Moving to Saudi Arabia From USA

Saudi Arabia is a beautiful land filled with majestic landscapes and natural vistas that can behold your sight for a long time. From mountains to bursting cities and sea to the desert, this middle-east country has everything to delight travelers from all over the world.

The oil-rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long been a fascinating prospect for foreigners seeking work opportunities in the oil and gas sectors. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is backed with rich history and culture and the country prides itself on being the birthplace of Islam.

View on riyadh, saudi arabia from sky bridge in kingdom centre burj al-mamlaka

Since its inception, Saudi Arabia has been ruled by the Al Saud family, and the current king functions as both the head of the state and prime minister. Before moving to Saudi Arabia from USA, expats must know that it is a religion-centered country with certain restrictions and the desert-like climate simply adds to the culture shock.

The desert kingdom is far from being an open, multi-cultural society and is marked by strict rules and traditions that foreigners should acknowledge before making a transition.

Here is the complete guide to moving to Saudi Arabia that contains sufficient information regarding the country, including visa details, citizenship requirements, the cost of moving and shipping, taxes, and more.

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Anybody intending to visit Saudi Arabia needs to request a visa first. The application related to it should be submitted to the nearest Saudi Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence. Check the complete information about the Saudi Arabia visa here.

Saudi Arabia Visa for US Citizens

A passport with a validity for at least six months and a visa is mandatory for US citizens to visit Saudi Arabia. Americans need to apply for a tourist visa first to enter this Middle East country. 

According to Saudi Arabia Visa Policy, Americans planning to visit Saudi Arabia for tourist purposes need an online travel visa to enter the desert kingdom. This eVisa is valid for multiple entries to Saudi Arabia for up to 90 days per visit and a combined total of 180 days across a year.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

Saudi Arabia offers several visa types, depending on the purpose of traveling. Check the list here.

Type of VisaDescription
Business VisaThis visa is applicable to all foreigners who want to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for business purposes such as meetings, training, and business deals.
Umrah/ Hajj VisaMuslim pilgrims from all over the world can easily apply for an Umrah/ Hajj visa for free.
Work VisaThe work visa applies to those expats who are employed in KSA. Foreign nations must have a job offer from an employer in Saudi Arabia to get this visa.
Student VisaApply for a student visa if you want to resume further studies in Saudi Arabia.
Transit VisaVisitors who are traveling to another country via Saudi Arabia are not exempted from a visa. They need to apply for a transit visa to enter this country.

Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements for the US Citizens

The requirements to get Saudi Arabia Visa for US citizens are mentioned here.

  • Duly-filled application form
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Applicants must be over 18 years unless accompanied by a legal guardian
  • A passport valid for six months
  • Health insurance purchased from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Visa Fees

Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa Requirments for US Citizens

Americans must know the Umrah visa requirements if they travel to Saudi Arabia for umrah/ hajj.

  • A vaccination certificate against Meningococcal Meningitis
  • Proof for relation is required for women and children
  • A confirmed airline ticket
  • Valid passport
  • A proof of completed original Umrah application form.
  • One recent passport size colored photograph

Do US citizens need a visa for Saudi Arabia? Yes, absolutely. US citizens require an online travel visa to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Do US citizens need a visa for Umrah? Americans need an e-visa to visit an Umrah pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. A valid passport confirmed return ticket and a copy of the duly-filled application form is required to get an online travel visa for KSA.

Can a US citizen visit Saudi Arabia? Yes, sure. US citizens can enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a valid US passport and online tourist e-visa.

Citizenship/ Immigration

Moving to Saudi Arabia and wondering about how to become a Saudi citizen? Expats must know that getting Saudi citizenship might be an intimidating task as this desert kingdom hardly grants citizenship to foreigners. Scroll down for more details.

How to get Saudi Arabia Citizenship? There are several ways to get Saudi Arabia citizenship. Some of them are mentioned here.

By Birth:

Any citizen born in Saudi Arabia to a non-Saudi father and Saudi mother can apply for citizenship after reaching the age of majority. However, he/ she need to fulfill the following criteria.

