Moving to Moreno Valley, California

Moving to Moreno Valley

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    Dreaming of envisioning a life in a tranquil, unblemished, and business-conducive municipality has become possible with moving to Moreno Valley, California. This blog post gives you all the ins and outs of The Big M of California, Moreno Valley.

    The city in Riverside County, California, is popularly known as “Inland Empire, Moreno Valley. The city was incorporated in 1984. Moreno Valley was named after a famous Spanish explorer, Francisco Moreno. Since then, it has become one of the fastest-growing cities in California.

    Moreno Valley is known for its growing local businesses, incredible scenery, and captivating natural landscapes. The most eminent attraction of the city is the March Field Air Museum. Although California has a high cost of living, Moreno Valley is 15% cheaper than the California average.

    The plus points don’t end here; many advantages have made this city achieve glory since its existence. So, without wasting time, dig into the blog post, moving to Moreno Valley, CA, to learn more about the city before packing your bags.

    Quick facts before moving to Moreno Valley, California:

    Where is Moreno Valley, CA, located?

    Moreno Valley, CA, is in Riverside County, Southern California’s Inland Empire. The city is about 16 miles south of San Bernardino and 50 to 80 miles east of Los Angeles and Orange County. It’s part of the Riverside–San Bernardino–Ontario metropolitan area, nestled amid scenic hills and valleys.

    Population in Moreno Valley, CA

    Moreno Valley, CA’s population averages 216,456 as of 2023. The city is growing at an annual rate of 1.14%, increasing by 3.46% since the 2020 census.

    With a population density of 4,153.36/sq mi, it’s the second-largest in Riverside County and 20th in California.

    Diversity in Moreno Valley, CA

    With a diversity score of 97 out of 100, the racial composition of Moreno Valley, CA, is as follows:

    • White- 25.7% 
    • Black- 17.6%
    • Hispanic-13.5% 
    • Two or More Races- 11.5%  
    • Asian- 5.6% 

    Cost of living in Moreno Valley, CA

    The cost of living in Moreno Valley, California, is 31.2% higher than the national average, with a Cost of Living index of 131.2.

    • The median home price in Moreno Valley is 42.5% more expensive than the national average.
    • The median household income in Moreno Valley is $82,637, and the per capita income is $26,861.
    • The average cost of living in Moreno Valley, CA, is $2562 per month. 
    • To live a comfortable life in Moreno Valley, CA, a single person would need to earn $64,000 after taxes, while a family would need a minimum annual income of $92,160.

    Here is a table summarizing the cost of living index and related expenses in Moreno Valley, California:

    CategoryCost Index
    Overall Cost of Living131.2
    Health Care102
    Median Household IncomeThe median household income is $70,385.
    Average Household IncomeThe average household income is $112,354.
    Median RentThe median rent for all bedroom counts and property types is $2,500.
    Median Home ValueThe median home value is $287,300.

    Housing market in Moreno Valley, CA

    Moreno Valley’s housing market is competitive, with homes getting about four offers and selling in 34 days. Owning or renting a home much earlier before moving to Moreno Valley, CA, is recommended. 

    • The average house price in Moreno Valley, as of 2023, was $530K, and the median sale price was $545K, increasing by 5.8% in the third quarter.
    • The median sale price per square foot varied from $255 to $295.
    • The average rent for an apartment in Moreno Valley was $2,145.
    • The median rent for all bedroom counts and property types was $2,500, 23% higher than the national average.
    • The homeownership rate of 63.0% suggests around 37% of the population is rented.
    • Average Rent for a Studio Apartment in Moreno Valley, CA, is $1,595.
    • The Average Rent for a 1-bedroom Apartment in Moreno Valley, CA is $1,846.
    • The Average Rent for a 3-bedroom Home in Moreno Valley, CA is $2,841.
    • The average Rent for a 4-bedroom Home in Moreno Valley, CA is $3,674.

    Job market in Moreno Valley, CA

    In 2023, Moreno Valley, CA, presents various job opportunities, spanning fields like warehouse work and customer service. 

