type of visa:

    Employment Pass(Job paying over S$3,300/month)S$70S$150S$220
    S Pass (Jobs paying at least S$2,200.month)S$60$S80S$140
    Dependant’s Pass (Spouses and children of Employment Pass or S Pass holders)S$60S$150S$210
    EntrePass (for Entrepreneurs)S$70S$150S$220
    Training Employment PassS$70S$150S$220
    Work Holiday Programme (Valid for up to 6 months for those aged 18-25)NA$S150S$150
    Student’s PassS$30S$60S$90

    Work visa in Singapore for US citizens

    A US citizen can easily get the necessary work visa for working in Singapore. However, they need to categorize properly as a permit or work visa. The category depends on the type of work and earnings done.

    Type of PassSalary
    Executive and Business Professionals$3600
    Personalized Employment Pass$18000

    Apart from these are EntryPass which is particularly for the entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Singapore. The Personalized Employment Pass holder can get a considerable amount of flexibility depending on several parameters. It is easier to get a Visa for a US person for working in Singapore.

    Singapore visa requirements

    For getting a Visa for going to Singapore, you need to have a few basic requirements.

    Here are some of the requirements listed:

    1. Employment Pass(EP)

    The employment agent or the employer will apply for the particular document. Here you must meet the basic criteria of a fixed monthly salary of SGD 4500.

    2. Dependent Pass

    This pass is applicable for the spouse with whom a legal marriage is done and the children who are under 21 years of age. Here, the minimum salary requirement is at least SGD 6000.

    3. Long term visit Pass

    This pass is applicable for the spouse if you are not married legally. This is a little different type of Pass which you will require more details.

    4. Entrepreneur Pass

    This pass is for entrepreneurs to enter Singapore. They can start their business as per the rules here.

    5. Personalised Employment Pass

    This pass is applicable for individuals who are high earning.

    Do US citizens need visa for Singapore? The US Passport holder will not require a Visa for official, regular, or diplomatic visits. They can enter Singapore for any social or business purpose.

    How long can a US citizen stay in Singapore? As there is no Visa requirement for US citizens, they can stay in Singapore for around 14 to 30 days. However, if you want to stay longer than this period then you must apply at the checkpoints and immigration for the extension.

    How much is the Singapore visa fee? The Visa fee for the Singapore visit differs from the type of visa applied for.

    The below table will show the Visa fee for different types of visas:

    Types of Singapore VisasVisa ValidityVisa Fees
    Visit Visa – Multiple Entry30 Days – 2 yearsINR 1,999/-
    Tourist Visa – Multiple Entry30 Days – 2 yearsINR 1,999/-
    Business Visa – Multiple Entry30 Days – 2 yearsINR 1,999/-

    Citizenship / Immigration

    If you want to move from the US to Singapore and get citizenship, then you will take two years for taking first step. Then there are different criteria to meet for getting the citizenship of Singapore.

    Singapore citizenship requirements:

    There are some of the basic requirements for getting the citizenship of Singapore.

    Some of the requirements are:

    • Be a spouse of the permanent resident of Singapore or a Singaporean citizen.
    • Have an employment permit or holder of the S-pass.
    • An elder parent of the Singaporean citizen.
    • While applying you will need documents like a birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate, educational certificate, foreign ID card, and others mentioned by the authorities.

    Singapore citizenship by investment:

    Here is the table that will show Singapore citizenship by investment:

    Type of PassSalary
    Employment Pass(EP)  SGD 4500
    Dependent Pass  SGD 4500

    How to apply for Singapore citizenship?

    While applying for Singapore citizenship you must be ready with some of the basic documents. Some of these documents include passport, educational certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if married), foreign ID card, and others as led down by authorities.

    Here are some criteria for getting Singapore citizenship:

    • Student of any Singapore institution
    • Spouse of Singapore resident
    • An elder parent of Singapore citizen

    Does Singapore allow dual citizenship? Dual citizenship is not allowed by the Singapore government. It may have been acquired by the descent and foreign country citizenship.

    Is it hard to get Singapore citizenship? When compared to other nations’ citizenship, getting the citizenship of Singapore is a little hard. This is mainly due to selected criteria led down in the policy. You need to provide a wide range of documents for starting the visa process. You also need to meet different criteria for getting Singapore citizenship.


