Moving to McAllen TX


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    If you’re thinking of moving to a city that offers a unique mix of Hispanic and American cultures and enjoying exciting festivals with your family then McAllen, TX might be the perfect place for you.

    In southern Texas, McAllen is a border town with a binational representation of culture, history, food, and shopping.

    The city has a rich history of producing citrus, other agriculture, tortillas, and woodworking products.

    McAllen is also known for its outdoor spaces, such as Quinta Mazatlan and La Plaza Mall, which offer entertainment and shopping opportunities.

    The locals of McAllen enjoy the nightlife and various annual festivals that attract visitors from all over the world.

    McAllen is generally considered a safe area to visit, with precautions such as staying in well-populated places and not walking alone at night recommended.

    In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why Moving to Texas may be the right choice for you.

    Where is McAllen TX Located?

    McAllen, TX is a city located in the irrigated lower Rio Grande valley, approximately 7 miles (11 km) from the International Bridge to Reynosa, Mexico, and some 50 miles (80 km) west-northwest of Brownsville.

    The city is located at the southern tip of the state, on the Mexico-United States border, about 70 miles (110 km) west of the Gulf of Mexico.

    The city is bordered by Granjeno to the southwest, Mission, Palmhurst, and Alton to the west, Edinburg to the north, Pharr to the east, and Hidalgo to the south.

    The McAllen city limits extend to the southwest as far as the Rio Grande, directly north of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, in Mexico.

    What is McAllen TX known for?

    McAllen is the largest in Hidalgo County and the 22nd-most populous city in Texas.


    McAllen is known for its Latin culture, thriving arts scene, and some of the best festivals in Texas.

    The city has a rich history of producing citrus, other agriculture, tortillas, and woodworking products.

    McAllen is a hub of oil and gas production and a processing center for citrus fruits, vegetables, and cotton.

    McAllen is a leading winter resort and one of the most important ports of entry for trade with Mexico.

    McAllen is home to the International Museum of Art and Science and the Hidalgo County Historical Museum, which are popular local attractions.

    McAllen is also famous for its outdoor spaces, such as Quinta Mazatlan and La Plaza Mall, which offer entertainment and shopping opportunities.

    Population and diversity in McAllen TX

    According to the 2020 census, McAllen, TX had a population of 143,000 people. Recent estimates show that the population has grown by 9.5% since the last census in 2010.

    The city is the largest in Hidalgo County and the 22nd most populous city in Texas.

    The five largest ethnic groups in McAllen, TX are White (Hispanic) (55.6%), Other (Hispanic) (18.3%), Two+ (Hispanic) (11.1%), White (Non-Hispanic) (9.45%), and Asian (Non-Hispanic) (2.7%).

    McAllen has a diversity score of 32 out of 100, indicating it is less diverse compared to other US cities.

    The top religion in McAllen is Catholic.

    Is McAllen TX safe?

    the crime rate in McAllen, TX is lower than the national average but higher than in some other cities in Texas.

    The most common crimes in McAllen, TX are property crimes, such as theft and burglary. Violent crimes, such as assault, robbery, and rape, also occur in the city, but at a lower rate than property crimes.

    The chance of becoming a violent or property crime victim in McAllen is 1 in 50.

    The city has a relatively high number of registered sex offenders living in the area. However, the city has seen a decrease in violent crime in recent years.

    McAllen is generally considered a safe area to visit at night. Precautions such as staying in well-populated places, not straying off the beaten path, and not walking alone at night are recommended.

    Cost of Living in McAllen TX

    McAllen’s cost of living index is 78.8, which is below the national average. The cost of living in McAllen is relatively affordable compared to other cities in Texas and the United States.


    The average cost of living in McAllen is $1,387, which is in the top 39% of the most expensive cities in the world.

    The cost of living in San Antonio, TX is 16.5% higher than in McAllen, TX.

    The average salary in McAllen, TX is $15.41 per hour, which works out to be approximately $32,060 per year and The median household income in McAllen, TX is $49,259 per year.

    Here is a table comparing the cost of living in McAllen, TX with other cities :

    CityCost of Living IndexMedian Home Value
    McAllen, TX78.8$204,100
    Dallas, TX100$297,600

    Housing market in McAllen TX

    The McAllen housing market is somewhat competitive, scoring 48 out of 100.

