Moving to Orlando FL


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    Are you moving to Orlando Florida? Well, We got you. Orlando is a charming city in the heart of Florida.

    This bustling city is well-known for its vibrant culture, diverse community, arts, entertainment, and warm, sunny weather offering a variety of outdoor activities for visitors and locals alike. 

    Moreover, if you are moving to Orlando with no job, nothing to worry about! The outstanding job Market and growing economy of Orlando will definitely lead you toward your dream job. 

    Moving to this amazing city is worth it. The living costs are less than the neighboring expensive cities of the state.

    Orlando also has the best infrastructure and amenities for a comfortable life. 

    So, whatever the reasons to move to Orlando, you might not regret moving there.

    We will provide you with detailed information about the things you must know before moving to Florida. Let’s jump into the details!

    Things to Know Before Moving to Orlando 

    We will discuss the living costs, housing costs, rents, transportation, crime rate, healthcare, economy, business opportunities, and pros & cons of Orlando. 

    1. Cost of living in Orlando

    The living costs in Orlando are 5% higher than the national average and 4% higher than the state average.

    However, Orlando is cheaper than other neighboring cities like Miami. Look at the cost of living in Miami Beach.

    According to Numbeo, the estimated monthly living cost of a single person in Orlando is $1116.1, and a family of four costs $3,996 without rent. 

    Living in Orlando Living Costs in Orlando 
    Housing $448,493
    House Rent $1,933
    Energy $154.33
    Healthcare (Doctor visit)$98.00 
    Gasoline $3.48
    Median House Income $58,968 


    2. Housing Market in Orlando 

    Housing in Orlando is 11% higher than the national average and 7% higher than the state average. The average house cost in Orlando is $448,493 and the average rent is $1,993. 

    Besides the high housing costs, Orlando offers programs for affordable housing for people having low to moderate incomes.

    People with a low income of less than 80% are eligible for affordable housing programs in Orlando. 

    According to the apartment list, Median rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is $1,390 and a 2-Bedroom apartment is $1,639.

    However, rental prices in Orlando are 16.4% higher than the national average. 

    3. Tax in Orlando 


    Like other cities of Florida, Orlando has no income tax rate but the combined sales tax in Orlando is 6.5%. 

    4. Weather in Orlando

    Orlando has a subtropical climate and is hot & humid throughout the year. Orlando does not have strong winds but March is considered the windiest month in Orlando.

    The winds in Orlando are calm with a light breeze. 

    January is the coldest month in Orlando with the average lowest temperature of 49 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest of 71 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    July is the hottest month of Orlando with scorching heat at an average lowest temperature of 73 degrees Fahrenheit to the highest temperature of 91 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    The rainy season in Orlando is from June to September. However, the city faces high rainfall during the months of June and July.

    The best months to visit Orlando are from October to November with pleasant weather. 

    But, Orlando is prone to hurricanes during the months of June to August. So, you must be careful and take the necessary cautions.

    5. Economy in  Orlando

    Orlando is popular due to its fast-growing economy.

    The booming industries like biotech, aerospace & aviation, simulation, manufacturing, information technology, and healthcare are playing a vital role in the economy of Orlando. 

    Moreover, Travel and Tourism is the major industry in Orlando offering world-class attraction spots, accommodations, themed parks, and much more. 

    6. Traffic & Transports in Orlando 

    Transportation in Orlando is one of the best in Florida.

    However, you might have to suffer from traffic congestion during commuting hours, but you can avoid the traffic by simply traveling half an hour before the rush hours. 7-9 am & 4-7 pm are the rush hours during the working days. 

    Furthermore, the public transit in Orlando is operated by the LYNX Bus service.

    The public bus service provides transportation throughout Orange County and other neighboring counties as well. 

    You can get around the city by car as it is safe to drive in Orlando. You can also use public transport for sightseeing and work purposes. 

    7. Outdoor Activities in Orlando 

    Orlando offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for visitors and locals alike.


    You can enjoy countless activities at the outstanding themed parks, state parks, shopping centers, water parks, and amusement parks of Orlando. 

    The popular theme parks include the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal’s Island of  Adventure, SeaWorld Orlando, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Discovery Cove, and Disney’s  Animal Kingdom.

    These parks are amazing for kids and a happy family time. 

    You can also visit the water parks and amusement parks like Lake Eola Park, Universal’s Volcano Bay, Gatorland, Fun Sports America theme park, Nona Adventure Park, Wild Florida Airboats and Gator Park, and Blue Springs state park. 

    You can enjoy swimming, boating, kayaking, canoeing, and many other water sports at the parks of Orlando.

    Besides the parks, you can also ride Hot Air Balloons, go biking and hiking on the scenic trails of Orlando, a tour of nature by exploring the wildlife, flora, fauna, and birdwatching in Orlando. 

