Moving to Kansas


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    Are you moving to Kansas? If yes, you need to know a few things. You can experience the best small-town feel with its environment. It offers everyone a better education, making it a home for many international students. Further, there are better healthcare programs for residents and international visitors.

    The weather conditions throughout the year become predictable. Therefore, there are endless outdoor activities throughout the year in Kansas, including tent camping in Kansas City.

    So, get ready to know a few more things about Kansas, a beautiful state with botanical gardens, zoos, tourist attractions, and much more.


    Is Kansas a good state to move in

    The name Kansas of this state is kept after a river flowing somewhere in China. It also has a profusion of sunflowers growing across the state which is a beautiful spectacle to watch. The major part of Kansas experiences farm life due to the enormous no. of wheat fields present here. You will also get to experience bustling city life which will offer you lots of experiences and job opportunities. 

    Kansas does not have any mountains or beaches, but they do have beautiful sunflower fields, picturesque sunsets, and flowing rivers where you can peacefully stroll in the evening, take a deep breath of air, and sulk in the beauty of nature. As there are not many fun activities to do in the state, people usually hang out with each other and thus develop deep connections, friendships, and relations. All these aspects make Kansas a beautiful state to live in and settle down. 

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    Quick Facts About Kansas

    • Due to its regional personality, Kansas experiences dramatic sunsets and variability in temperatures. 
    • Kansas experiences too many tornadoes & storms every year, thus ‘Tornado Alley’ is a nickname of Kansas.
    • The state hosts various festivals which attract thousands of visitors to the states every year.
    • The roads of the major cities of Kansas like Topeka, Kansas City, and Wichita are always stuck with traffic.
    • The median value of homes here is comparatively less than in other states. 
    • Kansas offers top-notch education to students of all age groups residing in the state.
    • The taxes are charged at a very high percentage in Kansas.
    • Kansas is as flat as a pancake and does not have any mountain ranges.

    These were some quick facts about Kansas. Now keep reading the below-mentioned details carefully; to know deep insights on different topics before moving to Kansas. 

    Living in Kansas

    Before actually moving to Kansas, you should be well aware of the cost of living & the pros and cons of living in the state. Here in this head, we are going to tell you about the same, so keep reading below.


    The average cost of living index in Kansas is 83.1 which is lesser than the average cost of living of the whole US, i.e., 100. Given below is a table, that states the cost of living index in Kansas under the different heads. 

    Median Home Cost$177,400$291,700

     Switch to the next head to know the actual cost of living in Kansas in some of its popular cities and the pros & cons of living in Kansas

    Cost of living in Kansas

    Do you want to know the exact cost of living in Kansas under different heads? Well in the tables given below, we are going to tell you the same for the three cities of Kansas.

    Kansas City:-

    Housing$ 869
    Food$ 747
    Childcare$ 1,176
    Healthcare$ 1,059
    Transportation$ 1,173
    Other Necessities$ 652
    Taxes$ 859
    Total expenses per month$ 6,534
    Total expenses per year$ 78,407


    Housing$ 784
    Food$ 722
    Childcare$ 1,184
    Healthcare$ 1,190
    Transportation$ 1,181
    Other Necessities$ 608
    Taxes$ 827
    Total expenses per month$ 6,499
    Total expenses per year$ 77,991


    Housing$ 807
    Food$ 744
    Childcare$ 1,210
    Healthcare$ 1,165
    Transportation$ 1,196
    Other Necessities$ 626
    Taxes$ 849
    Total expenses per month$ 6,597
    Total expenses per year$ 79,169

    Living in Kansas Pros & Cons 

    The pros & cons of living in Kansas are mentioned in the table below. Go through them carefully before moving to Kansas.

    Cost of living is lowChallenging & unpredictable climates
    Median prices of houses here is lowYou can also face natural disasters like tornadoes
    The people here are very friendlyLack of public transportations
    Scrumptious & delicious barbeque is served hereThe state has a completely plain surface with no mountains
    You will be able to enjoy the local club culture hereMany strange & wacky laws are there in the state
    Unique entrepreneurial & business running spirit in peopleTax income tax is charged from the people
    Strong job marketsThe distance between two towns is too much.

    Is Kansas a good place to retire?

