Moving To Netherlands From US


High-quality life, better living standards, and quality education are the main reasons for Americans moving to the Netherlands.

It’s like living in heaven with frozen canals in winter and the bloom of spring.

So, are you ready to pack your bags and relocate to the Netherlands?

If yes, then you’re in the right place. This article is your ultimate guide for how to move to the Netherlands.


We will also guide you about the checklist, things to arrange, and the process flow of moving to Netherlands From US.

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How To Move To Netherlands From US?

 The good news is that American citizens don’t need an MVV (Dutch long-stay visa) to enter the Netherlands.

But for the residency, you must need a job there to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Start With Finding A Job In Netherlands

Though it is the tip of the iceberg, it is the crucial part. Once you have a job here, only then your employer can apply for a work permit.

Currently, agricultural, data analysis and engineering jobs are in high demand.

Step 2: Get Your Work Permit

A work permit is issued by your Dutch employer only if you’re considered a skilled worker. Usually, it is the responsibility of your employer.

For American citizens, it’s not a problem if they have a job confirmation.

Step 3: Collect All Requirements And Apply For a Residence Permit

To apply for the residence permit, you’ll need the following documents:

  • Valid Passport
  • Residence permit application form (available in the IND office or online)
  • Get a clean criminal certificate from the nearest police station.
  • A minimum of $1300 income a month.
  • Birth certificate (with your name, parent’s name, and place of birth information)
  • Appendix Antecedents Certificate (click here to download)
  • Work contract (proving that you have a job in the Netherlands)
  • Marriage Certificate (If you’re married to a Dutch partner or living in a marriage-like partnership)
  • Letter of acceptance from a Dutch university (if you’re planning to pursue higher education here)

Step 4: Get Your Dutch Temporary Residence Permit

The temporary residence permit is valid for maximum 5 years. It is issued for work, study, or for family reunification purposes. Also, it can be renewed.

Step 5: Get Yourself Registered At the Dutch Municipality

You’ll need to register at the Dutch municipality to obtain your BSN number. BSN number will allow you to open a bank account and work freely in the Netherlands.

1. Dutch-American Friendship Treaty: Your Another Way Of Moving To the Netherlands From the US

Signed in 1956, DAFT is a bilateral treaty that states a residence permit is to be issued to all US citizens who are willing to invest at least $4800 in the Dutch economy. 

With this permit, you can apply for permanent residence after completing 5 years in the Netherlands.

Usually, the DAFT is issued to businessmen or entrepreneurs who want to enhance or expand their businesses. 

How Much Does It Cost To Move To The Netherlands?

Overall, you’ll need around $2000 – $3500 to move to the Netherlands from the US. Here’s your total cost breakdown:

  • Application fee: $205
  • Application fee for children under 18: $70
  • Permanent residency renewal: $70
  • Permanent residency renewal for children under 18: $35
  • Start-up visa application fee: $395 
  • Flight Cost: $800
  • Furniture moving, Shipping or miscellaneous costs: $850

Keep in mind that these charges are just for the application, visa process, and flight costs.

If you opt for shipping your furniture or other items, you may end up paying around $1000 to $1500, depending on the weight of your packed items.

When it comes to monthly expenses, you’ll need around $1800 per month. The monthly cost of living in the Netherlands will also depend on the city or area where you decide to move. 

How Hard Is It To Move To The Netherlands From The US?

If you’re an American citizen relocating to the Netherlands, you don’t need a visa, as a visa on arrival will be provided. But you must have a proper job to file for a temporary residency application.

You’ll also need some money (approx $1300) to cover your stay expenses. Overall, if you have proper documents and around $4000, it is not hard for relocating to the Netherlands from the US.

Now, so far we have given you an overview of the process. Now, let’s discuss in detail every aspect so that your journey of living in the Netherlands as an American will be mess-free.

2. Netherlands Visa Types


You need to apply for a specific Dutch visa type depending on the period and purpose of your stay. There are 4 main types of Netherlands visas:

Visa TypeDescription
Schengen VisaIt is a tourist visa that allows you to stay in the Netherlands for up to 90 days. A Schengen visa is also known as a short stay or C-Visa.
Transit VisaAlso referred to as A-Visa, it is applicable to those passengers making a stopover at an airport in the Netherlands or another Schengen country while traveling to a destination outside the Schengen area.
Return VisaThe return visa is applicable to expats living in the Netherlands who want to travel abroad for personal reasons. It is also valid for those internationals whose residence permit is either lost or being processed.
MVV AuthorizationIt is a temporary residency permit and is applicable to those who want to stay in the Netherlands for more than 90 days. The MVV allows you to enter the Netherlands as a resident rather than a tourist.

