Moving to Maui HI


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    “Maui nōka ‘oi”. Have you heard about this Hawaiian phrase? It means Maui is the best. 

    The gorgeous Hawaiian islands, picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches, heavenly mountains, valleys, active volcanoes, Haleakala National Park, plentiful tourist attractions, and whatnot. Aren’t these features enough to mull over “The Valley Isle”

    If you love exploring scenic places, tourism, and activity hubs, making a move to Maui will probably be the best decision taken by you. 

    If you agree to this, what important things should you consider before taking this major step? Let’s find out. 

    Is it worth living in Maui?

    Living in Maui is totally worth it. If you keep aside its cons like higher living costs and unemployment rate, it offers a luxurious lifestyle, proximity to the ocean, beach life and water recreation, natural beauty, and a strong community sense. 

    Is moving to Maui a good idea?

    If you love natural sceneries, pristine beaches, tourism, fancy cuisines, and jaw-dropping landscapes, then moving to Maui will be a great idea for you. 

    1. Cost of Living in Maui

    According to Sperlings, the cost of living in Maui is 60% higher than the US average and 5% lower than in Hawaii.


    It’s quite obvious that the tourism factor and the large number of visitors visiting Maui every year are making the island’s cost of living somewhat overpriced.

     The average cost of living in Maui per person averages $85,000 per annum and for a family of four averages $170,000 per annum.

    This includes basic living expenses like groceries, home prices, transportation, utilities, rent, and other miscellaneous expenses. 

    The below table indicates the difference between the cost of living indicators of Maui along with Hawaii and the US average (100).

    A value above 100 means the particular indicator is more expensive than the US average, and vice versa. 

    Cost of Living IndexMAUIUSA
    Overall expenses160.2100
    Food & Groceries152100
    Housing  263100


    How much does it cost a month to live in Maui?

    The average cost of living for a single individual in Maui averages $5000 per month and for a family of four averages $12000 per month.

    Is it expensive to live in Maui?

    It is expensive to live in Maui as its cost of living is 160 which is 60% more than the national average of 100. 

    How much money do you need to live comfortably in Maui?

    An annual household income ranging from $80,000 to $110,000 per person per annum and $120,000 to $220,000 for a family per annum is essential to earn to live a comfortable life in Maui. 

    What is the average salary in Maui?

    The average hourly pay of $17.22 per hour is the average salary/wage in Maui. 

    What is the average rent in Maui?

    The average monthly rent for a single room of 900 sq ft in Maui is $2974. 

    2. Things to Know Before Moving to Maui

    If you are moving to Maui alone, then there are several things to consider for a smooth trip and stay.

    Following are the 10 things under your belt, to perfectly position you to make a safe move.

    1. You will need a secure job and housing to get a permanent establishment in Maui.
    2. The cost of living is very high in Maui.
    3. The housing prices and average rents are quite expensive.
    4. Maui lacks nightlife, a mail delivery system, technology, and appropriate wages 
    5. Maui boasts numerous outdoor opportunities, beach life, living options, outstanding weather, and rich history and culture.
    6. Moving to Maui with dogs or other pets is allowed on the island.
    7. Job opportunities are maximum in the tourism sector.
    8. Save more, spend less should be your only motto to exist on the island.
    9. You’ll get a lot of moving options to Maui.
    10. Know and respect the rules, regulations, and Hawaiian culture to lead a pleasant life in Maui. 

    What do I need to know before moving to Maui?

    The 3 important things to know before moving to Maui are:

    • Maui’s cost of living is very high.
    • Maui’s taxes are one of the highest in the US.
    • Maui’s real estate and rental prices always remain on the higher side and are quite limited in the state.

    Is Maui a good place to move?

    Maui is a good place to move to in Hawaii as it is one of the best tourist attractions in the nation. You will not regret moving to Maui because it has great outdoor attractions, lower crime rates, exceptional weather throughout the year, and many uninhabited islands and beaches to explore.

    How much money do you need to move to Maui?

    The average cost of moving to Maui is about $10000 to $15000.

    3. Maui Transportation

    Shuttle, Maui bus public transit system, cars, taxis, and ferries are the common transportation systems, opted to get around Maui.


    While buses are the cheapest means of transport in Maui, renting a car can be costly as it will depend on the distance covered.

    The Maui public bus system covers 13 bus routes starting from Kahului to different parts of the city at just $2 – $4 per person. 

    Taxis are also a common means of transport in Maui to get around the island at a standard rate of $3 for a mile. Uber and Lyft are the two taxi services operated in Maui. 

    Visitors staying at resorts and hotels opt for shuttles or rental cars to visit popular tourist attractions, beaches, and shopping malls in Maui. 

    To take an inter-island or inter-state trip, Mauians opt for ferries that are operated from Lahaina harbour at a rate of $20-$60 per trip (both one and two-way).

    The first ferry departs at 6:45 am and the last ferry returns by 5:30 pm.  

    How do you get around in Maui without a car?

    You can take taxis, uber, Lyft, rental bikes, or shuttles to get around Maui if you don’t want to take or rent a car.

