Moving to New Zealand from the US

Moving to New Zealand from the US

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    Are you tired of an overloaded and tied-up life in the US? And looking to move to a place that is more relaxing and comforting, where there is no work-comes first attitude and where you can prioritize your family & enjoy some quality time with them? Well, we think your search should end here, as the remote island country of New Zealand will offer you such a life.

    Moving to New Zealand from the US

    This land of long white clouds is the first country to experience sunrise every day and has various intriguing splendors such as intricate hiking & biking trails, snow-capped mountains, glistening sandy beaches, fjords, lakes, rivers, forests, and a lot more. If you are moving to New Zealand from the US and speak English then you will easily adjust to the environment & cultures of this friendly nation. But, as this fascinating country is far from the rest of the world, you might seem few difficulties in moving & shipping your goods and also it is quite expensive.

    Are you wondering how to move to New Zealand from the US? No worries, dear folks, you have landed on the right place as here in this comprehensive article we will be discussing every important detail that will help you to relocate to New Zealand in a hassle-free way. So sit back & relax, grab a cup of coffee and a notepad to make pointers, and read this extensive article carefully.

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    Visa is the most important document or permission required to enter any country and start a new life. Every country issues different types of visas for different times being. If you are planning to move to New Zealand from the US, then you must have the essential knowledge about the visas issued by this phenomenal island country. Keep reading below to know more details about the same.

    New Zealand Visa Types

    Working Holiday VisaStudent VisaInvestor Visa
    Essential Skills VisaWorking after study visaEntrepreneur Visa
    Work to Residence VisaVisa for School ChildrenPartner & Children Visa
    Skilled Migrant Visa Global Impact Visa

    New Zealand visa for the US citizens

    The US comes under the list of New Zealand’s list of visa waiver countries that includes 60 countries in total. As a result, you are not required to apply for a New Zealand visa in the embassy before departure, but you have to apply for NZeTA which is only applicable for 3 months. If you plan to travel for more than 90 days due to work purposes then you should apply for the list of visas mentioned in the next head.

    Work visa in New Zealand for the US citizens

    The work visas available for US citizens in New Zealand are:-

    • The USA Working Holiday Visa is the best for young US citizens between the age of 18-30 years who want to move to New Zealand from the US. With this type of visa, you can work in New Zealand for 12 months.
    • Essential Work Visa who are employed in a full-time job in New Zealand and the duration of this type of visa is 5 years.
    • Work to Residence Visa is applicable for citizens who have already held a New Zealand visa before for 24 months, and this type of visa lasts for 30 months.
    • A Skilled Migrant Visa allows you to stay in New Zealand for an indefinite period. You will be issued this type of visa if you possess certain skills, experience, and qualifications.

    New Zealand visa requirements for US citizens

    Different types of visas have different requirements and different documents are needed for applying and completing the procedures. But some general documents needed are:-

    • Identity proof such as; US passport certificate and two visa photographs
    • Certificate of good health obtained after a detailed medical examination
    • Proof or a certificate of having a good character
    • And a certificate of being a bona fide personality

    Do US citizens need a visa for New Zealand? According to rules, if you are an American passport holder and planning to visit New Zealand for tourism purposes; then, you can do so without any visa and stay up there for 90 days by applying in the NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) before actual departure.

    How long can an American stay in NZ? If as a US citizen your stay in New Zealand is for 90 days then you can visit this island country without a visa. But, if your stay will be longer than the stipulated period then you have to issue a work, study, or living visa for yourself to stay here.

    How much is a New Zealand visa from the USA?

    Work to Residence Work VisaUSD 390
    Working holiday visaUSD 130
    Working holidaymaker extension visaUSD 130
    Other types of work visasUSD 300
    Entrepreneur Work VisaUSD 2,190


    If you have settled down well in the ‘Land of Long White Cloud’ and wish to get citizenship and passport of this island country and want to enjoy all the benefits & perks offered to citizens, keep reading below to know more about the same.

    New Zealand citizenship requirements

    To get citizenship in New Zealand, you must be a resident of the country for at least 5 years. And during those five years, if you plan to go out of the country then, that plan should be for a small period. Therefore, the main requirement for being a citizen of this majestic country is that; you should have a resident visa, for at least 1,350 days in the whole of those 5 years or at least 240 days in each year out of those 5 years.

    You also have to reimburse a certain amount of money or cost, i.e., NSD 337 for adults and NZD 169 for children below 16 years of age.

