Moving to Santa Clarita, California

Moving to Santa Clarita, California

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    If living in a fun and family-friendly city with your family is a priority, then moving to Santa Clarita, California, would be a wise consideration. Read on to learn more about how you can make this a reality.

    Incorporated in 1987, Santa Clarita was initially inhabited by Tataviam (Fernandino) Indians during the 5th century CE. Later, the region was discovered by Gaspar de Portolá in 1769, who coined the name “Santa Clara.” 

    Santa Clarita is known for Six Flags Magic Mountain, the Vasquez Rocks, an excellent place for moviemaking since 1915, hosting the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival, live bluegrass, and Western music.

    Don`t hold back! Read the blog post for more information before relocating to Santa Clarita, CA.

    Quick facts before moving to Santa Clarita, California

    Where is Santa Clarita, CA, located?

    Santa Clarita, CA, is approximately 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles in southern California.

    The city, situated along the Santa Clara River, occupies most of the Santa Clarita Valley.

    Population in Santa Clarita, CA

    Santa Clarita, CA, has varying population reports. According to World Population Review, it’s 217,003 with an annual decline of -1.7%. Ranking it as the third-most populous city in Los Angeles County.

    Diversity in Santa Clarita, CA

    World Population Review states Santa Clarita’s 2023 population as 217,003, 61.5% White, 10.52% Asian, and 4.22% Black.

    Cost of living in Santa Clarita, CA

    The cost of living in Santa Clarita, CA, is higher than the national average, with a cost of living index of 161.7, surpassing the U.S. average by 61.7%.

    • Housing costs in Santa Clarita are steep, 130% higher than the national average, with utility prices 11% higher, transportation expenses 28% higher, and grocery prices 11% higher.
    • Healthcare costs in Santa Clarita are reported to be 12% higher than the national average.
    • The average cost of living in Santa Clarita, CA, averages $3209 per month.
    • The median household income in Santa Clarita is cited as $116,186, though other sources report it as $106,166.
    • For living a comfortable life in Santa Clarita, a recommended minimum annual income is $145,800 for a family and $90,000 for a single person. However, these figures can vary based on personal lifestyle, specific Santa Clarita locations, and economic changes.
    Cost of Living FactorsIndex Value
    Overall Cost of Living161.7

    Housing market in Santa Clarita, CA

    Homes in Santa Clarita, CA, are in high demand, often selling within approximately 32 days. Before moving to Santa Clarita, CA, book a place to live before you get there to avoid the hassle.

    • The average home value in Santa Clarita is $770,288, with the median sale price reaching $782,000 last month, indicating a 7.1% increase compared to the previous year.
    • The median list price per square foot in Santa Clarita is $441.
    • The homeownership rate in Santa Clarita is 70.3%, suggesting that the residents own more than two-thirds of the homes.
    • The average monthly rent for a house in Santa Clarita is approximately $2,318.
    • About 29.66% of the population in Santa Clarita are renters.

    Average rental price in Santa Clarita, CA

    Santa Clarita, CA, apartments have an average rent of $2,491.

    • Studio apartments in Santa Clarita typically range between $2,165 and $3,179.
    • For 1-bedroom apartments in Santa Clarita, the average rent is $2,540.
    • The average rent for 2-bedroom apartments in Santa Clarita can go up to $4,901.

    Job market in Santa Clarita, CA

    Check out the critical stats of job profiles and salary information before moving to Santa Clarita, CA.

    • Santa Clarita, California, has witnessed a job growth of 13.5%, nearly recovering all pandemic-induced job losses.
    • Future job growth is expected to average 0.7% annually from 2023 to 2028, indicating sustained recovery.
    • The average annual salary in Santa Clarita is around $50,927, with a median household income of $106,166 and an average household income of $128,588.
    • Median earnings for males and females stand at $56,741 and $37,501, respectively.
    • The current unemployment rate in Santa Clarita is 4.9%, lower than California’s rate of 4.8% as of August 2023.
    • Key sectors driving recent job creation include retail trade, manufacturing, professional business, and educational services. The local public sector has added 200 jobs in the last six months.