    Is there a shuttle on Maui?

    Yes, you can find shuttles at the Maui airport shuttle service counter at the Kahului airport’s baggage claim area. 

    What is the best way to travel to Maui?

    The non-stop flights from Kapalua Airport in West Maui and Hana Airport in East Maui are the best ways to travel to Maui.

    Do I need a car to live in Maui?

    As a Mauian, owning a car can undoubtedly be a great option to commute within the city. But, if you can’t it’s okay because Maui offers a wide range of transportation options on a various price range making commuting easy for everyone. 

    4. Where to Live in Maui?

    The most stunning island in the universe has some of the best places to live in with the utmost opportunities, features, and amenities to utilize from.

    Factors that are mostly considered while choosing a place to live depend on the cost of living, distance from the workplace, climate, job opportunities, proximity to outdoors and entertainment, education, and safety.

    But no matter which area you choose to stay in, Maui will offer something to everyone with the utmost luxury, comfort, and safety. 

    Following is a list of five places to live in Maui for easy relocation.

    • Wailuku
    • Paia
    • Hana
    • Lahaina
    • Makawao 

    What is the most affordable place to live in Maui?

    Wailuku is the most affordable place to live in Maui in 2023. This is because it has the lowest cost of living compared to other neighborhoods in Maui. 

    What is the safest city in Maui?

    Wailea is the safest city in Maui in 2023, having an overall crime rate 63% lower than the national average. 

    Which part of Maui is best to live in?

    The central region of Maui is the best part to live on the Island with its proximity to the amenities, and services across Maui. It has the safest, cheapest, and most comfortable areas to live in Maui. 

    What is the nicest city in Maui?

    Lahaina is the nicest city in Maui that offers bustling shops, restaurants, beach resorts, golf courses, and various top attractions on the island. 

    What is the richest part of Maui?

    Wailea is the richest part of Maui in 2023. This island’s area is home to luxurious real-estate properties, great weather, beautiful landscape, thriving city life, and a higher cost of living.

    5. The Weather in Maui

    Maui has a warm tropical climate year-round with an average high of 23-30°c during the daytime of summers and winters and drops down below 13°c during the winters.


    Maui gets its worst weather experience during the winters when both hailstorm and rain bursts on the island at a time, which happens very rarely, so it’s not much to be concerned about. 

    Maui’s hurricane season is from June to November and winter season is from November to March, with most of the rain falling during these months. 

    What is the coldest month in Maui?

    January is the coldest month in Maui with an average temperature of 21°C but not exceeding 35°C.

    What is the best month to go to Maui?

    The best time to travel to Hawaii’s paradise, Maui is in the month of April-May or September-November.

    What type of weather is in Maui?

    Maui has a warm moderator climate with a mostly clearer sky year around. 

    What is the rainy season in Maui?

    Maui gets its rain mostly during its winter months from November to March.

    6. Education in Maui

    Maui has both private and public schools for pre-k to 12tg grade students that are authorized by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and are governed by the Hawaii Department of Education. 

    The colleges and universities in Maui offer undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate and doctoral programs in tourism, liberal arts, engineering, Management, education, technical and other subjects.

    Indiana University, State of Maui, University of Chicago, Pomaikai elementary school, Lokelani Intermediate School, and Henry Perry Baldwin High School are some of the top greater schools and universities in Maui. 

    Are Maui schools good?

    The public and private schools in Maui have been rated 4 out of 5 and have been ranked 10,765 in the national school rankings. 

    How are the schools in Maui?

    Schools in Maui are categorized into elementary, middle, and high schools governed by a school board situated in Oahu. 

    7. Taxes in Maui


    Maui is a tax-friendly state that doesn’t impose any sales tax on Mauians. But instead, you have to pay an income tax of 1.40% to 11% based on their income level. 

    Types of taxes in MauiValue
    Income tax 1.40%-11%
    Property tax0.28% of the average effective rate.
    Sales taxNil
    Excise tax4%-4.50%
    Gas tax16 cents per gallon 


    What is the tax rate on Maui?

    The tax rate on Maui in 2023 is 4%.

    How much is sales tax in Maui?

    The sales tax rate in Maui in 2023 ranges from 4%-4.50%.

    What is the property tax rate in Maui?

    The property tax rate in Maui is calculated per $1000 of the computed value. 

    How does the solar tax credit work in Maui?

    The solar tax is applied to the resident’s income tax credit at a rate of 35% on the installation and cost of solar system equipment if the individual installs a solar panel at their home and goes eco-friendly. 

    What is the hotel tax in Maui?

    There is a hotel tax of 10.25% hotel room tax plus 4.17% of sales tax, which equals 14.42% of hotel tax added to the hotel bills in Maui. 

    8. Is Maui a Good Place to Live?

    Maui is one of the best Hawaiian islands for families to live in. The Valley Isle offers an unrivalled natural landscape, picturesque beaches, great weather, and a unique culture and tradition to follow that’s not found anywhere across the globe.

    From world-class educational facilities to historical attractions to cultural programs, Maui offers endless opportunities for families and children to learn explore, and create memories.