    The application of citizenship is evaluated by the Department of Internal affairs New Zealand. This application is then followed in a prescribed legal manner and is then presented for a ceremony. In this ceremony, the applicant is asked to take an affirmation or oath for always being faithful towards the country then, in the ceremony itself, the applicant is being granted the certificate of New Zealand citizen. Once you have gained the citizenship[ certificate you can apply for a New Zealand passport.

    How to apply for New Zealand citizenship?

    Before applying for citizenship you should have complete knowledge of the 3 types of citizenship granted by New Zealand. And check what type of citizenship you are eligible for, and then apply accordingly. You can either apply for New Zealand citizenship offline or online. If you are planning to apply the same through online mode then you should have:-

    • A PC, tablet, or cellphone with an internet connection & camera for an identification check.
    • A debit card & credit card at hand for quick payment of citizenship fees.
    • Digital copies of your scanned photos & other essential documents.
    • And an identity referee.

    For applying in offline mode, you should have:-

    • Filled application form
    • A witness or observer
    • 2 photographs
    • All the original essential documents
    • And a payment card to pay citizenship fees.

    New Zealand citizenship by investment

    Life is very uncertain so why keep yourself confined and restricted to one country when you have a brilliant option of investing money in a country and gaining its citizenship. Multiple citizenships will keep you and your family secure. You will have finances in a foreign land and a place to call home in the foreign land. By obtaining citizenship through this type you will have global mobility and access to travel visa-free and various other perks & benefits. Well, you must be wondering how much you have to invest in New Zealand to obtain citizenship by investment. Right? The answer for the same is right below here.

    New Zealand also offers this type of citizenship and has two categories named Investor 1 and Investor 2.

    • As investor 1, you have to invest a minimum of NZD 10 Million for at least 3 years.
    • And as investor 2, you have to invest a minimum of NZD 3 Million for at least 4 years.

    Can US citizens get New Zealand citizenship?  Yes, of course, if you have stayed for more than 5 years in New Zealand, then you are liable to get New Zealand citizenship.

    Does the US allow dual citizenship with New Zealand? Dual citizenship is a concept where a person can possess citizenship of two countries at the same time. If you are moving to New Zealand from the US, you will be happy to know that both US and New Zealand allow dual citizenship. And thus, for this purpose, you have to renounce your citizenship with your birth country to become a citizen of New Zealand. This process of renouncing citizenship will cost you more than NZD2K.


    If you are moving to New Zealand from the US with the intent of working and earning money to live a peaceful & fantabulous life in New Zealand, then you are supposed to pay taxes on your income. Here in this head, we will be introducing you to all the important aspects of tax in New Zealand.

    Taxes in New Zealand

    The tax system of this island country is less complicated as compared to that of other countries. Here taxes are to be paid on-

    • Wages and salaries
    • The compensation received from ACC on the loss of earnings
    • Bonus payments, any irregular payments, or lumpsum payment received from someone.
    • If you are an overseas employer and have received payment or income for the jobs done in New Zealand.
    • Goods and services bought

    The tax system of New Zealand is progressive, i.e., the more the income earned, the more will be the tax on it. Moreover in New Zealand, you don’t have to file taxes every year, when you have to do so, the IRD (Inland Revenue Department) will inform you about the same. The taxes are calculated in this country according to tax codes & tax rates.

    To pay taxes in New Zealand, you should compulsorily have an IRD number. For applying for one you should possess either New Zealand a resident visa or a work visa and some other necessary documents.

    Taxes in New Zealand vs USA

    Both New Zealand and the US have their own taxation rules and regulations implied by the government on their citizens and residents. Below given is a table showing the tax charged on the personal income by both countries.

    Tax Rates in New Zealand

    Taxable Income BracketTax Rate
    NZD 0 – NZD 14,00010.5%
    NZD 14,001 – NZD 48,00017.50%
    NZD 48,001 – NZD 70,00030.00%
    NZD 70,001 – NZD 180,00033.0%
    NZD 180,001 and above39.00%

    Tax Rates in the US

    Taxable Income BracketTax Rate
    USD 0 – USD 9,95010%
    USD 9,951 – USD 40,52512%
    USD 40,526 – USD 86,37522%
    USD 86,376 – USD 164,92524%
    USD 164,926 – USD 209,42532%
    USD 209,426 – USD 523,60035%
    Above USD 523,60137%

    Tax in New Zealand for expatriates

    If you are a new expatriate who has recently moved to New Zealand from the US, then we have a piece of good news for you. The news is that for tax purposes Americans are not considered as New Zealand residents thus they will only be charged on the incomes that they have earned while working or through any other source in New Zealand itself. If you are an employer in a New Zealand firm, then your taxes will be calculated under the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system in New Zealand. But if you are a non-resident then the taxes from you will be charged at a flat rate of 15%. If you want to gather more necessary information about the same then visit the website of- Inland Revenue Department-

    Is New Zealand tax-friendly? Ye, it is a tax-friendly country. In this country the more income you earn the more tax you have to pay. The tax system of this country is easy to use and understand as compared to many other countries.

