Moving to Reno, NV


Reno is one of the best cosmopolitan cities in Nevada, followed by the Las Vegas Valley. It’s situated in the Northwest part of the foot of the Sierra Nevada bordering California.

While it offers the most picturesque scenery, thriving tech ventures, lucrative job market, low taxes, pocket-friendly lifestyle, rich culture, history and culinary scene, and various outdoor recreation options; on the other hand, it has a bad reputation for its gambling scene, hotels, casinos, and vibrant lifestyle. 

Let’s see if moving to Reno NV is ideal for you or not!

Is moving to Reno a good idea?

Relocating to Reno is a great idea because it’s a tax-free state. It offers diverse living styles, affordable housing options, proximity to great outdoor options, and more. 

1. What is Reno Known For?  

Reno is known for its gaming, casino, tourism & one of the sunniest cities in America. It is the leading gambling destination in the world & also has a vibrant arts and culture scene.

The city is home to numerous museums, theatres & performing arts venues, & the University of Nevada. 

Reno was started back in 1859 when people were rushing to California for gold. The city of Renu was established by Myron Lake on the 9th of May 1868. 

Then, around the early 1900s, it was known for gambling and full entertainment. Reno was famous for people getting divorced during the 20th century. 

Today, Reno is a lively city with several tourists coming to visit & various kinds of jobs.

Reno is near Lake Tahoe, the Sierra Nevada mountains, and many ski resorts where you can do various things such as hiking, fishing, biking, camping, and skiing in the area near Reno.

People visit Reno for gambling, casinos, and outdoor activities and to witness its natural beauty.

2. Is Reno safe?

Reno NV is not a safe city to live in as it has a violent and property crime rate of 35 and 45 respectively which are much higher than the US average of 23 and 35 respectively.


But it also has safe communities to live in that should be considered while moving or living with families. 

Reno Nevada crime rates are more in city areas than in suburbs. The common types of violent and property crime include aggravated assault, domestic violence, and theft.

The chance of becoming a victim in Reno Nevada is about 1 in 25 which is at a rate of 40 crimes out of every 1000 residents.

To stay away from crimes, you need to keep your belongings safe, avoid crowded and crime-zoned areas, and roam at night.

Here we mentioned a comparison table of the crime rate in the US vs. Reno Nevada crime rate: 

Crime Type Reno Us 
Violent Crime3523
Property 4535


Is Reno a safe city to live in?

Reno is not a safe city to live in for families as it has higher crime rates than other such populated metro areas. 

Is crime bad in Reno NV? 

Crime is bad in Reno NV at a rate of 28 crimes per every 1000 residents which means there is a chance of becoming a victim of violence and property crime is 1 in 180 and 1 in 50 respectively. 

Is it safe to walk around Reno?

Yes, it’s safe to walk around Reno but remain alert while walking at night and keep your belongings safe from your surroundings. 

Is Reno or Las Vegas safer?

Las Vegas is a safer city than Reno as it has an overall 29 crimes per 1000 residents while Reno has a 28 crime rate per 1000 residents. 

3. Things to know before moving to Reno, NV

Whether you have visited Reno before or are just about to move and are unaware of the place, we have collected all the facts and information as a go-to moving guide to let you know if the place is for you. So, Keep Reading! 

4. Living in Reno

Living in Reno is all about leading a luxurious lifestyle, filled with opportunities, entertainment, and proximity to amenities at an affordable price range.


Its art, culture, and culinary scenes have transformed living style in endless ways to witness, eat, and experience. 

Reno NV is one of the most desirable cities in Western America that attracts people of all ages for its natural beauty, high-paying jobs, and lower tax rates.

Listed as one of the excellent places to live in Nevada, Reno is ranked #38 in the best place to live, #17 for quality of life, and #99 for the best place to retire. 

Is Reno Nevada a good place to live?   

Reno is a great place to live in Nevada. It is home to several local restaurants, cocktail bars, cafes, and more offering tasty breweries cocktails local cuisines, and distilleries all around the town. 

What is the quality of life in Reno?

Reno offers an advanced and expensive quality of life to its residents. It boasts affordable housing, short and easy commute lanes, and a growing employment market. 