    What are the top employers in Santa Clarita, CA

    • Six Flags Magic Mountain
    • William S. Hart Union School District
    • Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
    • Saugus Union School District
    • College of the Canyons
    • Princess Cruises
    • City of Santa Clarita
    • U.S. Postal Service (Santa Clarita Processing and Distribution Center)
    • The Master’s University
    • Newhall School District

    Most typical job titles in Santa Clarita, CA

    • Cashier
    • Sales Associate
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Server
    • Ride Operator
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Receptionist
    • Hostess
    • Team Leader
    • Security Guard

    Highest paying jobs in Santa Clarita, CA

    • Engineering
    • MRI Technologist
    • Delivery
    • Surgical Tech
    • Construction
    • Physical Therapist
    • Registered Nurse (RN)
    • Outpatient Clinic RN
    • Data Entry

    Is it safe to live in Santa Clarita, CA?

    The crucial information regarding the safety scenes and crime rates in Santa Clarita, CA, are as follows:

    • Santa Clarita, California, has a crime rate near the national average, with an overall rate of 11 incidents per 1,000 residents.
    • Your chance of being a crime victim in Santa Clarita is 1 in 89, considering various offenses.
    • The violent crime rate, including armed robbery and assault, is 1 per 1,000 residents, which is average for American communities.
    • Property crime, including burglary and theft, has a rate of 9.88 per 1,000 residents, leading to a 1 in 101 chance of being a victim.
    • Common property crimes in Santa Clarita include burglary, larceny, grand theft, auto, and arson.
    • Assault is the most frequent crime, followed by robbery and rape in Santa Clarita.

    Safest neighborhoods in Santa Clarita, CA

    • Valencia
    • Saugus
    • Stevenson Ranch
    • Newhall
    • Canyon Country
    • Castaic
    • Canyon Country Southeast
    • Vasquez Canyon Rd / Lost Creek Rd
    • Saugus North
    • Agua Dulce

    How fast can you commute in Santa Clarita, CA?

    • The average time it takes to travel one way to work in Santa Clarita, CA, is about 36.4 minutes.
    • The total round-trip commute could be as long as 66.4 minutes.
    • In Santa Clarita, most people drive to work alone, and on average, households have around two cars, similar to the national average.

    Public transportation in Santa Clarita, CA

    • City of Santa Clarita Transit: The city’s transit system offers reliable bus services, including the affordable Commuter Express, connecting Santa Clarita Valley to neighboring cities.
    • Metrolink: Santa Clarita is served by Metrolink, Southern California’s rail system, with three stations on the Antelope Valley Line, offering convenient travel for commuters.
    • Ridesharing and Driving: For those who prefer driving, Santa Clarita is near Interstate 5 and Highways 14 and 126, providing easy access. Ridesharing services and car rentals are available for commuting and city travel.

    How is the weather in Santa Clarita, CA?

    Santa Clarita has two main seasons: a warm, dry summer with temperatures ranging from 75 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and a temperate, semi-moist winter with temperatures from 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

    • Santa Clarita has a Mediterranean climate featuring mild winters and hot summers. It is classified as subtropical semi-arid, with relatively rainy winters and sunny summers.
    • The city receives an average of 18 inches of rain annually, mainly between November and March. The typical seasonal rainfall is 10.94 inches.
    • Santa Clarita averages 0 inches of snow annually, indicating infrequent snowfall occurrences.
    • Santa Clarita enjoys approximately 280 sunny days yearly, surpassing the U.S. average of 205 sunny days.
    • July is the hottest month in Santa Clarita, with an average high of around 89 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • January is the coldest month, with an average low of 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Education system in Santa Clarita, CA

    • Santa Clarita hosts seven public schools, one private school, and three post-secondary schools across various districts.
    • Districts like William S. Hart Union, Saugus Union, Sulphur Springs Union, and Newhall School District contribute to the educational landscape.
    • The student-teacher ratio varies among schools, with Santa Clarita Elementary School having a ratio of 27:1, slightly higher than the state average of 21:1. The city’s average student-to-teacher ratio is 23:1.
    • Various schools in Santa Clarita have diverse rankings, such as Opportunities for Learning – Santa Clarita and Santa Clarita Elementary.
    • The average test scores for schools in Santa Clarita are 56%, surpassing both the California and national averages.
    • Higher education costs in Santa Clarita include the College of the Canyons, with in-state tuition at $1,162 and out-of-state at $9,322. The Master’s University and Seminary has a tuition fee of $32,870.