    Yes, for elderlies it is a good place to retiree and spend the rest of their life because it has a healthy environment, good weather conditions, and personal security among older residents. The best city in Kansas for retirees is Lawrence.

    Is it worth living in Kansas?

    Kansas is a worth living state because of; its low cost of living, excellent barbeque, huge farmlands, exciting festivals, incredible nightlife scenes, and many more.

    Is Kansas a good state to live in?

    Yes, of course, there are many benefits of living in Kansas, which altogether makes it a great place to live in. 

    How much does it cost to live comfortably in Kansas?

    If you are living alone in Kansas then a salary of $24K would be good for you. But, if you are moving to Kansas with your spouse, and you are the only sole bread earner, then you should at least earn $51K to live happily in Kansas.  

    Taxes in Kansas  

    Every state of the country has some set rates of tax charged on heads such as income, sales of products, gasoline, properties, etc. Similarly, Kansas also has some set of tax rates charged on different heads, which you should be aware of before moving to Kansas. Keep reading below to know about the same. 

    Tax System Kansas

    In the state of Kansas, both the sales tax and income tax rates have faced a major jump in recent years. The sales tax charged in Kansas is the 9th highest combined rate of sales tax in the country. Kansas charges a progressive rate of income tax on the incomes earned by the individuals. The elderly residing in the state who are 65 years of age or more, and earning a gross income less than $6,100 do not have to file a tax return on their income. The tax rates charged by the Kansas government under different heads are mentioned in the table below.

    HeadsTax rates
    Income Tax3.10% – 5.70%
    Sales Tax6.50% – 10.50%
    Property Tax1.37%
    Gasoline Tax24 cents per gallon
    Diesel Tax26 cents per gallon
    Cigarette Tax$1.29 per a pack of 20 cigarettes

    State income tax in Kansas

    The income tax charged on the individual income earned in the state is mentioned in the tables below:-

    Income tax rates for single filers:-

    Taxable IncomeTax Rate
    $0 – $15,0003.10%
    $15,000 – $30,0005.25%
    $30,000 and above5.70%

    Income tax rates for jointly filing married couples:-

    Taxable IncomeTax Rate
    $0 – $30,0003.10%
    $30,000 – $60,0005.25%
    $60,000 and above5.70%

    Income tax rates for married couples filing separately:-

    Taxable IncomeTax Rate
    $0 – $15,0003.10%
    $15,000 – $30,0005.25%
    $30,000 and above5.70%

    Tax-free weekend in Kansas

    The Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce in the southeastern part of Kansas organizes a tax-free weekend for the shoppers and enables them to save money. In the year 2021, the tax-free days were the 6th & 7th of August. On this day certain retailers took part in this holiday, and they volunteered to pay the sales taxes on behalf of their customers. The participating retailers sold items such as; home furnishings, decor, apparel, school supplies, etc. 

    Are taxes high in Kansas?

    Kansas is an overly-governed state, thus the sales taxes and the property taxes are unnecessarily high in the state.

    What taxes do you pay in Kansas?

    The state of Kansas charges taxes such as; income tax, property tax, sales tax, fuel tax, cigarette tax, and alcohol tax. 

    Is there a state income tax in Kansas?

    This state has a progressive income tax, and the residents here have to only file an income tax return on their income. But, if they have earned income from other sources in the form of interest & dividends; then, the tax will be charged on it at the local level. 

    How to Become a Resident of Kansas

    After you have finally moved to Kansas and have successfully settled down here with a job or a business. And, you have decided to be there for along-period of time; then, your next step should be to take the residency status of Kansas. To know more about its process & requirements, keep reading below. 

    How to become permanent resident in kansas

    For becoming a resident in Kansas, you should fulfill certain criteria or regulations for the same stated by the Kansas Board of regents. They are as follows:-

    • The individual should be living in the state for the past 365 days or 1 year before applying for residency.
    • During that 1 year, your financial sources and earned income must be from the sources based in Kansas.
    • In that 1 year, you should apply for a Kansas Driving license, register your car in Kansas, get voting rights, and purchase a permanent house in the state. All these will show your intent of living in Kansas for a longer period, and you will be granted residency status with ease. 