    Taxes are one of the important aspects for any person who is moving to another country. If you are immigrating to Singapore from US then it is important for you to understand the tax system here.

    Taxes System in Singapore

    Like most countries, the taxes have to be paid to Singapore for the income earned here as well as outside the country. The tax system in Singapore is much straightforward which is much easier to understand. Under usual circumstances, the taxes are 15% of the employment income earned.


    If the taxes are unpaid for more than 60 days then the person must pay 5% late penalty. Also, every month there will an additional of 1% monthly penalty.  So, if you want to avoid the penalty then it is always better to pay the taxes before the given duration.

    Taxes in Singapore vs the US

    When compared to the other countries’ taxes, the tax system of Singapore is much lesser. The taxes in Singapore are lesser than the taxes in the US.

    Here is the table that will show a short comparison of the taxes of Singapore with that with the US:

    Singapore tax bracket (2010):

     Chargeable Income $Rate (%)Gross Tax Payable $
    On the first20,00000
    On the next10,0003.5350
    On the first30,000 350
    On the next10,0005.5550
    On the first40,000 900
    On the next40,0008.53,400
    On the first80,000 4,300
    On the next80,0001411,200
    On the first1,60,000 15,500
    On the next1,60,0001727,200
    On the first3,20,000 42,700

    US tax bracket (2010):

     Chargeable Income $Rate (%)Gross Tax Payable $
    On the first10,887.50101,088.75
    On the next33,312.50154,996.88
    On the first44,200.00 6,085.63
    On the next62,920.002515,730.00
    On the first107,120.00 21,815. 62
    On the next116,285.002832,559. 80
    On the first223,405.00 54,375.43
    On the next262,340.003386,572.20
    On the first485,745.00 140,947.63

    It is clearly understood through this table, that there is no tax for the first $20,000 in Singapore. However, in the US for the first $10,000 the tax rate is 10%. Apart from these, there are many such different aspects which can be clearly observed in this table.

     Taxes in Singapore for expats

    If you are immigrating to Singapore from the US then you must know about the taxes in Singapore for the expats. There are different things being considered when the expats have to pay the taxes in Singapore.

    Here are a few important points to consider for the expats while paying taxes in Singapore:

    • Looking forward to the progressive rates for whom tax is applicable
    • You need to live in Singapore for at least 183 days for paying the tax here
    • The VAT is just 7% on the current goods and services here
    • The tax filing is simpler in Singapore
    • Penalty is heavy for the tax evaders
    • Start-ups companies can get the tax reduction
    • Various types of tax relief options are available
    • Tax deductions are there for the course fees
    • In most cases, the capital gains are not taxable

    Is Singapore a tax-free country? Singapore is not totally a tax-free country. However, when compared to other developed countries, the taxes are very low in Singapore. There are no inheritance or capital taxes here. The taxes are incurred on the individual who is working only in Singapore, no tax is incurred from the people who are working outside. Only a few exceptions are there about the taxes for people working outside Singapore.

    Average tax in Singapore? The personal taxes in Singapore range between 0% to 22% depending on the income. However, there is no taxation on the capital gains by the individual.

    Do expats pay taxes in Singapore? Yes. The expats have to pay the taxes in Singapore. Singapore’s tax regulator, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) considers non-Singapore Permanent Residents and non-Singaporeans as foreigners for the taxes. Such individual has to pay the taxes as per the income derived by them.

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    Singapore is a growing financial center that is a very better place for expats to live. The banking system here is very strong and they have a very easier approach for the expats.

    Banking system in Singapore

    The country has a very advanced banking system in the world with a better consumer banking environment. Some of the leading banks in Singapore are Citibank, ABN AMRO, DBS, HSBC, etc. Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is the central bank of the country that regulates the bank, determines the monetary policy, and issues the currency. Broadly there are three types of banks in Singapore.

    These types are:

    • Consumer banks – Serves foreign individuals and local
    • Commercial banks – Serves the corporation
    • Private banks – Serves high-net worth individuals

    How to open a bank account in Singapore for a foreigner? If you are moving to Singapore then opening a bank account here is not a tedious process. It is a very simple process to open a bank account for foreigners with a few simple steps. You will need a few basic documents and set up your account immediately.