5. Cost of Living in Reno, NV

The cost of living in Reno is 121, which is 21% more expensive than the national average. But for the residents, the cost of living in Reno is budget-friendly.

A single person spends around $1,200 & a family of four costs $4,500 (including rent). 

Reno is the best choice for people who want to live in a city by spending very little money. It is not as costly as large cities in the US, except for its housing and real-estate prices.

In some frontier, the cost of living is just 10% higher than the average cost of living in Las Vegas Nevada, its sister city.

When it comes to paying for utilities, transportation, and healthcare, the costs in Reno are quite reasonable compared to other cities in the United States. 

Our cost of living guide is a way to compare how expensive or affordable Reno is compared to the average cost of living in the United States of 100. 

Cost of living RenoUS
Overall Expenses121100
Groceries 102100
Housing cost174100
Utilities 95100
Transportation 94100
Healthcare 95100


Is Reno Nevada expensive to live in?

Reno Nevada is an expensive place to live in as its cost of living is 21% higher than the national average. 

What is the average income in Reno?

As of 2023, the average annual income of an earning individual in Reno is $55000.

What salary do you need to live in Reno?

You must earn about $35,000 and $70,000 per annum on average to lead a luxurious life in Reno. 

6. Housing in Reno

The housing and real-estate prices in Reno are 75% higher than the national average, which mostly affects the cost of living in Reno.


The average housing cost in Reno is about $500,000 which sometimes reaches $600,000 for luxurious apartments as of 2023.

The housing market in Reno NV is quite competitive and scarce, scoring 55 out of 100.

With an increasing rate of home value by 22% this year, it is predicted that the prices will grow in upcoming years but at a slower pace.

This means homes will remain now in the market, new ones will join them allowing the homebuyers to act accordingly.

Along with home demand, housing rent prices are also on the rise putting pressure on its availability in the market, with no vacancy in some neighborhoods.

The average rent for houses in Reno ranges from $1,200, and $1900 per month in 2023 for a studio to a 2-bedroom apartment. 

Is housing expensive in Reno?

Yes, housing prices in Reno are 75% higher than the US average in 2023. 

Should I buy or rent a house in Reno?

It’s better to rent a house in Reno rather than buy it due to higher home values and lesser real-estate property availability. 

What is the average cost of housing in Reno?

The average cost of housing is $495,000 in Reno NV. 

7. Taxes in Reno

Reno doesn’t have any Income Tax. But it has a combined sales tax of 8.28% in 2023.

Nevada asks for a no income tax and 8.275% combined sales tax (state, county, and city sales taxes) imposed on its residents, which is the same as in Reno.

As there’s no personal income tax, you can save more and spend more on vital things like student education, outdoor recreation, outings, and paying off different loans. 

List of particulars of the various taxes charged in Reno Nevada. 

ParticularsReno, NV
Income TaxNone 
Sales Tax8.275%
Property Tax0.48%
Gas Tax23 and 27 cents per gallon for gasoline and diesel respectively. 


Are there taxes in Reno Nevada?

Yes, there are sense and property taxes in Reno,  Nevada. But it doesn’t impose any income tax on its residents. 

How much is the tax in Reno?

The sales tax in Reno in 2023 is 8.27% and the property tax of 35% of the asserted property value. Reno doesn’t have any income tax. 

8. Weather Conditions in Reno 

Reno has a semi-arid climate of four different seasons i.e. extreme hot and warm summers, cool and snowy winters, 10 inches of rainfall, and 25 inches of snow annually on average.


The temperature in Reno typically ranges between 20-90°F and rarely drops down to 13°F or develops above 98°F throughout the year. 

Reno has a great hybrid climate of about 300 sunny days per year. The average high temperature during the summers is around 85°F – 29°C in summer because of its 4500 ft elevation.

During the winters, the temperature drops down to (-3°C) along with 25 inches of snowfall annually. 

Throughout the year Reno does not get much rain on average it gets only 10 inches or less of rainfall which mostly happens in winter. 