    Do foreigners pay tax in New Zealand? Non-residents and foreigners have to file income tax on the incomes that are sourced in New Zealand.

    Does New Zealand have a high tax? Yes, according to researches New Zealand takes a high amount of tax as personal income from the people.


    Managing finances in New Zealand is not a difficult task, because New Zealand is home to both national and international banks. The banking system of New Zealand is quite effective and easy moving. The process of opening a bank account in New Zealand is also quite easy. Keep reading below to gather more details about the same.

    The banking system in New Zealand

    The Reserve bank of New Zealand manages all the banking controls and systems of New Zealand. It implements & formulates monitory policies, issues currencies, manages banks, and more. It also provides baking licenses to banks and clearing & settlement services to financial markets of New Zealand, along with many other grants, services, and permissions to them. 

    The banking system of New Zealand is liberalized that has ended major restrictions, ownership, and activities. New Zealand has about 24 registered banks, and all of them are supposed to meet certain standards to avoid bank failures.

    Some popular & trusted banks of new Zealand are:-

    National BanksInternational Banks
    ASB BankCitibank N.A
    BNZ BankBanque Nationale de Paris
    WestpacThe Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

    Can a foreigner open a bank account in New Zealand? Yes, a foreigner can easily make an account through the online mode before moving to New Zealand from the US and transfer funds through your overseas bank account to your new bank account of New Zealand.

    What is the Process and Requirements for the same? When you move into the country, you have to visit the bank branch to activate your account and make full use of the same. On your visit to the bank branch for activating your bank account, you should also carry along with you certain documents, such as:-

    • A document for identification like a passport
    • Your address proof of New Zealand
    • Your IRD number of New Zealand. But if you haven’t received one yet in New Zealand, you can show the tax number of the country from which you are coming.
    • Visa proof.

    And various other documents which vary from bank to bank.

    Can a non-resident open a bank account in New Zealand? Yes, it is 100% possible to open a bank account in New Zealand as a non-resident. But the requirements for the same vary from one bank to another.


    If you are moving to New Zealand from the US, we would like to inform you that finding a house in New Zealand is comparatively hassle-free than in the US.

    The housing or the property markets of New Zealand are well regulated, and in a matter of few weeks, you will be able to rent or purchase a house. Here, we are going to discuss the important aspects of both renting and purchasing a house in New Zealand.

    Renting Property in New Zealand

    Whether you are a New Zealander or a foreigner, you may need to rent a house in this beautiful country essential to start a new life altogether in this place. The process of renting a house is:-

    • You should decide on a budget first of all.
    • Make a list of properties that fit the type that you want.
    • Visit the listed properties to check the on-ground experience and other necessary points.
    • After you have found the perfect location, fill up the rental application with all your details.
    • Check thoroughly and then sign the tenancy agreement.
    • Before moving into the property, pay the bond amount.
    • Now you can move in and live happily in your new apartment.

    Buying property in New Zealand

    If you are planning to buy a house, then it is a big decision in itself. Thus, we have listed down some points below that you should follow to ease your work.

    • Decide on a budget
    • Contact your bank for a home loan.
    • Hire a legal advisor or a solicitor.
    • Make a list and start house hunting.
    • Visit the properties yourself for inspection.
    • Get special reports of the building checked out.
    • Make a conditional or an unconditional offer.
    • If your offer gets accepted, make the payment and sign the agreement. When the total settlement of the house is done, you will be handed over the keys, and you can now happily reside in your new house.

    Can a foreigner buy property in New Zealand? As a foreigner, if you are moving to New Zealand from the US and planning to purchase a property there are certain restrictions for the same. The rules for buying a property in New Zealand vary according to the country to which the foreigner belongs, the type of property you want to buy, and your intent of using the same.