    Kansas residency requirements

    The checklist of documents that you will be required to attach a copy of with your residency application are:- 

    • Proof of you having a permanent abode in the state. It may be:- letter for the landlord, copies of cheques stating payment of rent or purchase of a house for past 12 months, or a copy of house deed or contract.
    • Include your paychecks, bank statements, and other financial statements stating your income from various sources in Kansas.
    • Driver’s License of Kansas
    • Car registration & voter registration documents issued by the Kansas government.
    • Copy of income tax return filed statement.
    • Visa

    How do you establish residency in Kansas?

    To establish a residency in Kansas you should have; a Kansas driving license, a car registered in Kansas, a permanent abode in the state, and voter registration rights in the state, etc. 

    What qualifies you as a resident of Kansas?

    For being a resident in Kansas, you should be in the state for at least a year before applying for Kansas resident status., irrespective of where you are employed. 

    How many months do you have to live in Kansas to be a resident?

    You should be permanently residing in the state for 365 days or 12 months before applying for residency status in Kansas.

    General Laws in Kansas

    Every country or state set up some rules & regulations for the betterment of their residents and maintains discipline among them. Kansas also has some set of general & weird laws which you should be aware of before moving into the state. 

    General Laws of Kansas

    Before moving to Kansas, you should be aware of some general laws of the state to do not fall into any sort of penalties or legal cases. Kansas has state laws on topics such as; arms & weapons, family, employment, accident, property, business, consumer, education, gambling, tax healthcare, and civil rights. If you want to know in detail about these laws, you can go to the website of FindLaw, or click on- to reach the webpage and gather intricate details about the same. 

    Weird laws in Kansas  

    Do you know the state of Kansas has some weird laws which the residents are ought to follow? Some of them are mentioned below:-

    • Catching a fish with bare hands is illegal in Kansas.
    • It is illegal to scream in a haunted house in the capital city of Topeka.
    • In Derby, it is considered illegal to hit the vending machine that stole your money.
    • In Russell, cars cannot have musical horns.
    • In Topeka, it is illegal to sing a song at night.
    • In Wellington, cat owners cannot pet or keep more than 4 cats at a time. 
    • At night if you are a pedestrian and crossing the road, you must wear tail lights.
    • In Topeka, it is illegal to fight with snowballs. 

    What is Kansas state law?

    Kansas state laws are the laws that are passed by the legislature government of Kansas and are codified periodically in the Kansas Statutes. 

    What is the legal age to get married in Kansas?

    In Kansas, the minimum age of getting married with the consent of parents is 16 and without their consent is 18. 

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    Housing Market in Kansas 

    Before actually moving to Kansas, one of the major decisions you have to take is regarding where to live in the state and at what type of house. You have to decide whether you want to live in a rented apartment or an owned property. To help you make a viable decision we have mentioned some intricate tables in the below-stated heads. 

    Housing Market Kansas

    Hunting for a perfect house is a tedious task. Before actually looking for one you should first look at your finances & decide on a budget and then hire the right agent. The right agent makes a lot of difference in the house purchasing process as they can show you the perfect houses according to your needs and may also offer you distinctive prices & cashback opportunities. 

    The value of houses in Kansas keeps on increasing every year by 7.5%. Thus the median value of houses in Kansas is $190, 409 with mortgage rates of 2.39% for 15 years and 2.97% for 30-years. Whereas the median rent of a 1 bedroom apartment is $775 per month, a 2 bedroom apartment is $995 per month, a 3 bedroom apartment is $1,295 per month, and a 4 bedroom apartment is $1,500 per month. Now the choice completely lies in your hands. We are sure that you will make the best decision according to your budget and the size of your family. 

    Average house price in Kansas 

    Knowing the housing prices in the different cities of Kansas should be there in your moving to Kansas checklist. Thus, in the table given below, we are going to mention the same to you. 

    Kansas City$ 157,261
    Topeka$ 151,388
    Wichita$ 168.415
    Leawood$ 607,251
    Overland Park$ 385,809
    Prairie Village$ 386,667
    Olathe$ 343,455
    Lawrence$ 273,196
    Manhattan$ 225,000
    Lenexa$ 378,010
    Shawnee$ 337,780
    Salina$ 153,891
    Garden City$ 189,900
    Leavenworth$ 207,473

    Are houses expensive in Kansas?