    The average house price in McAllen was $266,000 last month, showing a 5.4% increase since the previous period.

    In July 2023, McAllen’s median listing home price was $320,000 compared to $280,000 in 2022. indicating a 1.6% year-over-year increase.

    Single-family homes in McAllen sold on average for $340,000 and spent 123 days on the market.

    As of May 23, 2023, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in McAllen, TX is $725, while the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is $1,050.

    In August 2023, the average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in McAllen, TX is $1,695 monthly.

    Tax rates in McAllen TX

    The sales tax rate in McAllen is higher than the national average.

    The sales tax rate in McAllen is 8.25%, consisting of 6.25% Texas state sales tax and 2% McAllen tax.


    There is no applicable county tax or special tax in McAllen.

    The McAllen City Council has proposed a property tax rate of 0.4799 cents per $100 valuation for 2022.

    According to the city, the proposed recommendation lowers the property tax rate from $0.4956 per $100 valuation to $0.4799 per $100 valuation.

    To pay property taxes in McAllen, residents can visit the City of McAllen Tax Office or mail a payment to the office.

    Public Transportation in McAllen TX  

    Here is a list of the available public transportation services in McAllen, TX :

    Metro McAllen:

    • Metro McAllen is the primary provider of mass transportation in Hidalgo County, Texas, which includes McAllen.
    • It operates eight local bus routes and a paratransit bus service for eligible patrons.
    • The bus system hubs out of the downtown terminal facility where passengers can connect to an array of international, national, and local bus lines.
    • The fixed-route and paratransit service hours of operation are from Monday through Saturday from 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. and Sunday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m..
    • To find the best route to your destination, you can call the Metro McAllen line at 956.681.3510 and a customer service representative will help you.

    Greyhound Bus:

    • Greyhound Bus service is available in McAllen, providing intercity bus transportation.

    North Texas Tollway Authority:

    • The North Texas Tollway Authority operates toll roads in the region, offering transportation options for drivers.

    Denton Enterprise Airport:

    • Denton County has its own airport, Denton Enterprise Airport, which provides air transportation services.

    Weather and climate in McAllen TX

    McAllen, TX has two main seasons: a hot and humid summer and a brief, warm winter.


    McAllen has a subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. McAllen has a hot semiarid climate (BSh) according to the Köppen climate classification.

    The city receives an average of 12.72 inches (32.3 cm) of precipitation per year, with rain falling on approximately 103.3 days.

    The coldest month in McAllen, TX is January. The average daily high temperature in January is 22°C (71°F).

    The warmest month in McAllen, TX is August. The average daily high temperature in August is 37°C (99°F).

    McAllen averages 0 inches of snow per year. McAllen has a predominantly mild climate, and snowfall is extremely rare.

    Here is a table summarizing the weather in McAllen, TX for all months :

    MonthAverage High Temperature (°F)Average Precipitation (in)

    Job opportunities in McAllen TX

    the median household income of a McAllen resident is $43,476 per year. The average salary in McAllen, TX, as of August 2023, is $40,975 per year or $19.70 per hour.

    Top employers in McAllen, TX:

    • McAllen Independent School District
    • City of McAllen
    • South Texas College
    • McAllen Medical Center
    • Walmart
    • H-E-B
    • Doctors Hospital at Renaissance
    • Bert Ogden Auto Group
    • Target
    • La Plaza Mall

    Most common job titles in McAllen, TX:

    • Sales Associate
    • Cashier
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Retail Sales Associate
    • Registered Nurse
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Security Officer
    • Receptionist
    • Medical Assistant
    • Warehouse Worker

    Highest paying jobs in McAllen, TX:

    • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    • Family and General Practitioner
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Pharmacist
    • Physician Assistant
    • Anesthesiologist
    • Psychiatrist
    • Optometrist
    • Petroleum Engineer
    • Computer and Information Systems Manager

    The future job growth over the next ten years in McAllen, TX is predicted to be 36.1%, which is higher than the national average predicted job growth rate of 33.5%.

    However, McAllen has a less healthy job market than similarly sized metro areas, with an average annual salary of $39,380.

    Education in McAllen TX

    McAllen, TX has a total of 30 schools in the McAllen Independent School District (ISD) . The schools in McAllen, TX serve students from PK to 12th grade.


    McAllen Independent School District is a highly rated, public school district located in McAllen, TX, with 20,410 students in grades PK.