  1. The grandfather of the mother must be Saudi
  2. Fluent in Arabic
  3. Have a permanent residency
  4. Approval from the King
  5. By Descent,

A child born to a Saudi father and a Saudi mother has the right to apply for Saudi citizenship.

The process to apply for Saudi Arabia citizenship is as follows:

  • Complete the citizenship application form along with the necessary documents.
  • If the king accepts the application, then proceed with the citizenship fee which might cost up to SAR 800,000.
  • Wait for a while until the process is completed.

Saudi Arabia Citizenship Requirements

Foreigners need to fulfill the below-mentioned requirements to get Saudi Citizenship.

  • Above the age of maturity
  • Does not have any criminal record or is never sentenced to imprisonment for over six months.
  • Have legal ways to earn money
  • Considered generally moral
  • Read, write, and speak fluent Arabia
  • Mentally competent
  • Legan residence in Saudi Arabia for ten years

Saudi Citizenship by Marriage

A foreign woman who marries a Saudi man can apply for Saudi citizenship only if she is ready to give up her current nationality. Since Saudi Arabia does not provide a dual citizenship facility hence, the foreign woman has to leave her existing citizenship to become a citizen of Saudi Arabia.

Also, a Saudi woman who gave up her citizenship upon marriage with an expat can apply for Saudi Arabia citizenship only if she divorces her husband or returns to this Middle East country. However, this is applicable if the marriage has completed ten years and the couple has three children.

How much does it cost to get Saudi Citizenship? It can cost around SAR 800,000 to get permanent residency in Saudi Arabia. Expats have to pay the fee of SAR 100,000 for a one-year renewable residency.

Does Saudi Arabia allow dual citizenship? No, Saudi Arabia has adopted the principle of mono-nationality and hence this country does not offer dual citizenship to the citizens.

Is it easy to get citizenship in Saudi Arabia? No, not at all. Getting citizenship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a bit tricky if you are a foreign national. This Middle East Country has very strict rules and regulations and hence it rarely grants citizenship to expats.


This desert kingdom has a different taxation system hence, it is vital to understand it before planning immigration to Saudi Arabia. Taxes in this Middle East Country is collected by the Department of Zakat and Income Tax. Check the complete information about taxes here.

Taxes in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia does not levy personal income tax rates on the citizens and no tax is applicable on their investment incomes as well. However, expats and corporates have to pay 20% income tax. Also, there is a flat 20% federal tax for all. This oil-producing nation uses petroleum revenue to provide for its nationals.

Type of taxDescription
Corporate TaxIt is levied on the net come and no distinction is made among different business organizations. The applicable tax is computed on the same basis, whether the business entity is a limited liability or a joint venture.
Personal Income TaxIt is levied on the salary and benefits of non-Saudi employees.
ZakatIt is a wealth tax levied on Saudi and GCC nationals and Saudi and GCC shareholders in limited liability companies.
Other taxesCurrently, no local, property, regional, or sales tax is imposed in Saudi Arabia

Types of Taxes

Learn about different types of taxes imposed in Saudi Arabia here.

Type of taxDescription
Corporate Tax25% (on annual taxable income of SR100,000) and 45% (on annual taxable income of SR 1 million)
Personal Income Tax5% (for taxable income up to SR16,000) to 30% (for taxable income over SR 66,000)
Zakat2.5% of an individual’s net worth

Does Saudi Arabia have an income tax? No. Like all other Gulf countries, Saud Arabia has no personal income tax. Also, no taxes are applicable on investment incomes. However, businesses are taxed on their capital gains

How much is the tax in Saudi Arabia? Since there is no personal income tax in this Middle East country, a flat income tax rate of 20% on the tax-adjusted profit for non-Saudi residents, and non-GCC individuals.

Do expats pay taxes in Saudi Arabia? Yes. Saudi Arabia does not levy any personal income tax on individuals including expats; however, they have to pay the flat income-tax rate of 20% on their tax-adjusted profit.


Banking in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is easy and painless. The country boasts both local and international banks that offer efficient and up-to-date services. Here is everything you need to know about the banking system in the desert kingdom.