    The typical value of a house in Kansas is $190, 409. Thus, the housing of Kansas is cheap and affordable. 

    Job Market in Kansas

    Before moving to Kansas finding a perfect job according to your caliber and earning money for living a comfortable & happy life in the state would be on your moving to Kansas checklist. Here, in this head, we will be telling you about the trending jobs in Kansas and some details about the job market of the state.  

    Job market in Kansas

    According to US News, Kansas ranks as the 21st state in terms of employment. 39th in terms of job growth and 40th in terms of the business environment. The annual GDP of Kansas is around $159.1 billion. The top industries that provide employment are; healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, education, retail, hospitality, and construction. 

    Best-paying jobs in Kansas 

    The top 10 best-paying jobs along with their salaries in Kansas are mentioned in the table below:-

    Interpreter & Translator$35,060
    Personal care Assistant$ 20,720
    Logistics Coordinator$ 70,030
    Marketing Internship$ 61,970
    Emergency Medicine Specialists$ 101,000
    Registered Anaesthetist Nurse$ 93,000
    Public Health Dentist$ 88,000
    Software Support Manager$ 71,000
    ICU Nurse$ 64,000
    Computer technician$ 45,050

    What is the unemployment rate in Kansas right now?  

    According to the data, the current rate of unemployment in Kansas is 3.6%. Kansas ranks at 16th place in terms of unemployment in the US.

    What is a good salary in Kansas?

    According to Living Wage, the average salary you need in Kansas as a bachelor is; $23,984. And, if you are a family of four then you need $ 78,009 to live a happy & comfortable life in the state. 

    What jobs are in demand in Kansas?

    The top five high-demanding jobs in Kansas are:-

    • Registered Nurses
    • Accountants & Auditors
    • General operations Managers
    • Elementary School Teachers
    • Project Managers & Specialists

    Healthcare in Kansas 

    According to U.S News, the state of Kansas is ranked 41st in terms of healthcare in the country. This state offers a whole range of insurance & healthcare products which you should be aware of before moving to Kansas, and here we will be telling you about the same. So keep reading below. 

    Healthcare in Kansas

    Healthcare in Kansas is given through both public & private systems. The public healthcare system, i.e., Medicaid is for; children under 19, pregnant women, adults with children, disabled or elderly, or a refugee (only for his/her first 8 months in the US). Only people of low-income groups and social security numbers can get this type of medical service. Public healthcare hospitals offer all types of basic services including emergency services to patients. To get specialized healthcare services and medical assistance then you can head to private hospitals for top-class treatments.

    Health Insurance in Kansas 

    The insurance market of Kansas offers residents a wide variety of options to choose from. Be it if you want to insure yourself, take up a family plan, or take insurance for your employee. Kansas has an insurance marketplace where they can find the best health coverage policy that can fulfill their needs and fit in their budget too. 

    You can either apply for a private healthcare insurance program run by various companies or public healthcare insurance schemes, i.e., Medicaid or CHIP. 

    Private health insurance is divided into categories such as; Catastrophic, Bronze, Bronze Expanded, Gold, and Silver. The average monthly cost of all these policy categories is given in the table below. 

    Types of PoliciesAge 21Age 40Age 60
    Catastrophic$ 383$ 490$ 1,040
    Bronze$ 365$ 467$ 991
    Bronze Expanded$ 425$ 543$ 1,154
    Gold$ 464$ 594$ 1,260
    Silver$ 418$ 534$ 1,134

    Whereas, the Medicaid facilities are for those who belong to the lower-income group and barely earn enough to survive their living. The CHIP or the Children Healthcare Insurance Program is for children belonging to families with higher incomes and they have to pay a monthly insurance premium ranging from $20 to $50. 

    Is healthcare free in Kansas?

    Healthcare services in Kansas are only free for those who are qualified under the Medicaid scheme. 

    Is health insurance mandatory in Kansas?

    No, it is not necessary for Kansas to necessarily have a healthcare insurance policy. You will not be charged with any sort of penalty for not having an insurance policy, but you will be facing certain downsides of being uninsured. 