    Can foreigners rent property in New Zealand? Absolutely yes, if you are a foreigner and planning to stay in New Zealand for a limited time; then, you will be provided with numerous options of accommodation.

    How much is the average rent of the house in New Zealand?  The rent of a house in New Zealand is chargeable every week and it differs from the size of the house and the area where you are planning to live in. The average rent of various types of houses in New Zealand are mentioned in the table below:-

    TypeRent Price (NZD)Rent Price (USD)
    A small home of 1-2 BHK in a countryside or small town for a weekNZD 400USD 265
    A 2-4 BHK apartment or house in a countryside or small town for a weekNZD 530USD 350
    A house of 1 BHK in the city center of a metropolis city for a  monthNZD 1,500USD 990
    A house of 3 BHK in the city center of a metropolis city for a monthNZD 2,500USD 1,650

    Is the property in New Zealand expensive? The property in New Zealand is quite expensive if considered to the small size & population of the country. It is also so because of the growing demand for homes and a strong economy.

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    If you are an American moving to New Zealand without a job and are in search of job prospects, and looking for some intricate details about the same. Then we will be telling you everything essential about jobs and the job market under this head.

    Job Market in New Zealand

    Living and working in New Zealand may prove to be a stepping stone to your career as this country promotes business cultures and provides business persons with the opportunities to grow & succeed in the industrial ecosystem of New Zealand. 

    The way of doing business here is quite relaxed with an autonomous type of attitude. People here do not believe in rigid ideas of bureaucracies & hierarchies.

    Can US citizens work in New Zealand?

    If you are a US citizen and planning to move to New Zealand from the US to work and earn money, then you have to apply for a work visa and you should also have a financial balance of NZD 4,200 in your account to live a happy life for living in this beautiful country.

    Jobs in New Zealand for Americans

    The job market of New Zealand has a plethora of job opportunities for the people moving to New Zealand from the US, to apply in and earn decent pay. Given below is a table stating different jobs and their salaries suitable for Kiwiamericans.

    PathologistsNZD 2,04,500
    ArchitectNZD 90,000
    AccountantNZD  73,000
    NurseNZD  83,000
    TeacherNZD 99,000
    Web DesignerNZD 91,000
    Product ManagerNZD 140,000

    Is it easy to get a job in New Zealand? Yes, New Zealand has a vast job market, and thus, it is easy to get a job in this island country. There are some high-demanding jobs in New Zealand where you just have to show up, and the job will be yours.

    What jobs are in high demand in New Zealand?

    10 high-demanding jobs in New Zealand are:-

    1. Bartender
    2. Construction Worker
    3. Packer & Picker
    4. Brewery Worker
    5. Agricultural Jobs
    6. WOOFing Jobs
    7. Tourism Jobs
    8. Fundraiser Jobs
    9.  Housekeeping Jobs
    10. Child Caretaker


    As we all know life is unpredictable. Our health can deteriorate at any time and may cause problems. Thus, before actually settling down and moving to New Zealand from the US you should be aware of the healthcare system in this island country, and take proper insurance for protecting yourself from any health-related issues if any happen in the future during your stay.

    Health system in New Zealand

    New Zealand offers good-quality public & private healthcare services to the residents and non-residents. The country has various trained & skilled doctors, fully equipped hospitals, the best medicare facilities, and prompt emergency services. These services are affordable and easily accessible for those living in big cities. But if you are a resident of a rural area and want emergency healthcare assistance, you need to drive & cover a considerable distance for the same.

    The government is the controller of the public healthcare services in New Zealand, and the funding to effectively run the same comes from the taxes paid by the individuals. Private healthcare insurance is also available in the country.

    The government of New Zealand has an Accident Compensation Corporation in which if you face an unavoidable accident in any part of the country and if you have not applied for public or private healthcare, then the cost of your treatment will be done under this scheme.

    Public vs Private Healthcare

    Public Healthcare:- Residents are allowed to take advantage of this type of healthcare and the funds to run the same are pooled from the general taxes collected at the international level. Some free services covered by public healthcare are:-

    • Prescriptions & treatments
    • X-Ray
    • Lab Tests
    • Services for pregnant women and care costs upto 6-months after pregnancy
    • Dental care upto 18-years of age

    Private Healthcare

    A variety of organizations in New Zealand offer this type of healthcare. In this type of healthcare, only 5% of the services are being accountable. This type of healthcare service is best when you need faster treatment. They mostly cover elective surgeries, specialist consultations, and cost-sharing requirements. About 1/3 rd of the total population in New Zealand has some form of private insurance.