    Here is the list of the necessary documents for opening an account in Singapore bank:

    • An identity proof like a national ID card or passport
    • Residential proof like utility bills and phone bills
    • S Pass, Employment Pass, Student Pass, or Dependent Pass
    • Any reference or introduction letter

    So, if you ever feel that Is Singapore a good place to live? Then the easy banking system will definitely make you feel confident about it. Depending upon the rules of each bank, they may demand some more documents too. However, the above are the basic documents needed by most banks.

    How much do I need to open a bank account in Singapore?  The fee for opening a bank account in Singapore may vary between $2 to $7. The minimum amount required for opening a bank account is between $1000 to $3000. If you need the checkbook, you will be charged $10 for new or replacement.

    What types of banks are there in Singapore? There are different types of banks in Singapore and they are classified depending on their activities.

    Here are the types of banks in Singapore:

    1. Commercial Banks

                (i) Full banks

                (ii) Wholesale banks

                (iii) Offshore banks

    2. Merchant Banks


    The property in Singapore has very affordable rates that can make it easier for the expats to take. The costs of the property vary a lot from one area to another.

    Renting Property in Singapore

    The foreigners can rent a room or an HDB apartment and a minimum of six months is required. The duration of the lease can also be adjusted by directly talking with the landlord personally. The rent of the room can vary from $900 to $1900. The monthly rent of the HDB flat can vary from $500 to $800. However, if you are willing to get the rent room to the outskirts of the city then you can even get cheaper rates.

    Buying property in Singapore

    If you are a foreigner then you can buy the property here if you want. However, there are certain restrictions that led down to it. However, subsidized housing is only offered to permanent residents or Singapore nationals by HBD. The foreigners can buy condominiums or private apartments. The foreigners can also buy the land with few restrictions on it.

    Can foreigners buy property in Singapore? Foreigners can buy property in Singapore with few restrictions. The permanent residents and the nationals can get subsidized housing by the HBD. Foreign buyers are getting attracted to the properties in Singapore. They can also buy the land here by following some of the restrictions. Except for subsidized public housing, they can buy any other property here. However, the foreigners have to pay higher stamp duty while buying the property here.

    How much does it cost to rent in Singapore? If you are looking for a room that is shared HDB with a shared bathroom then you are expected to pay $700 to $2000.  The cost of the 3-bedroom apartment will be around $7000. The bedroom in the shared apartment will be around $1700. However, the cost will vary from one place in Singapore to another.

    Can US citizens buy property in Singapore? Yes. The US citizen can buy property in Singapore with few restrictions. It is not possible to buy the HDB flats for you a US citizen, this is mainly due to the subsidized housing offered here. However, you can buy private property here. You can buy the HDB flat only when the HDB has consented to you for the sale and similarly you can buy the HDB shophouse. It is very easier for US citizens to buy property here with only a few of the restrictions to follow.


    There are a lot of job opportunities in Singapore where the expatriates can explore themselves. The free market economy and English as the most spoken language in the business arena make it a very favorable place to work in Singapore for US citizens. 

    Job Market in Singapore

    Depending on your education and skills, you can get a job with a fair salary. Generally, the pay salary ranges from 4000 USD to 7000 USD. However, if you have higher qualifications along with high-demand skills then you may even get a better salary than this.

    Usually, the expats have employment when they arrive in Singapore. However, if the situation changes, you can also find another employment with a little effort comfortably. Various industries where there are a lot of job opportunities include Information Technology (IT), Education, Financial services, etc. Apart from these, there are several other industries where you can find many job opportunities in Singapore.

    Can US citizens work in Singapore?

    Working in Singapore as US citizen is very easier with a lot of opportunities. Generally, a US citizen does need a visa for working in Singapore with few exceptions. They can usually stay here for around 14 to 30 days. You can apply for the extensions when you want to stay longer at Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

    Jobs in Singapore for US citizens

    There are many job opportunities for US citizens in Singapore. A US person can work in Singapore without any Visa, with just a passport. As a US person, you can explore jobs in different fields like the retail sector, financial institutions, Pharmacy industry, Information technology, healthcare sector, education industry, etc. The salary and designation will be as per the factors like skills, education, experience, etc.