    Education in Kansas

    If you are planning to move to Kansas with your family, then you should be aware of the best schools & colleges in the state. So, that you can choose the best educational institution for your child and enroll them in it once you settle down in the state. 

    Education in Kansas

    The school education of Kansas is governed by the Kansas State Board of Education and the education imparted in college is governed by the Kansas Board of Regents. The public school system in Kansas is divided into school districts and each district has a certain no. of schools with enrolled students. The no. 1 school district in Kansas is the Unified School District 232 that includes 12 schools with around 7,400 students enrolled in them. 

    On the other hand, the higher education system in Kansas includes 75 colleges 7 universities. Out of these, 26 non-profit private institutions, 33 public institutions, and 16 for-profit private colleges. The universities & colleges last for 2-years or 4-years depending on the type of course, you opted for. 

    Kansas education ranking

    According to the U.S News, Kansas is ranked as the 23rd best state in terms of education. The school education ranging from Kindergarten to 12th standard is ranked at the 27th place and in higher education, Kansas is ranked at the 17th place. 

    Top 10 Colleges & Schools in Kansas 

    University of Kansas (Lawrence)Sumner Academy of Arts & Science (Kansas City)
    Kansas State University (Manhattan)Kansas City Christian School (Prairie Village)
    Baker Universities (Baldwin City)Maur Hill Mount Academy (Atchinson)
    Washburn University (Topeka)Shawnee Mission West High School (Overland Park
    Wichita State University (Wichita)Manhattan High School (Manhattan)
    Mid America Nazarene University (Olathe)Independent School (Wichita)
    Newman University (Wichita)Eugene Ware Elementary School (Kansas City)
    Friends University (Wichita)Olathe South High School (Olathe)
    South-Western College (Winfield)Free State High School (Lawrence)
    Pittsburgh State University (Pittsburgh)Blue Valley North High School (Overland Park)

    Does Kansas have good schools?

    Kansas is one of the best states in terms of the K-12 education system, which means they also have the best schools in the country.

    Is public school free in Kansas?

    Yes, traditional public schools are free of cost to attend and are managed and funded by the school districts & taxpayers.

    How many days do kids go to school in Kansas?

    The no. of days and hours children of Kansas go to school is mentioned in the table below.

    The minimum amount of instruction time per school year from kindergarten to class 11th  (in days)186 days
    The Minimum amount of instruction time per school year for 12th  class (in days)181 days
    The Minimum amount of instruction time per school year for kindergarten (in hours)465 hours
    The Minimum amount of instruction time per school year from grades 1-11 (in hours)1,116 hours
    The Minimum amount of instruction time per school year for 12th  class (in hours)1,086 hours
    Minimum no. of school hours per day5 hours

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    Transportation in Kansas

    Before moving to Kansas you should be aware of the transportation system of the state that would help you in traveling to your workplace, children to school, or any shopping complex, or tourist destination. Keep reading below to know about the same. 

    Public Transpiration

    Kansas has a fantastic transportation system & infrastructure majorly in Kansas City and offers a plethora of options to the residents. But, outside Kansas city citizens find it difficult to find public transport for traveling. Some popular means of commuting within the city are; local bus system, shared car or bike rides, streetcar, scooters, personal vehicles, and renting a car. 

    The public transportation system in Kansas

    The public transportation system in Kansas is controlled and administered by the Kansas Department of Transportation. It is a state government organization that looks after all the transportation projects and services. Some of the popular means of public transport in Kansas are:-

    • Buses & taxis that run on the city & street roads and the 3 urban & rural interstate highways of more than 140K miles.
    • Rail network (which is the 6th longest)
    • Inland Waterways of 122 miles.
    • Airports with 300 designated landing areas. 

    Major Medium of Transportation in Kansas – Detailed with prices

    Some major transportation mediums along with their prices are mentioned in the table below.

    One-way bus ticket$ 1.50
    Monthly Bus Pass$ 50
    Taxi for 1 mile$ 3.75
    Average train fare for one-way$ 64
    Average airplane fare within the state$ 29
    Average airplane fare interstate$ 133
    Gasoline (1 galloon)$ 2.18
    Volkswagen Golf$ 22,925
    Toyota Corolla Sedan$ 22, 566

    Does Kansas have public transportation?