    Healthcare in New Zealand vs USA

    New Zealand spends one-third of what the US spends in the healthcare sector. Where the US spends about USD 11, 172 per person each year, and New Zealand just spend about NZD 5,841 on healthcare, which represents 17.7 % and 9% of GDP respectively.

    Given below is a comparative table about some costs incurred in hospitals:-

    Cost of one night at the hospital$2,289$1,005
    Knee Replacement Cost$ 57,000$ 38,722
    Salary of General Practitioner$ 189,000$ 135,528
    Salary of Nurse$ 68,000$ 58,583
    MRI Scans$ 2,611$ 1,489
    Insulin$ 305$ 62

    Is healthcare free in New Zealand? The healthcare system in New Zealand has both free and subsidized services. Free services are available only for New Zealand citizens and visitors from Australia & UK due to a special contract signed between these countries.

    Does New Zealand have a good healthcare system? Yes, sure it does. According to global charts, New Zealand stands at 26th place in terms of healthcare and it has high-quality patient-centered care & infrastructure

    How much does healthcare cost in New Zealand? The government of New Zealand controls the public healthcare system in New Zealand and the cost of all the necessary treatments is reimbursed by the government on the behalf of individuals. The cost of unnecessary treatments such as cosmetic surgery is to be borne by the patients.


    On a global scale, New Zealand ranks 16th in terms of education. The schools and universities of New Zealand hold a good reputation, and some of its higher educational institutions are ranked as the best internationally.

    Education System in New Zealand

    The quality of education here is really good, and the education system is divided into three levels:-

    LEVEL 1:- Education in early childhood (education given from birth to school-age)

    LEVEL 2:- Education at the primary and secondary level, imparted in a proper school environment (such education is given from the age of 5 to 19 years)

    LEVEL 3:- Higher education and vocational training in universities & training institutions.

    Education in New Zealand vs USA

    A comparative ranking table of education in New Zealand and the US is given below. The ranking is done out of 5.

    Quality of education5/53/5
    Academic Competitiveness among students5/53/5
    Financial Aids & Scholarships5/51/5
    Part-time job & earning opportunities2/53/5
    Future job possibilities5/53/5
    Gaining of Study Visa2/53/5
    Working permit post studies4/54/5

    Education in New Zealand for international students

    Students planning to move to New Zealand from the US for better education systems can move here happily as this island country is a great destination for gaining education for international students. It offers world-class educational opportunities to students and is regularly tested according to global standards. The education system of New Zealand is progressive which means it includes both traditional ways of teaching along with innovative technologies. International students have various options of different globally ranked universities to choose from. They will also have great working opportunities during holidays and can also enjoy the natural serene & various adventure activities in New Zealand.

    Is the education system in New Zealand good? New Zealand has one of the best educational systems in the world as it focuses on both the practical and academic achievement of the child.

    Is New Zealand a good place for education?  New Zealand has a diverse network of education and offers one of the best educations in the world. The education system here ranks considerably well globally and students have an excellent standard in science, literature, and mathematics.

    Cost of moving

    Migrating or settling down in a new country whole together is a difficult task. You need to have a lot of money in your bank account for the same and all the necessary documents at hand. Before actually moving in, you should know the following points on which the cost of moving to New Zealand from the US depends:-

    • Type of visa you want to move into the country.
    • Requirements for living a healthy standard life.
    • Depends on the time it takes for you to find a job and get a visa for entering the country.

    Cost of moving to New Zealand from the US

    We would advise you to do good planning, set up a budget, and stick to it to avoid any delays or extra expenditure on petty issues. Try to complete as many formalities as you can before you arrive in New Zealand.

    Also if possible try to find a house, a job, and a school for your children beforehand, if you are moving with family.

    The cost of moving to New Zealand from the US includes:-

    Visa Fees, which is different from different visas.

    1. For work visa- NZD 298 to NZD 393
    2. For visitors visa- NZD 184
    3. For student’s visa- NZD 277
    4. For resident visa- NZD 3000
    5. Processing and assessment fee.
    6. Pre-Assessment fee- NZD 138
    7. Full-Assessment fee- NZD 746
    8. Professional Registration Fees- These fees will be different for different professions and their boards.
    9. Translation Costs- If your documents essential for moving into the country are not in English, then you have to pay translation costs to authorities to get them made in English. And it would charge you around NZD 50-500.
    10. Police Clearance Costs- All your documents should be certified by the police of New Zealand. They will provide you with a clearance certificate and it will cost around NZD 0-50, depending on the country you are coming from.
    11. Medical Cost- The cost of medical expenses is high and they depend on the country you are in at the time of conducting medical tests.
    12. Flight Tickets- The flight tickets depend on the distance to be covered by the flight. If you are coming from a country too far away from New Zealand, the price of flight tickets will be more as compared to a country near New Zealand.