    Best middle schools in Santa Clarita, CA

    • Rancho Pico Junior High
    • Placerita Junior High
    • Rio Norte Junior High
    • Arroyo Seco Junior High
    • La Mesa Junior High

    Best elementary schools in Santa Clarita, CA

    • Old Orchard Elementary School
    • Peachland Avenue Elementary School
    • Cedarcreek Elementary School
    • Pico Canyon Elementary School
    • West Creek Academy

    Best High Schools in Santa Clarita, CA

    • West Ranch High School
    • Saugus High School
    • Academy Of The Canyons
    • Golden Valley High School
    • Valencia High School

    Best universities and colleges in Santa Clarita, CA

    • College of the Canyons
    • The Master’s University
    • California Institute of the Arts

    What are the best things to do in Santa Clarita, CA?

    The famous attractions and things to see in Santa Clarita, CA, are:

    • Experience the thrills of Six Flags Magic Mountain with its exciting roller coasters and family-friendly attractions.
    • Explore nature at Placerita Canyon Nature Center, an excellent spot for hiking and outdoor adventures.
    • Support gibbon conservation at the Gibbon Conservation Center, which is dedicated to the study and care of these small apes.
    • Step into Hollywood’s early days at the William S. Hart Museum & Ranch, which is dedicated to silent film star William S. Hart.
    • Discover distinctive rock formations at Vasquez Rocks, offering hiking trails and picnic areas.
    • Ride the waves at Trek Bike Park of Santa Clarita, a state-of-the-art skatepark with large bowls and a Street Plaza.
    • Enjoy water and outdoor activities at Castaic Lake Recreation, a 9,000-acre park with fishing opportunities.
    • Traverse over 100 miles of scenic trails with Santa Clarita Trails, designed for commuting and recreational use.
    • Groove to the music at Concerts in the Park, free summer concerts at Central Park.
    • Have a blast at Scooter’s Jungle, an indoor playground featuring inflatable slides and obstacle courses.
    • Engage in friendly competition at Valencia Laser Blast, an indoor laser tag arena.
    • Jump into the fun at Pump It Up, an indoor inflatable playground.
    • Reach new heights at Top Out Climbing Gym, offering climbing walls for all skill levels.
    • Experience the thrill of shooting at Oak Tree Gun Club, which provides clay shooting, a rifle range, and a pistol range.

    Best neighborhoods in Santa Clarita, CA

    The best places to live in Santa Clarita, CA, are:

    • Valencia
    • Canyon Country
    • Newhall
    • Saugus
    • Solemint
    • Castaic
    • Stevenson Ranch
    • Woodlands

    Pros and cons of living in Santa Clarita, CA

    Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of living in Santa Clarita, CA, is essential to learn if you are moving to Santa Clarita, CA. So here it is.

    High-quality public schoolsHigh cost of living
    Safe city with low crime ratesLong commutes
    A vibrant community with many recreational activitiesTheft and burglaries
    Proximity to major attractionsHeroin use
    Beach access is less than an hour awayNot as diverse as Los Angeles
    National and state parks nearbyHigh earthquake risk
    Major cities not too far awayHigh sales tax
    Good restaurantsNightlife may not be enough for some
    Live music venuesTraffic congestion
    Slightly cheaper living than Los AngelesProne to natural calamities like earthquakes, mudslides, wildfires, and droughts
    Strong sense of community spiritLess nightlife and entertainment options
    Excellent educational institutionsStifling traffic
    A dynamic job market with potential for career growth and advancement
    Clean city with a low homeless population
    Family-oriented city
    Outdoor activities
    Access to education
    Thriving business community


    In brief, Santa Clarita is an excellent location to raise a family if you plan to move to California, Although Santa Clarita has a relatively high cost of living, it also has top-rated educational institutions, a robust healthcare system, abundant natural attractions, and wilderness, making it an ideal location for either a vacation or a permanent home. If you’re considering moving to Santa Clarita, CA, you’ll want to ensure the city’s statistics and information align with your lifestyle. If they do, you can start planning your move!

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