Netherlands Visa Requirements

The standard documents required to apply for the Netherlands visa include:

  • A completed and signed visa application form
  • Passport pictures
  • A valid passport and other travel documentation
  • A copy of your passport’s personal details page
  • Copies of any previous visas, along with all entry/ exit stamps.
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Complete travel itinerary
  • Work permit, if applicable
  • Proof of sufficient financial means
  • Travel visa insurance

How long can US citizens stay in the Netherlands?

US Citizens can enjoy a visa-free stay in the Netherlands for up to 90 days as tourists or for business purposes. However, they need to apply for a permit if planning for a longer residency.

What Is a Type D Visa For the Netherlands?

The MVV Authorization or type D visa is a Dutch provisional residence permit that allows expats to enter the country as a resident rather than a tourist.

Netherlands Citizenship Requirements

  • Proof of uninterrupted 5-year stay in the Netherlands.
  • You are more than 18 years old at the time of submitting your application.
  • You must have held a valid Dutch residence permit or a residence permit for a non-temporary purpose.
  • You can speak, read, write, and understand Dutch. To prove this, expats need to pass the Dutch Civic Integration exam.
  • You must be willing to give up your current nationality.
  • You have not received a prison sentence or a fine of 810 EUR in the last four years.
  • Expats must attend a citizenship ceremony at which they have to declare their allegiance to the Netherlands.

Netherlands Dual Citizenship USA

The Dutch government often tries to limit dual nationality as much as possible. They believe that if you have only one nationality, it will be clear what your rights are.

That is why expats have to leave their current nationality when they apply for Dutch citizenship through naturalization.

Dual citizenship in the Netherlands is permitted on a limited basis. It is based primarily on the right of blood. 

Does Netherlands Allow Dual Citizenship: You can hold both US (or any third country) and Dutch citizenship only if you are born to Dutch parents in the United States.

Netherlands citizenship by investment

Obtaining residency by investment is possible for foreign entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in a Dutch business or in a fund.

It is a suitable option for business persons who are in a position to start a business or make a substantial investment.

In addition to this specific investment condition, the applicant also meets the general conditions to get a permanent residency permit in the Netherlands.

Keep in mind that an investment program can fetch you residency but not citizenship.

You can only apply for Dutch citizenship once you have completed an uninterrupted 5 years stay in the country.

3. Cost of Moving to the Netherlands

The cost of moving is based on several factors, including the volume of the container, route, total distance between source and destination, and duration. 


There are two ways of moving to Netherlands from US:

  •  Airways
  • Sea-route.

The sea route is the cheapest way of moving to Amsterdam from US. However, it takes anywhere between 10 – 25 days to move the container from the US to the Netherlands.

If you want to transport your valuable possessions by air, you should know that air freight can be up to 18 times more expensive than sea freight.

Cost of moving to the Netherlands via Ocean Freight

New York – Amsterdam$99810.5 days
Los Angeles – Amsterdam$3,31325 days
Houston – Amsterdam$1,69216 days

Cost of moving to the Netherlands by Air Freight

New York – Amsterdam$2,4293.5 days
Los Angeles – Amsterdam$2,4293.5 days
Houston – Amsterdam$2,42911 hours

4. Shipping Cost From Netherlands To USA

There are plenty of shipping options available from the US to the Netherlands, including cheap postage to the Netherlands with USPS and expedited shipping to the country with DHL.

The tracked mail services are EU Parcel and EU Parcel Post. These services have longer transit times but offer significant cost savings.

Shipping to the Netherlands is as low as the US $12.99.

Asendia e-Paq Plus1lb$17.97
EU Parcel Drop off5lb$44.31
EU Parcel Drop off10lb$59.38
EU Parcel Drop off20lb$86.89
EU Parcel Drop off30lb$118.84

What Is The Cheapest Way To Send A Package To The Netherlands: The cheapest way to send a package from the US to the Netherlands is EU Parcel.

It has a delivery time between 4 – 14 business days.