    How much money should you have before moving to New Zealand? If you are an individual expatriate then you should have at least NZD 1,300 and if you have a family of four then you should at least NZD 4,800 before moving to New Zealand.

    Cost of shipping

    If you are moving to a new country altogether, then you will not move alone. You will be taking your goods, precious items, necessities, furniture, or pets along with you because you are going to make a whole new life for yourself in the new country and for that, you need all your stuff to be with you.

    Cost of shipping from New Zealand to the US

    Every country has its customs and shipping rules & regulations which you ought to follow while entering the country. The same goes with New Zealand, keep reading below to know about the same.

    At the borders of New Zealand, all the goods are thoroughly inspected and the restricted and prohibited goods are not allowed to be a part of shipping. The list of prohibited and restricted goods are mentioned below:-

    Prohibited Goods

    • Objectionable materials such as videotapes, films, CD-ROM, etc.
    • Weapons such as; butterfly & flick knives, sword sticks, etc.
    • Pepper spray or any other thing used for committing a crime.

    Restricted Goods

    The entry of these goods is restricted, but if you want to take them in you need special permission for the same.

    • Ivory in the form of jewelry or carvings.
    • Jewelry made of tortoise or sea turtle shell.
    • Meat or food items are prepared from whales, dolphins, sea turtles, cranes, and pheasants.
    • Medicines made of tiger, rhinoceros, or musk derivatives.
    • Showpiece or any other item made from bone carvings of whales or other marine creatures.
    • Carnivorous plants
    • Living species include eagles, hawks, parrots, and owls. Plants such as cycads, cacti, and orchids.
    • Any used sports equipment or shoes.

    Documents are a necessary part that will assist you in moving and shipping your goods to a new country without any hassles. The documents required for moving to New Zealand are;

    • Passenger Arrival Card- A document that requires the personal information of the person and the goods brought by them in the country.
    • NZCS 218 Form- That declares details about personal baggage.
    • Visa, passport, and permission letter or the evidence stating that you are allowed to live and move into the country.
    • Certificates from New Zealand Police, Health Ministry, or any additional permits if any.
    • Airway Bill, Bill of Lading, or the Arrival Advice.

    Are you wondering what the cost of shipping packages and parcels to New Zealand is? Well, the cost of shipping goods from the US to New Zealand differs according to their weight. The details of weight and the cost charged for them are mentioned in the table below:

    1lb$ 22.20
    5lb$ 53.61
    10lb$ 83.23
    20lb$ 139.82
    30lb$ 203.60


    New Zealand is a friendly country with dynamic cultures, an efficient working environment, and is full of natural serene. If you are an expatriate and are planning to move to New Zealand from the US, then you should be aware of the pros & cons of the same and the cost of living in New Zealand vs the US. Keep reading below to gain this essential information.

    Cost of living in New Zealand vs the US

    The cost of living in New Zealand vs the US is explained below, with the help of various tables belonging to various heads. The prices of the items are mentioned according to the currencies of their respective countries. For your convenience, we would like to inform you that 1 USD=1.47NSD.


    Meal at an inexpensive restaurant$20.00$15.00
    1 gallon of milk$ 10.16$ 3.28
    Bread$ 2.32$ 2.51
    Eggs$ 5.53$ 2.31
    Rice$ 1.39$ 1.79
    Beef$ 8.98$ 5.83
    Meal for 2-people at a mid-range restaurant$ 100.00$ 60.00
    Imported beer$ 9.00$ 6.00
    Cappuccino$ 4.84$ 4.36
    Water$ 2.74$ 1.56


    One-way ticket of a local transport$ 3.50$ 2.20
    Monthly pass of public transport$ 156.20$ 65.00
    Taxi for 1 Mile$ 3.38$ 3.25
    Gasoline (1 gallon)$ 8.26$ 2.65

     Leisure Activities

    Fees of fitness club for 1-month$ 61.00$ 37.09
    Tennis Court Rent for 1 Month$ 20.30$ 15.75
    Cinema Ticket for 1 person$ 16.00$ 12.00