Banking System in Saudi Arabia

There are more than 30 banks in Saudi Arabia. Out of these, 13 are local banks and 17 are international. The banks in this Middle East country are governed by Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority (SAMA). The banking in this country falls under the services sector and the services totally account for 53.2% of the economy.

The NCB (National Commercial Bank) is the largest bank in the country by assets. Overall, banking in Saudi Arabia is easily accessible to the citizens and no account opening fee will be charged by these banks.

How to open a bank account in Saudi Arabia as a foreigner? Opening a bank account in Saudi Arabia as a foreigner might take a bit longer than in other parts of the world. Depending on the type of bank account you wish to open, the process requires a different set of documents and takes a couple of weeks. However, things are sure to go faster if you have all the essential documents.

The basic requirements for opening a personal savings account are given here.

  • The original passport and a copy
  • A proof of your residency permit, visa, or Iqama proving that you are a legal resident of Saudi Arabia.
  • A letter of no-objection from your sponsor or employer
  • A copy of your tenancy agreement
  • A completed and signed bank account application form
  • Two – six passport-sized photographs in a specific format

How much do I need to open a bank account in Saudi Arabia? There is no account opening fee to open a bank account in Saudi Arabia. Also, the bank charges no monthly minimum balance penalty from the customers.

Can I open a bank account in Saudi Arabia without lqama? No. You will need a valid residency permit or Iqama, a valid Saudi mobile number under your ID, national address registration, and Absher registration to open a bank account in Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia offers a massive array of housing options to expats, ranging from conventional black tents to lofty, ornate townhouses. Check more details about housing in KSA here.

Renting Property in Saudi Arabia

Renting in Saudi Arabia is cheaper as compared to many other countries in the world. The current rent prices for apartments in the three biggest cities of Saudi – Riyadh, Khobar, and Jeddah starts from 17,000 Saudi Riyals per year.

The process of renting a house in Saudi Arabia is given here.

  • Look out for the renting property either online property website or by connecting with a local estate agent.
  • Agree on the price
  • Sign the contract and negotiations.
  • Pay the refundable deposit and rent. If you are renting privately, you will have to pay a year’s rent in advance through post-dated cheques.

Buying Property in Saudi Arabia

The step-by-step process to buy a house in Saudi Arabia is mentioned here.

  • Search a property either online or by connecting with real estate agents.
  • Agree on a price for land.
  • Gather all essential documents and obtain licensing authority approval.
  • Register and submit the necessary papers at the Justice Ministry and make a payment to get ownership.

Can foreigners buy property in Saudi Arabia? Yes, absolutely, Foreigners can own a property in Saudi Arabia; however, it is subject to the approval of the licensing authority. Foreign investors can purchase private land for construction but prior approval is required and the projects must be valued at more than SAR 30 million.

Can an expat buy a house in Saudi? Yes. Expats can buy a house in Saudi Arabia. However, foreign ownership is forbidden in Mecca and Medina.

How much do houses cost in Saudi Arabia? Before moving to Saudi Arabia from USA, it’s good to know about the housing cost in this country. Check the table given below.

Riyadh537,500 riyals
Jeddah1.28 million riyals
Mecca549,000 riyals
Madina3,600,000 riyals

Is property expensive in Saudi Arabia?

No, housing in Saudi Arabia is available at budget-friendly rates. A wide variety of properties are available in this Middle East country; hence rent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is around 72.10% lower than in the US.

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Thinking about jobs for Americans in Saudi Arabia? It is crucial to know about the job market of this Middle East country to avoid any last-minute surprises. Find out the complete information here.

The job market in Saudi Arabia

Saudi’s oil and gas industry is a major employer and the largest sector to find work. Furthermore, jobs are also available in banking, IT, and telecommunications. Most jobs are found in the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, or the second-largest city, Jeddah.

There are ample work opportunities for those with the skills and expertise; however, finding a job isn’t easy in the KSA. The process becomes more complicated since the government has started focussing on “Saudizations” in a drive to multiple the national employment rates.

Arabic is the primary business language, therefore, having the ability to speak and understand this language will boost your chances of getting a job offer.