5. Living in the Netherlands As An American

According to the comparative analysis by Expatistan, the cost of living in Netherlands  is 20% less than that of the US.


The living expenses of items such as; food, clothing, transportation, etc are budget friendly.

The cost of living in the country also depends on factors including:

the size of the family, the number of earning people in the family, the city in which you choose to live, the type of house you select for yourself, your salary,  and the type of lifestyle you opt for.

Netherlands Cost Of Living vs US

Compare the cost of living in the Netherlands vs the USA here before living in Amsterdam as an American.

The cost of living of a single person without rent$973.32$938
The cost of living of a family of 4 without rent$3473.39$3,324.26
Basic Utilities$187.76$168.47
One-way ticket (local transport)$3.39$2.25
GDP per capita$53,304.06$63,543.58

Keep in mind that Dutch housing can be expensive for ex-pats. The apartments in major cities are overpriced.

That’s why if you’re moving to Amsterdam from the US, prefer to stay in shared dorms to cut expenses. 

6. Finding a Job in the Netherlands

Although the Dutch job market is progressive and flourishing, finding jobs in the Netherlands for US citizens might be tricky.

The country is home to several global corporations and an international business environment.

However, fetching a job in the Netherlands as a foreigner is a time-consuming task.

The business landscape in the country is saturated with professionals, making the competition fairly high.

But you will have a good chance if you know how to speak certain languages, such as Dutch, German, and French.

American Jobs In The Netherlands

There are plenty of opportunities for Americans moving to Amsterdam.

The most demanding and highest paying jobs in the Netherlands for US citizens are Engineer, Researcher, English Professor, Healthcare Specialist, Accountant, Company Lawyer, and more.

Americans can also find a job in the US embassy and Consulate.

Average Salary in the Netherlands

Americans moving to the Netherlands must learn about average salaries in this European nation before making a move.

JobAverage Monthly Salary (USD)Average Monthly  Salary (EUR)
Product Manager7,7707,110
Marketing Manager5,9675,460
UX Designer5,6175,140
Financial Manager10,7109,800
Security Guard2,2952,100

Is 3000 euro a good salary in the Netherlands: Absolutely, 3000 euros per month is a pretty decent salary to live comfortably in the Netherlands?

Since the salary includes taxes and social security premiums, it translates to between 1500 – 2000 euros net in hand.

Is it easy to get a job in the Netherlands?

No, not at all. Getting a job in the Netherlands is quite frustrating for expats owing to the language barrier. You need to connect with recruitment agencies to bridge the gap and get a job fast. 

7. Banking System in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a robust banking system consisting of 96 national and international banks.


The country is home to some of the world’s banking giants.

De Nederlandsche Bank is the national central bank of the Netherlands that supports and regulates Dutch banking services, along with AFM.

The nation’s banking assets accounted for 314% of its GDP.

How to open a bank account in the Netherlands?

Opening a bank account in the Netherlands is a simple and hassle-free process. Follow the instructions mentioned below to open a Dutch bank account.

  • Make an appointment online or simply walk into your nearest branch.
  • Submit the essential documents you need to open a bank account. These documents are – a BSN number, a valid ID, Proof of address, and a residency permit.
  • Once all the details have been processed, wait until your account is approved.

Best Banks For Americans Moving To the Netherlands

Check the list of the best banks in the Netherlands for expats here.

  • Bunq
  • Revolut
  • ING
  • ABN Amro
  • SNS
  • Cooperative Rabobank
  • NIBC Bank
  • Tridos Bank

Can foreigners open a bank account in Netherlands: Yes, absolutely. Foreign nations can open a bank account in the Netherlands with an international passport or any Dutch ID.

8. Tax System in the Netherlands

While living in the country, you must pay taxes on your income, wealth, and assets. The Dutch tax system divides different types of taxable incomes, namely:

  • Taxable income from employment, profits, pensions, social benefits, and homeownership.
  • Taxable income from savings and investments
  • Taxable income from substantial interest

Dutch residents have to pay different types of taxes, such as Corporate income tax, Wage Tax, Value Added Tax, Dividend Withholding Tax, Environmental tax, and Inheritance and Gift Tax.

Taxes in Netherlands Vs US

Check the table of comparison between Dutch and American taxes before emigrating to Netherlands from US. 