    • Over the past decade, the city has experienced substantial job growth, creating 29,741 new positions.
    • By 2040, Moreno Valley aims to add almost 52,000 new jobs, with growth expected in sectors like transportation/warehousing, healthcare, education, and hospitality.
    • Predicted job growth over the next decade is 37.6%, surpassing the US average of 33.5%.
    • As of 2023, Moreno Valley’s unemployment rate is 5.30%, lower than the long-term average of 8.59%.
    • The average annual salary in Moreno Valley is about $68,388, or $33 per hour. Salaries vary based on job title and industry.
    • The median salary is approximately $45,512 annually, equivalent to a monthly income of $3,792.

    Top employers in Moreno Valley, CA

    • March Air Reserve Base
    • Moreno Valley Unified School District
    • Riverside County Regional Medical Center
    • Ross Dress For Less/dd’s Discounts
    • Moreno Valley Mall
    • Amazon
    • Kaiser Permanente Community Hospital / Office
    • Procter & Gamble
    • Harbor Freight Tools
    • iHerb, Inc.

    Most typical job titles in Moreno Valley, CA

    • Cashier
    • Sales Associate,
    • Warehouse Associate
    • Fulfillment Associate,
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Warehouse Worker,
    • Picker

    Highest paying jobs in Moreno Valley, CA

    • Physician
    • LMFT, LCSW, or Licensed Psychologist
    • HVAC Service Technician
    • Maintenance Mechanic
    • Owner Operator Truck Driver
    • Box Truck Owner Operator
    • State Government

    Is it safe to live in Moreno Valley, CA?

    Moreno Valley, CA’s critical crime stats are as follows:

    • The overall crime rate in Moreno Valley surpasses the national average, with 31 crimes per 1,000 residents.
    • The likelihood of becoming a victim of violent or property crime in Moreno Valley is 1 in 32.
    • Compared to other California communities, over 84% have a lower crime rate than Moreno Valley.
    • Moreno Valley’s violent crime rate is 4 per 1,000 residents.
    • The chances of falling victim to violent crime in Moreno Valley are 1 in 254.
    • Common violent crimes reported include aggravated assault, robbery, and rape.
    • Property crime in Moreno Valley is more prevalent, with a rate of 27 per 1,000 population.
    • The likelihood of becoming a victim of property crime in Moreno Valley is 1 in 37.
    • Moreno Valley experiences one of the nation’s highest rates of motor vehicle theft.

    Safest neighborhoods in Moreno Valley, CA

    • Sugar Hill North
    • Cloverdale West
    • Ridgecrest
    • Cloverdale East
    • La Jolla South
    • Towngate
    • Hidden Springs

    How fast can you commute in Moreno Valley, CA?

    • The average one-way commute time in Moreno Valley is approximately 34.4 minutes, longer than the US average of 26.4 minutes.
    • Most people in Moreno Valley drive alone to work, with about 77.2% of residents going alone, around 15.5% carpooling with others, and up to 3.2% working from home.
    • Almost 80% of employed residents travel 25 miles or more to work, potentially contributing to longer average commute times.

    List available public transportation in Moreno Valley, CA

    • Riverside Transit Agency (RTA): RTA operates 36 fixed routes, eight CommuterLink routes, and Dial-A-Ride services, including routes 11, 16, 18, 19, 20, 31, and 41 in Moreno Valley.
    • Metrolink: The Moreno Valley/March Field Metrolink Station provides train services, specifically the Metrolink 91-Perris Valley Line, with the first and last train stopping at 4:53 AM and 7:21 PM, respectively.
    • MoVan: MoVan is a non-ADA transportation service for seniors (60 and older) and disabled adults in Moreno Valley. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance, and the service operates Monday to Friday between 8 am and 3:30 pm.
    • Uber: Uber offers ride-sharing services in Moreno Valley, allowing on-demand rides anytime.
    • GoMicro: GoMicro is RTA’s on-demand service, providing shared rides in the Hemet-San Jacinto microtransit zone, potentially accessible to some Moreno Valley residents.

    How is the weather in Moreno Valley, CA?

    Moreno Valley has a warm Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.