The Saudi Government has recently launched “Vision 2030” under which efforts are being made to develop other industries to diversify the country’s economy and reduce its reliance on oil.

The major industries in Saudi Arabia are:

  • Oil and gas
  • Education
  • Construction
  • IT
  • Healthcare
  • Mining
  • Finance
  • Petrochemicals

How to get a job in Saudi Arabia from the USA?

The process to get a job in Saudi Arabia is mentioned here.

  • Search for a job on online job portals. You can also use the local connections or recruitment agencies to find a job.
  • Connect with the employer and crack the interview.
  • If you have secured the job, then apply for a visa permit. Make sure you have a signed copy of the employment contract to get a work visa.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia for US Citizens

The best-paying jobs in Saudi Arabia for US citizens.

Surgeon32,900 SAR
Judge27,700 SAR
Dentist22,585 SAR
Bank Manager21,100 SAR
Petroleum Engineer19,872 SAR
Orthodontist17,800 SAR

Can US citizens work in Saudi Arabia? US citizens can work in Saudi Arabia but first, they need to get a work visa to enter the kingdom. Obtaining a work permit KSA is a complex and lengthy process that might take four to six weeks.

Is it hard to get a job in Saudi Arabia? Yes. Getting a job in Saudi Arabia is a bit harder as compared to other Middle East countries. The Saudi government’s new push for Saudization has also further complicated the situation for foreign nationals.

Can females work in Saudi Arabia? Yes, absolutely. Females can work in Saudi Arabia; however, it is quite difficult for them to fetch a job. Saudi women have to get their husband’s permission for work if they are on their work permit.


Saudi Arabia offers both private and public healthcare services and citizens can opt for any one of them depending on their requirements and budget. Find out more details on KSA’s medical care facility here.

The Healthcare system in Saudi Arabia

This Middle East country has a mixed public and private healthcare system, providing good quality services. Public medical care is offered by the Ministry of Health and is available for free of cost to all citizens and public sector workers. 

The country spends around $2 billion (4.7% of GDP) on healthcare each year Although the government is planning to privatize some of the public healthcare services over the next few years, these still remain free for Saudi citizens.

Public vs Private Healthcare

Both public and private healthcare services offer outstanding serves in Saudi Arabia. However, public medical care is funded by the government whereas citizens have to pay for private services.

Public Healthcare

Although public services are available for free, it takes time to schedule appointments and features less advanced infrastructure.

Private Healthcare

Private healthcare boasts various benefits, including shorter waiting times, better access to English-speaking staff, excellent treatments, and more.

Healthcare in Saudi Arabia for visitors

Visitors cannot access public healthcare in Saudi Arabia; hence, they must have health insurance coverage to utilize the private clinics, health centers, and hospitals. However, foreigners working in the public sector can use public medical facilities and health insurance must be provided by the employers.

Does Saudi Arabia have good healthcare? Yes. Saudi Arabia is known for offering excellent healthcare services to its citizens. The medical services in Saudi Arabia have been ranked among the 26 best countries in terms of healthcare.

Is Saudi Arabia’s healthcare free? Yes. Saudi Arabia offers free healthcare services through plenty of government agencies.

Is healthcare free in Saudi Arabia for foreigners? Yes, a healthcare facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is free for foreigners working in the public sector. If you are neither a public sector worker nor a Saudi citizen, then you have to access private care services.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is making continuous efforts to improve its education system and hardships are paying off. Not only have the schools are dramatically increased in the country, but the quality has also been improved over the past few years. Check more details on Saudi’s education system here.

Education System in Saudi Arabia

Education in Saudi Arabia mainly depends on your passport. While there are plenty of public, private, and international schools in Saudi Arabia, access is not universal. These schools are only open to citizens and residents.

Education in this Middle East country is classified into further levels, including Kindergarten, primary, and secondary units. The Ministry of education and the General Presidency of Girls’ Education monitor all schools in the kingdom.

In Saudi Arabia, primary schools are for students between 6 and 12 years old. All students in the country must legally attend all six years of primary school and none of the higher levels of education are compulsory.

Government-owned public schools are free and universally available to all Saudi citizens and certain expats.