    McAllen High School is ranked 4,258 in the National Rankings.

    Achieve Early College High School is ranked 22nd of 1876 in McAllen, TX. Gonzalez Elementary is ranked 174th of 4581 in McAllen, TX.

    Schools in McAllen have an average ranking of 5/10, which is in the bottom 50% of Texas public schools.

    McAllen ISD earned an “A” rating in the 2021-2022 school year, which is the third time the district has earned the highest grade in state accountability ratings.

    Here are some of the top schools in McAllen, TX :

    Public Schools:

    • Achieve Early College High School
    • Gonzalez Elementary School
    • Milam Elementary School
    • Morris Middle School
    • Rayburn Elementary School
    • Lloyd and Dolly Bentsen Elementary School
    • Roosevelt Alternative School
    • Lamar Academy
    • McAllen High School
    • Jimmy Carter Early College High School

    Private Schools:

    • Covenant Christian Academy
    • St. Paul Lutheran School
    • Our Lady Of Sorrows School

    Top neighborhoods in McAllen TX

    Here are some of the top neighborhoods in McAllen, TX :

    1. Wood Hollow – Trenton Park is located in the northern part of McAllen.
    2. Gardenia Terrace – Arther Terrace in the central part of McAllen.
    3. Bentsen Heights is located in the southern part of McAllen.
    4. Las Villas Del Rio is located in the eastern part of McAllen.
    5. Almon Estates is located in the northern part of McAllen.

    Safe Places to Live in McAllen TX

    here are some affordable and safe neighborhoods to live in McAllen, TX:

    • Hackberry Creek: Hackberry Creek is an affordable and safe neighborhood in McAllen, with homes priced below $200,000.
    • Bicentennial, La Vista, and Sharyland: These neighborhoods are popular in McAllen and offer easy access to shopping, dining, parks, and other amenities.
    • North 23rd Street / Nolana Avenue
    • North 10th Street / Dove Avenue
    • North 10th Street / Trenton Road
    • North 10th Street / West Dove Avenue
    • North 10th Street / West Trenton Road

    Things to Do in McAllen TX

    Here are some things to do in McAllen, TX :

    1. Explore Quinta Mazatlan, a historic mansion and nature center that provides guided tours, bird-watching, and educational programs.
    2. Discover art and science exhibits at the International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS).
    3. Go hiking, bird-watching, and explore nature at the McAllen Nature Center.
    4. Take a leisurely walk, enjoy the views, and have a picnic at Town Lake in Fireman’s Park.
    5. Watch live performances, concerts, and shows at the McAllen Performing Arts Center.
    6. Experience a unique and luxurious stay at the Spanish tropical resort-like hotel, Casa De Palmas.
    7. Enjoy cultural experiences, live music, and delicious food at McAllen’s festivals and events throughout the year.
    8. Attend various events, conferences, and exhibitions at the McAllen Convention Center.

    Pros and Cons of Living in McAllen TX

    Here is a table summarizing the pros and cons of living in McAllen, TX :

    Pros of Living in McAllen, TXCons of Living in McAllen, TX
    Low cost of livingExcess summer heat
    Vibrant economyHigh tornado risk
    Safe place to liveHigh property prices
    Something for everyoneLimited job opportunities
    The focal point of economic activity shifted from agriculture to international trade, health care, retail, and tourism.

    Moving to Mcallen, TX FAQs

    What’s a better place to live, Austin or McAllen, TX?

    If we compare Austin with McAllen, TX for living in, McAllen is better, because it has a lower cost of living. It also has better employment and business startup opportunities to build and boost your career than Austin.

    Is McAllen TX a good place to retire?

    McAllen TX is a great place to retire as it has a higher liability score, lower crime and cost of living, lower taxes, affordable homes, and higher saving interests for retirees making them save more and spend less. According to Senior Care, about 15% of the McAllen TX population are seniors. 


    With a lower cost of living, crime rate, and vibrant economy, McAllen TX is one of the best places to live in Texas, USA. Whether for fun, work, study, or retirement, you’ll find what you want in this bustling city. 

    But before making a relocation you need to plan, make a budget, weigh the pros and cons to know the place better and conclude with a decision, and then prepare your move beforehand for a seamless move. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience the best Texas City of McAllen yourself! We bet you won’t regret your decision!