Month The humidity is low, typically around 30%The wind is usually light, but it can sometimes get gustyThe sun shines for an average of 7 hours per day weather is still mild and there is less chance of rain high temperature in Reno is 59°F temperature is 40°F 
December – AprilThe weather is quite cold Snow in all of these months is shorter average high temperatures of 43°F Low temperatures of 25°F 
April – Maysmall chance of rain weather is mild and sunny hottest month with an average high temperature of 89°Faverage low temperature of 41°F 
September The weather is pleasant and the high temperature is 80°F low temperature is 51°F 14% chance of rain, and the humidity is low, around 30 days are long with an average of 12 hours of sunlight
June – November small chance of rainweather is mild and sunny hottest month with an average high temperature of 89°Faverage low temperature of 41°F 


Does Reno get snow? 

Reno receives at least 20 inches of snowfall every year. 

What kind of climate is the reno? / seasons in Reno?

Reno has a semi-arid climate with chilly winters and hot summers.

How hot does Reno get in the summer?

During summers, Reno receives an average low-high temperature of 56-90°F. 

What is the coldest month in Reno?

December is the coldest month in Reno with an average average low-high temperature of 24-42°F. 

What is the warmest month in Reno?

July is the warmest month in Reno with an average temperature of 91°F. 

9. Transportation systems in Reno

Reno Nevada has a convenient and diverse transportation system to help people explore the city and tourist spots.

The primary public transportation system in Reno is the RIDE. It is run and managed by the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County.

Reno has a miserable public transportation system, but is quite convenient and provides affordable rides.

It only has the RTC RIDE buses in 100 numbers, that travel throughout Washoe County in over 100 routes.

Private buses such as CAT Stagecoach and Eldorado Stagecoach also offer intercity bus service to other cities in Nevada and California. 

Other than this, one can prefer to take their private vehicle (car) or bike to reach the destination easily as Reno has a growing network of bike lanes and trails. 

Here is a list of various types of public and private transportation systems running in Reno: 

Transportation System NameMode of transportation Cost
BusRoad$2.25 – $5 (single ride)
Light railRail$2.25 – $5 (single ride)
Aces Transit Road$2.25 – $5 (single ride)
LyftRoadDepends on destination 
UberRoad Depends on destination 
TaxiRoadDepends on destination 
Reno Air Terminal AirDepends on destination 
AmtrakRailDepends on destination 
Greyhound BusDepends on destination 
Aces Bus System Road$2.50 – $7.50 (single ride)
RTC JUMP Bikes Road $5 – $15 (day)
Reno Aces Trolley RoadFree
Reno Tahoe Airport ExpressBus$15 – $25 (one-way ticket)

Does Reno have public transportation?

Reno has a great bus system called RAPID a public transportation system operated and managed by the regional transportation commission throughout the town. 

Do you need a car in Reno?

No, you won’t need a car in Reno because there are plenty of public buses and shuttle systems running throughout the city that stop at any point you want besides bus stops. 

How do you get around Reno without a car?

You can use the RAPID public bus system to get around Reno city.

10. Job Market in Reno

The job market in Reno is diverse providing well-paying employment to the residents of Reno in the Healthcare, tourism, technology, logistics, and manufacturing sectors.


The average salary in Reno is $55,000, slightly lower than the national average of $56,310. The top 

Reno’s employment sector is very strong and booming with an unemployment rate of 5.7% less than the national average. 

Probably, this is one of the reasons behind people moving to Nevada, Reno, and Las Vegas, to get a well-paying top-positioned job profile to boost their careers.

According to a recent report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job growth rate in Reno is expected to be 5% from last to current year.

Currently, the city has over 100,000 job vacancies available in the leading companies and organizations including Tesla, Switch, Renown Health, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, International Game Technology, and more.

Reno is currently ranked #10 best city for job satisfaction and availability in the United States. 

What is the job market like in Reno?

Reno has a thriving job market with an average growth of 5% from 2022. 

What is the future of job growth in Reno?

Reno will witness a job growth of at least 55% over the coming decades, which is higher than the national average of 34%.

11. Schools in Reno

Reno Nevada has a total of 111 public schools, out of which there are 70 elementary schools, 2 special education schools, 21 middle schools, and 18 comprehensive high schools.

Other than the school district, it also offers 2 private high schools, 5 private elementary schools, and several elementary, high, and charter schools governed by private organizations and firms in Reno. 