    Can an American get a job in Singapore? Yes. An American gets easily gets a job in Singapore as per their caliber. They just need to have the proper passport and live in Singapore easily.

    Is it hard to get a job in Singapore as an expat? No. It is not hard to get a job in Singapore as an expat. The foreigners are always welcomed in Singapore with a very favorable environment to do a job. An expat must have the proper employment pass while working here. They must also need to have a salary of at least 3,600 USD.

    Is it hard to get a job in Singapore? It is not that hard to get job opportunities in Singapore. With the booming industrial sector, free-market, and English as the spoken language in the business areas, Singapore is a nice place for getting the job opportunity.

    How long does it take to get a job in Singapore? An expat will generally have a job in hand when they are coming in Singapore. Otherwise, you can also search for the relevant job as per the skills. Depending on the role and the industry, the normal job search will range between two to four months period. After going through the interview process, you can get a reply from the employer within one or two weeks. If you do not get the reply then your experience and skills are not matching the employer’s job requirement.


    Singapore has an excellent healthcare system with some of the better equipment availability. The health facilities are affordable for the citizens easily here. Both public and private healthcare have to conform to government rules. It makes the healthcare system provide a cheaper and better service.

    Health system in Singapore

    With some of the constructive steps under the reforms in 2012 by Singapore’s ministry of health, there has been a substantial change here. The capacity of the public hospital beds is increasing, extensive subsidies for primary care, increased the coverage range and strengthens the financial protection to them. The health facility in Singapore has made it affordable along with an increase in the value of the services.

    Public vs Private Healthcare

    Public, as well as a private healthcare facility, is much better. Private health care might be a little costly, still, due to government regulations, the cost will not be much higher. Whatever service you take, the quality of healthcare is maintained by both public and private healthcare as well.

    Healthcare in Singapore for expats

    One of the better things that you experience when you go to Singapore is the excellent healthcare provided by them. The subsidized healthcare system in Singapore makes it affordable for expats. However, compared to the locals the expats have to face a little expensive for the healthcare facility.

    Is healthcare free in Singapore? Healthcare is not free in Singapore. However, due to mandatory health insurance and government funding, healthcare is cheaper here. Patients have a lot of public facilities.

    Can foreigners come to Singapore for medical treatment? Yes. The foreigners can come to Singapore for medical treatment. However, there are few exceptions on this with regards to the type of treatment.

    Is healthcare expensive in Singapore? No. Healthcare is not expensive in Singapore. Both private and public healthcare is funded well by the government. Apart from that, mandatory health insurance makes it more affordable for people to seek healthcare facilities to a great extent.


    Singapore has a very standard format of education. The higher education provided here is well-recognized that gives exposure to a lot of extents.

    Education System in Singapore

    There are a lot of international schools in Singapore that follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. These national education systems are closely aligned to the international schools.

    Education in Singapore vs America

    StatsSingaporeUnited States
    Average years of schooling of adults712
    Child care (preschool)33  
    Compulsory education duration612
    Duration of education > Primary level66
    Duration of education > Secondary level76

    Education in Singapore for international students

    Since the primary language for education is English, the schools are easily accessible for expats. However, there is a little struggle while placing the child in proper school due to the competition and local preference. Overall, the education in Singapore is very fantastic and you can get a quality education here.

    Is the education system in Singapore good? The school education in Singapore includes six years of primary school and four to six years of secondary school. There are one to three years of post-secondary school too. The education system in Singapore is of excellent quality.

    Is Singapore good for international students? Singapore is well-known for its multi-cultural heritage and has a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Singapore is a very better place for international students for getting higher education at affordable fees with excellent quality.

    Cost of Moving

    Once you make up the mid of moving to Singapore, it is essential to know the cost of moving there. Apart from basic fares for traveling, there are various other things to consider about the cost of moving to Singapore. There are factors that will differ from one person to another.

    How much does it cost to move to Singapore?

    When you are moving to Singapore then there are different types of costs to consider. Apart from the shipping cost, there are some of the costs that are basic which have to be done.