    Yes, Kansas does have a very good public transport system and it is administered by the Kansas Department of Transportation. 

    How much is public transportation in Kansas?

    The average price of a bus ride in Kansas is $1.50 and $2.50.

    Kansas Driving License

    If you are moving to Kansas, then you should be aware of the process & requirements of obtaining a driver’s license in the state. Keep reading below to know the same. 

    Driving License Kansas

    Kansas driving license requirements

    When a teen turns 14, it’s time for them to apply for a learner’s license or an instruction permit with the due consent of their parents /guardians. But, before obtaining the permit they should pass the vision test and a written test. The duration of the permit lasts for 1 year and during this period they have to follow rules such as-

    • Completing 25 hours of supervised training.
    • Must be with a supervised adult who is more than 21 and have possession of a full license. 
    • No use of communication or wireless device during driving except to report any illegal activity or call for emergency help. 

    At the age of 15, they will be given a restricted license. With this type of license, they are allowed to move from their home to school or the place of employment with a 21-year-old. On turning 16 this license is then converted into a less restricted license, and thus, the teen can drive at any time between 5 a.m to 9 p.m.

    After the license holder turns 17, they become eligible to apply for a full license. 

    Kansas driving license renewal – Process

    The license renewal process should be done after every 6 years. But, once you turn 65 years of age this time is decreased to every 4 years. Before the time of renewal, the Kansas DMV will send you a renewal card in the mail and give you the option either to renew your license in person or through the mail. Both these methods have separate steps you need to follow, but the renewal fees of $18 + $6 for the photo will be the same.


    • You can apply for license renewal at any driving license within the boundaries of the state.
    • Present proof of Kansas residency & social security number. 
    • Pass vision score with a minimum of 20 marks out of 40.
    • Pay renewal fee & take pictures.

    Through Mail:- 

    • It is only applicable for students, military members & their dependents, and missionaries.
    • For this, you have to present documents such as Kansas license, form DEM1, and supporting documents along with the renewal fee.
    • Send all the documents to Driver Services, PO Box 2188, Topeka Kansas, 66601.

    What is the driving age in Kansas?

    Individuals can drive a car from 15 years after achieving a graduated license that too along with an adult who has a full complete license. And they can apply for a full driver’s license when they turn 17. 

    How much does a Kansas driver’s license cost?

    For getting the license made, a teenager has to pay $31. Whereas, an adult who is applying for a 4-year license will pay $23 (including exam fee) and $20 (excluding exam fee). 

    Can a 15-year-old drive alone in Kansas?

    When the teen is 15 they must be holding a restricted license and they can only drive when an adult of at least 21 years who has a full driving license is sitting beside the teen. 

    Best Place to Live in Kansas

    If you have planned to move to Kansas, then we would like to tell you the top ten cities of the state where you can move to live in the state. 