Reno gives its residents and non-residents access to the top public and private schools across the city. This makes Reno the 2nd largest School district in the state of Nevada.

The public schools in Reno NV are managed and governed by the Washoe County School District, which has about 111 top-ranked public schools in total, with over 65000 pupils studying in them.

The approximate student-to-teacher ratio in public schools is composed of 15:1 in 2023. 

Listing out the top 5 elementary schools, high schools, and universities in Reno Nevada based on their rankings as per US News and World Report. 

Best 5 High Schools in Reno NevadaBest 5 Elementary Schools in Reno NevadaBest 5 Universities in Reno Nevada
Reno High SchoolMarvin Picollo SchoolGreat Basin College 
Incline High SchoolCaughlin Ranch ElementaryWestern Nevada College
Galena High SchoolHuffaker Elementary SchoolSierra Nevada University
McQueen High SchoolRoy Gomm Elementary SchoolUniversity of Nevada Reno
Damonte Ranch High School Hunter Lake Elementary SchoolTruckee Meadows Community College

Does Reno Nevada have good schools?

Reno NV has ample top-ranked public and private schools throughout the city. 

What is Reno Nevada ranked in education?

Schools of Reno Nevada has been ranked 83 in the list of the best education schools by the US News and World Report 2023-24.

12. Best Places to Live in Reno Nevada


Reno has many livable and family-friendly neighborhood to live in, that has lower crime rates and easier house hunting, Here are the following best places to live in Reno Nevada.

  • Double Diamond 

Double Diamond is a master plan sub-urban community located in the south meadows area, outside downtown Reno.

The community offers a plethora of well-planned homes with costs ranging from $300k to $750k, 4 top-rated schools, shopping centers, recreation options, restaurants, and several other delightful developments serving various lifestyles. 

  • Midtown

Midtown is a small district situated between Holcomb Avenue and South Virginia Street that offers modern needs with a contemporary touch.

The architecture and homes are a mix of new and old ones but are very expensive for $400 -$3.5M offering a free-spirited atmosphere, and proximity to outdoor activities, trails, study areas, and other cities. 

  • Somerset

Nestled among the fairways, Lake Tahoe, and rolling terrains, this state-of-the-art planned golf suburb, the Somerset is a true adobe for every golfer, new and full-time residents, and is one of the best places to live in Nevada for retirees.

The luxurious homes (with a starting price of $800 and more) in this community provide stunning views of golf courses along with other facilities like gyms, restaurants, clubs, houses, cafes, libraries, pools, spas, and more. 

  • Arrowcreek 

Aerocric is the most expensive suburb offering a luxurious living experience in the south-central region of Reno.

As it is located in such a prime location, one can access top-rated schools, golf courses, gyms, restaurants parks, and shopping malls at a stone’s throw away distance. Neighbourhood offers 3 to 5 BHK homes at a price range of $900k or more. 

  • Caughlin Ranch

Caughlin Ranch is an easy-going community in the North Western area of Reno that offers residents a great Nevada living.

The community is divided into 30 colonies with luxurious single-home apartments at the rate of $700 or no more, that are surrounded by small lakes, parks, ponds, trails, and other outdoor recreations like clubs, gyms, restaurants, and more.

The best part is this neighborhood free from any type of crime in Reno.

Reno Neighborhoods to Avoid

Like any other city or town, there are always some particular regions that have bad reputations. In the case of Reno, the worst neighborhoods to avoid living in are:

  • Neil Road
  • Sparks
  • Wedekind
  • Gentry and Yori
  • Downtown Area

13. Places to Visit in Reno

Along with ample employment opportunities, this underrated city of Nevada, Reno is growing fast offering a wide range of educational options, and entertainment, making it ideal for families and young professionals to relocate and visit on a higher number.


With some fun activities and unique things to do, here is a list of the top 10 places to visit in Reno, NV.