Corporate Tax Rate28.5%21%
Income Tax Rate19.17% – 49.50%10% – 37%
Environment tax8.7% of government tax revenues0.9% of GDP

Does the Netherlands have low taxes?

The corporate tax rate in the Netherlands is 19% of the income up to €200,000. Above this income, you have to pay the corporate tax rate of 25%. However, the lower rate has decreased from 19% to 16% in 2020, but the higher rate remains the same at 25%.

An average single worker pays a net average tax rate of 26.9%, way higher than the OECD average of 24.8%.

9. Housing in the Netherlands

The housing market in the Netherlands is a bit expensive; however, the price mainly depends on where you decide to reside.


Since the Dutch housing market is fast-paced, you need to be quick when deciding whether or not to sign the contract. 

  • Expats can either go for rental apartments or buy their own property, depending on their preference and budget. The average housing rent is about 930 EUR.
  • There are three types of apartments you will come across when looking to rent a property. These are – Fully Furnished, Unfurnished, and Shell-type apartments.

Fully Furnished apartments are the rarest and most expensive of all. They can be generally found in bigger cities such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Unfurnished and shell-type accommodation is sometimes used interchangeably.

Can US Citizens buy property in the Netherlands?

US citizens can purchase property in this country whether they are Dutch residents or not. It means that a person can own property in the Netherlands without having permanent residence.

However, there are certain conditions that a US citizen needs to fulfil before purchasing a property in the Netherlands.

  • It is mandatory to hire a translator while signing a contract, even if a US citizen can speak Dutch fluently. The average price of a translator for a day is $300 – $400.
  • The person must deal with the Dutch real estate agents, known as makers.

How much is the property in the Netherlands: The average single-family housing price in the Netherlands during the third quarter of 2021 is 437,000 euros, way higher as compared to the US.

10. Getting Netherlands Driving License

Getting a driver’s license in the Netherlands is quite hard. You need to pass the practical driving test, and the rules and regulations test. Only then the driver’s license is issued.

The best thing is you can drive in the Netherlands with your US driving license or international driving license.

Keep in mind that the authorities might ask about the traffic rules and regulations to confirm the authenticity of your license.

Driving In the Netherlands With US License

You can drive temporarily with your US driving license. But, you need to exchange it from your local municipality. You can exchange the license only if:

  • You are registered in the Basisregistratie Personen.
  • You have a valid ID or residence permit.
  • Your license must be issued by the “countries suitable for exchange.”
  • The driving license must be valid.

A copy of the passport will be required for the exchange. If you belong to a country that doesn’t list for a suitable exchange,

then you can only exchange the driving license if you’ve lived in the issuing country for not more than 185 days per year.

Do You Need An International Driver’s License In the Netherlands?

You can drive in the Netherlands with your valid international driving license if you’re visiting on a tourist visa. But, if you’re here for work or on a resident permit, then you need to exchange your driving license from the local municipality.

11. Healthcare for Expats in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a universal healthcare system that provides high-quality care and wide availability of English-speaking doctors.


Healthcare in the Netherlands can be accessed via public or private health insurance.

  • Healthcare in the Netherlands is managed by the government and supplemented by private insurance companies.
  • The Dutch healthcare system ranks #3 in the 2022 World Index of Healthcare Innovation with an overall score of 62.99. 
  • The best part about Netherlands’ healthcare system is that it is accessible to all residents, irrespective of income or financial status. 

Healthcare in Netherlands vs US

Although both the US and the Netherlands offer a universal healthcare system, the latter is way better than the former one in several aspects. 

Dutch healthcare is easily accessible as compared to the US while covering all the major ailments.

Life expectancy men79 years76 years
Life expectancy at birth81.278.64
Quality of healthcare system: cost5045.81
Quality of healthcare system: healthcare system index65.6269.03
Physicians per 1000 people3.1 per 1000 people2.3 per 1000 people

Health Insurance in the Netherlands for Expats

Health insurance is compulsory for all people living or working in the Netherlands.

Expats from outside the EU, EEA, or Switzerland who arrive in the Netherlands must buy Dutch health insurance within four months of receiving their residency permit, even if they have an existing foreign policy.

  • To register for the healthcare system in the Netherlands, you first have to obtain your Citizen Service Number. 
  • After that, you can register for health insurance and select which insurance company you want to provide you with coverage. 

Once you are done with taking out the insurance policy, register with a Dutch doctor, and access Dutch healthcare services for free.