    Cost of purchasing an apartment at the city center ( per sq ft)$ 683.86$ 333.01
    Cost of purchasing an apartment outside the city center ( per sq ft)$ 490.10$ 199.04
    Rent of 1 BHK apartment in the city center$ 1606.00$ 1354.92
    Rent of 3 BHK apartment in the city center$ 2665.92$ 2210.91
    Rent of 1 BHK apartment outside the city center$ 1259.18$ 1103.65
    Rent of 3 BHK apartment outside the city center$ 2151.17$ 1789.71


    1 pair of branded jeans$ 106.92$ 44.01
    1 dress from a high-end store$ 61.65$ 35.56
    1 pair of running shoes$ 144.65$ 76.62
    1 pair of leather shoes$  172.61$ 97.33

    Pros & Cons

    Amazing weather all the year-roundThe weather of New Zealand is unpredictable
    Delicious local dishes and some exotic wines.The price of houses in New Zealand is quite high
    Opportunity to do lots of adventurous activitiesIt is an isolated island country, much far away from the rest of the world
    One of the safest countries to live in terms of crimeIt experiences frequent earthquakes
    New Zealanders are very friendly & kind-hearted peopleLimited public transport
    Top-class education systemCareer options are limited
    High-quality healthcareThe country is very peaceful
    Amazing & balanced work-lifeHigh cost of living
    Picturesque NatureThere is a lot of sunshine in New Zealand, which can be harmful to the skin
    The crime rate is quite lowInfrastructure is in a bad condition

    Living in New Zealand as an American

    As an American, moving to New Zealand will be quite interesting for you. As here you can enjoy the natural beauty and serene environment which is difficult to enjoy in the US due to the hectic and always-on-the-go type life of people. If you are living in the cities of the Northern Island then you will enjoy natural beauty, the life of metropolitan cities, and great living & working experiences. But if you are planning to settle down in one of the cities of the Southern Island then you will be offered breathtaking countryside views, and various adventurous activities such as; bungee jumping, water rafting, biking, adventure caving, etc. Various other factors will surely make you feel like a home away from home in New Zealand.

    Is New Zealand a good place to live in? Yes, of course. If you are planning to move to New Zealand from the US you can happily live & work there as permanent residents. You need not become a citizen, as the rights of both of them are the same.

    Is New Zealand expensive to live in? It is one of the best countries to live in but the cost of living here is quite high.

    How much money do you need to spend a good life in New Zealand?  According to sources, an individual should earn a minimum of NZD 171K for living an optimal and happy life in New Zealand.

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    Best places to live in New Zealand

    New Zealand is one of the amazing places to live and work. It is a favorite vacation place of people from far and wide, and people tend to love this island nation due to its laid-back attitude & carefree life and decide to settle down here. If you are planning to move to New Zealand from the US, then you should settle down in one of the ten cities mentioned in the list below.


    Queenstown is one of the most beautiful and top destinations, that you should choose to live in if you are moving to New Zealand to the US. It offers expatriates & New Zealanders with amazing outdoor activities such as; world-class skiing trails, jet boating, water rafting, paragliding, zip-lining, bungee jumping, and more. It is also the home to various industries, where you can find work & enjoy at the same time.


    This subtropical city with mild winters & humid summers is also known as the economic capital of New Zealand. This sunny city offers vast job opportunities to both expatriates & New Zealanders and offers high salaries and great life. It is also the home of various parks, museums, top restaurants, and widespread cultural events. The cost of living is slightly high in this place, but overall it is a good place to live and enjoy life in New Zealand.


    The capital city of New Zealand, is one of the coolest cities in the world. Wellington is a waterfront city and is the home to the national museum of New Zealand, parliament house, blissful beaches, long cycling and hiking trails, various water sports, great nightlife, and a music scene. Despite being the capital, this city is not much populated and offers a relaxed and laid-back lifestyle to people.


    Napier is a wonderful place to live in if you are planning to move or settle down in New Zealand. Its cost of living is also lower than the top three big cities mentioned above but has ample job opportunities for both New Zealanders and expatriates. This city also has a stunning coastline, beautiful vineyards, amazing cycle trails, golf courses, and many more things to enjoy.


    Rotorua is a famous tourist spot due to the geothermal attractions and various other places to visit and enjoy. It is located in the center of the Northern Island, making it accessible to the rest of the cities of New Zealand. Apart from this, it is one of the most affordable cities to live in with a mild temperate climate, but sometimes the temperatures even drop below the freezing point in the winters.