    Here are some of the basic costs to move to Singapore:

    • Visa cost
    • Housing cost
    • Grocery and food cost
    • Cost of the public & private transportations
    • Cost of internet
    • Cost of personal and clothing
    • Cost of owning a private vehicle
    • Taxation

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    Cost of Shipping

    As now you have made up your mind about moving to Singapore, the next thing you want to know is the cost of moving to Singapore.

    The cost of shipping the parcels to Singapore will depend on various factors.

    Some of these factors are:

    • Weight or size of the item
    • Shipping cost
    • The place you will be shipping from
    • The company who will be shipping your parcels

    Cost of shipping to Singapore from the US?

    Once you know how much does it cost to live in Singapore? You must definitely be eager to know the cost to move to Singapore. Generally, the cost for moving from the US to Singapore is $12,45. However, the cost will differ to a little extent depending on the above-mentioned factors. When you are shipping to Singapore, it is essential to remember the things to move and not move. Some of these things include radioactive materials, narcotics, poison, explosives, firearms, and several other things that cannot be shipped. You can explore different service providers for shipping to Singapore.

    What is the cheapest way to ship a package to Singapore? The cost of shipping to Singapore depends on the service provider company. Also, the different company takes a different number of days for transferring the package.

    The below table shows a few service provider companies with their charges and days taken for shipping:

    Service          ETAPrice (USD)
    USPS Priority Mail Express3-5 days$113.45
    DHL Express Worldwide1-2 days$101.30
    FedEx Priority Overnight1-3 days$61.99
    UPS Worldwide Saver1-4 days$113.96


    Singapore is surely a better place to live which gives a very friendly approach for the expats. Despite the recent pandemic period, businesses and opportunities are increasing in Singapore.

    Cost of living in Singapore vs the US

    If you are immigrating to Singapore from US then one common question will surely come to your mind, regarding its cost of living. The cost here in Singapore is not too high. For US residents, the costs are certainly more affordable.

    How much does it cost to live in Singapore?

    The below table will give more insight into the cost to live in Singapore:

     SingaporeUnited States
    Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant15.00 S$ (10.98 $)120.49 S$ (15.00 $)  
    Water (0.33 liter bottle)1.44 S$ (1.05 $)2.13 S$ (1.56 $)
    Rice (white), (1kg)3.23 S$ (2.37 $)5.41 S$ (3.96 $)
    One-way Ticket (Local Transport)1.80 S$ (1.32 $)3.01 S$ (2.20 $)
    Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)3.60 S$ (2.64 $)4.44 S$ (3.25 $)
    Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre2,903.92 S$ (2,125.86 $)1,848.38 S$ (1,353.13 $)

    Living in Singapore as an American

    Living in Singapore as an American is a very nice experience when you are working in Singapore as a US citizen. There are different types of visas like S-pass, work visa, student pass, employment pass, Personified Employment Pass (PEP). As an American, you need to apply for the right visa which you can get hassle-free. There are many Americans staying in Singapore, so you will experience a more homely here. Singapore is a cosmopolitan place and English is the most spoken language here, so it makes it easier for Americans to live.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros for expats in Singapore            Cons for expats in Singapore
    1. Clean place where the expats can easily adjust themselves1. Difficult to adjust to the local foods for the expats
    2. The place is safe for every person living here2. Expats cannot buy the property under the subsidized scheme
    3. There is less variation in the temperature and is more wonderful to live here 
    4. Public transport is very nice at a cheaper cost 
    5. The rent for the staying is comparatively lower 

    Is living in Singapore worth it? Singapore is one of the wonderful places in the world to live with high quality of life. It is a small country, yet more developed that has most of the necessary infrastructure.

    Is Singapore more expensive than the USA? Singapore is not expensive as the USA which makes them easier to live here. The cost of housing rent, food, traveling, and several other necessary costs in Singapore are much cheaper than in the USA.

    How much do you need to live comfortably in Singapore? Earnings of 6,000 SGD(4,330 USD) is enough for the person to live comfortably in Singapore. However, the expenses depend on the lifestyle you are living with that affects the cost of transportation, housing rent, groceries, food, etc.