Education in Saudi Arabia for foreigners

The schools in Saudi Arabia are open for foreign nationals; however, they need to get a study visa before taking admissions to Saudi universities. However, students who are citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) don’t need a visa to study in Saudi Arabia. Since public schools are open for Saudi residents only, foreigners can study in private schools and universities.

Education in Saudi Arabia Statistics

It is vital to check the education statistics before moving to Saudi Arabia from USA.

  • The Saudi government spends 8.8% of its GDP on education, nearly doubles the global average.
  • The total literacy rate in the KSA is 94.68%.
  • The student-to-teacher ratio is 12.5 to 1, one of the lowest in the world.

Does Saudi Arabia have a good education? Yes. According to the World University Rankings, the country has been ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world. Moreover, the number of schools is also increased in the country and so is the quality of education.

Is it free to study in Saudi Arabia? Yes. Education in Saudi Arabia is free at all levels and is mainly governed by the Jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education.

Where does Saudi Arabia rank in education? The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ranked #36 in terms of having the best education system in the world.

Cost of Moving

The cost of moving to Saudi Arabia depends on various factors, including the visa fee, the distance between the source and destination, the total number of containers, and the moving company. Check the complete details about the cost of moving to the KSA are given here.

How much does it cost to move to Saudi Arabia?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about relocation is packing. It is one of the most time-consuming processes to carry out while immigrating. The moving cost includes every tit-bit, be it packing your stuff, the volume of the containers, the number of boxes, total distance covered, and more.

Relocation is no easy task, especially if you are planning for an international move. Hence, you should hire professionals who can take care of every single aspect related to your transition and get things done efficiently.

The fastest way to move your belongings to Saudi Arabia is Ocean freight. It is a reliable choice for immigration.

Container SizeCost
20ft container$1,045
40ft container$1,521.30

This is an estimated moving cost to move your stuff to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, it varies from one moving company to another. So make sure you discuss every single price involved in the relocation process and hire the professionals that meet your requirements and fit your budget well.

Cost of Shipping

Planning an overseas move? The shipping cost is one such important factor to consider while relocating internationally. It depends on various factors, such as transit method, transit time, the weight and volume of the container, and more.

There are three ways in which expats can ship their personal belonging to Saudi Arabia from the USA. These are – Parcel Shipping, Air Freight Shipping, and Ocean Freight Shipping.

While parcel shipping takes 1-3 days, air freight completes the shipping in 2 to 5 days depending on the location. However, ocean freight is the most time-consuming process and takes more than a month to ship your stuff.

Parcel Shipping involves door-to-door shipping and is ideal for shipping small packages, and boxes up to 250lbs. Air Freight is the fastest and reliable choice and can ship boxes between 250lbs and 3.500lbs. Ocean Freight is ideal for pallets and shipping boxes from 250lbs to 45.000lbs.

How much does it cost to ship from the US to Saudi Arabia?

The estimated shipping cost from the US to Saudi Arabia is given here.

Parcel Cost


Air Freight Cost

+45kg$4.90 per kg
+300kg$2.50 per kg
+1000kg$1.75 per kg

Shipping time to Saudi Arabia from the USA

The time required to ship your belongings from Saudi Arabia to the USA depends on the method you will choose.

Time Taken to ship cargo by air

LocationTime Taken
Houston to Riyadh1 day
Los Angeles to Dammam5 days
Houston to Dammam5 days
Miami to Riyadh or Dammam5 days
Los Angeles to Jeddah or Riyadh6 days
Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas to Jeddah, Riyadh, or Dammam5 days

Time Taken to ship cargo by ship

LocationTime Taken
Atlanta to Ad Dammam35 days LCL
Chicago to Ad Dammam42 days LCL
Atlanta to Jeddah41 days FCL
Miami to Jeddah32 days FCL
Long Beach to Jeddah45 FCL
New York to Jeddah36 days LCL
Miami to Ad Dammam41 days FCL

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Moving to the Desert Kingdom? It is suggested to know about life in Saudi Arabia for foreigners before making a transition. Scroll down to know more about living in the KSA.