    It is a charming dock city, located on the eastern coast of the Northern Island. Tauranga has a lot of job opportunities due to lots of industries and a busy port, but the prices of houses are high. The economy of Tauranga is thriving but still, the place is reasonable to live in. It also has vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches, and a subtropical climate, making it a perfect place to live and work.  


    This city is quite popular among the expatriates. Many of them move to New Zealand from the US and settle here. It is also known as the Garden City because of the abundance of pretty gardens and beautiful parks. Christchurch has a thriving community of people who have an incredible sense of love and togetherness. It is a wonderful place to live and work with mild summers, moderate rainfalls, and cool winters.

    New Plymouth

    Located in the Taranaki region, the new Plymouth city boasts some of the best scenic views and galleries in New Zealand. This city has a bohemian feel to it and has the world’s best surfing conditions, majestic Mt. Taranaki, and black and sandy beaches. It is a pretty awesome place with amazing nightlife and mild winters & temperate climates.


    This city of New Zealand has affordable housing and ranks high in terms of safety & security. It also boasts amazing wildlife and is the home of the only castle in New Zealand. Dunedin experiences mild summers, cool winters accompanied by snowfall, and low rainfall.


    This city is located on the banks of the Waikato River and is just a one-and-a-half-hour drive to Auckland, and is much more affordable than Auckland in terms of housing & living. There are lots of job opportunities in and around Hamilton, making it an engaging place to live in. Temperatures here are moderate, with warm summers, high humidity, and cool & wet winters.

    Culture & Climate

    New Zealand is the only country that has no land borders surrounding them thus it has an extraordinary amount of beauty in the form of glistening lakes, sandy beaches, towering mountains, farmlands, and picturesque views. The country is divided into two main landmasses and has varied cultures and climates. Keep reading below to more about the same:-


    This island country is home to approximately 4.7 million people, with two dominant groups of people, i.e., The Maori (descendants of settlers from Polynesia) and the people belonging to European ancestry. Thus, the cultures of New Zealand are highly influenced by European, Pacific, Maori, and Asian cultures. This is a multicultural country that welcomes people from all countries, cast, and regions warmly. The five largest ethnic groups residing in New Zealand are; Indians, Chinese, Samoan, Europeans, and Maoris. Mostly the people here follow Christianity, but some also follow religions such as; Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Ratana, and Ringatu. Due to its British connection from the past, 98% of the people in New Zealand speak English but the native language of the country is Maori. As an American, you can move to New Zealand happily as this country will accept you with open arms.


    New Zealand, located in the Southern Hemisphere experiences the opposite climate to the Northern Hemisphere. It experiences four different types of weather, i.e., summers; which last from December to February, Autumn; lasts from March to May, Winter; lasts from June to August, and Spring; which lasts from September to November. Are you wondering what is the climate of New Zealand? New Zealand has a temperate climate, as the climate is highly influenced by seas & mountains, the weather is generally mild with high rainfall, with an average temperature ranging from 16-25 degrees during summers and 12-21 degrees during the winters, in the daytime.

    What is the culture and lifestyle in New Zealand? The people of New Zealand enjoy an amazing lifestyle as they are offered great career opportunities along with lots of time to enjoy the natural & serene environment of New Zealand and fascinating outdoor activities.


    New Zealand has witnessed a transformation and impressive growth in the decades. In the fields of the export market, tourism, manufacturing, and various other areas, New Zealand has faced enormous growth.

    According to the global ranking, New Zealand was ranked as the 7th best country in the world in 2020. Given below is a table stating the ranking of New Zealand under various categories on a global scale.

    Cultural Influence19th
    Good for Business6th
    Quality of Life10th
    Social Purpose3rd
    Personal Freedom11th
    Social Capital4rth
    Enterprise Conditions14th
    Investment Environment6th
    Living Conditions30th
    Natural Environment4rth

     After studying the ranking under different niches, you can decide whether you want to move to New Zealand from the US or not.


    Dear readers, till now you must have understood that it is not too hard to move to New Zealand. We hope that the above comprehensive article will help you intensively and will ease your movement from New Zealand to the US. We have told you all the requirements to move to New Zealand, various documents required for different procedures, the cost of living in New Zealand, and the best places to live in this beautiful island country.

    So, what are you waiting for now? Go through the points you have listed down throughout reading this article carefully; plan your itinerary today, and make the necessary arrangements before actually moving into this paradise land.

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