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    8. Education in Orlando 

    The education system of Orlando is quite good and the public schools are also among the top-ranked schools in the city.

    Besides the public schools, Orlando also is best known for private schools, colleges, and universities. 

    Avalon Elementary School, Orlando Gifted Academy, and Orlando Science Middle High Charter are the best schools in Orlando. 

    9. Crime rate in Orlando

    The crime rate in Orlando is higher than the national average. Property crimes and Violent Crimes are relatively high in Orlando.

    But, the crime rate in Orlando is less as compared to similar metro states. Check the biggest cities in Florida by metro population.

    Violent crime is 209 per 1,00,000 people and property crime is 952 per 1,00,000 people in Orlando.

    However, the necessary steps and programs have been initiated by the state to control these crimes and make it a safer place to live. 

    Besides the higher crime rate, Orlando still has many safe places to reside in.

    These places include Central Business District, Thornton Park, Highland, Audubon Park, Doctor Phillips, Gotha, Baldwin Park, and College Park. 

    10. Healthcare in Orlando

    The healthcare system in Orlando is excellent with the world’s best hospitals and wide medical services.

    Moreover, the professional and highly qualified medical staff treat major diseases and have specialized centers for cancer, cardiac and spinal disorders. 

    Orlando Health system includes 23 hospitals and emergency departments.

    The popular hospitals include Orlando Health, Advent Health, Nemours Children Hospital, and the Orlando VA medical center. 

    However, the biggest community health issues in Orlando include access to medical care, mental health services, and food insecurity. 

    11. Business Opportunities in Orlando

    Orlando is one of the best places in Florida to start a business at a reasonable cost. Orlando provides a great number of business opportunities in various sectors.

    Tourism & Hospitality is the major industry in Orlando offering opportunities to start a hotel, restaurant, tour agency, and entertainment venues. 

    Other industries like technology provide software development, IT services, and digital media, film & television, and advertising. 

    Aerospace aviation, healthcare, and educational companies also provide opportunities for business development. 

    12. Job Market in Orlando

    The Job Market in Orlando is diverse and provides excellent opportunities for job seekers.

    The average salary in Orlando ranges from the starting lowest of $29,250 to the experienced highest of $95,365 per year.  

    Finding a job in Orlando is a bit challenging due to the growing population and high competition.

    But still, you can hunt for jobs and prepare well to get a job in your desired industry. 

    Various job opportunities with high salaries are provided by industries like tech, healthcare, aerospace, educational institutes, the food industry, hospitality, and entertainment. 

    13. Pros and Cons of Orlando


    Orlando offers a wide number of advantages and disadvantages making it a city of opportunities and challenges. Following are a few of the pros and cons of Orlando. 

    Pros of Orlando

    1. Orlando is a city with rich culture. You can visit various art galleries and museums to know about the cultural diversity of Orlando. 
    1. Orlando provides great entertainment venues, bars, and clubs. 
    1. The city also has a low cost of living. 
    1. Orlando has a strong economy. 
    1. An excellent job market in Orlando provides great job opportunities. 
    2. Countless recreational activities in Orlando for tourists and residents as well. 
    1. A great healthcare system with a wide variety of medical services.
    1. Top-ranked public schools and high schools in Orlando with quality education. 
    1. Orlando has outstanding and one of the best public transportation in Florida. 
    1. No income tax in Orlando. 

    Cons of Orlando 

    1. Extremely hot summers in Orlando cause even sunburns. 
    1. Orlando is prone to natural disasters and hurricanes. 
    1. Traffic congestion in commuting hours. 
    1. Orlando has lower wages as compared to the other US states. 
    1. Orlando is a city with endless Urban Sprawl.
    1. Orlando is not pedestrian-friendly and is one of the worse metro areas to walk in.  

    Moving to Orlando FAQs

    Should I move to Orlando or Tampa?

    Both Orlando and Tampa have their own charm. If you want a place with a large urban area and business opportunities you must choose Tampa. And if you are looking for a place with theme parks and entertainment venues, then Orlando is the great option. 

    Is Orlando a Walkable City?

    No, Orlando is not a walk-friendly city. 

    Why is Orlando so popular?

    Orlando is popular due to its theme parks, entertainment venues, low living costs, and a wide variety of job opportunities. 


    Moving to Orlando offers a great variety of opportunities.

    The low living costs compared to the other neighbouring cities, robust economy, a good job market, exceptional business opportunities, world-famous theme parks, and recreational activities. 

    Besides the high housing costs, Orlando offers affordable housing options to people with less than 80% median income.

    The healthcare system is also great with modern medical facilities and qualified staff. 

    Keeping in view the pros and cons of Orlando, it would be right to say that Orlando is a good place to reside in.