    With miles of stunning coastlines and endless water recreations to explore, Maui provides many worthy activities for all age groups for creating long-lasting memories. 

    9. Moving to Maui Pros and Cons

    Evaluating the pros and cons can be the easiest way to find out if moving to Maui is the right decision for you or not.


    So, the check out below table of the major pros and cons of moving to Maui. 

    Pros of living in MauiCons of living in Maui
    The unmatched beauty of nature.Higher cost of living.
    Great weather all around.Searching for a job and starting a new startup can be challenging.
    Maui is the safest place to live and visit the island in Hawaii.Maui does not have a mail delivery system.
    A blend of unique culture, ethnic influences, adhering to tradition, and welcoming people.Salaries are less in terms of expenditure. Have to save more to meet future expenses.
    Maui’s traffic and transportation system are unmatched. Lavas can be seen in many parts of the island.
    The island is rich in uninhabited areas to explore.It is far away from other states. 
    Love day trips, outdoors, and off-road tours, you are most welcome.The trash disposal system is poor in Maui.
    Low sales and excise tax. Deal with rain in the winter season. 
    Ample recreational and water activities for all age groups. Maui lacks technology. 

    What are the worst things about living in Maui?

    The higher real-estate prices and cost of living are the worst things about living in Maui. 

    What are the downsides of living in Maui?

    The pricey living costs and housing costs are the major downsides of living in Maui. 

    10. Moving to the Maui Checklist

    There are a lot of things to consider while moving to a new city, from packing your stuff to jobs, finding a home, and whatnot! 

    Well, after covering the auxiliary sections, here comes a few important things to consider from the list while moving to Maui. The checklist includes

    • Address update with Maui.
    • Getting your Mavi driver’s license.
    • Register your vehicle and vehicle insurance policy for Maui.
    • Registering to vote in Maui.
    • Getting your health insurance policy.
    • Getting other insurance policies and financial information as per your need like loans, bank accounts, savings, etc.
    • Registering your kids to the new School district.
    • Paying Maui taxes and bills.
    • Acquiring a pet’s license from a local veterinary doctor.
    • Fixing up your utilities.

    11. Cost of Moving to Maui

    Now, you might think how much would it cost to move to Hawaii and then to Maui? 


    Our answer – It depends on you, either you can back two to three suitcases and move on the flight by paying only the baggage fees or can take some important belongings by booking a container. 

    You can visit a moving container company in person and ask for a quotation and pricing based on 

    • Distance between the Pickup and delivery destinations.
    • Weight of your belongings.
    • Type of Shipping items.

    The cost of moving belongings in various sizes of containers to Maui are listed below:

    Container SizeSpecifications of containerAmount of belongings Cost of moving 
    20′ 8’×8.5’×20′2BHK house contents$9000 or more
    40′8’×8.5’×40′3BHK house contents$14,000 or more. 


     How to move to Maui with no money?

    Moving to Maui with no money is not recommended as its cost of living is much higher than the national average. But if you are doing so with no money or job, then probably you must find a job to meet your daily expenses.

     What is the cost of moving a car to Maui?

    The average cost of moving a car to Maui ranges from $1500-$3000 or more. 

    12. Things to Do in Maui

    There are plenty of activities to do and explore in Maui which you absolutely can’t miss, besides relaxing on coastlines and swimming in the waters. 

    You can try:

    • A day trip to Hana
    • Hiking in Pipiwai Trails, and walking on dragon’s teeth on Kapalua coastal trail.
    • Visit Haleakala National Park, and see the sunrise above the clouds. 
    • Swimming in Wailea Beach
    • Exploring history in Lahaina or Kaanapali trails 
    • Spoting sea turtles in Ho’okipa Beach
    • Explore shops, restaurants, art galleries at Lahaina. 

    Moving to Maui FAQs

    Is Maui safe to live in?

    Maui is a safe place to live in and for visitors too as it has a moderate to low crime rate. But, small cities like Kahului, can be avoided because it has the highest crime rate, more than Maui’s, and the national average crime rate. 

    What is the average rent in Maui?

    The average rent of a one-bedroom house in Maui cost $3000 per month. 

    Is moving to Maui expensive?

    Relocating to Maui in 2023 comes up with expensive housing, rent prices, and overall cost of living, which is quite costly for one to afford. 

    What are the first steps to relocating to Maui?

    The first five steps to relocating to Maui in 2023 are:

    • Go through your financial skills.
    • Search for a new location in Maui.
    • Find out the living costs and housing costs in that particular area.
    • Prepare a budget and plan accordingly.
    • Search for an affordable rental house.
    • Fix the moving date. 


    Undoubtedly, Maui is a great place to call home. A luxurious lifestyle, proximity to the outdoors, and the best island life are what you will get in Maui.

    The Valley Isle doesn’t have any negative points to tick out for living or visiting in there. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Go and explore the precious jewel in the universe. 

    If this article has encouraged you to move a step forward to Maui, we recommend you to read is Hawaii a good place to live. You’ll find your answers for the same.