Living in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is sparsely populated and the desert is the predominant geographical feature. Despite aspiring to be a modern state in various aspects, this Middle East country has still one of the most traditional societies worldwide. It is mainly governed by firm religious beliefs, rules, and traditions.

Saudi is a kind of male-dominated country and has imposed several restrictions on women. Females living in Saudi have a defined legal status and they have fewer rights than men in several aspects.

However, the country is making slow progress to achieve some form of gender equality. The very structure of government has changed a bit with female suffrage and the right to run in municipal elections having started in 2015. Moreover, the national cards are issued to women so that they can be recognized as individual citizens.

While female expats living in Saudi will not be bound to quite the same restrictions, they must still submit to the customs of their host country.

Cost of living in Saudi Arabia vs US

The cost of living in Saudi Arabia compared to US is quite low, making it relatively cheaper to live. Check the complete details in the table given below.

MetricsSaudi ArabiaUSA
The cost of living of a single person (without rent)$705.92$1,900
The cost of living of a family of four (without rent)$2,520$3,313
Basic Utilities$98.86$167.71
One-way ticket (Local Transport))$0.80$2.15

Living in Saudi Arabia as an American

Americans can visit and stay in Saudi Arabia only and only if they have an online tourist e-visa or any other specific visa. Moreover, Americans might find it difficult to follow the cultural restrictions in Saudi Arabia.

The largest American communities are in Riyadh, the headquarters of most multinational corporations in the Kingdom.

Pros & Cons

It is suggested to learn about pros and cons before moving to Saudi Arabia from USA.

The cost of living in Saudi is way lower than in the United States.Living in Saudi Arabia will surely bring a cultural shock for expats.
Rich in natural resources, this country offers immense work opportunities to expats.Every resident of the country must follow a conservative dress code.
The salaries are quite high in Saudi Arabia that allows the residents to enjoy great living standards.Getting a job in Saudi Arabia is pretty challenging for foreigners.
It is home to natural landscapes, peaceful ambiance, beaches, deserts, mountains, and everything in between.The citizenship process takes more than usual.
Free education and excellent healthcare facilityLife in Saudi Arabia is quite boring, especially for those who love enjoying club parties and night-outs

Can a US citizen live in Saudi Arabia? Yes, absolutely. According to statistics, around 10 million foreign residents are currently living in the country, making 33% of Saudi’s population. Moreover, this desert kingdom boasts a welcoming environment for American expats.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Saudi Arabia? According to Numbeo, the average cost to live comfortably in Saudi Arabia is SAR 10,200 per month (excluding rent). A single person would need SAR 2,653 (excluding rent) to live in the KSA.

Is Saudi Arabia cheaper than the USA? Yes, absolutely. Saudi Arabia is 30% cheaper than the United States.

Can a woman live alone in Saudi Arabia Yes, sure. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia permits women to live alone in the country without any male guardian, thus ending the rule that attracted condemnation from human rights.

Best Places of Living in Saudi Arabia

Find out the list of best places of living in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia here.


The capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is the major financial hub, and the best city to live in this country. It is characterized by low taxes with higher standards of living.


Located in western Saudi Arabia, Medina is also known the “The Enlightened City”. It is a major Islamic pilgrimage center and its striking green dome fascinates tourists worldwide.


Sits on the Red Sea, Jeddah is a Saudi Arabian port city and is a modern commercial hub. This city is also a gateway for pilgrimages to the Islamic holy cities Mecca and Medina.


It is generally referred to as “The Fountainhead and Cradle of Islam” and is known as the birthplace of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Mecca is Islam’s holiest city and is home to Islam’s most sacred shrine.


It is the sixth-most populous city on the desert plateau and is the capital of the Eastern province. Dammam is one of the safest cities in Saudi Arabia to settle in; however, disrespecting the moral codes will be followed by severe punishment.


A city in Southwest Saudi Arabia, Taif is known for 20th-century Shubra Palace. It is also home to Taif Regional Museum and is referred to as the City of Roses.


Located in northwestern Saudi Arabia, Tabuk is the capital city Tabuk region. It is a major agricultural area in the Kingdom with 70% of the cultivated areas in the region can be found in Tabuk city.