    Best Place to Live in Kansas
    • Kansas City- This city is quite an interesting place to live in as it is straddling between two states. The majority part of Kansan City is in Missouri and the remaining in Kansas. Kansas City is the 3rd largest city in the state. Most of the people settling here are families and young professionals. It has an affordable cost of living, a plethora of amenities, job opportunities, parks & trails, etc. 
    • Topeka- Topeka is situated in Shawnee County, along with the river Kansas. This is the capital of the state, with a population of approximately 127K people. The city offers a wide range of opportunities & amenities to its residents. The schools present in this city are above average with lots of art & music scenes happening around. The only issue with living in this city is its increasing no. of crimes. 
    • Wichita- It is located in the Sedgwick Country of Kansas with a population of around 390,000 people. This is ranked as the 45th best city in America. It is also considered as the ‘Air Capital of the World’ due to its large production of aircraft. It is also the most friendly and hospitable city with too many famous spots, activities, tourists attractions, and nightlife. This city needs improvement in the niche of its schools & colleges and crime & safety rate. 
    • Leawood- Leawood indeed is considered as the no 1 city of Kansas. According to Niche. com it is the best suburb in Kansas, perfect for families to live in and enjoy life. Around 34,000 people live in this city and 91% of them have their own homes. The people here form tight-knit communities, thus, making it a special place to live in. The median household income of people here is 139K and the median cost of houses is $398K, which is high but worth the income. 
    • Overland Park- This city is being ranked as the 8rth best city to live in the country of the US. The residential population of Overland Park is 181,464 and overall they all have a high experience and satisfaction in the city. Around 63% of the people have their own homes and the public schools located in this city also have a high ranking. It is a perfect place to live in due to its affordability and top-class amenities.
    • Prairie Village- This is a small city located at the northern borders of Leawood. As its name suggests this is a small homely town with approximately 21,000 people. The prices of houses in this town are affordable with a median price of $213K. This town has a plethora of good schools for children of five-digit income-earning parents. The average household income of this town is $ 80,584. 
    • Lawrence- It is considered the 6th largest city in the state. Lawrence is situated in Douglas County and has about 91,000 people living here. This city has a strong market for rental properties with a median rent of $852. This city has great benefits of living such as; superb outdoors, great public schools, and a happy & pleasant environment perfect for the families to settle down and enjoy in this homely town.
    • Olathe- The city of Olathe is quite famous in Kansas due to the presence of 73 public schools in the city. Two schools that are ranked in the top 5 best schools of Kansas are also there in Olathe. Thus, if you are planning to move to Kansas with children, Olathe will be the best city to give your child a sterling start to life. Houses in Olathe are also available at a reasonable price and a reasonable cost of living.
    • Lenexa- This city is located in the southwest direction of Overland Park and the prices of properties here are quite affordable, i.e., $225K. Lenexa is home to around 50,000 people and has an affordable cost of living and access to various amenities. The people here are highly educated and earn an average income of $75,954. 
    • Manhattan- The city of Manhattan is in Riley County. Around 55,700 people reside in this city, and the majority of them live in rented properties rather than owned houses. The median rent of the houses in this city is $859 and the cost of living is also very affordable and it is a big draw. Manhattan has a transient neighborhood which is beneficial for the community as a whole.

    Kansas Culture & Climate

    Before actually moving to Kansas state you should be aware of the climate & culture of the place to easily adjust yourself. Keep reading below to know about the same. 



    The main culture of Kansas is because of the religions, language, and social conventions of the state. Most of the Kansas population includes Christians with Baptists & Methodists making a large part of the population. Kansas also has people from other non-religious groups, Roman Catholicism, and Judaism. The people here are well-known for their generosity, courteousness, and hospitality. English is the official language of the state along with a large part of Spanish-speaking people.


    About two-thirds of Kansas experiences a humid continental type of climate. Due to this, snow, rain, and wind are common in the state in their corresponding seasons and also experience a varied temperature change. The summers are warm and the winters are mild in the state along with moderate humidity. Eastern Kansas experiences hot summers, cool winters, and lots of precipitation. The west part of the state has hot & dry winters with variable winters. Whereas, the south experiences hot & humid summers with mild winters.

    What are some traditions in Kansas? 

    Some traditions followed by the people of Kansas are:-

    • Jazz is the favorite music genre of the Kansans.
    • The world’s famous barbeque is found in the state of Kansas.
    • Kansas is such a friendly state, that they wave to people whom they don’t know.
    • Once in a month every family visiting the church bring some dishes and they all enjoy it together as the name of ‘Church Meals’
    • The distance here is measured in Hours.

    Does Kansas have four seasons?

    Yes, Kansas does have four distinct seasons. 

    Overall Ranking of Kansas

    Kansas is a midwestern US state that is ranked as the 22nd best state to live in the country. It is the 34rth most populous and 15th largest state by area. Kansas has a lot of great plains and is most popularly known for being one of the best beef-producing states in the country. The state has many farmlands and contributes approximately $20 billion to the agricultural industry of the US. It is a major producer of grain sorghum and wheat. Kansas also has various industries such as; manufacturing, bioscience, professional services, bioenergy, wind energy, renewable fuels. Given below is a table stating the rankings of the state under various heads. 

    Health care access31st
    Health care quality48th
    Public Health35th
    Higher Education13th
    Primary & Secondary Education27th
    Business Environment40th
    Economic Opportunities26th
    Fiscal Stability39th
    Crime & Corrections27th
    Natural Environment16th

    Kansas Most Popular Foods

    You will get many assorted foods in this sunflower state, producing corn and many other tasty foods to serve on your table and make your dining memorable. And don’t forget to taste the specialties of the best seafood boil in Kansas City that leaves a lingering taste in your mouth.