    • Warm season: Lasts about 3.1 months, from June 19 to September 22, with an average daily high temperature above 88°F.
    • Winter season: Lasts about 3.9 months, from November 22 to March 19, with an average daily high temperature below 70°F.
    • Average annual rainfall in Moreno Valley: 12 inches.
    • Extreme precipitation days will remain the same, with around 6.4″ rain over about nine storms annually by 2050.
    • Moreno Valley does not typically receive any snowfall.
    • On average, Moreno Valley has about 272 sunny days per year.
    • The hottest month is August, with an average high of 94°F and a low of 64°F.
    • Coldest month: December, with an average low of 41°F and high of 65°F.
    • The best time to visit Moreno Valley, CA, is March to May.

    Education system in Moreno Valley, CA

    • Moreno Valley High School is nationally ranked at #7,326 and holds the #957 spot within California.
    • The overall educational ranking of Moreno Valley as a city or the Moreno Valley Unified School District isn’t explicitly mentioned.
    • Education costs vary; for example, Moreno Valley College estimates range from $18,208 to $37,834 for nine months.
    • Non-California residents need to add $11,190 to the applicable budget for Moreno Valley College.
    • The Moreno Valley Unified School District comprises 40 schools, serving 31,597 students, with a 22:1 student-teacher ratio.
    • Moreno Valley High School maintains a 21:1 student-teacher ratio, aligning with the California state level.

    Best middle schools in Moreno Valley, CA

    • Vista Heights Middle School
    • Palm Middle School
    • Mountain View Middle School
    • Badger Springs Middle School

    Best elementary schools in Moreno Valley, CA

    • North Ridge Elementary School
    • Hidden Springs Elementary School
    • Towngate Elementary School

    Best High Schools in Moreno Valley, CA

    • Valley View High School
    • Canyon Springs High School
    • Vista Del Lago High School
    • Moreno Valley High School

    Best universities and colleges in Moreno Valley, CA

    What are the best things to do in Moreno Valley, CA?

    The famous attractions and things to see in Moreno Valley, CA, are:

    • Explore nature at Box Springs Mountain Reserve, featuring wildlife areas and hiking trails for outdoor enthusiasts.
    • Enjoy outdoor activities at Lake Perris State Recreation Area, where hiking, boating, and wildlife watching are popular.
    • Have family fun at Round 1 Entertainment, offering bowling, ping pong, darts, billiards, karaoke, and arcade games.
    • Learn about natural history at the Western Science Center, a museum providing educational experiences related to science.
    • Shop and dine at Moreno Valley Mall, a hub for shopping and entertainment.
    • Experience the outdoors at UC Riverside Botanic Gardens, showcasing a variety of plant species.
    • Play sports and enjoy Orange Terrace Community Park, which features baseball and softball fields, basketball courts, and a playground.
    • Relax and recreate at Hidden Springs Park and Moreno Valley Community Park, providing spaces for leisure.
    • Explore aviation history at March Field Air Museum, which is dedicated to preserving the aviation legacy.
    • Hit the links at Rancho Del Sol Golf Club, a golf course catering to those who enjoy the sport.

    Best neighborhoods in Moreno Valley, CA

    The best places to live in Moreno Valley, CA, are:

    • Rancho Belago
    • Sunnymead Ranch
    • Hidden Springs
    • Lasalle St/Iris Ave
    • Cottonwood Ave/Moreno Beach Dr
    • Carrie Ln/Kalmia Ave

    Pros and cons of living in Moreno Valley, CA

    The pros and cons of living in Moreno Valley, CA, are as follows:

    Pros of living in Moreno ValleyCons of living in Moreno Valley
    Cultural diversityHigh crime rate
    Excellent food sceneHigh tax burden
    Wonderful climateLow education ratings
    Low travel expensesLong commuting periods
    Many job opportunities for college graduatesLimited job market
    Several activities and attractions for residentsBad traffic
    Affordable housing compared to other cities in Southern CaliforniaHard to find a good home
    Access to amenities and proximity to major cities like Los AngelesPublic safety challenges
    Active outdoor lifestyle with many parks and recreational facilities
    Economic and career opportunities


    Moreno Valley is the best destination for peace and extraordinary life-seeking people. If you plan to move to California, choose Moreno Valley as your homeland. It indeed has plenty of attractions and recreational opportunities for all ages. If the city suits you, pack your stuff and wish you luck.

    Photo Credit: Philipp Beckers