Al Khobar

Lies on the Arabia Gulf, Al Khobar is also considered a resort town. It hosts several beaches and beach resorts. The quaint city turns into a bustling one by night. This city also is also home to some of the largest malls in the kingdom.

Khamis Mushait

A city in Southwest Saudi Arabia, Khamis Mushait is the fifth-most populous city in the kingdom. The city is noted for being the fourth largest trading center in the country and is well-known for its world-class military airbase.


It is the capital city of Aseer province and is located near the Red Sea. Abha is famous for the craggy mountains of Aseer National park. It is also well-known for its rich heritage, stunning landscape, and cuisine. Moreover, Abha is one of the safest cities in the kingdom to live in.

Culture & Climate

It is good to understand the culture and climate of the country to which you are moving to avoid any last-minute surprises. Keep scrolling to know more about the same here.


Arab traditions play an important role in Saudi Arabia and the country’s culture is rooted in Islamic teachings. People living here share several values, including endurance, dignity, endurance, self-respect, and pride. KSA has been one of the most globally influential countries in the Middle East over the past country.

Daily life in Saudi Arabia is dominated by Islamic observance. Muslims are called to prayer five times each day and Friday is the holiest day for Muslims.


Since the country boasts massive deserted regions, the climate of Saudi follows the pattern of the desert climate. The weather is marked by high temperatures during the day and low temperatures at night.

However, the southwest region of the country features a semi-arid climate. While summers are long, sweltering, and arid, winters are cool.

What is the culture and tradition of Saudi Arabia? The culture and tradition of Saudi Arabia are rooted in Islamic teachings and Arab customs. The major traditions in the country are listed here.

  • The prominent time in the country is the holy month of Hajj and Ramadan.
  • During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, culminating with the Eid Al Fitr holiday.

What are the cultural values of Saudi Arabia? The people living in Saudi Arabia boast a strong moral code and are deeply connected to cultural values, such as loyalty, hospitality, and a sense of duty.

What types of climate are found in Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia has a desert climate with hot days and cold nights. The southwest region of the country boasts a semi-arid climate.

Does Saudi Arabia have 4 seasons? Yes. Saudi Arabia experiences four distinct seasons with the chilly winter breezes in January and scorching heat in August.


Looking forward to moving to Saudi Arabia from USA? It is always good to check the ranking of the country in various aspects before making a move.

Ranking in World

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranks #75 in the overall prosperity index rankings. According to World Happiness Report 2021, this Middle East country stands at the first position in the Arab and at 21 across the world.

Saudi Arabia has been ranked 36th in terms of the best higher education system in the world, according to the first edition of the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings. THE KSA healthcare system is ranked #26 out of 191 countries by the World Healthcare Organization, ahead of most of its neighboring Arabia gulf countries.

This Middle East country holds third-place ranking in the overall global tax ranking, with a TTR of 15% and three payments. The economy of Saudi Arabia is one of the top twenty economies in the world and the largest economy in the Arab region as well as in the Middle East.

The country has a GDP rank of 19th (nominal, 2021) and 17th (PPP, 2021). Saudi Passport ranks #68th in the world and allows visa-free entry to 31 countries.


Tha’s all about moving to Saudi Arabia from USA. We hope our research will help you in making a transition to this Middle East country hassle-free. Since Saudi is a religion-based country, it is vital to understand all the aspects associated with immigration to avoid the further hustle.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a special charm, permeated with the aromas of sweets and spices. It is home to the world’s largest oil reserves, offering plenty of job opportunities to locals and expats. Saudi is one of the largest countries in the Arab with a relatively small population.

Moving here will undoubtedly bring a cultural shock to the foreigners owing to the way of life, gender inequality, and cultural characteristics. However, living in one of the richest countries in the Middle East has tons of benefits for expats who want to move here.

The earnings and living standards in Saudi Arabia are relatively higher than in other Arabian Gulf nations. Moreover, this country has the status of one of the most economically stable countries in the region.

Are you ready for immigration to Saudi Arabia? Hire professional movers and packers and relocate to your new home amidst the stunning landscape.

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