    Can US citizens live in Singapore? Yes. When you are immigrating to Singapore from the US then you can live more comfortably. The US citizen can live in Singapore without having a Visa for business visits and tourists. However, they can stay only up to a limit of 90 days.

    Best Place to Live in Singapore

    Singapore is certainly a beautiful country that has many amazing places. Although most of the places are fantastic to live, there are a few places which are worth mentioning here.

    Here is the list of some best places to live in Singapore:

    1. Holland village

    Holland village city is one of the wonderful places for the US citizen, as it is located centrally. You can easily access major big cities from Holland village.

    2. Tanjong Pagar

    This is a very beautiful city with some amazing historical places. A blend of historic and modern places can be experienced here.

    3. Woodlands

    Woodlands is liked by many US citizens staying here. The fantastic places and the Singapore American School proximity makes it one of the favorite places for US citizens to stay here.

    4. Sentosa

    The expats coming to Singapore are often attracted to Sentosa due to its beautiful places, attractive items, and better restaurants. The houses built on the water are a different experience for the expats coming here.

    5. Tanglin village

    Tanglin village is one of the older established places in Singapore. You can find many of the embassies here and the lush green gardens cover most of the place here.

    6. Novena

    Novena is a wonderful place here where you can find most of the affluent people staying here. It has nice proximity to the other cities and varied range of housing are found here.

    7. Upper Bukit Timah

    Upper Bukit Timah is a very cool place which is located near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. You can experience a very nice climate here and have a relaxing stay here.

    8. Faber Park

    Faber Park has a very good amount of expats staying here from different countries. It is near mount Faber which gives a fantastic view.

    9. Thomson

    Thomson park has some picturesque places like the Singapore Polo Club, MacRitchie Reservoir, and several gardens. You can enjoy staying at this place with some of the delicious food to enjoy.

    10. Braddell

    Braddell is a fantastic place to stay with all the essential things easily available. Its proximity to the French School of Singapore and Australian International School makes it one of the favorite places for the expat to stay here.

    Culture & Climate

    When you are moving to Singapore, it will be better if you know a few things about the culture and climate of Singapore. Below we put some detailed information about the culture and climate here.


    Singapore culture is a blend of multiple traditions. There is diversity in the language, religion, customs, and other aspects here. Major religions followed in Singapore are Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Hinduism, etc. Some of the major languages spoken here are English, Mandarin, Malay, Chinese dialects, Tamil, and other languages. Despite the diversity, there is considerable harmony among the people staying here. The traditions and other architecture are fantastic here.


    The exposure to the sea and the geographical location of Singapore make a very good Singapore climate. The temperature here is uniform, has medium humidity, and has enough rainfall. The thunderstorm is also experienced on some days. Around April the climate is warm, around January the climate is cool, and around November the climate is wet. The climate here is more suitable for living a comfortable stay.

    What are the culture and traditions of Singapore? The culture and traditions are a blend of multiple traditions here. It is mostly influenced by Malay, Indian, Chinese, and the USA. The variety of traditional food which is influenced by multiple cultures is simply amazing to eat.

    What type of climate is Singapore? The climate of Singapore is usually a tropical climate with a uniform temperature, high rainfall, and humidity. The relative humidity varies from one place to another place here.


    The below list shows the ranking of Singapore:

    Quality of Life16
    Social Purpose25


    You can experience a lot of comforts when you are moving to Singapore from the US. The above information shows the benefits that you can achieve when working in Singapore as a US citizen. The excellent infrastructure and facilities available can make your stay better. Get the right documents to visit Singapore with an enjoyable experience.

    Many expats have easily adjusted themselves in Singapore and they are doing well in their careers. Here, one can have a very better living standard with easy availability of all facilities. The above guide is generally for the current and future ex-pats to help them understand the different aspects related to Singapore. Here you will understand different criteria and requirements when you are visiting Singapore.

    The healthcare industry in Singapore is highly recognized the worldwide. At this point, you must have got enough of information about Singapore that can help you to do the necessary preparation while going there. Singapore is a very awesome place to live where you can explore your potential.

    The fantastic opportunities here can help you to achieve your career goals nicely. Make up your mind positively while moving to Singapore. You will really have a wonderful experience living in Singapore.

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