Is healthcare free in the Netherlands: No. Everyone living or working in the Netherlands must take out private health insurance, which is also budget-friendly and affordable.

The average cost of a Dutch health insurance premium is around 120 EUR per month.

12. Netherlands Education System

The Netherlands has one of the finest education systems, 9th best  in the world. Its renowned colleges and universities attract international students from far and wide.


Check the complete information about the Dutch education system here.

Education in the Netherlands is divided into 5 levels, namely – Primary, Secondary, Children who attended school abroad, Vocational Education and Training, and Higher Education.

Primary Education: This level is intended for children aged 4 to 12 years. It is compulsory for kids from the age of 5 years.

Secondary Education: Children at the age of 12 years go to one of the following types of secondary education: Preparatory Vocational Secondary Education (vmbo), Senior General Secondary Education (havo), and University Preparatory Education (vwo).

Children Who Attended School Abroad: Students relocating to Holland from abroad have to attend the school-leaving exams at the end of secondary school. Some bilingual schools do offer special programs for non-Dutch speakers.

Vocational Education & Training: Also known as Middlebar or mbo, the Dutch Vocational Education & Training consists of 70 colleges. These are further classified into three categories – ROCs, Agricultural VET colleges, and Specialized VET colleges.

Higher Education In Netherlands: There are two types of higher education in the Netherlands – Research-oriented and Profession-oriented. The former is traditionally offered by research universities, while universities of applied sciences offer the latter.

Universities in the Netherlands for international students

The Netherlands ranks high among the best countries in Europe to study abroad. There are over 2,000 education programs in English offered by 77 different higher education institutions.

Most of these programs are geared towards international students who wish to study abroad, making it the perfect place for foreign nationals to study.

Here’s the list of the best universities in Netherlands:

  • The University of Amsterdam
  • Utrecht University
  • Erasmus University the Rotterdam
  • Leiden University
  • University of Groningen
  • Radboud University Nijmegen

Is education free in the Netherlands: A majority of Dutch schools are monitored and funded by the government, except some private schools.

These primary and secondary schools are free, and parents pay a small contribution.

13. Pros And Cons Of Moving To the Netherlands

If you are an American moving to the Netherlands you will be surely shocked to see the cultural changes in this country.

Thus, you have to live to learn a new life whole together and change your ways of living and your lifestyle to adjust to this nation. 

Pros Of Living In NetherlandsCons Of Living In Netherlands
It is a small country, and it is quite easy to move from one part to another.The business hours in the country are quite irregular and restricted
Good Quality Education is providedUnpredictable weather
Lots of options for accommodations to choose fromWhile purchasing or renting a house in the nation you have to pay too many extra costs
People here enjoy a great social lifeThe country faces too many traffic jams and the problem of train cancellation is quite prominent.
The crime rates are too low in the countryThe cyclists of the country are quite irresponsible and become a part of accidents
The unemployment rate of the country is quite low, and they also offer tax allowances to people working under certain skills.Healthcare services are quite expensive in this country.

Is the Netherlands a good place to live: According to US News, the Netherlands is listed as the 10th best country in the world to live for expatriate families.

As the country has a great economy, good quality of living, good healthcare & education system, and a lot more.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in the Netherlands?

To spend a comfortable life in the Netherlands you need:-

The Average monthly cost of livingNetherlands (€)US ($)
Single€ 5,004$ 4,611
Family of Four€ 2,713$ 2,607

14. Best Place to Live in the Netherlands


Moving to Netherlands from US but unsure about where to live in? Check the best places to settle in the Netherlands here.

  • Amsterdam – Best For Expats

It is the capital city of the Netherlands and is known for its beautiful artistic heritage, aesthetic architecture, and elaborate canal system. Amsterdam is also 19.05% less expensive than New York.

  • Rotterdam – Best For Finding Jobs

It is a major port city in the Dutch province of South Holland and is famous for its modern architecture, historical traces, and diverse nightlife.

  • The Hague – Safest City In Netherlands

A city on the North Sea coast of the Western Netherlands, The Hague is a leading center for international conferences. It is ranked among the safest cities to live in the Netherlands.

  • Utrecht – Best For International Students

This city is widely known for its medieval center and thus attracts history buffs from far and wide. It boasts an excellent education system and is home to the very famous Utrecht University.