  • Explore the casinos
  • Car museum, the Harrah Collection at the National Automobile Museum 
  • Enjoy the food scene
  • Walk the Reno and Truckee Riverwalk
  • Take a weekend trip to Lake Tahoe, and Reno Arch
  • Visit the Wilbur D. May Center and Animal Ark Sanctuary with families.
  • Visit the Nevada Museum of Art, Pioneer Centre of Performing Arts, Nevada Historical Society Museum, and the discovery and the Fleischmann Atmosphereum planetarium. 
  • Catch a Reno Aces baseball game, National Bowling Stadium, and National Championship Air Races and shows.
  • Go skiing or snowboarding at Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe
  • Go hiking or camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains

14. Things to do in Reno Nevada

Reno has various enjoyable things to do. Reno is nice with some nice views, art, history, and cultural scenes.

It offers various arts, and crafts, shows, casinos, outdoor spots for hiking, skiing, or other water sports, and many festivals to celebrate throughout and anytime in the year. 

Check out the popular things to do in Reno Nevada for different age groups.  

Age GroupsThings To Do 
KidsGo whitewater raftingTake a hot air balloon rideVisit Rancho San Rafael ParkVisit the National Automobile MuseumGo hiking or skiing at Mt. Rose Ski Resort
Couples Visit the Virginia City BreweryGo dancing at the Peppermill CasinoTake a tour of the Comstock Historic DistrictTake a walk or bike ride on the Truckee River WalkSee a show at the Pioneer Center for Performing ArtsEnjoy a romantic dinner at one of Reno’s restaurants
Singles Visit Circus CircusThe Reno Air RacesThe Wilbur D. May Center Nevada Museum of ArtEnjoy Eldorado Great Italian FestivalEnjoy Grand Sierra Beer & Chili Festival
Families Visit Circus CircusThe Reno Air RacesThe Wilbur D. May CenterThe Nevada Museum of ArtEnjoy Eldorado Great Italian FestivalEnjoy Grand Sierra Beer & Chili Festival
Elderly People Take a day trip to Lake TahoeSee a show at the Pioneer TheaterVisit the Nevada State Railroad MuseumLearn about the history of the Donner PartySee a show at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino

15. Pros and Cons of Living in Reno Nevada

Before deciding to move to Reno it is important to always be aware of the negative or worst factors of Reno along with its positive factors.

This will help you deal with them and make your life even better along with it. So, here is a listicle contents of the pros and cons of living in Reno Nevada: 


  • Reno has the best outdoors for all ages.
  • Less traffic 
  • The people are so friendly.
  • Crime rates are lower.
  • Top-quality education 
  • Various festivals and events throughout the year.
  • No income tax.
  • Experience 4-distinct weather.
  • Thriving job market.


16. Moving Companies in Reno Nevada

The average cost of a local move in Reno is around $1,200, while the average cost of a long-distance move is around $5,000 or more.


However, these prices can vary greatly, so it is essential to get quotes from multiple moving companies before making a decision.

While there are various reasons to move to Nevada, moving can be stressful but selecting the right moving company and service can make it much smoother.

Moving companies offer various moving services including packing, loading, unloading, storage, and transportation. Here we mentioned some best moving companies in Reno Nevada: 

  • Reno Movers
  • All the Right Moves
  • All Out Movers, LLC
  • Two Men and a Truck
  • Sierra Moving Systems
  • Silver Eagle Relocation
  • House-to-Home Moving
  • Colonial Van & Storage
  • Move 4 Less – Reno Movers
  • Anytime Anywhere Piano & Moving Co.

Moving to Reno FAQs

Why does Reno have a bad reputation?

Renu has had a bad reputation for marriages and early divorces for decades and this has not yet changed, which mostly impacts visitors, new residents, and locals as such things are not found anywhere else.

What’s the population of Reno, Nevada?

As of 2022, the population of Reno Nevada is 2.92 lakhs. 

How much will it cost to move to Reno?

The cost of moving to Reno NV averages $1000- $40,000 based on the mode of moving to the city.

Why do people move to Reno, Nevada?

People move to Reno NV because it has a robust employment market, good schools, no income tax, affordable housing options, and a vibrant nightlife and casino culture. 


Reno not only limits you in providing a great quality of life but also offers a uniquely blended luxurious lifestyle with suburban charms, making Nevada City worth living.

Its warm community feel, cultural richness, ample recreation experiences, world-class entertainment, promising job market, and natural beauty give a promise of a well-settled and enriching life.

So, give yourself a chance to paint your dreams in this charming city.