    Popular Foods

    What is Kansas famous food?

    Chili and Cinnamon Rolls are the most desirable and iconic dish Kansas is famous for. Due to this, Kansas is often considered the breadbasket! You will only taste the best foods available in this state, such as Peppernut, a mouth-watering dessert that is something you should not forget to have after dinner.

    What fruit is Kansas known for?

    Not to mention that Sandhill Plum became the official fruit of Kansas recently. Governor Laura Kelly announced it on 12th April 2020.

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    Moving Cost to Kansas

    The average cost of moving to Kansas is $567 for a 1-bedroom home and $158 per hour. However, the cost differs according to your home size and distance. 

    Moving Cost to Kansas

    But don’t move in here randomly, as it can greatly hinder you. Most cities in Kansas, like Wichita, have many unique things to offer you after your move. Also, something is exciting to know about “does it snow in Wichita, Kansas,” despite its entertaining environment. So, choose your city more carefully.

    Is it worth moving to Kansas?

    Yes! Despite the better educational opportunities and environment, you can easily enjoy delicious food in Kansas. Also, it ranks in the best states to live comfortably with the best healthcare plans, transportation, low cost of living, and whatnot. All these factors make moving to Kansas worthwhile.

    How do you estimate moving costs for Kansas?

    First, you need to find out the cost of movers or moving companies. The average local rate is $30 to $50 per move per hour. There’s a possibility to charge more for the vehicle they provide to move your belongings.

    So, when you find the local charges, you can multiply them by your moving hours and find out the estimated cost of moving to Kansas.

    Amount reference –

    While discussing the cost, Arizona vs Kansas living cost is also a point of discussion as they are situated at different geological places. But they have a bit of difference in the costs, making Arizona more expensive than Kansas and vice versa. However, you will find many factors to compare to make your decision.

    Business Registration in Kansas

    There is an advantage waiting for you in Kansas. Suppose you are moving to Kansas to start your business activities as a sole proprietorship. In that case, you don’t need to register your business; you can commence once you establish the business. Another advantage is that you can enjoy the best nature attractions in Kansas with families on holidays.

    Business Registration

    Does Kansas require a business license?

    No! You don’t need to take any license to operate your business activities in Kansas. However, you must register the business with the Kansas Department of Revenue. Also, you must apply for the business tax per business’s size.

    How do you register a business in the state of Kansas?

    You will need three things to register your business with the Secretary of State in Kansas: Business Structure, Name & Address of Business, and Name & Address of the Agent. After that, you can register online with the Secretary of State. You can do it with the offline mode. Mail or deliver your documents to the Secretary of State’s office at their office address.

    How much does it cost to register a business name in Kansas?

    According to the Kansas Government, a person must pay $30 to register his business activities in Kansas.

    Kansas Economic Development

    Kansas is an agricultural state where you will see most families with their farms, which makes $20 billion for the state.

    Economic Development Kansas

    Does Kansas have a good economy?

    Yes! It has many industries and business organizations that help Kansas to develop its economy. Therefore, the economic conditions in Kansas rank #28 according to the Kansas State Economic Profile.

    What are some major industries in Kansas?

    The major industries in Kansas are manufacturing, renewable fuels and bioenergy, bioscience, professional services, and bioscience. Along with that, dairy and meatpacking industries are famous in the state of Kansas.

    What is Kansas main source of Income?

    Kansas mainly depends on its agricultural outcomes. Also, the largest economy depends on its agriculture with $20 billion, which has become the main source of income.

    Moving to Kansas FAQs

    What is the most dangerous city in Kansas?

    Recently, Kansas City became the most dangerous place to visit after dark by the World Atlass. It also has violent crime rates.


    Kansas, The Sunflower State, has the best education environment for national and international students. Similarly, if you are moving to Kansas, you will get better job opportunities from renowned advanced manufacturing and other industries. Despite that, you can enjoy the best outdoor activities to have fun in the holidays.

    Also, the healthcare conditions and the cost of living in Kansas are affordable for endless people compared to other states in the US. Therefore, you will never be disappointed to call this beautiful state your home.

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