  • Groningen – A Cool Place For History Buffs

Sits peacefully on the canal, Groningen is a beautiful city in the Northern Netherlands. It is known for its historic landmarks and diverse student population.

  • Eindhoven – Best City For Engineering Jobs

It is located in the province of North Brabant in Southern Netherlands and is widely famous as a technology and design hub of the country.

  • Maastricht – Famous For 13th Century Buildings

It is a university city located on the southern tip of the country. Maastricht is also a thriving cultural and regional hub of the country.

  • Haarlem – Best For Seeing Tulips And Picnics

Located in the northwest Netherlands, Haarlem is famous for its enclosed courtyard gardens, dating back to medieval times.

  • Leiden – Historic Center Of Netherlands

A city in the Dutch Province of South Holland, Leiden is well-known for its centuries-old architecture. It is also home to the country’s oldest Leiden University.

  • Breda – Best City For Young Adults

This city is an ideal choice for party junkies and food lovers. Breda is known for offering an attractive ambience, vibrant nightlife, and excellent restaurants.

15. Netherlands Culture & Climate

Before actually moving to the Netherlands from the US, you should be aware of the climate prevailing in the country and the cultures followed by the people of the place. 

Netherlands Culture

This is an amazing country that follows wonderful Dutch cultures. Some of the common cultures followed in the country before actually moving in there.

  • The official language of the country is Dutch and most of the people speak the same.
  • The people and society here are modern and independent.
  • The people here mostly are Roman Catholics and Protestants.
  • Sports, arts, and leisure activities are a major part of Dutch Culture.
  •  People here are straightforward.
  • They usually schedule a dinner 6 weeks before the scheduled date.
  • People either shake hands or give a kiss to each other three times on the cheek.
  • Traditional meals in the country consist of too many veggies and meat, and they do not prefer fancy or diverse meals.

Netherland Climate

The Netherlands experiences a temperate maritime climate. It is highly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and the Northern Sea. Thus, making the summers mild and winters cool.

Altogether the climate of this place remains cool, cloudy, and humid throughout the year.

The rains in this country are frequent and happen throughout the year with most of them in July and August.

The daytime temperatures range from 17-20 degrees Celcius in the summer and 2-6 degrees in the winter. 

What is the average temperature in the Netherlands?

The average temperatures of the Netherlands range between 20-25 degrees Celsius during the summers and between 0-4.4 degrees Celsius during the winters.

16. Netherland Global Ranking

If you’re moving from the US to the Netherlands, you might need to know the ranking. This country is not only on the front foot in the fields of development.


But also, is very modernized in its thoughts, as back in the year 2001, this was indeed the first country that legalized same-sex marriages and has always taken a liberal stand on sensitive issues.

Business Opportunities11th
Cultural influence17th
Social Purposes6th
Quality of Life8th

So, if you’re moving from the US to the Netherlands, that is probably the best decision. Many opportunities await there for you.

The fun fact is that there are several things to do there. So, you’ll never run out of fun things to do in Amsterdam.

Is it better to live in Netherlands or USA?

Without any doubt, living in the Netherlands is way better than in the USA and there are several reasons for it.

  • The Netherlands has universal healthcare that is accessible for all, irrespective of their income or financial status. Owing to this, Dutch people are healthier as compared to Americans.
  • The work-life balance in this European nation is much appreciated. Dutch people strikes a perfect balance between their professional and personal life while giving equal importance to both.
  • If you become sick in the Netherlands, you’ll get paid no matter how long you take to recover from the sickness.
  • Working part-time is a norm in the Netherlands. Dutch people generally work 25 hours a week.
  • People living in the Netherlands believe that learning should not be profit-based. The tuition fee in this country is way more affordable than in the US. Also, everyone here receives the same education no matter which college you went to.

Wrapping It Up!

The Netherlands is known to offer excellent quality of life. It is home to ample work opportunities while maintaining a work-life balance.

The best part about moving to the Netherlands is that it is a small country and easy to get around.

Moreover, this country offers an outstanding education system to international students, hence attracting expats from all around the world.

The Netherlands is well-known for its world-class healthcare facility. The Dutch healthcare system ranks #3 in the World Index of healthcare innovation with an overall score of 59.14.

Are you convinced and looking forward to moving to Amsterdam from US? Wait no more and hire a professional moving company to relocate to your new home